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Make three optimization objectives to determine the analysis of Website Web site keywords ranking ta

website embodies Shanghai dragon, is the site keywords in the search engine rankings improve, and improve site traffic. Among them, the first step is to determine the site keywords ranking, then according to the need of the target keywords ranking, optimize the relevant work.

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do site > seconds

, that is to say, according to the time division of the site keywords ranking ranking, divided into total goal, goal, goal, year season month target. But due to the formal optimization techniques, usually in the target and the overall goal has been very close, so a lot of time with the total target instead of the target web site keywords. Make most of the keywords of the quarterly and monthly goals, as long as a web site keywords ranking optimization target table, each quarter, or even monthly key words will rise a lot, and then continue to add new keywords or other optimization.

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

website right down topics:

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

to develop a good website ranking target form, usually a selection of keywords, according to the degree and keyword index etc. keywords ranking optimization work hard, for a time, namely the internal site optimization page keywords optimization and the chain anchor text. Order and keyword optimization, which is usually the first on the main target keywords to optimize promotion, then the flow of non target optimization.



optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

special chain optimization:


, can optimize the plan of a website. The plan should be included in the website optimization objectives, optimization method, the optimization of monitoring, problem solving, and the optimization effect estimates, as the most important target in the target web site keywords ranking.

to develop web site keywords ranking, is a process of screening keyword. Will usually be the site keywords ranking in the screening target table, and the corresponding statistics on the keywords, such as keywords, keyword index, keyword ranking, website keywords, website URL own website ranking, website keywords the target keywords ranking, the cycle is expected to project.

web site keywords ranking goal summed up in the form of a table, can make the optimization process become orderly and plan. Usually every month or every quarter, according to the web site of the keywords ranking list, optimization planning site keywords, good appraisal means and the Shanghai dragon team performance.

Through the analysis of market positioning in front of and rival

A teacher in Shanghai Longfeng forum closed light reflection

bless Shanghai dragon forum light-years! Hope to some day in the future open! This article from the eyes in the treatment of myopia in children 贵族宝贝 Lu Shun original, want to respect the results of the work of author, please keep, thank you.

call this webmaster friends, making less waste of the chain, the forum outside the chain do more, will only make your site more dangerous, why now do a lot of Shanghai dragon could not find the direction of the chain, the more fat, website ranking dropped more quickly, the quality is not ah, recommend study of Shanghai Dragon Technology and thinking, the chain + simple update time has passed, not to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon. We take the site of the analysis of user needs, the user needs to understand what, good user experience and interaction, and constantly expand the thinking, there are many ways to promote, not only is Shanghai dragon, there are many other ways of promotion can do.

Why is


so close in Shanghai Longfeng light-years teacher forum? Personally, because Shanghai dragon circles now has been the emergence of a morbid extreme, many people thought was very limited, did not want to plan their own station what is the purpose, purely for the Shanghai and Shanghai Dragon Dragon Phoenix, made out of something is to love Shanghai search engine, rather than for the user to read every day, repeated to reply to the forum, the hair of the chain, so as to create a lot of garbage outside the chain in every corner of the Internet, so in the teacher closed the forum for do not want to go to the Internet to increase a spam place.

we do what is the purpose of the station, in order to make money, when we can make millions, tens of millions? When you earn one thousand dollars to ask ourselves when I can earn two thousand, ask yourself when you can earn two thousand million, the desire will own unlimited potential to stimulate, when you earn millions, you have found the money does not make money and there is a fine line, but you’re on the side of the window, another you stand on the other side of the window, when you walk past you discovered that he had found a way to make money million, but you don’t have to take that step, a change of thinking maybe, you opened the window.

just saw a message: "Shanghai dragon forum is in light teacher created recently, in the teacher announced the closure of Shanghai Longfeng light forum. The reason is that don’t want to go to the Internet to add a spam place". I think, this spirit is worth learning. Light years forum is saved many classic post, has been advocated in Shanghai Longfeng science teacher do many students also wrote many classic articles in this forum. The value of the forum I will not comment, I believe we all know.

