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What skills do you need to make money onlineForum with what to retain popularity

on the Internet to see a post, the content of the post is to seek to the whole world, can work part-time on the Internet, and I have personal computer, the configuration is very good, personal computer application ability, strong, thank you, contact telephone number……… I want to ask you what you can do. Personal computer has a strong application ability Specifically want to ask you: PHTOSHOP, CORLDRAW, AUTOCAD and other graphic design software will do? Are you proficient? Do you have original creative ability? Will C++, VISAC, or any other programming language be one of them? Can I program independently? If you just go to the Internet, you can do the system, OFFICE office software, general network applications and other routine work, then you do not want to work online.

brand promotion with the old, in July made by factors of 500-1000 yuan

is also something of a technical type, the most important of which is the website. We need to understand how a website works and how to make money. In the Internet enterprise, the big difference is relies on the website to make money. Even if you don’t make money on the web, it needs a website as a tool. So, the website is a knowledge point that we need to master.

A few days before the

a forum, a place to keep the members are many, but one very important point is that the section of the business concept, there are some moderators that want to keep the members have to send some attractive post it. So the early construction of some of the moderator in the forum to writing, racking his brains to code out some good article, or to other website, forum for some wonderful post here, that section of the posts a lot of popularity of the promotion effect is not obvious, why is it?

the members came to the purpose of the forum is nothing more than three: 1. to express their views on life, society, to work, eager to communicate with others. 2. to talk to our emotional loss, anger in real life, to express their feelings in life. 3. show your ability, seek out sympathy and empathy, and experience the thrill of success in the virtual world.

three from the above point of view the members to the forum is not passive appreciation, but to the initiative of communication and interaction. To put it plainly, the main idea of the establishment of the edition is not that you appreciate me, but that I want to appreciate you.

if the member to enjoy good article need not to the forum, each big website, the famous online bookstore, literary website on hot news, good post, innumerable classic masterpiece. The excellence of the article on the forum can not compare with it at any rate.

most people poured cold water on him, but in fact their answers were not correct. Working online or earning money on the Internet does not require very professional knowledge, and they are obviously too extreme. Knowledge must be needed, for on this earth, the rich are not the rich; "the rich are actually" knowledgeable people". The basic reason why they are rich is that they know more.

, there’s nothing else that you need to learn, and see more and sum up some experience…..

also need our business observation ability. There is a project that we can see how it works, who earns money, what products and services are offered. There is no essential difference between the network economy and the vegetable market. If we don’t know how this project works, how can we get a slice of it?

wrote this article, hoping to help people who want to make money on the Internet, :>

to be a happy and free Internet worker, keep learning, not much experience, and believe that we will become a successful Internet worker.

said here, we would like to be a free Internet worker, to earn money on the Internet to feed themselves, what knowledge do you need? The minimum requirement is access to the Internet. Is it easy to access the Internet? I think the Internet is not so simple. The difference between the Internet and the Internet is great. Some people in the decoration of space for glory, some people in the fight for the gallant Rong, the real network master to use a computer to feed the whole family proud, so look at the Internet network technology, know more about the Internet economy, electronic commerce, the network basic skills and it economic consciousness is that you become a prerequisite online workers.

SUNDAY team website optimization planning to share

6/11 started on June 15th, must be completed.


6/21-7/1 7-8

Improve the site comprehensive right >


6/11 started, 6/15 must be completed.

must be launched around the main part of the long tail keywords.

