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Several factors influencing page ranking and coping strategies

as long as we carefully analyze the influence factors of page ranking, then the appropriate optimization, plus the time to, or to allow the home page ranking steadily! Here to discuss several factors affecting the page ranking.

first, domain name. Many webmaster for the domain name analysis more to stay in the name, is to choose a domain name and their own website related keywords, but also to try to remember the good, and the corresponding requirements for the domain name and no time, even think that the new domain name is better. In fact, the domain name direct landing page is the site of the home page, so if the domain name is longer, even if it is a new website, then this page will also be like Shanghai that there is a very long time, and thus obtain a relatively high proportion, ranking will therefore improve.

third, the website and server architecture. The key point is that the website home page, if the home get strong weight transfer, can let the more advantage in the rankings. For example, we can make the column page, content page random home page, randomly presented here is very important, many sites have emerged regardless of what the page will have a link to the home page, this architecture >

second, pay attention to the construction of the chain products love Shanghai. We know that the love Shanghai algorithm in recent years in the upgrading and adjusting constantly, which is the most frequent for the chain adjustment, but also for the quality of the chain requirements have become increasingly high. In this context, to make web page ranking steadily rising, there is only one way, that is always to do outside the chain to a high quality, and in many of the high quality of the chain, the chain only love Shanghai on the product only a durable. Because now seems to be high quality sites, one day will be like Shanghai K off, and then affect your web page ranking. Of course, here is not to say, can only choose love Shanghai products to the chain, choose some high quality portal website, the news media to do, or have the powerful optimization effect.

website optimization Shanghai Longfeng a very important job is to improve web page ranking, although we may also be able to optimize the content ranking to increase website traffic, but this is just a kind of optimization method, because they can not promote the website of comprehensive ranking, if we want to enhance the overall rankings, the key is to look at the home page ranking. However, factors that impact page ranking is relatively large, the optimization is also relatively difficult, which makes a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel feel very embarrassed.

but if you buy the domain name if you’ve been K, then the domain name for the home page ranking will have a negative impact, this will reduce the weight of Shanghai love home. Thus, the important influence of domain name for the web page ranking is generated, we choose the domain name, must choose a long time, but has not been in love with the sea K domain name, web page optimization that can do easier.

The new business activities of webmaster website alliancePig eight nets Zhu Mingyue live recruit dis

will be the ten year of lightning expansion in the next ten years, a slow development over the past ten years, and a lightning expansion in the next ten years. Zhu Mingyue shared a couple of sets of data to his friends and the number of employees in the company



drives the value wheel of enterprise development

innovation is the soul of an enterprise’s survival and development

panelpower activity CPA ad price: 5 yuan /CPA.


‘s fast paced approach to slow tempo

this event is sponsored by panel power, which is hosted by Infobank China company.

currently recruits 20-49 year old, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou three member

if you want to be quick, learn slowly. In reality, any company hopes to succeed as soon as possible. Listed in order to become a leader in the industry. Twenty-first Century update fast, especially Internet Co, every three months is one of the times, however, at the beginning of the development that desperate competition has already quit the stage, and the pig network but through 10 years of hardships to become the industry leader. Zhu Mingyue said: "in the initial stage, the" eight quit net "is not optimistic about a company. The money, only to melt to angel investment of 5 million; on the team, no one has entrepreneurial experience, including Zhu Mingyue’s 8 years as a journalist, a venture; on products, it is not very competitive". But is the veteran, in the initial stage of the daily goal is leading in the same industry, in just nine months in the volume of transactions has become the industry first.