The railway station is the four elements of the search engine of love

first, the website is not out of some space do not, a new station to get a good weight, the beginning of the web space to the selection, the foundation is the cornerstone, especially for new sites, love Shanghai is not to look at your site, if your site isn’t found open, then the next visit does not know what is the time, after all the new attraction is not so big, not so much the chain to lead spider to climb, when you space to maintain good, but wait for the next spider to visit, this is what we need to consider the factors, to take into account the spider crawling number, a new station, certainly the first crawl frequency is not high, so, we must cherish every opportunity to crawl, stable space is to protect the situation.

again, site procedures, in site procedures, there are many programs can make a great deal of repeat page, this page is usually achieved by parameters, so the procedure must ensure that a page with only one URL, when a page corresponding to a lot of URL, the spider will carry back. Then an analysis of a page, found the situation, so that repeat your website, likely to cheat on the search engine in the beginning there may be, so you can not explain, only is included in time, avoid this kind of situation, some of the veto eat, like, do not let it included, only the quality assurance page.

finally, the content of the website to add regular >

second, Web links do not form air links, even 404 pages; on our website, because new sites, may have a lot of friends did not have a good debugging line, can debug; my advice is don’t do this, extremely easy to cause the website appears empty links. Before the line must use tools hold on site is empty link, if there is a mistake on your site link, if empty links found in the beginning of crawling, 404 page links, and so on, I believe that the search engine’s impression is certainly not high, the impression is that we need to maintain the empty place, links must be avoided. Generally speaking, the first time to visit your site will conduct a comprehensive scan through your link to your link, this in the beginning will establish a good site map can effectively guide the spider crawling, let his crawling become more regular, and not on a page to and fro the climb, and waste of resources, thereby reducing the chance of that page.

for the newly built website, hope fast search engine, and get a good ranking is always very eager, here, said a new search engine love, and quickly give five factor weights, these points, it is my own through its own website to summarize, after all, if the same is the new words, do the following points, I believe that the site will grow quickly.

Seen four a.m. shlf1314 on O2O I decided to be a wave of entrepreneursA letter of apology letter at

faction: Internet recruitment

at that time, shlf1314 was still very small and we had a lot of energy. We saw a lot of Silicon Valley at 4 in the morning, and the two big bosses worked with us over the weekend to eat pizza and work overtime. We worked frantically and found that the stocks we were holding went up and down, and that was cool.

‘s only apology letter, a lot of people questioned: "as a boss, employees do such a thing, do you really do not know or pretend not to know,

founder Xu just


on the content of the letter of apology, we can see the following article, here is not one by one to repeat it.

in the description of the employee, may use a word: hacker technology. The subtext is that this is a technology expert habit, love technology make practical joke, but placed in the The Pentagon, the white house not to have or at the time of the Chinese Football Association, why to engage in a direct competitive relationship with their

this article is Feng Rui capital freesvc authorized I dark horse release, Ann Xinghua oral

March 2010, I’m on a business trip in switzerland. One night, a little while, I suddenly received an emergency meeting at shlf1314 headquarters. shlf1314 learned to put most of the business, the withdrawal of China, all my people are ignorant. I ordered a glass of wine downstairs at the hotel, and remained silent for half an hour.

? : pull hook net

Xu you really do not know, or pretend you don’t know

in the past few months, the news is a lot about the network. The first is Boss and direct hire spat, and then immediately get financing of 200 million yuan, and now that before did sorry Boss direct hire things, and promote grain silk suture, you can reverse the plot.

but the question is, don’t you know, other executives don’t know? If other executives don’t know, you can blame HR for the wrong person. It is easy to understand: the barber to shave, the doctor will get sick, recruitment also makes mistakes.

only shows that the employee like a master attitude itself, in the company before the shareholding ratio should be less than 10, starting from the overall situation of the company, who the hell I am entering into hell; trying to jump to Boss direct hire is rejected or before, selfish retaliation, now, this possibility is the largest.

Just take ?"

but the pace of the Oracle engineer’s 3 months of development and 9 months of testing has been a little crazy for me. I heard from my elder brother that "the people of shlf1314 are very smart and it’s fun to come over here," so he decided to join shlf1314.

in 2006, shlf1314 officially decided to enter the Chinese market with the identity of "shlf1314 China". shlf1314, China’s earliest office in Chang’an Avenue, Xinhua Insurance

in 2001, after graduating from Tsinghua University, I went to the United States and studied at Carnegie Mellon University and University of Southern California. Because my major is database orientation, after graduation I joined the world’s largest database software company Oracle, as an Oracle database engineer.

we look at second possibilities: pull hook and other executives Xu just pretend not to know. Oh, my gosh do bite finger.


at that time, the domestic market, sh419, Tencent and other Internet Co began to rise, shlf1314 brewing open up China’s market. We often discuss all sorts of gossip shlf1314 translated into what is Chinese.

