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The cornerstone of Shanghai external link building site of dragon diagnosis

has been, relevance is the search engine to determine the search results are important indicators of the quality of the search engine to know your site and what is relevant, in the grab should put you in any category directory, which requires from the title of the site, visible text, black body, H tags, Keywords tag etc., but only these are not enough, A5 diagnosis optimization (贵族宝贝 group of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) in this and everybody said that, although the import link content relevance and anchor text is relevance ranking algorithm and a very important factor, but the search engine will think that their own internal links or about himself. They flatter ourselves, credibility will be reduced, but if someone else is saying hello, it is more credible, if there are many authoritative sites link to your network Stand, it is not flattering but the most sincere praise.

as the head of the US every day to your site to increase the fresh blood, whether it is original or false original is to update the content in nature, hope that their new content can quickly be Spider crawl and put out a good ranking in the search engines, and external links is a spider crawl frequency determinant. Shanghai dragon A5 diagnosis and Optimization in this group want to say is that the external link is stronger, the search engine spiders crawl frequency will be bigger, more frequent, can quickly find new content, find new pages, included naturally more quickly, if the weight of your site is high, it was collected page the ranking is not bad not to go.

external links is the cornerstone of the success of the website, it plays the decisive factors, not only on the correlation, and weight included and confidence is very important, more is a direct result of keywords ranking and search flow.

anchor text correlation is praised

a page, the weight of this page will be higher in general, which will make the entire domain weight increased, the confidence of the website is enhanced, if there are a lot of people say hello, want unconditional with your friends, first hand of friendship so, your reputation will naturally improve, the website also is such, when many of the sites are pointing to your site, say hello, give you a link, then your website will naturally get identity in its kind, reputation and trust will improve.

improve the spider crawling frequency increased by

external links for the importance of the website, believe each Shanghai dragon staff have deep feelings, according to statistics, website ranking factors external links accounted for 60% of the Shanghai dragon to more than 70% proportion, far more than the importance of internal site optimization. Since the external links for the website ranking has such a profound impact, following on from the A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization team and everyone together to discuss what is the impact on the external links of Shanghai dragon.

improve your weight and trust

The more external links

The optimization and upgrading of Shanghai dragon skills you need to break through the difficulties

The first issue of



second, website content not properly dull as ditch water. To the station for example, after a lot of new people into the enterprise, after a short training period, began to take over the site, especially the process of updating enterprise website news, because their products are not familiar with the, only through training to learn some characteristics of the product and industry knowledge to update the website as the source material, the the text is quite clear, readers after reading only to see some similar advertising products, and customers really care about things such as customer service service products, the difference between the models and so on these information cannot be obtained in the content, the main reason is because the text is relatively stiff, not in the perspective of empathy really help to the website of loyal readers. We think that the key from the user interpretation, for users who don’t understand what we can illustrate, the picture will be similar to the Taobao product details page for details that show, so as to truly enhance the user experience.

we know that many people are in the process of optimized website, many thorny issues are new in the optimization process will certainly encounter problems, the author thinks that the problem lies in our experience too little, so we have to go beyond themselves as much as possible and try to experience something more, I think at the following optimization problems, find out the difficulties one by one click will break off these problems, then the promotion of technology is in step by step.

, grasp optimization is not very good. Especially in the process of the construction of the chain and content, the content is one of the key issues, we all know that the quality of the original content is the basis of ascension website weight, the content we are able to grasp the good, but the chain I found that many friends can do very well know quality content the chain for the importance of website weight lifting, but not a very good grasp of the speed of the chain growth, even if the quality of the chain if excessive growth or decrease the weights of the website, but many people can not grasp the good, as long as enough quality large release will not affect the site weight. The problem is the first big problem troubled owners in the process of optimization.

third, only while ignoring the surface point. This point is very important details, especially many novice just heard that optimization is the content of the hair of the chain, in fact, this is only the two aspects of optimization in large, if we only from the details of these two thinking will not consciously into Overgeneralization situation, mainly because the optimization may involve details many, such as the website structure optimization, URL optimization, optimization of the three major labels, long tail optimization, there are some pseudo static and 301 page settings and so on, these are all we have to stand in the global perspective to look at the details of the optimization, rather than >


Sprint three new board Shenzhou counter attack Internet car rentalTaobao newbie why don’t you get a

1 billion 200 million yuan, at that time China’s car rental industry is the largest and the highest amount of investment. Since then, China auto rental company has become the six member of legend holdings.

back to the development process, China’s starting point is the traditional car rental.