Korea panel power online survey companies are free to carry out "registration ceremony happy to send activities, business owners to join! As long as you have your own web site, a certain flow and station members, and want to promote their website webmaster, you can participate in! Participate in activities at the same time, improve their website traffic and visibility, realize the website and our company win-win situation! Our company will pay for the Adsense according to the advertising effect.

live 90 minutes, 181 thousand entrepreneurs watch. 7 last night, pig network founder and CEO Zhu Mingyue through the dark horse. & a live broadcast in the form of joint venture company for the whole teaching, public bidding acts, and share "how to do an Internet company slow".

subsequently set up eight quit intellectual property rights, eight quit financial, eight quit project, etc., this one of the drilling platform to bring a huge amount of income. Zhu Mingyue said: "only one year, eight of intellectual property rights has become the leading domestic trademark registration agency, until now, every day in the State Trademark Office trademark registration amount equivalent to two of the total province China, only from the well out of the revenue, far more than the past zhubajie Commission income." Therefore, the product innovation and business model of disruptive innovation, so that the network is far ahead of the industry.

in order to create high-quality platform, Zhu Mingyue introduced: "pig network 7 times after the Tengyun action, it is the company’s products, business model, organizational structure all reinvent the wheel, re dry again, only the domain name is not changed, the company’s name has not changed, everything changed." Although there is no effect to accomplish the whole task at one stroke ", but this is through product innovation, play a huge energy in the development of enterprises occupy the dominant position, beat the opponent. When the development to a certain stage, the net has met the bottleneck of development. As the helm of the enterprise, Zhu Mingyue canceled the platform commission system, instead of using the Internet to obtain revenue for big data.

Shanghai dragon competition strategy analysis research

2. will participate in the competition, make a study plan, to the competition website optimization level points, point to open a rival site based optimization to view the competition website how, from the title page, the page is simple, similarity, quality, pay attention to link degree, and the weight chain were analyzed one by one.



is to understand the current Shanghai dragon industry competition situation, understand the business goals of users, make the appropriate location for the site of the current situation, the realization of Shanghai Longfeng marketing.

competition ability:

The dimensions of research and analysis of the 1.

3. will be a degree of competition competitive analysis, competitive environment analysis, the number of participating in the competition, with all the table list, according to the website (involved in the analysis of the first 10 pages) to determine whether it is new, what is the core keywords competitive keywords, view the degree of competition in the first 10 pages, the competition is large enough, it is necessary to analyze the the top 20.

1. for the analysis behind the user’s age, region, culture, quality, analysis of the consumption level of the target user’s thinking habits, combined with the data of user research, to write content for target users.


wedding company, this part of the user group to decide to get married, and one for which party may be the parents, then.

For example:

analysis on competition in the industry:

The essence of

analysis of 2. competitive value estimate, if the company is a Shanghai dragon team, the competition is very difficult, quantitative analysis of stand, see how many competitors in the domain name to participate in the competition, on the other hand is a flow of value, according to bidding analysis, but also with the level of the opponent is analyzed, according to the estimate value and flow, the higher the value the more intense competition.

4. competitors website promotion to support external flow, analysis, check competitors do a promotion which external flow.

1. competition website of Shanghai dragon view competition technical level, on the Internet 80% websites are bad, as long as do the site optimization technology, you can directly enter the top 20.

3. competitive analysis section of the web site is how simple, concise degree program, there are a lot of competition platform to change strategy, do research operation optimization of the right keywords, ranking the core keywords do not the same.

Study on

4. Shanghai dragon operation must be combined with the enterprise funds, manpower, team, these are closely related.

analysis of industry competition, competition is mainly those keywords. The website first analyzes the geographical area of keywords, analysis of industry environment and how many companies participate in the competition, the industry profit is higher, the greater the competitiveness.

Shenzhen Shanghai Dragon depth analysis of love Shanghai know that the chain skills

2, with a link to no more than three times a day, too easily blocked.

this move on the same link can use roughly five times (Shenzhen Shanghai dragon test income more than five times), submitted by the rate will be much lower.

three, love Shanghai know to stay outside the chain of skills



love Shanghai know the promotion effect, see below, search for "what Shenzhen Shanghai dragon company", the second is love love Shanghai Shanghai know, know well, direct mean flow and conversion rate. It can be said that love is the best site of Shanghai know the long tail place.

taboo love Shanghai


, a Shanghai

5, can be said, but the answer is best for the account and delete the Cookies, you can change the best IP.