I am from Henan, Zhengzhou. When I was a child, I was generally poor, but I was rich in railway transportation. The condition of Railway Children’s schools was also good. I was lucky when I was in grade two, I got a computer at home and started programming early. I won the bronze medal at the international computer Olympiad and was sent to Tsinghua University.


financing: 220 million yuan C round financing

today, the network founder Xu alone in the company, issued a public apology, but soon. The general content is a letter of apology, before Boss directly employed by hackers on the products accused pull hook net fact is a problem; but Xu just did not know, is for individual employees, and so on.

from 2005 to now, Ann Xinghua just caught up with the Internet, mobile Internet, O2O, consumer upgrades and other wave of entrepreneurial wave. Here is his story.


shlf1314 and my fate, it’s a long story.

first of all, we can deduce from the first possibility: Xu really doesn’t know. As a practice of moral purism country, can not tolerate any sand, even if there are one or two immoral guy, that is into the hostile forces inside the company, but also the edge than temporary, can not represent the mainstream.

, 2005, when I was 28 years old, I finished my work at Oracle and joined the shlf1314 headquarters. My work number is around 10 thousand. I chose the interesting GEO group shlf1314 maps, earth, etc., which is the biggest addition to search and advertising in shlf1314.

Abstract: the only apology letter, a lot of people questioned: "as a boss, employees do such a thing, do you really do not know or pretend not to know,

criminal record: 3W coffee

Entrepreneur obviously CEO’s life, how do you handle the heart of a migrant worker!If a webmaster ch

"finish" off "perfect" twenty-five thousand li

        you webmaster friends, come on!!

            in Admin5, I often see some Adsense said do it hard, even some regret, actually not, is actually very easy to do, you choose this road station is right, flow have income, earn thousands of dollars each month is very easy, than to help people work much better.

        first of all I want to say, I am not a master, I just do a lot of thinking about the problem, to do the station, first of all, have ideas, ideas correct, money will be a lot!

young people should never easily believe in the theory of class cure, thinking that the rising channel is closed.

is always crowded

business legend Bill Gross, who studied 100 start-ups, found that the most important thing for a startup is not creativity, nor team execution, but the timing.

Uber is that it’s the opportunity, apart from good business models, good ideas, and strong execution.

finds its unique value in a market that does not seem to exist.

, when the economy was at its worst, Uber needed it: people really need to earn some extra money.

on the dead wages, follow the traditional way, of course, can not see the future, discover and seize the opportunity to lay out the talent is likely to reverse the fate.

One reason for the success of

Uber for example, the company initially by many investors to ignore, because we feel that no one will every day with their own private cars from strangers". Later, of course, the idea proved to be wrong.

whether it is doing things, timing is king. So is the company, and so is the individual.

you must have had a great idea, especially the perfect creative, but always had a delicious meal Hot pot, leave it all behind.

opportunities are like time.



Abstract: one of the reasons for Uber’s success is that it is the opportunity besides good business models, good ideas and powerful execution. When the economy was at its worst, Uber needed it: people really need to earn some extra money. Whether it is doing things, timing is king.


sports teacher not to earn money, to make people understand the fitness coach; print closed down a large, large number of public V is through advertising to earn pours; what are not dry, there are people who use Airbnb, backpackers reception.

startups that survive, and those who are successful at work, have one thing in common:

"it’s too difficult to implement." is a common excuse.

