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I love Shanghai three years of experience in search engine optimization techniques change

also spit Tucao today, made more than three years of Shanghai Longfeng work, now you think I do not know how to optimize the site. With the discovery of society and constantly upgrade the trend of the Internet, search engines also conduct their own upgrade since 2012 Chinese search engine began to enter into a new period of development, Shanghai love in a pure new algorithm to calculate natural ranking search engine. Want to exchange two or three years ago, Links, mainly to see how the PR value of the site, and included how, now? If only those large website PR value of the site and do international trade value, for the Chinese search engine, more people value is included in the site, and whether the weight of the website snapshot quite. With the further development of the search engine, now even the search engine doesn’t feel what help much of the site. Since it is the Tucao since I started to work on the Shanghai dragon makes some summary and retrospection of


entering the Internet, I believe that everyone is in a heart than the sea, such as gas strong, but after several years of training, and felt his heart like gas, such as silk, always at the bottom of the web site. Shanghai dragon is the inevitable product of the development of the Internet age. Since the Chinese search engine, search engine optimization industry began to appear, remember three years ago, the search engine optimization is much easier than it is now. In 2009, only to release the chain, and the search engine changes little for keyword competition, a lot of very high index words, is also very easy to optimize. Black hat, grey hat Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng industry is in this period began to rise, to 2010, Shanghai dragon industry has flourished in the medical industry, the Shanghai based dragon team began to set up and develop, then want to optimize a good website, as long as you can remember two things "content is king, the chain for huang". This is the current situation at that time.

now this sentence, also less heard. 2010, to optimize a website, other do not say, as long as the chain you enough, your website content even the readability of pseudo original, it is Never mind, love Shanghai will still be included in your website. As long as you have enough of the chain can be. This period is considered to be the chain search engine era, the rank of the website, a website is good, most of the evaluation is based on part of the chain. Also the rise of a majority of Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon master expert at this time, because this time, as long as there is enough money, as long as there are sufficient staff support, relative Shanghai dragon industry, it will be very good. This occupation also appeared the chain Commissioner in this period, the Commissioner of the chain is mainly responsible for the enterprise to the website chain, greater scope to do external links. During this period the link is not black or grey chain chain, but it also has certain punitive measures, but the punishment basically not too much to do with. Want to restore the site, as long as the site of the title change, "

Personal experience summary website how to restore the love of Shanghai feathers

The A large area of 1 )Conclusion:

pulled reason:

for the above several reasons with the Internet they said is completely different, the measures taken is also very simple, as long as the time tested on OK!

2, the frequent replacement of website;

2, updated every day, updated every day not less than 40, but also to human flesh update, do not use. The results you will know, a little hard is worth it.

3, the frequent replacement of title;

During the

3, the appropriate site internal optimization. (this is online for information, the content is too much, a few words that is not clear.

Take measures to:

save the premise:

1, stable site layout, do not think that he is a technician, love how I tell you, many search engines think you this station is not reliable, the results would be counterproductive.

website is love Shanghai "feathers", included page stay around two hundred pages, home still. (if a friend site is k light, it only again.

is to share my experience with you, help those who are still confused in the K station, the webmaster friends, hope can bring them some inspiration.

, the site within a short time revision;

)What is the cause of the K

my site from the beginning of "pulling" to restore normal took about three months, did not give up has persevered. When asked a friend, the friend said, the normal cycle phenomenon, this phenomenon I think is love Shanghai for a test station, can stand the test of the station is a station, Shanghai will be more love love.

4, to cater to the optimization strategy, the dynamic pages all static pages to survive. (because it is late and the static and dynamic program, the survival is not removed, this may mislead search spider, because Shanghai does not repeat the search page of love. In the short term this change more harm and benefit, long perspective, as long as the spider find rules, that will do more harm than good, my website is now basically stabilized, the spider should be used, everyone interested can site:[url]www.dsaiyin贵族宝贝[/url] now contains all static pages.


update does not mean that the content can obtain the result, you update how many search engine will be how much you included, you may have to update, search engines will pull your hair, in this situation, don’t worry, belongs to the normal phenomenon. At least you update the spider climb over some new things, don’t let it go, may have grabbed in the buffer, day time is ripe to put out all that there is in you update the content, the station is in maintenance, not an abandoned baby. The spider every day "