QQ has a direct link with QQ and QQ is the name of two ways, there are limits to the former, the latter does not matter, consider using the latter.

love Shanghai know to stay outside the chain, is a work, engineers will do the following Shanghai dragon, Shenzhen Shanghai dragon will provide you with in-depth analysis of love Shanghai know to stay outside the chain effect, precautions, and examples.

good luck, bad luck is sad. Be on basic is impossible. But if it is not, you can learn on the way, add a baidu贵族宝贝/.

The use of

2, leave direct link.

3, QQ


4, XX贵族宝贝

in Shanghai love to know to stay outside the chain is a difficult thing, because love knows Shanghai itself is the long tail of treasure, if unchecked, is likely to become a piece of advertising rotten, so, love Shanghai very strict audit link. The chain in Shanghai love to know, you need to understand the following:

index: * * * to be

The number of

1, the problem to be solved is to answer the value chain is easy.


4, do not answer and leave the chain with the same account, especially for the same link.

easy index: * *

know the promotion effect of love

3, with a senior account left lower than the account to stay outside the chain link easily through much. Practice shows that more than five success rate of over 80%.



1, in reference to stay outside the chain.

Detailed web page optimization in the end how to optimize

(1) on the left is through the spider crawl and content analysis, such as web page layout is not in conformity with the specifications, web content is not new, Google recently launched a new algorithm.

this may be done Shanghai, one of the most concern, the search engine is how to determine a "good or bad? From this chart, we can see, from the analysis of" quality left by three ways to right quality.


3, the search engine is how to judge the quality of the

(click) is a ranking difficulty value map and page keywords in the title distribution value, the y-axis shows the ranking difficulty value, the abscissa value distribution page keywords in the title, it can be seen from the picture, the page keywords in the Title Distribution in perfectly matches on page algo the value of this point, ranking the stronger the ability.



web page optimization is one of the most basic things, including the optimization of web content is very wide, there is talk about not talking about other web page optimization, internal link building and other station optimization, in order to clear, I use 4 figure (click) to talk about how to optimize the


"key words are two words or more when you are doing a comprehensive web page or the page keywords separately do? Look at the picture below you will get the answer.

1, web page optimization

(click) from left to right, I briefly:

(3) of the right is evaluated through the browser tools, data, such as a user to return this page number and so on.



" integratedIf you do

page optimization is the value of your web page theme and main keywords to be consistent, but not just repeat the words, but should you do with page titles and keywords perfect.

2, not just the page optimization keyword optimization


web page?To assess the effect of

, 4 or more "

Page Title Optimization, optimization and so on. These are necessary, but the web content, good design, not in a hurry and availability and so on more and more affect the quality of Web optimization, the right than the left more web content and web user experience. (click)

(2) in the middle of "quality evaluation by the user in the search results of the behavior, such as frequency, noble baby users access to a page and then return to access the same page of the +1 button.

Wangzhuan couple should be far away from the fool psychologyEconomics and website operation extensio

my rich boss, Wangzhuan engaged in nearly 10 years of experience, has been the spirit of "profiteering" principle, low-key to earn their own money, live my own life. As a so-called "old man" on the Internet, I also have a group of my own, and have my own good friends. The boss was rich with them tried another Wangzhuan project, and they have the same rich boss once again cheated. In the end, I can only blame myself for not being good enough…… The execution is not strong, this seems to be the most gorgeous reason all the training students to wangzhuan. You can’t make money. It’s not that I didn’t teach you, but that you didn’t do it well enough. Faced with such a reason, as a student, can only blame themselves and inwardly depressed.

, just cite an example.

such a theory, not only very arcane and dull as ditch water, then, if this article or textbooks in accordance with the general theory of listing a large number of members are not interested to see it, then I will be above the theory of our webmaster can understand examples:

is the most awesome new Wangzhuan! With their fearless full of sap into the big Rangang wangzhuan.

is the new Wangzhuan people pity! They had a meager income, but a variety of names, VIP cheat half tuition.