China so large, far more than three hundred and sixty industries, there is always a right for you. Opportunity is like time. It’s always crowded.

            some webmaster do stand to do station, cash flow becomes more difficult, in fact as long as you spend some time thinking about, is not difficult at all, as long as IP can make money, many of the league, such as GG, to guide the registration SP SMS Union, flow the alliance, sub pay and so on, but the election alliance is very important, because each IP is a visitors, these visitors always interested in something, so the alliance together, you came to the station on the visitors basically everyone will bring you income, how to choose the alliance, choose the union I can not say, here, so they said I was ad, but are interested in, and I believe that friends can add my :122435682, but here I can give you an example: if you have 1000IP, you can release the traffic On the A page if A is * * League, 1000IP can earn 20 – 40 yuan, this is my test, in the release of both, jump to B "jump code is very important, I use the code, the visitors in the unaware in the jump, very classic, now visitors has opened two", namely A and B. On the B web page put several other league ads such as boot registration, etc., here you can earn 20 – 30 or so, so you can achieve the flow of recycling. The above may also have some details, did not say clearly, interested friends welcome to add my exchange.

then there was a saying in the high school politics textbook: "your professional ideals need to be in line with the needs of society.".

now I realize that this "social needs" is actually created by myself.

Internet marketing solutions

Website Planning – packaging enterprises beyond competitors

mining advantage analysis opponent advantages to move slow coups victory away

Baidu ranking – to do the domestic market first choice, Baidu ranked

domestic more than 80% of users in the use of Baidu, Baidu rankings equal success, 80% want to become industry leader, Baidu is the preferred

site rankings – let your customers find you exactly

ranking before keywords planning, if keywords are wrong, perhaps most of your peers in your website, all the efforts will be in vain,

YAHOO ranking – doing business with foreign and foreign companies

foreign enterprises, search traffic

foreign capital, Hong Kong, Austria and Taiwan business

Google ranking — doing high-end market, foreign market,

Google user groups determine the level of the market, Google on the left is the money can not row, and only do

Msn ranking – foreign markets and foreign trade enterprises

Msn user base is basically doing foreign trade enterprises, search traffic is relatively small,

but the groups are special,

article to yourself: site ranking

How to use wisdom to make big money in the mainstream market

for each market, basically has entered a relatively saturated stage, this time as long as there is a new idea, a new idea was to open up a new market, a new business opportunities, which requires people to launch their own brain.

consulting business

for environmental consulting industry, want to succeed must have sufficient knowledge and to accurately grasp the market, and the continuous accumulation of experience. If you are a person with lofty ideals, then quickly choose investment!


Wuxi how to transform into a new electricity supplier

business in recent years in the hot market development degree is as everyone knows, but because the basic business shop has been in a state of saturation, resulting in a Business successor shops, the great pressure of competition, and can not achieve a good income. 22, 2009, nearly a hundred people in charge of the electricity supplier gathered in the 2016 brand digital transformation of the electricity supplier meditation will explore the development trend of e-commerce. So, how to become a new Wuxi electricity supplier?

in the first half of this year, Wuxi retail sales of 22 billion yuan, an increase of 25%, more and more traditional enterprises aware of the importance of electricity providers, OCS is no longer fresh. However, with the gradual decline in the flow of dividends, sales growth of the major domestic third party platform is slowing down, coupled with channel conflict, vicious competition, etc., electricity providers feel increasingly difficult business.

Wuxi most of the electricity supplier is still stuck in " open a Tmall shop " the traditional stage." Lu Jianhao, general manager of cloud computing technology in Jiangsu, Taihu, introduced a number of enterprises will be understood as the electricity supplier in the third party platform to open a shop, put stalls, resulting in the separation of the store and network sales. At present, the changing needs of the Internet, from the end of the computer shop to a variety of mobile client entrance to the brand as the core of the concept of the channel is more conducive to the development of the brand.

how to transform into a new electricity supplier? Sea orchid house (600398, stock it) Chen Lei, general manager of electricity supplier understanding is electricity supplier should serve the brand". If it is not based on physical brand, online platform is likely to develop a network of sales for the network, or online price is low, resulting in damage to the physical brand.

from the "net" at the beginning, sea orchid house will be full channel integration of Tmall, Jingdong, and self built platform, the line of the same paragraph, at the same time, the same price, even if the "double eleven" is not involved in the promotion. Last year, the sea orchid home electricity supplier channels to achieve sales of 905 million yuan, this year is expected to maintain the growth of the figure of two.

break the shackles of tradition, the development of the new situation, in order to open up more ways to meet their own needs. This time, the face of the current situation of their own electricity supplier in Wuxi, the positive transformation of the new electricity supplier, the most fundamental point is that the electricity supplier should serve the brand, thereby enhancing their own strength, which do you have any idea?

