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Xiao Han Shanghai to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the application of Dragon


two, noise removal

, FLASH use

we know, the first step is to search engine noise removal in HTML format, so the first step to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the web page is to optimize the HTML code. Why do we often say, "the code must conform to the W3C standard, the code should be simple, by DIV+CSS, is based on this principle. In fact, a lot of friends only to see the online article to write code to this, but they do not know what to do so, that is why I suggest that you first learn Shanghai dragon principle (I know, practice more than theory, but if the theory is not how to practice, not a starting point). Remove the noise code includes the following aspects:

, a noise removal

reduce the JS use, package must use the JS code.

, which is also what we must understand the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon. From the principle of search engine, the first is the whole web crawling system download, then the text inside the extracted, through the analysis of the removal of HTML format, and then remove the noise, segmentation, and finally into the index library. In this process, the process of search engine will after denoising, we can clearly know that "the SNR is high, search engine spiders crawl efficiency is high, the spider every day to deal with the document very much, how can the subject information extraction" is an important task of fast.


not only refers to the ratio of all the code, including the ratio of the current page text content of useful information and useless information. What is useful information, such as the subject of this article is "the signal-to-noise ratio, the whole article is 1000 words, while the current page all the text is 2000 words, while other words are independent and SNR, the irrelevant information is noise. So, to improve the SNR of "into two aspects: including the optimization code and content optimization.

we are very common is some electronic commerce website product detail page, may be part of the staff to do e-commerce site of Shanghai dragon had not noticed, in some of the following product content delivery mode or >

search engine, Web text extraction, but also for the analysis of the two denoising, which is to determine the current web page theme. So in this process, how do we make the search engine more accurate judgment of our "theme (which is also the problem of correlation, how to improve the relevance of web pages) that is to reduce the noise page content?.

In fact,

The same

reduced DIV nested layers (many of my friends do not understand the principle of words, the blind pursuit of DIV+CSS, but also produce a large number of redundant code.

to reduce the image

encapsulate CSS code.

Refers to the ratio of the text content of a web page with all the HTML code page signal-to-noise ratio is

Let the four steps of love Shanghai fast included blog platform

original blog writing

my blog is the blog wrote 3 original, each original are at least 1000 words, it is worth mentioning that, in order to let a little temptation spider, I blog is released in the form of illustrations, at this time I run a set of skin care network is a profound experience. In the same time, less than 1 hours with pictures and articles than pure text articles included time. What explains this? Spider eldest brother way, like Japs see flower girl as well, because the spider eldest brother mission, for the flower girl, he reported that much faster. In addition, in order to let each post can deliver more weight for each blog homepage, I finally have added the blog home page links.

three, "copy" of the original article when Bowen

, an open Sina blog



after the end of three the original blog, I thought I would start the release has not even on the Internet say fewer original articles "". But in order to let the blog earlier included, I still did not take the risk. The second day, I went to the Sohu it, I love IT technology network, speed transit network, Sina and other several well-known IT technology website for the new post, if found to have just released a few minutes of this I immediately.

often update in Shanghai upgrade algorithm under the condition of many of my friends have started through marketing for the enterprise’s own website, bring more traffic and orders. As a member of the big family of marketing, blog marketing has always been your love, I personally feel that the common use to write soft commodity information of blog marketing has not been able to fully exert the effect of the blog marketing, so I decided to make a new blog as a new website to optimize, and then use the weight the platform itself let me blog articles are ranking in search engines.

blog writing and writing, so to often use their free time to write the soft Wen to me, a few original article first is still very easy to accomplish. Some people in the post processing on the content of the May and I are not the same, they think the platform of blog itself high weight, to copy a non original articles to the spider crawling, simply do not want to treat a new website, to the original start. So this is some people blog has not included the reason. We know that the search engine has a sandbox for the new website, what he can use the platform of blog platform weight fast included? So in the search engine front platform blog like a new website just on the line, the only difference is the platform blog is like using a few years old domain name the.

usually use Sina blog more, I was the IT of our website in Sina opened a blog. The website after the promotional message allocation to this blog for a usually more love template I will start writing the blog.

A medical site specific optimization scheme


3, add the robots.txt file.

4404 error page add.

5 links using the absolute path.

