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Novice webmaster should pay attention to several problems in the station

two, the execution of the

learn to innovate.The

today illustrates some problems in some novice Webmaster Station early to touch the hope on the back of the novice and now the establishment of the novice some help and inspiration, hope you can advance from rookie webmaster ranks, just remember a word "do not abandon, do not give up" your trip will station >

site is a great need for innovative things on the network, similar to the website innumerable website is also very much, then for our new site we should think that if many websites in talent shows itself, so we should learn to innovate, only different your website and most websites, have their own characteristics and culture so your site will be very welcome by visitors.


I think most of the webmaster will experience the failure process in general should not be called failure, can only say that he is falling in the way of success, then we see the webmaster can muster the courage to move forward, if you fall to give up, then you are doomed to fail and if you can continue to go up, then the end point is in the front, success will hold in your hand.

five, learn to ask more practice

people are inert, but the industry in the most taboo is lazy, because we need to spend a lot of time to practice and thought the execution is very high, if the owners are on the head and think of what do not go to practice, will also end up with your laziness and failure, so the implementation of the force for the webmaster is one of the key should not be abandoned.

four, fall, climb up

just started the establishment of the novice will encounter many problems, will also develop some bad habits in the station, today take me the example to summarize, some bad habits are easily formed in the site during the novice webmaster, hope to help and inspire some new adsense.

knowledge is very much, including all aspects need to know, so we have to learn novice with endless attitude to learn, do not know where you can ask some of the old owners, not have their own knowledge and methods of the study to be seen here, I recommend you go to the A5 station net, novice recommendations to the webmaster network forum to ask questions, there are a lot of old webmaster and some experienced webmaster webmaster will give you the answer.

, a website positioning to clear


, a web site is the soul of a central idea and a major site location, we want to consider our station early to do what the website development content of the network in which direction the direction is correct, if the direction of deviation and error if there are methods and methods to repair and restore. So we must take the site to start positioning clear, not blindly follow the trend to the station.

The establishment of the

Search engine optimization in Shanghai Longfeng Er I must do their homework every day

second update web content. This is the most important thing, need serious intentions to do, first of all, the author mainly aimed at screening, today to write the first keyword keyword or auxiliary keyword secondly, do a detailed analysis on keywords construction articles, article can refer to similar articles related to the site or find out, then their own language organization, in the organization of the attention of the appropriate add keywords in the title, the article as much as possible to contain the keywords or long tail words, layout, content to provide strong reading articles as the basis for the user, and then several key points mentioned above together, here I remind you. Pay attention to the readability of the article, pay attention to the control of the user experience and the length, according to their different industries, technology The industry to provide the main technical problems and solve similar problems as the foundation, industry, grasp the industry experience and experience is the key. Do these articles included and readability of the user experience should not be too big.

it is well known that the website is to optimize the operation of each Shanghai dragon er must face every day, how to make our work more efficient, let our time and energy to maximize the use of, I think this is our optimization personnel must think about the problem and worthy of deep thinking, the author of the operation experience what is the author of several things every day, insist for a long time to do, and we share the hope that we can help.

first, the basic situation of check the site every day. This is the most basic work, maybe a lot of people are doing this, but we may differ, first of all, included mainly check the website last week and this week, or overall last month five months of record, compared to the trend that included and included secondly, change, check the website every day outside, the main platform outreach outreach forum, classified information, and the most important is the A5 soft Wen contribute, for example in the soft soft Wen reproduced every day to check their own circumstances, and classification of information collection, these are the basic work to be careful for the existing the problems and resolve them, not only to increase the number of inspection, found the problem is the main purpose of our inspection. Finally, don’t forget to check the site external connections, see our connection partner whether away our connection, check the snapshot of our connection partner, whether the server is stable and so on.

third, external connection construction site. The author mainly focuses on the external connection construction of the morning high weight forums, such as the A5 forum, push 18, laggards and so on, to go as the signature, ads connection. Secondly, the paper A5 A5 original soft, soft Wen contribute 1 hours about the time I spend, mainly want to own experience carefully written and shared, to ensure the quality and originality. To help you, to further improve its chances of being audited. The afternoon.