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How to open a beauty salon to soar

beauty salon to business is booming, need to pay attention to a lot of problems, do not blindly let customers do card, charge money, in fact, this piece of products is also very important. Beauty salon, the first to win the trust of customers, if customers do not trust you, it is difficult to operate.

1, new stores, customers do not understand your technology, strength, reputation, and even do not know how long you can support, it is difficult to obtain customer trust. Do card is the first half of the customer needs or even a year’s money, which has not been established on the trust of the customer relationship, it is very difficult. Prepaid cards, will make the original intention of consumption of new sources of loss of 87%! In other words, there are 100 people intend to spend in your new store, because you only sell the card does not sell the product, there will be 87 people to dispel the idea, this is how much loss ah! The result is different while selling products, customers will get their hands, even if your shop closed down, she has the most care products, no feeling, did not suffer, no sense of being fraudulent, the turnover rate is greatly improved.

2, because there is no card to sell the product, will make the card value can not be sold, forced to reduce, such as a year card 2800 yuan, donated $2800 product, the customer is easy to accept. If you do not send the product, 2800 yuan of the card is too expensive! No way to cut prices, there was a store to sell only 680 yuan a year card! Greatly reduce sales.

3, do card customers only once a week to beauty care. What do you use at home? They will go to the mall to buy, will go to other beauty salons, the result is that they do not go to your store to spend a penny! The same is true of the fact that the biggest complaint to the owner of the card shop is: my customers are very poor, never buy products in my store! She took a year of money, buy the product there is no preferential, how can stimulate her consumption? They don’t have no money, it’s your way of selling that they don’t want to give you any more money!

4, selling cards will greatly reduce turnover. Even spending more than revenue in January. Cash flow has become a big problem, and the beauty salon is the need to continue to invest, to constantly give customers a sense of freshness, such as appropriate to change the style of decoration, add new projects, new advertising, etc.. The shop owner has no money and no confidence, will cause the doors to cold, no more popular. And once the beauty salon no popularity, nothing. No new customers of beauty salons will have more dire consequences, that is the staff morale, because many shop beautician also bear the sales tasks, they also compete for new sources of conflict, thus increasing the difficulty of management, resulting in unable to pick up the situation.

In fact,


Crazy roast wings

barbecue out of food seems to have a unique taste, deeply attracted chowhound friends, especially grilled wings foods taste it is a must. Baked wings in the snack industry is very rapid development, which is crazy crazy wings, whether it is a franchisee or consumers, because it is crazy, no one can. Crazy wings once asked the city was berserk, became the first capital of wing, speed hot beverage industry. Crazy wings franchise, let everyone together, for a time, "Crazy" wave hit on both sides of the Changjiang River.

crazy grilled wings why can sell the product so crazy, sell such a fire, because it is the taste of the absolute. Crazy roast wings join? From the nomadic people of Mongolia curing methods, unique mellow. Increase the taste of the product of coke, incense, tender, cool features, you can maintain a large degree of chicken wings moisture, do not shrink, baked paste, greatly improve the yield. Nutrition and health, and girls will not eat fat.

can make such a delicious world, one of which is because of the seasoning of its products is very unique. Crazy roast wings join? From Xinjiang, Turpan, a variety of flavors baked, in addition to the common cumin, spicy, but also has a variety of condiments and sauces are not available on the market. This fragrance, let ‘s smell to quit, eat pig promised never to return to Gao laozhuang!

crazy grilled wings can not only make such a delicious, and its unique baking technology is also very ornamental. Crazy roast wings join? From the African barbecue techniques, both fat dissolved, and will penetrate into the meat chicken seasoning, add tender taste. Highly performing, often surrounded by diners around the edge of watching, and some diners can not help but want to do it yourself. More and more people naturally gathered, business, of course, hot every day.

is the three advantage, will be crazy grilled wings business is very prosperous. How about the crazy grilled wings? Wing fans crazy to bake wings flaunt themselves, friends of the wings to eat crazy roast wings for fun, wing ye to join the crazy roasted wings for the industry. Walk in the forefront of domestic food and beverage franchise investment trends.