The new In the website operation standard example

recently in the popular online communication software, is actually using this kind of mentality, recharge business itself does not make much money, but if you can get the software promotion to other people and you can get a lot of agency fees. Then he’ll show you the screenshots of many members, earning tens of thousands of dollars a month. See your passion, see your blood gush, see, you lose your mind. You think you can make so much money, I’ll do it!

More than

but when you buy the software, you find that there are too many similar businesses on the Internet, and no one will choose to recharge it. How to do, to promote it. The highest profit margins are promoted. When you recommend this software to all your friends, you will find the reality is much more cruel than you think. Why don’t they do such a nice thing,

standard Wangzhuan external non economic or in accordance with the above case of extension, if there is such a group of people in the station, traffic is not great for their website, want to get rich quick shlf1314 Advertising is very difficult, but the use of flexible means to find shlf1314 Advertising fraud by use of loopholes, and click on the form of false English temptation station, advertisers are making a large number of false hits, which caused an invalid cost of commercial advertising increased, with the increase of these stationmaster income, more and more advertisers advertising effect, thereby reducing the supply of domestic advertising, shlf1314 advertising business because of a decrease and increase the release platform restrictions on advertising, even click Cancel reduce price, etc. in order to maintain the recommended project cost, reduce cheating.

what is called externalities is the impact of the activities of an economic unit on another economic unit. Whether it’s production or consumer spending, it can affect others. The positive influence, the beneficial influence and the positive influence are called the external economy; on the contrary, the negative influence, the negative influence and the harmful influence are called external non – economic.

! The highest

"Bo silly" psychology!


Wangzhuan is the most people expect! No venga, sweep the Wangzhuan surface of the fog, and eventually you will find the real gold.



Wangzhuan, not by promotion, not by.

external economy is creating a shlf1314 shlf1314 advertising model, master hung shlf1314 ad code, through the viewer clicks to get advertising revenue from shlf1314, while visitors click on the ads after consumption, makes the advertising publishers benefit, and increase of shlf1314 Advertising thus, the advertising platform website, advertising agency platform shlf1314, three in the realm of advertisers win.

external problems are economists concern has been for a long time, this problem was first proposed by a man named Sidgwick, whom Marshall later has been deleted, the system tells the problem BI is among the ancient. Since Pigou in 1920 as environmental pollution externality analysis problem, and some economists conducted a simple extension of the study, they will study the following contents according to the higher summary: at present the government not cheating phenomenon measures Wangzhuan, and shlf1314 can not completely control this phenomenon, so imagine if a webmaster the use of cheating on his website, so in public advertising, all direct income he was actually to lose due to cheating the advertising revenue losses, but the owners will not feel the loss, because the burden is a network community every webmaster share, this is he has been a great increase in economy to encourage repeated efforts to cheat, and friends around him.

what is "Bo silly psychology"? What is called "Bo silly" psychology is that I sold you a thing at a high price, and tell you that someone will buy it at a higher price. Some are similar to stocks. I throw out the stock and you buy it because you believe someone will buy the stock at a higher price. Do you see? The so-called "fool" is that you believe that someone will be more stupid than you

this time, you’ll finally understand one thing, no one is any more stupid than yourself,

rich old capital for purposes of this article, just hope we don’t repeat the Wangzhuan couples previous mistakes. Today I will share with you the first couple to avoid falling into the trap of wangzhuan.

In the example of

I worked hard for a year about the station

after a year of hard work, I finally reached more than 700 on the website IP, and stable in this volume, although the recent Baidu volume decreased slightly, but still a good momentum, every day GG to more than 300 IP, Baidu is estimated to contribute about 200, the only missing is the people immediately to gas. They are all gone, this is not strange, I had the establishment of the principle of too serious, several friends to come and help irrigation, I have been rejected, why? I want my website essence, water paste


but now I regret, after all, rely on search engines no spectrum, today is good for you, some days may be faithless, it is not a thing! And now write the original acquisition so serious, more, also enemy but others acquisition + pseudo original, so that someone else is new included tens of thousands, envy to envy, he also had several times to learn about the acquisition, conscience always justified, stand to do is make a station, so what do

