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The snapshot is not a representation web site update snapshot right from the start

love encyclopedia explains that the search engine server storage site snapshot of the main factors, in order to facilitate the user when not open the site, also can quickly browse to the content of the website. So, generally as long as the website content is updated, the theory search engines will be updated website snapshot. So, the premise of website content update snapshot, enrich website content. However, not every update, the search engine will update snapshot. A search engine has updated its own law, different website according to different weights. The frequency of updates is different (some big website basically is the second most common site, just a day update several times a week or even a month to update a few times); on the other hand, each release content. The search engine is not zhaodanquanshou, content not included the existing snapshot would certainly not updated.

search engine is undoubtedly the preference for quality content more, especially the one and only the original content. A website to release several original content every day, the spider slowly will often crawl retrieval, update frequency snapshot of the site in the course of time will naturally follow the pace of updates. If the content of adequate quality, and the number of seconds enough, all is possible. The opposition and the quality of the original content of the website, a large number of duplicate copies of the taboo reproduced, especially qiatouquwei pseudo original. Maybe at the beginning of the one or two, occasionally false original article will soon be included, but not always. When the search engine update, repeat too much, as will be eliminated, but also affect the website weight.


, a high quality original content

has repeatedly stressed that the website snapshot is a search engine included in the site of a record of the date, there is no need to go too, and some search engines such as Google deliberately withheld the snapshot update date. But things on the other hand, from the foot has occurred examples can prove that there is a link with the site weight snapshot. Website ranking, website weight high, snapshot update frequently; which means that the website snapshot withdraw file has been or will be right down, return date can certainly have some practice is not appropriate; some website long time not updated snapshot, at least that the site is not too much new content. If continue to publish new content, the website still lasting not update, that is a very dangerous signal, probably the right of the site is down. When exchanging links, also have a snapshot update request, website snapshot is not visible representation, web site should also update snapshot start right. Shanghai website construction company pilot technology that snapshot to frequent updates, and at least the following three factors are closely related:


two, stable rules update

website content update is learned, not as long as the quality of content will frequently update snapshot. Attention to the website construction or site optimization friends will know each.

According to the Shanghai Although the search engine

Shanghai Longfeng common terminology, you made it

three, common correlation

and anchor text: add a hyperlink in the keyword.

Shanghai dragon, believe a word with the Internet business you should know, today is the age of the Internet, more and more traditional companies are beginning to join the ranks of Internet promotion, Shanghai Longfeng recruitment professionals is also facing great gap, master of Shanghai Dragon technology, looking for a job is also an advantage.

the internal links: also known as internal links (A pages link to B page

The )

, a key noun lexical category

site map: map is divided into static and dynamic map, a web page contains links to all the pages.

3: popular keywords search volume, competition of words. (indicating that a lot of people in the competition the key words, the most basic judgment is based on relevant search results retrieved page number)

website weight: refers to the third party website to vote, you can query in Webmaster tools.

two, link NOUN


site navigation website: top menu.

the wrong link: non-existent links. (the input error will lead to

Shanghai dragon is a very important and effective for the website ranking and optimization, even if their own businesses, through the Shanghai dragon, can get more traffic to their website or personal brand, can greatly reduce the cost of entrepreneurship.

) The

the back link: anchor text links back to the home page.

dead link: as the name suggests, previously existing links, then the path changed, resulting in not open link.

want to participate in some subjects, the target word website ranking. For example, your website is about Shanghai dragon, then the "Shanghai dragon" is the site keywords.

the popular keywords: search less than 500 thousand words.


related domain: domain related content includes website.


today Guangzhou laomai to summarize some common nouns in Shanghai Longfeng explanation, I hope to help you.

keyword density: This is the webmaster tools for data, does not require special attention.

Key words: The

spam links: search engines determine no substantive value link, the link has no value, is redundant, the interference of the site. (possibly including inside and outside the chain chain)

: This is the long tail keywords based on short words, including the search volume subject relatively small expansion of the word. Such as "Shanghai dragon is what", "Shanghai dragon which is good".