What is the most entrepreneurial content Ali application distribution gives the answer pan entertain

2, more sun single, more recommended, more affordable to the user. In the online shopping and related articles and posts embedded in the Lok alliance text link advertising, can also support some drying single user actions, and find some beauty users to take their photos and online shopping over the product displayed in the respective sections, then attach in the purchase link single commodity, similar to the launch of the Master channel now VANCL this effect is very good.

seems simple and interesting, for content planning, material selection, production skills and other aspects of the threshold is not low, this is why most people can only do the content of consumers, and can not be a reason for content producers.

entertainment to orange 800 million Internet users just need maximum reading, the main contents of the pan entertainment, especially the star entertainment news, entertainment content is the charm of all ages.

1, concentrated in the flow of the Forum tourism, fashion, discount, etc. intensive delivery, Le Amoy CPS advertising.

Ronaldo huge screen in a Tencent and ecological Ali layout of the mobile Internet in the new year’s speech at the station before attempting to answer the "flow to where?", said a great truth, "the original mobile Internet is not named Ma, Ma!" another is with a wind vane the significance of the event is the benchmark, Ali Ali entertainment distributed application under the "Ivy plan", with 1 billion traffic support outstanding developers, every month the selection of a high quality of the App, a selected period is the precise content of Push products, and the "immediate" won the first prize is the new media "Title pan entertainment content of orange entertainment".

4, the special resources of the alliance. Le Amoy alliance will have some special members regularly supply coupons, special offer shoes and promotions, these resources only through the music Amoy alliance channels to get, because the preferential activity is sought, which requires you to keep a long time, otherwise the likelihood of success on a relatively small number of.

this year because of the larger environment, portals and other media resource prices continued to rise, causing the marketing costs of enterprises are high, more and more enterprises will focus on the promotion of marketing alliance, such as shlf1314 AdSense, sh419 Union, Taobao alliance etc.. Some of the well-known electricity providers such as B2C mall, VANCL letao also launched the alliance business. In order to seek greater market share and marketing effectiveness transformation.

3, send coupons to members as a benefit. Le Amoy regular will have many cost-effective single product in the home page to do promotion, at this time, if again by giving the user coupon way to cooperate, then the orders brought by is very impressive.

orange entertainment has more than 100 media entertainment content of the original team, the average daily line is about more than 150 of original content forms the whole category, quality and quantity to meet hundreds of millions of users of high-quality entertainment content hungry. With some new media projects such as the new world, with Mongolia to do only a public number is different, orange entertainment products and the propagation matrix is more complete, products include App, PC, M terminal station, synchronous operation public number, micro-blog, , and distributed to multiple information such as news, today head end Tencent, NetEase Sina News, news etc.. "Orange entertainment started short video from mid 16 in December and was already on the list of original video hits in February."

orange entertainment target audience is mainly 18-25 year old young people, its original channel mainly covers gossip, film and television, fashion, beauty, video, funny, GIF, live broadcast, youth culture, living consumption, etc.. But now people taste more cunning, want to create the essence of the content, you need to occupation production, such as so many people play a short video, why many people remember the Papi sauce?, content arrangement and cutting, bursting point trough point "shake a package" will need strict training.

A website

is also worth mentioning, together in some Taobao stores through commercial outlets and Amoy way, the effect is very obvious, an alliance in September 2010 to join the music Amoy Taobao shop, since the average monthly sales have about 300000, its approach is also very value.

is the "content" and "product" has become as important as before, the development of a App can meet the users just need to get a lot of users; now we all love to say "dividend flow past", actually only rely on online product driven mode of play does not turn. Now, there is good content, you can find traffic platform for channel distribution, and then access to relatively accurate users. That’s why the word "entrepreneurship" was a big fire in 2017.

Pan entertainment


friends began to join the music Amoy network alliance in January this year, the site belongs to the vertical type of a community website, now the average monthly sales have more than 150 thousand, according to my understanding, she takes the means of promotion are:

I remember

door and well-known media promotion threshold is provided, the development of each alliance, gave small and medium-sized website stationmaster a superexcellent profit opportunity. As a circle between IT years of non famous webmaster, also feel this trend brings great opportunities behind. In the past, making money is more through SEO to enhance the Alexa Rankings, after rising traffic, in advertising to sell through the flow to generate revenue. But a considerable part of the site of the target audience is smaller, the flow pattern based on the advertising effect is very limited, not to mention profit, webmaster Wangzhuan of the road is full of hardships and setbacks. But in recent years, the development of network alliance has seen the dawning of the Internet entrepreneurs. I will share some cases and experiences that I know well, and hope to be useful to you.