on September 15, 2010, in the focus of the flash, Lu Jun holding when he was associate holding executive vice president Zhu Linan’s hands: Legend Holdings to equity + debt in the form of capital injection to China more than 1 billion 200 million.


the afternoon of April 12th, liuzhengyao convened media in China headquarters, announced that the new board has formally submitted a listing application and the Shenzhou car. In the outside world, Shenzhou super car to the Internet rental market to form a counter attack".

said Taobao customers, everyone on the Internet may see a variety of experience and experience, but for some people seem to be fair and reasonable, not very practical, those are the success of their own, are not necessarily suitable for new, new friends are sometimes confused, even where to start, a lot of new friends choose from the forum, but sometimes do not know what to start from the forum!! this question is understandable, but if you do this, you will need to know how to use sh419 talk, do not know what must learn to learn, so that you can grow faster to use sh419 Search "Taobao customer forum" should be out a lot of content, I’ll not have! First selection method you want to use, and then find the way this way!

"as the tide recedes, the industry is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of O and the following O on O2O online to offline." Remark on the media of China auto rental founder Lu Zhengyao is confident, implying that adhere to the Shenzhou years offline to go on the road. The afternoon of April 12th, liuzhengyao announced, has been formally submitted to the new board of China excellent car listing application. Shenzhou gifted car is the main body of Shenzhou special car.

1. doesn’t know where to start,

earlier, the domestic car rental market has experienced a round of "burn war", Ali’s fast taxi and Tencent investment drops play, auto show catch catch fight. Many rounds of subsidies have been made for outstanding male and female, and in February 14, 2015, the management prompted the merger of bits and pieces. What material, Uber and massive inroads into China, soon Alibaba will olive branch extended to Shenzhou special car.

traditional car rental company’s counter attack

Lu Zhengyao probably did not think, the mobile Internet has brought new opportunities, let the traditional car rental company again full of new vitality; he would not expect, there are so many games in the industry. However, at present, a phased result is that China has not only fallen into the Internet tide, but has stepped up the idea of "reshaping the human car ecosystem" after the big car war.

2. doesn’t know how to start the promotion,

this problem is of concern, the blog promotion, but do not know why has no effect, because there is no traffic, why didn’t flow, or is not included in sh419, or you do not have to engage in traffic, or is the key content is not good enough, not doing enough real and vivid, the needs of customers no boot, or you do advertising sucks, so that sh419 on your blog is not included in the behavior, this is the need to know yourself, know the reason well, do not know the reason to explore, to find the reasons that can flow to see someone else’s blog is how to do, or consult the predecessors ~ ~ here that only the blog, and the webmaster friends, why do stand, others to the money, but they do not come, actually do stand failure, From the beginning of failure, it is difficult to succeed in the future, there is the election of goods of knowledge, there is knowledge of improving conversion, improve the flow of knowledge, are to study and study their own!

3. why is the Commission so small?

is not in conflict with existing regulations, and steady development has been China’s strategy. In 2011 March, China auto rental company took the lead in canceling

! Since 2010

has been a Taobao customer for some time, and found many new friends who have many problems.

Lenovo investment, China auto rental concentrated purchase of vehicles in throwing money, expand the team and the city, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen to break the three in China, one Hey, extreme three cent world pattern. It finally landed in the capital market before its rivals, officially listed in Hong Kong in September 19, 2014, becoming the first stock of China’s auto rental.

when you have this question, you do not know that your efforts are not enough, maybe it is not. In fact, sometimes is not to find the method, why people monthly income of 10000 yuan, also did not find a fraction of their. That’s the way other people work. They can make a lot of money. Even if they pay a lot of effort, they don’t have the same income. Good ways are not known. I am a student, too. I have my own teacher. When you have a good teacher, you will know more ways, and you will have better and quicker solutions to problems you encounter. When your method is appropriate, you can do it and ask someone to do it. That’s why some people get more and more income, while others are still spinning around. Taobao guest is not only the accumulation process of money, but also the process of experience accumulation, more and more knowledge, more and more methods, commissions, of course

after the listing, Lu Zhengyao told the Beijing News reporter interviewed, said the emerging various Internet rental mode did not waver in China’s leading position, but instead of the original part of the taxi travel. He has been closely watching the new model of the Internet era, waiting for the government’s attitude and the right time to enter.