How to use the station optimization instead of copy

reference title keyword description

novice webmaster in determining keywords always seemed wobbly, can be seen with keywords is the trend of concern but not allowed to draw, Title Keyword description for the website plays an important role in the development direction of a general description of attention to the correct attitude, but the general scope will learn from the mature operation site if the use of the station yihuhuhuapiao station or as high as the weight of popular keywords Sina NetEase are not so complete keywords and description, the station hit is absolutely devastating, reference is the essence of imitation station select key ideas, combined with the stage of development of the site and the actual investment choice.

from the stack keywords

Shanghai dragon, but Shanghai dragon strategy is only one, she was standing on, because she is the webmaster from optimization promotion program Adsense with his unique understanding and practical operation process summed up for reference sites, not copy.


is a solid foundation for development of the original site, one of the optimization work is that you have to do is have a headache, when asked how the original articles in the station owners, are advised to find online, to mention the one or two barrels of water so much is an easy job to do from the vast sea of the Internet, but bitter seawater can irrigate the site? So webmasters start thinking, create the collection tools, other webmasters also suit a kind, so a lot of garbage station was born, the Internet do not need to repeat the contents of copy, reference should be how to create original content to write their own ideas? How to write how to write can attract readers? How to attract readers to contribute?……

A lot of methods

believe most of the webmaster is to know the stack keywords in Shanghai love seems to belong to cheating, but many owners see in practice some sites rely on a large number of stack keywords to get a good ranking, let the iron bubble before that plan, then try to shake the stack keywords…… The consequences of good, as can be imagined, stack keywords belong to cheat is the fact that the stack keywords is obtained in the rankings, but these webmaster have short-term profit plan and other purposes will be aware of the tiger undeterred, enough firm owners can easily be misled by false appearances, go astray.

Kong Yiji said reading people stealing is not stealing, is borrowed, when the copy operation is called copy, called the reference, of course I did not come with us, but many webmaster but because of the wrong understanding of the text and the effect of optimization of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon in theoretical study and practical operation process often need to learn, learning is definitely not a simple copy, is to get the effective theory and routine on the basis of analysis for each site, and then combined with the actual situation of the site. There are a lot of Shanghai dragon can draw lessons from it, but the simple copy cup is no longer a minority.

Google mobile search volume in China this year is expected to 10 PC mobile advertising market share

it is understood that in the field of digital advertising, Google is facing the competition of Facebook and Twitter. Currently, Google is expanding services, better coverage of mobile end users. Market research firm eMarketer estimates that this year, Google’s share of the mobile advertising market will be 35%, 38% lower than in 2014. (Aruhan)

Dischler said the new advertising is search tool for cars, car dealerships and mortgage customers, is designed, touch sliding operation that advertising is suitable for intelligent machine, instead of PC on mouse click. Google had been in product, hotels, flights and insurance fields launched a similar advertising tool.

mobile device compresses the keyword advertising space. Moreover, compared to web browsers, mobile users will be more time for special applications.

[TechWeb] reported on May 6th news, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that Google search advertising vice president Jerry Dischler said on Tuesday that Google search volume more than PC in the mobile 10 countries such as the US and japan.

this trend prompted Google to make a major adjustment in the search advertising business. Google’s advertising business is based on the user input in the search engine keyword advertising.

Dischler said, Google search volume more than PC mobile devices in 10 countries, including the United States and japan. But he declined to disclose the change of time and 8 other countries.

The small size of the screen

Google mobile search volume in China this year is expected to 10 PC mobile advertising market share of 35%

Internet start-ups need strategic thinkingJuly blog it is difficult to do Wangzhuan by Chinese blog

four. Blog, unlike other websites, is the biggest need for their own original, every day to write the original article of hardships, I think we all understand. It is another question to think that your article is accepted and enjoyed by the readers.

if you want to start your own career in the Internet, you can’t rely on old style tactical thinking. You need strategic thinking.

entrepreneurs can not rest in their comfort zone. They can’t think that they are familiar with the publicity, and that they are not familiar with it. This idea is completely wrong and will confine itself to yourself. Some people are more familiar with watercress, they go there every day to promote, while other places have not been given up, and eventually got watercress customers lost other customers. Customers will need extensive source of network business, and the SEO requirements of inbound links can not be too simple is the same reason, you only and all aspects of the various channels of people have had contact, you may be able to make good business.

You need to

Internet business has been a major trend in contemporary, tens of thousands of people involved in the gold rush, some people drive a Taobao store, some people open the website, some people do Taobao customers, any enterprise without open channels in the network said it all feel shy. Although the participants, but how to create a world successfully in the network, many people still do not have a clear concept, today we present to you a view: Internet entrepreneurs need strategic thinking.

two shlf1314 Adsense. Chinese click price is very small, and now most slightly understand some computer knows that shlf1314 is advertising, point will let bloggers make money, is not the point, will not let you make money, there is a heart of a few people, most will click on ads people are ordinary.