3, the chain blog: each person must in each big famous blog, with male or female health such as the theme of the blog. The blog number does not require much, but demand a good. (specific blog list and a blog notes, provides finishing at work.


, the initial improvement:


took a medical website: 贵族宝贝zhpa120贵族宝贝, according to the website to write a detailed optimization scheme.

A few days ago

10, add Shanghai to share love.

(if there is a special person to write the best. If it is a collection of articles, articles about amendment 30%. The focus is beginning to end. Each article finishing 4-6 labels, placed in the middle of the article.

4, turn on

two update:

9, add love Shanghai webmaster tools, you can better understand the situation inside the Shanghai site in love.

three, outside the station optimization and promotion:

1, the first column to sort out priorities out. (which section is focused on the promotion, which does not require column promotion) and then through the nofollow page in the rational use of the focus to focus on home page weight.


update: key columns, updated daily articles 1-3. The non key column, a week or two an update. The update, conscious to one or two days before the update of the article in the chain.

7, Links module also added to the column (Note: column Links module with different specific page, can refer to: 58贵族宝贝, meaning to the site the following sub columns can also exchange Links.

2, website logo ALT add title tag and link. (many people used logo home)

1, soft outside the chain: the amount of buying some love Shanghai news source of the chain, both advertising effectiveness, and chain benefits.

column switching Links can be handed over to the chain to do, may be appropriate to relax. (such as cross disease, cross subject exchange, for the key column, it can be appropriate to add some links, proportional control.

8, the title changed to H1 H5 label label

2, Links: home of the Links surgeon who personally control.


6, experts recommend the use of dynamic random call answering module.

Wang Kuan talk about the choice of keywords should not sticking to formalities

in our process of optimization, one of the most crucial process is the choice of keywords. Because the choice of keywords will affect the optimization process and results. Wang Kuan discovered many Shanghai dragon Er are just stick to several popular keywords related industries then ranked competition, results are often difficult to achieve the desired effect. So where is the problem? Is there what words can let us get? The answer is very simple, that is the choice of keywords should follow the user’s habits, but also not sticking to formalities.

: a local dialect. For example, for example, we want to find a word: "Shanghai dragon training which a good". In the domestic use of various dialects, may we target the keywords used will be different, such as Shanghai may use "Shanghai dragon training which Beijing people use" good ", which one of the Shanghai dragon training", etc.. Because the local dialect, language use is different, our keyword selection should make the appropriate adjustments.

three: typos. In addition to the above mentioned typing habits, our problem is the longer typos appeared. This we give a keyword as an example, for example we know that QQ has a service called "QQ diamond king", the search volume is great, but if we team this service is not very understanding, you may enter the "QQ yellow drill", as shown below, we can see this the wrong word every day, there are still certain flow. Because of this kind of words there are few rivals, so we reasonable use of this kind of words are likely to get a good effect.

then our keywords how to follow the user’s habits go? We all know our target users from their daily habits, the local dialect, the level of education, the influence factors of typing speed when using keywords. The author will use a case to analyze the influence of some factors.



as compared to the industry people, this kind of words have what advantage?

two: typing habits. Individual typing habits will also affect the different search terms. A search for "King wide" one word, some people may not switch the input method, can be directly into the Wangkuan search. Don’t say some typing less target users, even if some of us often typing content owners are likely to release this a case.

users get more accurate: if our keywords are some of the more wide range of words, then search for it are not necessarily customers, and most are peers or other relevant people, this I believe that a lot of Shanghai dragon Er have to understand. For example, when many in Shanghai Longfeng optimize your blog will choose "love names + Shanghai dragon", and this.

Shanghai dragon We really know

two: we want to know.


: Shanghai dragon is a tool for us to use this tool to be convenient to see if we have reasonable to use, not to use within the scope of the rules.