"orange entertainment" into the Ali application distribution vision, unexpected sense,

Jingdezhen Changjiang District Open Innovation Forum

local government wants to promote the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship, not only in infrastructure efforts, also need to constantly improve the regional soft power, service innovation and entrepreneurship both enhance the attractiveness of the region for entrepreneurs.

10 26 in the morning, innovation forum and start the Changjiang Valley entrepreneurs wow Tao technology awarding ceremony held at the Jingdezhen Institute of Beiyuan campus. Former vice chairman of the CPPCC, former first deputy chairman of the KMT Central Committee Li Wuwei, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial committee chairman Ma Zhiwu attended the ceremony and other guests jointly launched forum lecture crystal ball.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum sponsored by the Changjiang

in Changjiang district to create entrepreneurial brand hard, entrepreneurs here can not only enjoy the superior business environment and welfare policy, can also carry out exchanges and cooperation with industry leaders, experts, continuing to enhance its soft power. This is an attractive option for entrepreneurs.

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How to use all the chips to detonate business opportunities

all the chips in the domestic Jingdong suddenly fire up, there are more and more platforms, so many businesses unable to hold his business is extremely strong, certain achievements have been made in this wave of Jingdong all the preparatory attention problems, here we analyze the phenomenon of cause and effect etc..

Second, the sinking and landing platform. In addition to the public to raise public offerings on the Internet to promote the support of resources, Jingdong also raised the public to the public to raise the product platform for the public. For example, my first exposure to the Jingdong to raise public platform at a smart hardware manufacturer called squirrel photo small conference, when the Jingdong raised platform will also participate, in addition to the squirrel founder intention and share products outside of the story, the Jingdong to raise the public’s spokesman at the scene also explains the relevant policies of the Jingdong of the public to raise the platform, this it is a way to raise the public Jingdong sinking platform. But last week, the Jingdong to raise public platform and the panda from the media alliance made a "Jingdong · pandas to raise the alliance Easy Access launch ceremony, the" Easy Access "is the Jingdong will be screening the public to raise product rights delegated to the panda from the media alliance, in the future, as long as the best project by the panda from the media alliance audit, you can directly on-line Jingdong to raise public platform, this is another case of Jingdong to raise public platform channel landing.

Third, build star congregation raised products. In fact, the congregation raised Jingdong platform has been able to have a high degree of evaluation in the field of intelligent hardware, in fact, with their hands to create a star to raise public praise of the product has a great relationship. In the first to raise the public to raise the public to raise the public Jingdong project is three children’s air purifier. The product of all the chips in the process, just meet the highest degree of concern for domestic haze when the father of three with the help of a good brand story and selling products, in a very short period of time within the Jingdong to raise all the congregation raised platform to 10 million. The results of the three dads as a typical case for Jingdong to raise public platform to do a good brand endorsement, which also attracted a large number of

Improve after-sales service can improve customer turnover rate

service is not only reflected in the transaction with customers, after-sales service is equally important. In short, the modern retail, which improve after-sales service, improve customer turnover rate is also an extremely important part. Generally speaking, some goods factory after a rigorous sampling inspection means, but it will not pass one hundred percent. In practice, we can meet the customers to buy the goods quality problems, then requires retailers to timely and properly handled, the elimination of customer misunderstanding, give them a perfect solution, natural customers will become our customers come back.