vanity?My evaluation of the

GG was very depressed, when PR in the minds of many people is very sacred, it is also the beginning of 08, the first time to update my PR only 2, really made me depressed for a long time, why? And at the same time I do some crazy crazy link station, plus water tank. I stayed up all night writing carefully than the website maintained by the PR to be high, can not depressed? Later found that GG is a fool crawler, you don’t have the chain, then, you must wait! It will give you a high PR, but patiently let it climb you stand this! In April the new PR, I finally to 5, while the PR4 station of a lot, but to the estimate of 5 still accounts for a small percentage of


always think there is a very interesting peer (here refers to the company doing the same type of website, we are currently not profitable, no competition between each other, the business) he could find a good website links with him, that I was lazy, what he is doing, I also went to do what I say, not a few words, they shut the link, do not do, even if I am now PR5, so it is no drag, pull pull, not that we can do, so I admire him, do not spend energy in the update, always go for PR, when I get this ebook my station ( linked with him. Included in the high web site for links, incredibly ranking is good, content, I have seen, say, no,


this guy is the most interesting, and is talking to me, but also my old steal statistics peek, then find rows of good words, he began to do stand is to grasp the popular keywords, if not mistaken, or I suggest him a domain independent station, before using 5D6D the forum, I find links, of course I can not promise to pull… Now that this guy is busy with his work, it’s estimated that the forum is going to waste, unfortunately.

there are a few others out of the way. Here’s a roll call, especially that outside Shenzhen

Jiujiang human social services into the University Entrepreneurship service zero distance

to the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship to the actual implementation of the majority of colleges and universities, so that college students enjoy entrepreneurship service zero distance". At present, Jiangxi, Jiujiang, the introduction of human services into the effectiveness of further promote the innovation and Entrepreneurship of College students!

is to coordinate public entrepreneurship, innovation for college graduates, to stimulate the vitality of entrepreneurial innovation, innovative services Agency Bureau of Jiujiang, the integration of employment, social security, small loans, business tax, such as the introduction of talent employment policy, social service platform for colleges and universities in Jiujiang to build "two bases, three channel" function so, universities, graduates are not out of school can enjoy "zero distance" employment service.

of the city university social service platform for a collection of "employment and entrepreneurship training base, business incubator" and "business loans Easy Access, labor personnel agency Easy Access, the social insurance agency Easy Access five functions, docking" Internet plus ", in accordance with the" Internet Plus + + University Business Incubator Service Agency "the idea of strengthening the administrative departments, parks, University cooperation.

use of teaching resources and training resources of university business incubators, colleges and universities to promote employment and entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship training, social security service incubation organic integration, set up a scientific, pertinence and effectiveness of the business support system, to provide "throughout the day, all-round and one-stop business services for the majority of College graduates. Student management personnel agency, small business loans, employment training subsidies, business license for the transaction in the service platform.

at present, the city service platform of University Jiujiang University, Jiujiang Vocational University, Jiujiang Vocational and Technical College has covered four universities, Jiangxi Vocational College of Finance and Economics, the next step, the city community service platform will cover the city’s large-scale private science and Technology Park, business incubator.

on the innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students, the community has been discussing the issue! In fact, in the face of China’s current national conditions, innovation and entrepreneurship is an inevitable trend of development. We are not in the discussion of entrepreneurship should be able to succeed, it is better to provide a number of young entrepreneurs to provide effective help to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship!

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What exactly does online shopping bring to you

said the mood of the webmaster (mainly money), I long time in considering this issue, I do a good long time (Web site did not say, from people thought it was promoting his suspicion, money is earned), but not many, the main reason of my income is not on the site, so the site for a long time I did not add any form of advertising, sometimes feel that their website is not creative, this is the individual technical problems caused by (I was ready to build a multi point containing technical website, recently to talk about with you, ha ha. ) what, SEO, ASP, PHP, and so on, that’s a preliminary idea,.

this time often went to see the ADMIN5, really learned a lot, but he never wrote an article, why? Don’t know, he didn’t want to do it, could see so many master webmaster, afraid, I do not know what to write. A few days ago, two of netizens said that my email the goods sold well, why not a web site with a similar Links, I do not know what to say,

I just replied, "do stand like a man.".