Why not give the webmaster of advertising pay advertisement feeWhen the income of small grassroots w


The point said to

, if your website really has a lot of real traffic, and input traffic to the advertiser’s website, it’s impossible for the Advertising Federation to say you’re not paying advertising fees. If you want to earn advertising fees by brush / advertising, I suggest you don’t invest in Longxi advertising alliance of advertisement, lest you everywhere that we closed your account, do not give you pay advertisement fee, that we are liars, we don’t have so much time with you again.

, I’m a grass root webmaster. Contact network is in 2000, of course, with grassroots webmaster to do positioning, but also in recent years. No more than 20 websites have been made. For enterprises to do stations, there are several. Of course, the number of websites you can visit is not directly proportional to the number of websites you can visit now. The reason is grassroots, because I’m not a professional webmaster. It’s hobbies, hobbies, maybe you want to make money through websites.

is now eager to make money, the website is not formed, put a lot of advertising on the web site, advertising accounted for 2/3 page, the site did not what the content of this website how many people visit, will make money? Many owners think that as long as the construction of a website can wait for the money, if there is so every webmaster to build ten eight site early millionaire? If the site didn’t flow, who will put ads on your website, no one talk about what money advertising.

want to do to make money is not easy, do not see a monthly income of tens of thousands of other webmaster heart itch, also follow others learn to do webmaster, do also need to invest money, time and energy, in fact, a monthly income of tens of thousands of the webmaster is very hard, others can sleep in stationmaster and update the website content, then you’re in what do


above is only a personal point of view, written in place, please forgive me,

site included in sh419 and shlf1314 less than 100 pages, some is not included in the sh419 advertising, IP advertising click thousands of thousands, I do not know, the website traffic comes from; I believe that most of the site traffic sources or from search engines, rarely directly entering the URL into the site, unless your site is very famous, famous like ADMIN5. There are more sites advertising clicks than advertising shows, and some sites are more outrageous, an average of one click a minute, we do not know whether such a site webmaster cheating, this account is not the K?.

a the number of shops, the shop is the largest number of women / women / children’s clothing boutique, is 35434, in the first row; two to five were: Cosmetics / perfume / skin care products, 18277; jewelry / watches / glasses, 18182; / / food / household appliances logistics, 11795; computer networks and related equipment 11057, these types of goods is 53.8% of the total number of shops. The above data shows that this kind of goods in Taobao is very popular, it is the market, but also that the competition of the commodity. two from the perspective of the number of diamond shops, the largest diamond shop is the cosmetics / perfume / skin care category, 1015, the proportion was 5.6% in the category of goods refer to the proportion of the same below; respectively for women / women’s boutique / children’s clothes, 983, 2.8%; virtual goods / equipment / game 776, game peripherals, the proportion of 17.5%; jewelry / watches / glasses, 501, 2.8% of the proportion of household appliance; / / food / logistics, 371, the proportion of 3.1%. It is easy to see that the virtual goods / game equipment / game is the best place to sell, the most easy to diamond, and the proportion of diamond shops as high as 17.5%, five drill shops have 8, accounting for five of the total number of drilling 72.7%! Four drilling, three drilling quantity

talks about making money, and that’s what I want to say. Taobao set up shop is a very common thing, before I never pay attention to the shop, the shopkeeper’s life is what, but recently is a simple number, let me some surprised. In a chat with an eager friend, ice butterfly tears, the 2010 Taobao store sold what was most profitable when she told me a digital report.

ready to engage in online business friends carefully read; have engaged in online business, but meager income of friends suggested reading; have work, want to find sideline, engaged in online business, looking for project friends, read carefully. Housewives want to engage in Taobao shop to prove that they do not go out, still make money, please read. Online business failure, ready to give up friends also recommended reading carefully. Declare what this article is purely personal opinions, such as opinions can be provided, don’t take my bricks. I was beat halo over brick. If you want to promote the exchange of Taobao shop experience of a friend can add my :1014379298 indicate the purpose, otherwise it will not pass.

currently most of the individual Adsense or rely on to join the advertising Union, advertising, earn advertising fees, is the main source of income of the site. Many new Adsense website built on the application to join the major advertising alliance, put a lot of ads on the site, and then find a cross point advertising software or brush advertising software, want to brush / advertising to make money, the website itself hardly what the real traffic during the day, night brush brush, ten and a half months after waiting for advertising pay an advertising fee to myself. An advertising alliance is not a fool, it must be responsible for the advertiser. As a result, the Advertising Federation not only pays the advertising fees, but also gives the account to K, and then says in each forum that the advertising alliance is a liar of course, we don’t want to have such an ad alliance, of course. Dragon West advertising alliance from 08 May running so far, many webmaster said we are cheater alliance, is not a cheater, we will analyze the webmaster website traffic:

, I’d like to make a suggestion first:


ADMIN5 starting, dragon West advertising alliance union.lx360>


The relevance of the two models for the P2P+ congregation model


recently, the network of finance is very fire, and now the network of financial models to P2P and all chips based, these two patterns are bound to be relevant.

all the chips to serve the financing side, more of the project publicity, hoping to attract more attention through presentations, gifts, etc., so as to obtain funds to run the project, or to promote the project.