4. directory blog

1. long tail

the long tail of daily updates )

2.js code optimization

, a part of the internal

6/11 started

6/11-6/21 3-4

the long tail of daily updates

put a large number of sites using the JS code package in the form of call, website optimization code structure, reduce the spider crawling time.

first contact the site, the basic situation of out of order, no chain, no level, no structure, classification of out of order. 4 people team optimization. So far, three keywords optimization has all in the home, love Shanghai know in search of local information, we have been the screen. I believe you know that the word is not important, important is the details, because the business relationship, not to publish what is the word, is a medium difficulty keyword index is not high, but the home team are all operating in Shanghai Longfeng competitors are large-scale optimization. The medical industry, I believe we all know the difficulty, 45 days spent optimizing stable to the home page, the first page to about 15 days, has been hovering in the home and outside 100. At present, customers have withdrawn the optimization, so I put the optimization process to make a case analysis. At present, the network analysis of the real case is too little. We want to help.

took over in June 11th. By the end of July 25th, I don’t love talking nonsense, some assorted useless things, so I put the practice things posted, but does not necessarily apply to all sites. There are some little things to know about love Shanghai reputation. I hope there is a need of a friend, can also modify your case:


3. directory structure optimization

long tail

7/1 -7/11 is updated daily 10 article

6/11 started in June 15th to complete.

website is dedecms so redundant directory structure websites such as www.X贵族宝贝/a/11.html lose decreased to www.X贵族宝贝/11.html

does not need to reduce redundant site structure, increase the user experience and search engine friendly.

The construction of

Website optimization weight, included snapshot, one less

is an important attribute of this website weight, each search engine optimization will face. Compared with the ranking in terms of weight, directly affect the site in the search engine rankings. The weights of the algorithm but also said the situation, but I also have some views on weight, after all, we should dry line love line, to delve into a line. Here and we talk about my understanding for some weight! You have little talent and less learning, mercy.

, understand the search engine in the eyes of the network


two, search engine and weight snapshot

, as we all know, search engine for web pages, and the PR value is for the website, but even Google has also said that this is a joke, we take a look at it. So we can see that in the search engine, "or their most basic unit, so how to improve the weight of a web page? We need to understand a little. Whether the chain, the chain or the text of the web site, are able to transfer the weights of the. In this way we can explain many sites outside the chain is not a hair you can put the rankings do go up, that is to say whether the station update or send the chain, in fact, as long as the master is as can improve the weight! Is actually very simple, a search engine for web pages out indexed by search engines this page will give a certain weight, "if this happens to be your site update, then through the chain will transfer to the home page, the first page of the weight lifting.

in my previous article also mentioned this point today as a key out to analyze. As the station to update our goal is to make search engines, because the only way to have effect. On the second collection I still have more experience to tell the truth, the seconds and weight are related, but the relationship is not inevitable. As a large and comprehensive portal websites, where published content will be easy seconds, precisely because their weight is very high, but I think a little more important problem is to update frequency. These sites are more new every hour and moment all day long.

you may wish to look at our blue bee technology website, launched less than three months, update snapshot. As the customer list more, relatively little effort to optimize the ranking is not ideal it is ashamed. Such a free hand to a good compensation to our website…… They pull away… Many people see update snapshot as the weights of the symbol is not rigorous. Our company website is a good example of how to manage it, not just regular update some of our original or false original articles, the search engine will be on time to visit, but if you update the snapshot update! Stop it, then we would have a snapshot firmly stuck in stop updating, adding a long time not update if so, the spider will reduce your site visit frequency, until your website can be regularly provide food. To recover often creeping habit.

search engine included in the weight of the relationship

Plastic after the website how to retain the search engine

first, "web plastic" is the best simple, flat. The website flat to ensure spider to the bottom of the page, the page included favorable. The website of the internal links to the most relevant web links can be, but also should pay attention to the breadcrumb path planning, it is better to ensure each page has an access path.

website is "plastic" website, such as a change of style, change the template like. But in this case, the search engine is probably will not remember you or to know you again. The direct consequence is that love Shanghai right down, then what should we do to keep my search engine, to restore the love of Shanghai re weight. Then the next Shenzhen private detective to some operational skills about "shaping" after the website.

fifth, the frequency of updates must be stable, just as a person’s temper, if today you told him a tomorrow is like a who is the subject of the ah. So, after shaping the website must form an update frequency, so the search engine will not abandon you at the appointed time will be in accordance with the habits of your site grab information. The best of the spider to catch.