You need a

nowadays, since the news that tens of thousands of Canadian Chinese bloggers earn tens of thousands of months, the Internet has been spreading rapidly, attracting many people to imitate and publicize it. I hope someday I can be as beautiful as he is. But the fact is far from simple, it seems to me to come up with a China blog that Wangzhuan blogger is very difficult.

you need to ignore the gains and losses of a city, a pool, and look at the overall situation.

network based on entrepreneurship is interlinked, both need to attract eyeballs. Whether to open shop or do not flow, no income, but in attracting traffic problems, many of my friends still remain in the tactical stage, although their hard everyday post dispatch, but the flow is always in a number of later standingstill has not changed much less to do the effect.

why some people campaign very large shop, but the end result is thunder, little rain, what effect do not receive, because they are too scattered, want to put all the things to do the best result only what are only do generally, because the energy is always limited. You can only achieve good results if you focus on one place. How can you do a concentrated attack, which requires you to make judgments and trade-offs, first in which position to start publicity, the main positions and minor positions, respectively, how much investment, these are

to start to do the overall view, you must look at the promotion of the whole Internet, not confined to a few popular propaganda positions such as sh419 Post Bar, watercress, mop, some people in these places every day post dispatch, if the day which website no publicity will feel pins and needles, in fact not necessary, if you focus on the overall situation, a position of a day for two days no publicity will not have what big impact. People who focus on the overall situation have to build a great momentum that I have everywhere, not to become a post king.

you need to learn to pick and choose, concentrate, attack

attack very alert observant and alert.

three. shlf1314 Adsense from a minimum of $100, the click of a few cents, you can see, how long will it take to get the money, but the process should always see your mailbox, see if there is no warning letters, have not been K. Don’t try to cheat. You know you’re smart and you can’t be smart, shlf1314.

one. Now most ASP free blogs are no longer able to place advertising code. That’s an indisputable fact. Now, the wind of the Internet remediation intensified, so this road is doomed to hardships.

original article, if you need to reprint, please note the address, this article address, July blog

anyway, don’t want to make money blogging so easily, it’s hard only experienced people can really feel, but there are still China successful examples, like Moonlight blog, maybe, is a very successful example, of course, but he took a few years heart blood only today, so any thing is not a short duration of time can be successful, the key is to carefully, to persevere. Whether it is to do stand or write Bo, is a difficult process, regardless of the final did not make money, everyone in this growth, learning a lot, and made a lot of friends, so it is still very income. Finally, I wish all of you can harvest your own fruits after the hardships.

Personal record the original subject of other websites content unqualified solution

the site for the record for the majority of IT practitioners or grassroots webmaster is not strange, I have a neutral attitude to the site for the record system: on the one hand, the website for the record to regulate the Internet environment; on the other hand, cumbersome registration process, demanding a long time waiting for the audit and so many novices.

first distinguishes two concepts: new filing and new website filing

1, the new record refers to the new entity, the new domain name, before filing information submitted for the first time in the system.

2, the new site refers to the old main body, new domain name, add new domain name to the existing main information.

main number for the record format: Beijing ICP prepared 12345678; website filing number is format: Beijing ICP prepared 12345678, -1


, a problem: This is the subject (individual website please understand directly for the website founder) has been the subject of the case filing number you want to add a website (new name) may be encountered when the record of the problem and the solution.

PS: this method is also applicable to filing, access, new space providers, access records,


has made many webmaster want to record a new website, often encounter problems when submitting a new domain name for the record, such as taking examination or through the authority to reject the application, most of the questions is:

1, " after verification has been made for the website "" to open the unqualified content, please modify a simple personal records website (put some simple articles and pictures) can not have interaction, communication, comment, message board function, record number and will be displayed below the add page links to the Ministry of industry and information technology for the record management system ( "

2, or "authority stipulates: without obtaining a record number of sites to prohibit access to your website! After verification: did not record the success can access, please temporarily shut down the site, to be filed after the success of open."

for new sites without obtaining a record number to prohibit access to problem solving is very simple, only need to stop parsing it; for website content first "the normal operation of the unqualified", many webmaster screenwriters. Authority require personal website does not exist any commercial content, not interaction, comments like elements, which can be said directly on die many webmaster, that always can’t because the new site for the record to the original website all rectification? This is not realistic, but also a great impact on the search engine included, even directly by K. Many webmaster often at this time gave up the new domain name for the record, I was at the same time.

because you don’t want to use a foreign host >

Is it right to rely on a suspicious guest for a reward

has become a suspect, is it making us lazier or smarter?