In fact, the

website has a lot of friends not to make money and do a website, but a considerable part of the master is to make money on the Internet go hard, indeed it is hard, but as long as the money is to rely on their own hard work and honesty earned, even if it is a little, the heart always have a harvest of joy.

makes money in order to make money. There are many ways to make money. Some people do not need to make money, and what kind of means, even despicable means, can be used.

in November last year, my friend wanted to buy a notebook computer, see a lot of brands, everyone said that Lenovo is good, just a fancy K42AT7300, but the price is very high, and then find a low price on eBay, soon found this model, but the price is very low 720 yuan, incredible, their website is, the address is: Guangzhou City, Tianhe District Tianhe North Road, No. 233 Citic Tower, 8 floor, CITIC Digital City, but not 7300 but 7100, and the other (mobile phone 1354895255113272238777) to discuss not 7300, some say, they say you are first in line to take. Money to open their designated account (622200400010670773 Wang Yuefu), give my friend delivery, so my friend hit the money, plus 30 yuan freight totaling 750 yuan, in the afternoon when the other call my friend said he A manager who want to pass our way to this place, with friends, thought also, three days after the call that the goods arrived, and said that their goods are smuggled or price is not so low, in order to prevent the public security investigation, to friends prepaid 3000 yuan deposit, after the meeting see the bank remittance bill refunded, the friend said you do not how late say ah, how could this be, said no money, you.

Webmaster please choose your website and stick to it

a few days ago with a client signed her peace Insurance Website Optimization contract, and she talked about her career, she was very successful, two years have bought a car, really enviable. She has told me that her insurance is a lifelong career, and QQ signature is also written on this sentence: insurance is the cause of my life, I want to send peace and blessings for each family! And put aside to write this sentence is to sell mentality or write the true inner thoughts, she could the more successful, at least a few points is worth learning:

1, choose your own industry: insurance is what she is interested in, and she is also the best at present.

2, a good state of mind: "I want peace and blessings for every family", enough to see how she works. No matter what you do, if you want to succeed, you must have a positive and good state of mind.

3, insist: we must admit that persistence is the most important condition for success. Now that you have chosen your own business and have a good mind to work, no matter what difficulties you may encounter, you should stick to it until you succeed.

no matter what we do, it is so, we should be so personal webmaster. Individual stationmaster is a huge Internet Group Chinese, can also be said to be the most profitable occupation, but it can really make money a few make money, which have not experienced failure and bitterness, but they persisted, so successful.

is now too many webmaster friends think, today see others do this station, please also do a tomorrow, see a keyword index is high, estimated to bring high traffic, and to do this, the monkey picking corn, throwing off, in the end what also have no. You might say, some people specialize in garbage stations, hand on hundreds of stations, but also earn a lot, this I have to admit, that there are people who do a lot of stations, but they which stations can develop for a long time, are short-term money, and people in general is more than the team operation. Everyone’s energy is limited. If you want to earn some living expenses by SMS, of course, you can do several garbage stations. But you want to make the site after the long-term development, always give you money, you should first choose for your industry, and then put the site as a career to persist, pre course may not earn what money, it can be used one or two dumps to maintain life. But remember your career, and don’t take the garbage dump as a theme.

Before making a website and choosing a topic,

should take full account of its own situation, and will design, operate and profit model well, without fighting unprepared. Here again cited the celebrity grandson’s words: before doing battle winner, may also be more; before doing battle is not a winner, very little. A number of wins, fewer extremely, even no calculation at all! My previous article mentioned, it is in combat before careful plan, and a detailed analysis of competitors. Actually, I’ve always wanted to be a webmaster, and this is <