This article from the !

third, is outside the chain of resources, the chain must be of high quality. This is the key of "shaping" website. This is to attract more spider crawling. This is the webmaster do serious work, the best chain from the chain high weight website. For example, some relevant industry website forum, post, post and so on, these are very important. If the site has a large number of low quality of the external links, not only is no good, there may be down the right site


last note, we must take into account the factors of user experience and Shanghai Phoenix in the "plastic" website before, than a person to create what can not be exaggerated and good-looking in plastic before, but also allow people to accept.

second points, or we cannot do without the high quality of the original article, "plastic" after the website is needed to allow the search engine to know, this requires a process. We like to just know a friend, if your performance is good, the other will have a good impression of you even in your favor. So is the search engine, so, the website will be put out, and give high weight. On the other hand, is right down. So a high quality of the original article is so important.

(Shenzhen private detective 贵族宝贝huanya007贵族宝贝).

fourth, as a shaping people, friends must improve relations with friends, as long as they have recognized you, so that you can make your baby more easily accept you. "Plastic" after the website is no exception, if a high weight site and you made a Links, also be equivalent to your site cast a vote, which can greatly improve the impression of the site of the search engine.

Wave no trace to pour cold water four punk punk network host

I can understand A Fei’s motivation and operation of the host computer, and I also know that many people are supporting A Fei, but as an expert, I need to give A Fei some cold water in order to make the main network go further.

1. The rules of the game are problematic. First of all, whether you need to appear in B2C mode, first of all, there is a big problem with the architecture of the host network. This seems to make punk into a dead end, when every webmaster all have experience, when every webmaster will not consider the price and prestige. There is a problem is misleading, it is naturally mistakenly believe that the good reputation is NO.1, the price is followed by the hooligan ah, even now the Internet is developing very quickly, the price of IDC is more Meipu, but as just entering the gate of the host primary rookie network, they will be very confused.

two, about industry standards and IDC. First of all, I’m not IDC. Even if the host network is only a demonstration of our platform, on the contrary, the price I may bid higher, people usually buy things are not expensive is the quality? Your industry norms will mean IDC are prohibitive, the price war, even don’t you? Not to mention this problem relates to the authority also, a do the webmaster, have N server itself also sell, take what hard things to let you form a default


three, the host network is not Taobao. Taobao completely out of the Alibaba model, and your host network can not survive from the station station mode. Then I’ll think about it, why have to go to the host network to choose what to buy? I can also choose Offline IDC local companies, and even idle, you can visit the site. Right, so when the host network doesn’t see the shadows of A Fei and the A Fei team, it will be the day when the mainframe network is successful.

four, transparency of host network. Money this thing, astepping-stone to success without a trace that is the wave of the rich rich, what not to do? What money do not? I know some IDC in the webmaster circle including the download station is not bad money, but how do you feel the host is a divine master, rather than accept a certain IDC the money for a good search position? What gold recommend? VIP IDC


host network still has a long way to go, and do not go good, you need to solve the above four problems, the task is determined and long way to go ah.

text: surf no trace source site: welcome to reprint!


Lazy economy spawned community electricity providers in the end where is difficult

Abstract: the four test is the ability of community electricity supplier platform: the size of the community and the city expansion operation ability; supply chain selection and coordination ability; the last mile distribution of the comprehensive service ability and sustainable development of the commercial cashability.


recently, lightning purchase held in Shanghai merchants start meeting, I heard that the scene of the order of 95% merchants, very unexpected, this can not help but ring this cargo, want to talk about this huge potential community electricity supplier market.