The relevant details of the shaping network optimization experience sharing

Optimization of plastic ?

there are many websites that website advertising is not belong to a part of website content, in fact, this idea is wrong. Because advertising is the most direct tell users you want to express information than text on the high efficiency. The quality that we ignore the content of the article? So the quality should be more important. Because if we do search engine ranking, through the keywords to guide users to come over, they enter our website content also read our advertising content. So it Why not?

three: advertising website using the

I said here network promotion is not just the hair of the chain, but to write nutrition >

believes that most of my friends have seen a lot of Shanghai Longfeng paper, teach us how to do, how to do the chain. Those are universal, we say today is shaping how to optimize the website content, of course is the core content of creative. We also mention now shaping websites are mostly the same, so how do we do the same, so is the content of the creative. For example, comparison website is now is the lack of plastic surgery expert plastic surgeons exclusive blog notes. When the two not only belongs to the content of the creative ideas and website. Because I have no people, I have excellent people, this part of the weight gain or user interaction is helpful for website development.

station optimization is different from other sites, some superficial experience and this is my half optimization and shaping station. At the beginning I thought optimization plastic and other industries station sites, but more in-depth study found that shaping the crowd found the difference is still very large. Due to the rapid rise of domestic plastic industry, the large area of the site such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like quickly occupied the search engine home, especially the capital city. We will search a city of plastic surgery hospital from the first to tenth, we can easily find their layout and content of the same, which can let many webmaster have the touch of sadness. How to optimize our own shaping website, different from the peer sites is what we are going to talk about the content.

two: the optimization of the content, creativity is the core of

system itself

when a user enters our site, how to let them remember that our website is the primary task. Because the industry competition is relatively intense, such as the site layout as long as peers feel good, it will immediately account for their own use, this phenomenon has been almost normal, people’s awareness of copyright problems seem to forget. Therefore, the layout has not any user interest, what is the user in psychology? We must study how? Is through the data, and the thermodynamic diagram as reference. This is what I said first.

four: network promotion also missed

: go to the surface profile of the principle, we must first know the user psychology

Cheating! Optimization of Shanghai Longfeng site, the site of the company you have on the pit

website has been done by the site, space and FTP account permissions is dominated by Internet companies, doing some related operations, no space authority is very troublesome, want to change a little, to send the site personnel to operate multiple several times within a day, the site of the company directly you don’t bird you, because the site renewal space is a one-time full payment. The optimization of the site later, as long as the site can, can be a normal visit, the site will think the site is no problem, but not your optimization is good, ranking can not go up. If you encounter what problem, then called Dad called Niang site do not care about you.

When The

site space and FTP permissions do not provide to the business enterprise, said there is no room for this mostly account password, the site of the company’s repertoire, and the site of the company if the routine, to give space and FTP space rights expire, companies will move and enterprise website program, can not always stick with the company cooperation.

1, many companies do not understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization, direct call station companies do a can open the site on the line, and this is not conducive to Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and use the money to do the bidding.

2, ?

took over the site, the domain name of the website has been 10 years, weight only 0, included 1350, included page page is full of garbage, is a mess of the navigation directly, the other included page, the title of the site 80%, is a title. All paths are very long, the search engine with the grab, there is no way to make the page 404. The worst is the title of the website is a unified call, because our products are more types for the website title with the unified call, there is no way to put keywords optimization. Several times to communicate with the site, no result, no way, because the space has not expired, can only bite the bullet, to do some basic optimization and text.