According to the investigation report of the authority of the

network of 70% Internet users rely on search engines, but 40% of them believe that search content is not very practical, if you can get the relevant experts in certain aspects of the help, they are willing to pay the corresponding compensation.

this time, a total of 200 questionnaires were issued, and 195 valid questionnaires were collected, among which 82 were middle school students, 60 were college students and 53 were post-80s employees.

In the

survey, 100% of people use the search engine, 80% people know 74.7% people suspected of passengers, the most commonly used is the "Baidu", 23.7% of the most commonly used is the "Google", and another 2% of the people use "YAHOO" search engine. 70% of people admit that they have a strong dependence on search engines, and 50.5% of them use search engines more than 10 times a day.

88% of the people in need to write your review and graduation thesis format report, will be the first in the online search and some examples of reference to others; 20% of them think, these articles cannot be directly used only as a reference. 90% that they have legal problems, need to have the guidance of experts, but do not want to bear the high legal fees, because they do not know whether this issue is directly employed lawyers; 50.5% of the people in the body are not timely, will first search to the net, see his condition is serious, and can get the best professional the doctor’s instructions, and then decide whether to go to the hospital; there are 86% people in to the other one unfamiliar problems discussed before, will first search background knowledge, or find the shooter to become.

paper report writing becomes very easy

, a staff member of a government office in Hangzhou, told reporters. Now, whether it is assigned by the teacher or the report, he first to search engine search, copy and paste useful information, plus some of their contents, sometimes the design of a professional, or when the workload is relatively large, he usually go to Chinese doubt guest distributed task, spend less money, can be satisfied with the article, and sometimes there are many articles available in the original article to avoid plagiarism in the network or "Zhuangshan" embarrassment. The ability to complete the work has been greatly enhanced, many times received the praise of the leadership, the efficiency of the work is also several times the original.

, however, admits that doing so is much more secure than copying directly online. Because the search engine search article is Zhuangshan the possibility of very large. Once is to write a 5000 word essay, he and many colleagues in writing a paper is not "Baidu", "Google" is the result of many of my colleagues have a repeat, leading a glance that they are copied from the Internet. With this experience, Xiao Shao is now writing more important papers

2008 personal Adsense must use eight free weapons

I did a long time personal website, slowly also gradually realize the truth, that is the personal webmaster generally weak, and those of millions of commercial sites investment can not compete, so need to make full use of free Internet resources to leveraging, this can often achieve a multiplier effect.

leveraging, in addition to often use QQ group and MSN group and post posting in the forum, blog promotion, more important is to should analyze and use some of the Internet an antidote against the disease free tools. Today, I will recommend to you eight free tools of the nature of the site for your reference and learning. Write not good place, but also other personal webmaster please forgive.

one, China Adsense network (

well-known Webmaster Station, the industry site boss, information, forums, downloads, statistics, tools, colleges, are doing quite well. China is the cradle of the webmaster, the information channel to report only the facts, dig the news deep inside and enjoy the Internet, every day to attract more than one million visitors stop learning.

two, laggards Forum (,

this BBS every day posting number more than 20 thousand, and the post is basically a personal webmaster. They are here for extensive exchanges, from the site required domain name, space, program source code to SEO, resource exchange, links and so on, almost all inclusive.

and this forum also holds the gathering regularly, the stationmaster Congress which has just held recently, the laggard is the main promoter. I believe you’re always here, and you’ll get a good harvest. The only fly in the ointment is that the new audit is very strict now, so if you sign up for ID, it may take some time for you to post it formally.

three, free statistics (

a very good free website statistics system. If you want to know more about your website’s daily visits and visits, I highly recommend using it.

apply a few slogan: "understanding the site situation, grasp the pulse of the website, I want to grow beyond the limit, statistics, head of the right-hand man, professional and strong, high speed website statistics system".