, for example, when retail customers appear to reflect the quality of goods with customers, must remain calm and rational mind, to deal with reasonable. Do simple and casual, or buck passing, looking for some reason to blame, so most likely to cause a customer contradiction, is not conducive to solving the problem. For such problems, the correct approach is to first listen to the customer complaining, and then determine the cause of this problem is that the quality of the product itself, we should not hesitate to give timely solution; if due to improper use of the customer, can help customers change certain and exchange, can repair the repair promptly.

is not enough to explain the reasons to the customer, to seek a mutually acceptable solution. Sometimes the surface of their own to eat a little loss, but in exchange for customer satisfaction that is a good thing. Maybe they will become our customers, and even become a living advertisement in our store, we actively carry out publicity work, so it would be good to help their business at the store, to promote their own development, Why not?? If the deal is not correct, do not say contradictions, customers may also make negative publicity.

in fact, improve after-sales service, but also an important supporting point of modern marketing. In fact, as a retail household can be aware of this, but in practice it is difficult to do this. In fact, this is also fully demonstrated the integrity of our retail households, we must pay attention to the integrity of the customer, to honor the commitment to the customer. Do not appear as good as gold, the quality of goods prevarication, not apathy, and to deal with enthusiasm, and properly handled.

do a good job of after-sales service, you can determine whether the customer will become a repeat customer of this store, which has a very big impact on the store’s business. So, if you are a retail store owner, for after-sales service also requires a high degree of attention, this will be of great help to store operations.

What are the children’s paradise strategy


is service for the children, parents are willing to pay, this market wealth is very much, but if the business people, business will be affected, want to make money is no longer easy. But if you can master the relevant small strategy, make money minutes will become a lot easier. So, what are the children’s paradise strategy?

1. in the children’s paradise just opened to allow customers to enter the store free play, and presented with children’s playground features small gifts, increase the visibility of the store in the region, the equivalent of advertising.

2. children’s paradise in the process of management can retain old customers, the establishment of membership card system, increase the degree of membership, in order to cultivate customer loyalty and trust.

3. to strengthen the internal management of children’s playground, the service should be thoughtful, the clerk must have affinity to speak, be good at communicating with their children, and children to establish a friendly relationship is the key to customer spending again.

4. children’s park with the surrounding kindergarten cooperation planning activities, one is to increase the popularity of paradise, two is to bring stable income for the early days of paradise.

5. children’s paradise also need to do a good job of security and clean and tidy measures, let the children have fun and let parents rest assured.

6. if conditions permit, children’s recreation facilities should be updated from time to time, increase the novelty, let the children have curiosity, and not held theme activities, let the children interact, make friends, repeat the natural increase.

7. recruitment of suitable children’s park staff, staff training, strengthen the sense of responsibility, it is recommended to recruit teachers with early childhood experience, the correct guidance of children play.

is now the brand of the market more services, business is no longer so easy, therefore, to master the relevant business strategy for the long-term development of the store will be very favorable. So, if you run a children’s paradise, but also want to business booming, the small group introduced these small business strategy will help your career development?

Investment advisor to explore the future of IT skills training market

is known to all, the education industry is a golden cake, many people want to be a piece of. In 2013, the Internet became the focus of many educational products to focus on the discussion, a friend called the first year of online education.

1,   />

according to the analysis of DDT Germany, the current size of IT training market is about 1.3% of the national education field, about the size of 13 billion yuan. Although this proportion is not high, but the size of 13 billion yuan is also large enough small and large IT training company to make a good effort. But then decades gradually decline, the attendant gradually erode the share. Take a look at the national key cities, colleges and universities around the large and small IT training companies get together, the competition can be imagined.

2,   regional important

3,   existing mode

IT training is still based on the line based, for the user base has a relatively strong demand, training needs a job. So the general IT training institutions in addition to the entrance, the organization of teaching, monitoring the quality of teaching, in addition to the needs of the students, increase employment assistance, and communicate with the employer, open up exports.

IT is a skilled work, there must be a strong team, strictly grasp any link, in order to stand area. IT>

Alternative money ideas to get rich

Japan Tokyo Sanye Cafe boss always have different feelings of color using eye, save the coffee and earn more profit for the purpose of materials. He asked more than 30 friends to drink   each; the same cup of coffee, but the coffee cup of the color of the different measurements, respectively, coffee, red, cyan and yellow, the 4 kinds of coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, and so on.

The results of

The boss came up with the



Development and Reform Commission announced the suspension of oil price adjustment

China’s oil prices have been adjusted several times a year, mainly based on international oil prices and domestic supply and demand and other factors. The day before the price adjustment, the NDRC announced the suspension, suspension of reason is to contain the current air pollution, so don’t cut to reduce oil consumption.

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