, we spent a lot of time to follow the above, on the understanding of the rules, Shanghai dragon on how to do not understand. So most of the time doing. So I hope you pay attention to several points here:

I think most of the webmaster have to seriously study the rules of each search engine, each update of the content is to understand, in others love Shanghai updates the new algorithm, we should do it now. All right。 We will do so. Remember, to optimize your web site: why don’t you go to study? Why "


why is this the case? Is part of the reason a lot of others, others say what we do. However, stationmaster people forget that others may not be suitable for is suitable for us! What we do is for what? Just follow others said, we just do it? Everything we do is to cater to the search engine, so why not take a little time to understand the rules of search engine

because Shanghai Longfeng entry is relatively easy, is to optimize the webmaster can be some of the direction of Shanghai Longfeng for their site, now online there are too many Shanghai dragon tutorial, there are a lot of so-called experts. But the stationmaster whether they have a clear understanding of their own? We do not have their own professional team, no technical consultants, experts can only refer to online way to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we do not know why, do so in the end to our website can bring much benefit? Some optimization in fact most of us do follow the trend may be no effect.


talk about the example of my own, I also like the time to start the Shanghai dragon, others say how do I go to do, the chain is very important to say, in fact I was outside the chain, and even what is the chain? What is the role I have not understand, only know some bring your own links to websites in various forums, Post Bar. Then someone said, the quality of the chain is the most important, to send some outside the chain of high quality. But I do not know what is outside the chain of high quality. How to send? And some people say that the original article is the most important, so I began to write the original article brains. The original article is very important, but we wrote the original article may have come to nothing. If your website is good, that is the original article, if not good? Before you have not included others to copy, it is not the original article. We have to think about how to write original articles related keywords in the original article, how to appropriately add some within the chain? No, No. So most of the time may be futile.

Analysis of several factors affecting the core value of the website home page

second, the content of the page can not be replaced and correlation. We want to improve the home page for the search engine weight, must be no I have, people have my core idea of fine running through them, the industry’s core focus of information is a concrete manifestation of the full range of shape to the user or the most valuable news and information, and other sites can’t do or not do something to send out for example, for example, related products your company get the authority of the state agencies certificate or your company has been awarded the provincial and municipal leaders visited and what is its title and so on, these reflect the content of the enterprise in the process of construction site authority and attract users concerned. Secondly, correlation factors. The correlation factors of this relatively simple, we’d better classified and published in the relevant sections and list some news with the similar plate or something similar, this process is not only reflected in the relationship between information and page theme is consistent, is also reflected in the site between the columns and columns between pages and pages, further links and the friendship connection between etc.. We are in process planning and construction site will these factors into account, to the point of each site in the station outside the station and in the process of maintenance and optimization of the.

first, the timeliness of the page. This is easy to understand, is our common sense that whether they have the latest information and advice, specific performance is whether the regularly updated, fresh content provided to the users and search engines. These include not only consulting the latest products and information, and the Internet industry contains the hottest topic and social topics, and pave the way for the expansion at the appropriate site plate, increase our home page content updates and provides news topics in the hot industry or society to the user, let us home like a restless night the River is always back to our users and search engines with the most fresh things, this is the best way to reflect the timeliness of the home page.

as everyone knows we are optimizing, and operation process of Web site home page is the site of the highest page weight, is the best first impression to the user performance page, how will our home to be more valuable? Let it become a real weight can help us to enhance the overall brand influence and weight is our problem all operators have to face and consider, before we begin to talk about what is the page value, the author thinks that the search engine evaluation on each page of the overall value, referred to as the value of the page. Understand the concept, the author continued good gossip short, today to talk about the main factors affecting the website home page value analysis.

third, the quality of website home page. This point and the second point is somewhat similar, but I think this reflects the more widely. First of all, the stability of the site and open the speed of the web page, and the stability of the site open speed not only affect the user experience indirectly also influence the website for Search Guide >

360 advertising alliance application process and a detailed understanding of the tutorial

? The

website was completed, at this time, we will see the launch of the 360 advertising alliance advertising project and what, see the menu, I see, a search box is a management, is a management code, the search box is the personal website built-in search, code is the personal website place the ad code, in order to achieve advertising display effect. Picture:

today we look at 360 ad combat process.

webmaster friends all know, your website or blog, want to hang advertising area, will first advantage choose love Shanghai Union, Google Union, Ali mother Alliance (now Taobao customer), Sogou alliance and so on, in addition to these alliance platform Ali mother alliance, the alliance was divided into other click billing, for the individual webmaster, earn some advertising, is relatively easy, now 360 advertising alliance (i.e. good search advertising) has been officially launched, Illinois network blog also released on-line news "[360] Wangzhuan owners online advertising alliance", but how to apply for? What are the specific process. What are the 360, advertising alliance advertising project

is built on the premise of application has 360 accounts, with the previous 360 accounts can be generic, here is just additional information.