, in fact, there are some competitors, such as 51yes, cnzz and so on, but the technology leader Yang Fuqiang’s legendary experience, so that the author is more willing to recommend it. In addition, because of the use of ASP architecture, and the current Trojan horse for ASP, viruses and other attacks are indeed quite a few, so occasionally there will be instability.

four, the Fawkes Internet Index (,

, this seems to be 2008>

Wang Xing re start business intuitive feasible, do not hesitate to throw into doing

, Wang Xing, has started many times and is now getting closer to what he says is "useful, interesting, and beneficial". Just in the past July 2010, he founded the United States Mission Network monthly water has more than 5 million. You know, this was achieved in the chaos of the thousand regiments. Today, in June this year, the media quoted figures are still around 400, but to some of the mainstream navigation site to see, we will find that this figure has already been refreshed, more than 2000. This is not the end, there are still many teams and businesses, and local Internet forces said to enter the market. How many will there be in the future? Ten thousand?. But it’s possible.

"we’re not just looking at sales now, but more about consumer satisfaction." Wang Xing shook his head about the data we asked for the buying site, and he thought that consumer satisfaction was the key to the group buying site. Every day after the end of the group purchase transaction, the American group will inquire about consumer satisfaction through some ways. "We divided the score into 1 to 5 points, 1 points are not satisfied, and 5 points are very satisfied.". The requirement is that the average satisfaction of each group must be above 4." United States Group concluded that the present satisfaction in 4 points above, between "satisfaction" and "very satisfied" between, to Wang’s expectations.

it’s known to all of the fourth websites he founded. The first school has a strong reputation and is still one of the most important SNS websites in china. Chen Yizhou from his and Wang Huiwen, Lai Binqiang and other partners in the hands of the acquisition of the past, change from Japan Softbank 430 million dollars, set a dazzling Internet financing record.

since then, the domestic network, and the "rice" or "no", are also taking the route of social network. But because of the well-known reasons, the two major websites have been closed until now. Perhaps the reopening period, the industry also has a strange rumor transmission, Wang did not talk too much, and now the focus has been completely in the U. S. mission.

this group buys a website, also be the light that is stained with social network actually. Based on the profound understanding of social networks in the past, the United States Mission Network in word of mouth marketing, SNS dissemination of "no wind" automatic, did not spend a penny to do promotion, but has become the focus of attention. For a time, Jissbon condom has become a popular gossip topic in the industry.

"my standards of doing things are useful, interesting and profitable.". First of all, there is user value and social value; the process of doing it is interesting and interesting; finally, it is profitable and whether it can make money. If it’s big enough, it’s sure to make money." Wang Xing says. However, before the start of the business did not wait until the point of profit, the group has already made a good start. Even the rumors that the group had been financing had been circulating for a long time, but Wang Xing never talked and always said it was early.

Wang Xing claims that he does business by instinct. Among the entrepreneurs who come into contact with Tencent technology, many teams are constantly studying and visiting the industry in order to determine the direction. "Wang Xing is not," he said. "He didn’t spend much time."

Business opportunities can not be missed, 15 small entrepreneurial projects recommended!

we have set up an ideal since childhood, what do you want to be when you grow up? When what? What to do? Can grow up, in the face of the pressure of life we have to choose to start a business, but who do not want to get rich overnight? But most people are still worried about the lack of good projects, the lack of venture capital. In fact, small business can also make money, the key is that you can grasp the opportunity, as long as that heart, there are still many small projects can reach 15 small entrepreneurial desire, the investment project with the view.

electronic sounding chart

currently on the market the chart is mostly silent. The parents in the process of teaching Pinyin, English, easy to be affected by the regional dialect, the level of teachers in the school is also uneven, easy to let the child to varying degrees by teaching misleading. Small investment venture project this product to solve the problem of standard pronunciation, and entertaining, more conducive to children’s acceptance.

automatic high pressure sprayer

the product is the original handle carried sprayer product upgrading products, prices, work efficiency is greatly improved. The current can be widely used in plain, hilly and mountainous areas of grain, cotton, oil, tea trees, orchard, water, vegetables and other Dryland Crop Pests Prevention and control, is also suitable for family courtyard disinfection, pest control, storage of health and epidemic prevention, the market prospect is very broad.

evaporative cooling air-conditioning energy saving and environmental protection

in the market at present the energy-saving air conditioner can be used in open and semi open environment is not much. This product can not only be used in such an environment, and cooling effect is very good. Small investment venture this product at the same time take into account ventilation, cooling and crowded places. This product has been sold well in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hunan, Xinjiang and so on. Users reflect, cooling cooling speed, the effect is significant. Has a broad market space.

Magic, as a kind of interactive performance, outstanding characteristics of the art form, can not only satisfy people’s curiosity, the magic effect in some places can play. For example, in social networking, a small magic will make you close to the people around you. Small venture capital project