because it is different from the online payment + to store consumer O2O mode, online payment is not + distribution goods business model, but the flow around the community entrance, just need to do for the community, high frequency and low value commodity trading. If Taobao type of traditional electricity providers to kill the next line of department stores and chain stores, then the community electricity supplier on the impact of the big supermarkets and traditional electricity supplier line. But there is no community electricity supplier giant, these convenience stores and shop can help the community platform for a heavily armed soldier ants, or is always difficult in the electricity supplier in the end stragglers and disbanded soldiers, the community? How to adjust the position of


lazy economy community electricity supplier, some people happy, some people worry about

according to galaxy securities data, in 2016, China’s community O2O market scale reached 359 billion 900 million yuan. Community electricity supplier is the retail community convenience O2O mode, the mobile Internet tools and LBS location technology based on the line entity stores and community users through the mobile terminal to achieve zero distance shopping, payment experience consumption patterns in the 350 billion market share. And behind the logic of development, in addition to the development of mobile Internet technology, more young people consumption patterns and consumer demand changes, as well as the retail industry restructuring.

1, the mobile economy spawned by the lazy economy

must first be recognized in the consumer side, we are facing a lazy world, life circle of the convenience store is far to the lazy people, even if their distance is only 800 meters or even 500 meters, they are able to buy several kilograms of fruit split into downstairs went into the store – – – the selection of goods – pay leave home – queuing and other steps to refuse to go downstairs. Fortunately, they are good at using smart phones, but also develop a habit of placing orders at any time and place, and have more spending power, willing to pay for the service. Obviously, the original "shop centric", "shop to buy" business model has been unable to meet the current consumer demand, lazy people need is a brand new, instant, fragmented, integrated mobile consumption experience.

2, high store costs drive

secondly, in the merchant side, the current community retail electricity supplier penetration of less than 1%. Store costs as high as 20%-30%, in the rental and labor costs continue to rise, the flow of goods and services to consumers has become a major trend. Merchants, on the one hand, need virtual shelves to expand S>

The innovation of station navigation station is the guarantee that attracts stationmaster to stop

ShangZhan.NET domain name registration, there are people who want to spend 3000 yuan to buy the station to do business, we rejected them, not because the price is not reasonable, in fact, we had useful this domain do webmaster class web site navigation ideas, want a good slogan: long station website navigation, webmaster have this website! Is an old corn, according to the search engine ", the domain name was registered as early as a few years ago.

through simple planning, site navigation station on the line. Next is a very important part — publicity and promotion. Of course, there are many ways. In addition to using existing resources, we also use the most basic way of promotion.

in we have also made a few promotional website articles, these articles really brought us a lot of traffic, but in the article has been "flooded" and after the flow has a lot less to lose promotion effect. Through our analysis found that through an article of publicity to the site traffic. Only 40% of visitors will re visit the station network – Webmaster site navigation. This shows that the site of the jumping out of the station is very high, at least for us such a new station is like this.

we write daohangzhan promotion articles, indeed attracted many owners to stop browsing, and click into the site navigation station, this shows that the webmaster is to this website, he held a welcoming attitude of curiosity. However, the high jump rate is probably the reason: the web is new and the user experience isn’t good enough.

here, I have to mention it more. In fact, not only our navigation station has not done well, this question is widespread in many websites, is also the bottleneck which many small and medium-sized websites develop and expand. For example, web site, hao123 and 265 divided up almost half of the world; website information, by the webmaster favorite is ChinaZ, Admin5 and a few other people; white-collar community of SNS Kaixin001 alone; in the campus network in almost all of the students… To see a successful example of life, can not help but draw numerous imitators, cottage version. Of the many copycat shows, there are few real successes. Imitate the success of others do, lose a live user’s favor, but imitators not without advantage: they can make full use of the successful experience of others, and to avoid the risk of the development of the market first. If you want to "later in life", you must have ideological innovation, service innovation, user experience innovation!


to take advantage of this opportunity to our webmaster web site navigation address – said, we hope more valuable advice, let our navigation station more features, provide better navigation service for everyone. We expect you to leave your footprints here,


Knowledge of food and beverage industry

want to join the food and beverage industry, need to pay attention to what matters? Whether it is a star hotel or snack bar, in the time of joining must pay attention to three points, or cheated on the regret. Simply put: there is no sign to join the headquarters of the service registration certificate, the right to use what kind of payment, as well as the headquarters of the supply price to be clear. Specific to see it!

a while ago is a Chinese restaurant chain system of dispute, the two old system into the downtown Council even bargain, then the losing party was forced to change the brand name, has joined the joint catering system catering stores was renamed, is really too innocent! So before joining the food and beverage franchise, we must first confirm that the headquarters does have this brand, in order to rest assured that the food and beverage franchise.