In fact, the How to apply for a

account application process is very simple, now need to email and mobile phone number you can apply for a mobile phone number will need to accept a verification code for pictures:


from the figure can know that this is the site requirements must be validated, the record is no..

search box is not much, so we have to look at the code management what are the options through the open code management, we can see: the type of code only text chain and tag cloud two, and only a few ad size 5, is not the custom. Specific pictures: >

two, add the site to

three, 360 advertising alliance advertising project

is the most important: after the end of these applications, still need to wait for the audit, the audit due to long, just start the application, 360 Illinois network advertising alliance is just beginning to open the line, no one knows how to audit through the audit, after that, I’ll back up these.

: add in other website management inside the website is to limit the number of the beginning I applied the first station, is written, can add up to 5 sites.

webmaster all know, apply for the alliance account is very simple, the next step is to add your own web site, in order to obtain the ad code, add to your web site, advertising display, the user clicks, in order to accumulate costs, in order to obtain advertising, then add website process, here is a screenshot, you look at the picture:

, 360 advertising alliance


Goodbye Luo Yonghao nuts and feelings, to send Xing Qi Ji Yin QiaoTo create a grassroots webmaster,

? The quick sharing and collaboration tools for

advertising alliance to create a grassroots webmaster, Wangzhuan carrier "theme campaign is underway, look forward to your participation in ~~

in the Innovation Park geeks conference, Luo Yonghao said the hammer mobile phone will not launch a thousand machines, which indicates that he should be at the same time in revenue and shipments hit two on the battlefield, and the hammer mobile phone the high degree of concern than the earlier rumors shut down ZUK three or four line brand just across a Luo Yonghao.

8336 8336/ to A5 Advertising Alliance Forum Organization "to create a grassroots webmaster, Wangzhuan carrier" theme campaign, with personal Internet experience as the background, around the "Wangzhuan" topic, share personal income Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, skill, style or in Wangzhuan problems in the process or experience to the readers empathy, or let readers have a reference.

Luo Yonghao at the


hammer mobile phone last year deep financial crisis, finally completed financing, the "big mind genius product manager Luo, in the popular and money morning and others quarrel, we can see his ideas has undergone subtle changes. T3 Luo has released education opinions but money: "this morning to victory", re financing in the future, "the hammer mobile phone must find some different places to live", a direct consequence of this idea is the birth of Bigbang and OneStep such innovation, and today’s capsule, indirect consequences is out of money morning 2/3 technical team.

never has a mobile phone to bear nuts such difficult and complex mission, according to HUAWEI Yu Chengdong said, the future of intelligent mobile phone will remain the three major manufacturers, small mobile phone implication has no future, and Luo Yonghao will double bearing, hammer mobile phone best annual shipment record is about 1000000, this year to achieve 400-600 million the target pressure, as can be imagined the first new machine nuts pro,

1.: first prize 1, 1000 yuan in cash

: 2011-7-8 – 8-5 12:00

from the press conference, the core competitiveness of nuts is shifting to Smartisan OS, deliberately strengthening front end interactive experience aspects of innovation. With HUAWEI labs on a variety of tall research and millet focus on strengthening the patent is different, hammer phone focused on the user can quickly perceive innovation, which is typical of 42 stroke jin.


2011-8-5 –8-14 12:00

published: August 15th


Internet is a miracle can be created, is a gold mine, a gold Amoy to here, people are still exploring the method of gold. And you, long on the Internet, if you gain their gold

submission time

has already overdrawn personal goodwill but old can spend long

as far as combat capability is concerned, the success of nut Pro depends on four points:

nut Jedi counterattack

and this time Luo pills really put a lot of things that can replace feelings.


often said that the ideas on the Internet without limit, as long as there are ideas, innovation, will have a harvest, but the initial lack of guidance, if some can observe the example of reference, is not that we can quickly tap into their own

4. Participation Award: 300 A5 integral

address: bbs.admin5/thread-2783747-1-1.html

voting time:


3. third-prize: 15, 200 yuan in cash

conference again proves that the most successful sales promotion in the world is not the product, but the self,

, first of all, is the extent to which pills can replace feelings.