P2P more services to investors, more is a new way of financing, through the online bank, the idle funds on hand to finance value-added. Of course, the project will be screened and audited.

, the middle web platform, is bound to face one of the most basic contradictions:

all the chips: what can I get out of the money? Is it worth the money? Is it just a long term appeal to investors?

P2P: how to select high-quality projects, reduce bad debt ratio, protect investors’ income and expand the amount of guarantee?

in a word: the contradiction between

expected earnings and actual earnings

has roughly 2 models:


whole P2P+ congregation raised user model

attract publicity through all publicity projects

through screening, audit into financial products can be invested

finally establish investment and financing relations circle.

personally feel that all the chips P2P+ model will be the future direction of development, just like the current group buying patterns everywhere.

, the two modes, a single existence, has a fatal weakness,

all chips: can not solve the user income, because the entire pattern of no one to protect the proceeds. At most, spend money on a publicity product / experience product.

P2P: risk borne by Guarantee Corporation, the user does not take risks. The existence of the Guarantee Corporation, 100% to protect the investor’s principal, and investors can reach 15%~20% income, where the proceeds and risks are clearly unequal.

what would be a better prospect if the two patterns were fused together,


from the congregation raised to absorb the project, after preheating user feedback + professional Guarantee Corporation audit, the proceeds of the project were phased processing:

] low risk yields are relatively low,

] high risk yield is relatively high,

guaranteed premium project (VIP client)

for the investment of any project by the user’s own decision, want to get high returns must bear the corresponding risk. For some really good projects, the risk can be neglected and can be given to the annual fee

From the site’s strongest operating team to see how to operate your independent station

today, let’s analyze the case of the cow. This case touches me very much.

I was in the Facebook operation, see this article, and I feel a lot of points are fit, especially in social, I emphasize leveraging the power, but the premise is that you must have high quality content to form precipitation; users can not to your page, a little open go, you must have something to attract him, here we take a look at this case: is a personal web site established in May 2013, and this site has a very high exposure in some of the technology blogs in the United States, and everyone thinks it’s a small miracle.

The reason is that this

personal website was established only 8 months, but the independent user visits every day in more than 2 million, the monthly income is estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this site only 3 maintenance, 2 of which are part-time. this site does not take any VC investment, and there is no new technology, is a simple BLOG system built personal website.

why such a simple personal website can be done in 8 months: about 2000000 per day of independent access users, monthly income of hundreds of thousands of dollars? Listen to me slowly for everyone to analyze.

one, some key data

Alexa is ranked 376 in the world,

month visits more than 100 million

There are 1 million 100 thousand fans on


operating costs are very low, very profitable, monthly income has reached hundreds of thousands of dollars,

100% comes from advertising revenue from Google Adsense (very cheap AD)

has only 3 people running, with the exception of the founder being full-time, and the other 2 are part-time

doesn’t have any venture capital. It’s all

, the founder’s own capital

was founded only 8 months, these data is very cattle B, then this site in the end is what to do,


two site location’s Web site is very simple: sharing interesting, loving and valuable stories from around the world.

, but if you just spread the content across the web, you can’t have done so many users so quickly, so what did he spread?


three share viral transmission via



Website comment metamorphosis – let the comment live!

With the development of

Internet today, many historical changes have taken place. The relationship between people, computers, networks, and the three are changing our lives. According to the survey, 83% of people care what other people say. We buy books, go to movies, go out to restaurants, it’s more like to take a look at other people’s comments and comments. This suggests that public opinion is important to a web site.

From 2010

SNS website Chinese rapidly popular, then ushered in a new SMO. For the web site owners, we no longer look at PV growth in the past to assess the spread of the site effect, and now we pay more attention to word of mouth communication, that is, social dissemination".

you might say, the content of the website first is fundamental, good stuff can attract more attention, but sometimes the wine is also afraid of deep alley, no users comments and recommendations, I’m afraid no matter how good things are just decoration. So how did this little comment box come into being? Let’s take a look at the evolution of the review.