As for the

Third, the price of supply headquarters.

How to run the pot stores to make money quickly.

Chinese is about to eat the country very much, so the catering industry is also very popular, an industry worth choice, the catering industry is now a popular choice for entrepreneurs, for many entrepreneurs, engaged in relevant business of food and beverage industry, as long as join a good brand, coupled with their own business, will bring good development. Now people are focusing on healthy eating for pot class love or delicacy. So we can open a pot stores, as for how to run, to introduce the following.

1, the pot catering to join investors to regularly consult with an open mind, because the most frequent clear problem: as the saying goes, the operator usually can and A bystander is always clear-minded., regular chat, consult with an open mind, asking them to join the opinions and suggestions of food store quality and service to the soup pot restaurants, and pot stores catering reputation situation, according to the regulars some ideas and suggestions, take prompt measures to improve.

2, the pot catering to join investors recently unannounced visits to the most prosperous business of the store: a comparison of delicacy is very easy to find problems. For example, the new home of a nearby restaurant business, may wish to come to patronize, compared with their own stores, as long as the operator is the one who can quickly find their own shop problems, you can find the way to solve these problems.

The operator

3, the pot catering to join to have self reflection consciousness: for example, in 3 months or half a year period, the evaluation will store the equipment usage, food quality, work attitude, customer (especially or old customers), analyzed the performance of water level, how to see a business just as clear as noonday.

food and beverage industry hot degree we are obvious to people, want to engage in this business is also a lot of people, after reading the contents of the above, I believe more open pot stores friends all know. Today’s food and beverage market demand is still relatively large, especially like the pot type health products, more is to get everyone’s favorite. Start a pot stores, only in accordance with the above content, we can get fast development, bring more profit.

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Have the children joined what error – the whole

children’s clothing is the current development of a good project, a lot of people see the future opportunities for children’s clothing, want to invest in this project, if you want to do a good job, you need to pay attention to which children’s clothing to join the misunderstanding? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

children’s clothing into the wrong 1, anyone can open children’s clothing store. Many people believe that the opening of children’s clothing stores to join the brand of investor education, IQ requirements are not high, children’s clothing to join what is wrong? Anyone is fit. In fact, the opening of the children’s clothing store on the investor’s personality, ability, experience is required.

children’s clothing to join the error 2, the package does not lose the money to buy and sell. Children’s clothing to join the mature business model, children’s clothing to join the wrong? However, the benefits and risks are always in the same place, absolutely guaranteed not to make money does not exist, therefore, entrepreneurs should be rational treatment of children’s clothing to join, there must be a sense of risk and psychological endurance.

children’s wear into the wrong 3, once and for all investment. Some investors believe that after the children’s clothing can be joined to do nothing, everything is managed by the headquarters, just waiting to enjoy their achievements. In fact, this kind of pie in the sky is impossible. Children’s clothing to join the wrong? Children’s clothing franchisee in order to succeed, you need to work together with their headquarters. Otherwise, even if the headquarters in an effort to play the role of guidance, supervision, and children’s clothing franchisees do not make their own investment, then the last only to stand in the queue losers.

above three is to do a good job in children’s clothing we need to understand the relevant knowledge, only to avoid their own into these errors, can let us in the process of success in the hope of greater. The operator can also let the children joined investment projects more clearly see this industry, to earn a plateful of gold, treasure life