420 million loss last year, negative net assets 240 million hammer technology "success" will Suning 50 million investment of 37 million, still have the ability to increase from the old shareholders get 300 million; in the "pants" incident led Qian Chen away, an eventful year management team turmoil, still have the ability to develop new products, can not be said is a miracle.

2. two prize: 3 yuan in cash, 500

, Bigbang and OneStep are only a preliminary attempt. Although the improvement of the actual operation experience of mobile phone users is limited, it is not easy to trigger the operation, On>

Et drift island CPA registered advertising guide line, put a lot of welcome!3D rendering company Nur

 . Hello everybody! Drift island CPA guide registered advertising on-line, welcome the webmaster actively put on, believe that can bring good income for the webmaster! Please contact webmaster customer service opened. Customer service :183288818 319035197
                  2, type: female website, blog, entertainment, film and television music, preferred by

is like Nurulize this time NVIDIA in the image display and graphics performance recognition, Chaos CEO Nurulize VR is also optimistic about the tools in the industry to complete the investment potential, while the Chaos group itself in the field of film and video games, architecture, and design are involved.

recently unveiled its organization’s second VR content contest at its 2017 GTC GPU Technology Conference at NVIDIA. The content competition requires participation in the company’s financing amount of not more than $5 million, a total of 120 companies participated in the competition, and 10 companies entered the final competition. Among them, Nurulize company won the final $15000 prize and three NVIDIA Quadro P6000 GPU awards.

Nurulize was founded in 2013, the two founders are with rich experience in graphics and software development of Philip Lunn, and worked in the digital realm and Method expert Scott Metzger Studios effects. The VR software development of Nurulize mainly solves the problems of 3D scanning and real-time rendering, and optimizes the workflow of VR content making.

so in the past few years, Nurulize has also done a lot of good cooperation in the industry. They have the head of the Oculus display device provides the service, at the same time also said the domestic o-film investment expansion on the Nurulize and strategic cooperation. Nurulize also worked with Nikon to perform 3D scans via lidar, and used multiple HDR pictures taken by Nikon’s 36 million pixel D810 camera group to render and restore 6 acres of scenes, "Desert Home.". In addition, they have cooperated with companies such as BMW.

Nurulize won $2 million in seed rounds in the Chaos group in 2015. Chaos group co-founder Vladimir Koylazov and Peter Mitev also served as CTO and board member at Nurulize respectively. The Chaos group itself is also engaged in high-end 3D rendering business and has a rendering software called V-Ray. They set up the Chaos group laboratory in 2014, exploring the direction of digital film production, talent mining, and the development of VR related thinking tanks and other content.

League address:

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

A brief discussion on the development direction and planning ideas of party websites

may be the reason for interest, Jrasy is full of fantasies about the Internet. Maybe it’s personality. Jrasy always wants to be a web site that someone else hasn’t done.

has been thinking about interesting, interesting and no Internet ideas these days, and now opens a column devoted to documenting. "Title party" is a very interesting phenomenon, we all used to develop into a spirit of entertainment.

Jrasy wanted to have a website like this, roughly planned as follows:

web site basic information:

Website Title: Title Party

top-level domains:

introduction: an entertainment by comparing the title of the most famous party DIGG.

home page Title: title of the party, show personal creativity, humor the best stage.

slogan: without title, the party has no Internet. (I thought for 3 days.).

website column planning:

picture area: upload pictures and take a title for the picture.

text area: upload text, can be brief news, jokes, etc., and take a title for the text.

activity area: official activities, such as the official to provide a picture, everyone to write the title, high popularity win.

official blog: webmaster, that is, I record the title of the party’s growth process.

message board: where users give advice to the authorities.

navigation bar design:

text area home | pictures

bottom copyright navigation zone:

media attention

web site features:

1. Digg function: you can have "top" and "smash" function in each picture and every article.

2. upload pictures.

3. upload pictures.

4., you can leave a message under each picture or text.

5. member system, only members can publish pictures.

6., one last, next function.

7. official provides pictures, members fill out the title competition function.

user process design:

member: registered member –> upload picture –> name –> for picture; release successfully.

visitors: enter the home page, see a list of headlines, click "yes"