Web1.0 era, early site review box to four portal and BBS as the representative of the forum is still relatively simple, Internet users through a small message board user name and email each one airs his own views, the direct message, just a simple expression of personal views. At this point, the site and the reviewers are isolated and isolated from each other. This process is a one-way behavior of the site to the user.


with the advent of the Web2.0 era blog, Blog, QQ space, e-commerce sites, the realization of the two-way communication and participation between the site and the user. Compared with the Web1.0 period, the biggest difference is its interactivity. A comment box appeared on the "top" and "step", comments scoring and rich expression, these changes more humane, Internet users through the comments show their emotions, can also evaluate proposals for web content, and through these data that website owners welcome. The review entered the era of interaction.


Web3.0 era, SNS social network into China, the most representative of sina, micro-blog, Renren, kaixin… Affect the entire Internet, we are no longer a single individual, but a group with a large circle of friends, and we pay more attention to friends recommended. So how do you link the site to the SNS platform? At this point, the third party social review system is born.


currently well-known foreign third party social review tools are Disqus, IntenseDebate, the domestic have emerged "friends", "comments", "Bemi", "say more" and other comment system. For example, "friends", as the earliest social review tool in China, is now integrated with the largest share tool JiaThis in China, and the prospects of the field of social communication can not be ignored

People need to maintain calm and rational entrepreneurial Carnival

when the public entrepreneurship becomes a carnival of the people, it is particularly important to maintain rational entrepreneurship. No technology and experience of entrepreneurs in order to rush into the market, it is easy to fall into the scam, not only a waste of money, entrepreneurial enthusiasm will be a serious blow.

"$6 children’s clothing stores", "working as joining × × yuan can have a Hot pot shop", "a brand to join Hotline for Business Promotion, early investment, make money early"…… Enter in Baidu join scam, there will be a series of clothing brand to join, food and beverage to join, ball point pen and other information. There is a little money on hand, but also suffer from the investment of the friends who want to start the most likely to be fooled, signed a contract to join, cheated.

in many stores merchants in advertising, clothing accessories such as the deceptive means many people impossible to guard against. They have only one purpose: to pay. Under normal circumstances, to find these stores are some want to start, but there is no social experience of young people. Young people in order to become a dream of wealth, even if things have doubts, it is easy to be the other side of the rhetoric to dispel doubts. And usually young people always think that their business is to have a different vision.

The Swindlers Company issued

all investors need to keep rational business, not credulous advertising, not cheap. Now all over the entrepreneurial support base

Pension investment stocks look forward to

Chinese of the stock market in a long time can be said to be rolling, but also appeared a lot of new changes, recently, the State Council approved the pension of a certain proportion of the investment, investors have received a lot of attention.

this calculation, in accordance with the pension of 30% of the proportion of investment in the stock market, will drive trillion of long-term funds into the market. Analysts said the pension market is conducive to maintaining the value of pensions, but also bring huge amounts of money to the market, the stock market.

In fact,


related recommendations

Convenience store to join the election

for small entrepreneurs, in addition to the food and beverage industry, have you ever thought of opening a shop of their own convenience, in others need help, give you help, warm and touching.

polison convenience store is a 24 – hour is not closing, is a convenient and fast service to the public consumer supermarket, all year round in a good way to make money to join the small supermarket, as long as the investment can make a lot of money, make money every day to enjoy happiness! So polison convenience stores to join one of what


hundred convenience stores to join the conditions which

hundred convenience stores join conditions are as follows:

1, agree with the brand, business philosophy and business model;

2, committed to the development of the retail industry, good health, good credit;

3, the franchisee must ensure adequate liquidity;

4, owned stores have legitimate housing lease contract or real estate license;

5, shop locations need to be reviewed by the headquarters assessment.

6, Chinese residents, aged between 25~45 years old.

hundred convenience stores to join the process as follows:

1, investment advisory: investors by telephone, fax, online message, such as the way to the headquarters of the professional investment advisory consulting related matters, access to relevant information.

2, investor field visits: investors to the headquarters of the project visits, visit stores, confirm the project, submit an application for

3, join qualification audit: headquarters for investors to review. Confirm the qualifications of investors.

4, the two sides signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation without controversy, formally signed a contract.

5, the official business and follow-up support: headquarters to assist investors to open, and give guidance to help. After the official action, headquarters to provide business guidance services.

hundred convenience stores join mode is as follows:

(a) commissioned to join

hundred miles convenience store will be the original management of their own stores to the selection of qualified franchisees to join the main business must be in accordance with the method and mode of convenience stores to manage stores. To provide business franchise from the headquarters to the franchisee, and give the