3, if you do not cooperate with the site, the site will not give you to the site. On your website.



is to achieve their own website optimization effect, suggestions don’t call the site of the company website, you learn to build, start from the site, do a website to the search engine grab. Here is my problem in the optimization of the site, for your reference, a purely personal opinion, do not like do not spray.

after six months, the site there is a little effect, 100 less than the love of Shanghai keywords, long tail keywords 70. The weight also rose to 1, the site is looking to the right direction. With the signing of the site of the company is due to expire next year in space. The site of the company business arrangements come talk space renewal, space charge he gives is 12000. renewal of three years we have not scared? A corporate website space, according to the current site in Western digital space memory, also 500 yuan. Why the site will open the expensive price of

From the community to become interested in the sea Amoy electricity supplier little red book on what

around the "buy, buy, buy" built communities, relying on the user you say I am a word to solve the problem of information asymmetry in the sea amoy. This not only saves the little red book loyal users, but also let them in the process of transformation of the electricity supplier, it is easier to find high-quality sources of goods and partners.


Getty Images

scouring the sea for this very easy but not reliable. 90, Chen mather recently got a new countermeasure. Compared with the past has been worried fakes or is not worth the product, now she leaned on a mobile phone application called "little red book", have a group to help make decisions "sea Amoy consultants", can directly buy a lot of good goods".


consultants say that in fact, the Red Book users, also known as "little sweet potatoes"".

According to the data provided by

, the number of "small sweet potatoes" has exceeded 15 million, and almost all of them are female, since the formal application was launched in January 2014. Of these, 82% are 85, and the number of people after 90 is the same as Chen’s, which is more than 50%.

, perhaps this user figures are not impressive enough, but according to statistics from the General Administration of customs and the China electricity supplier research center, the size of the domestic sea wash population in 2014 was 18 million. In other words, most people in the country who are scouring the sea are users of the little red book.

created by the little red book community, this group of "small potatoes" around "what to buy", "where to buy", "how much money was worth buying" to discuss such issues, are "consultant" busy degree from the daily community can produce more than 1 million praise can be seen. And the so-called good goods, there are many from this group of consultants in the discussion, was small red book business development (BD) team picked out, and then in the small book on the electricity supplier platform sales.

The logic of the rapid development of

‘s little red book looks simple: there’s nothing like a "buy, buy, buy" collection of girls.

But in fact it is

to grasp the two opportunities: first, this year the domestic consumption upgrade, not only overseas consumption scale rapid growth, while high quality household appliances, daily-use products became a major overseas purchase object. Second, in the foregoing context, many Chinese consumers have a great deal of information about shopping because they don’t know which products are worth buying and how much they should spend and so on.

from the beginning of 2013, outbound travel for Chinese for a high frequency events, with the upgrading of consumption continues to deepen, we want to buy more things, such as toilet cover, electric cooker etc.. But because of regional differences and language differences, many people do not know what to buy, and we feel that this is a need to seize." Qu Fang, the co-founder of the little red book, told the interface reporter when explaining the original intention of founding the little red book.

Qu Fang’s words will be more convincing in the big background. Commerce secretary Gao Hucheng

Yu Yongfu’s Narrative How did UC evolve from 6 small workshops to $4 billion in ten years

I dark horse note: success is not overnight, UC spent ten years, from 6 small companies, grew into the mobile terminal browser King (500 million active users), and began expanding search business. On the morning of June 11, 2014, Ali UC announced full integration. Chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu said in an interview, the amount of Alibaba acquisition of UC is equivalent to about two 91, that is, $3 billion 800 million, which is likely to be the highest valuation of UC.

what did Yu Yongfu do right? What trends should be allowed? Let UC evolve from Symbian time to become king of mobile terminal?

below is the I dark horse & entrepreneur dialogue Yu Yongfu, his summary of the development of UC thinking:

to do "cloud + end" platform UC go today, split into two clues to speak, one thing, one is human.


‘s business, we are internally calling the three startup:

for the first time from 2004 to 2006, the goal is to survive;

second times from 2007 to 2010, developed and expanded;

third times since 2011, realize the dream.

The core of the first phase of

is finding the right user requirements and identifying the right direction of development, namely, the "cloud + end" architecture of mobile browsers. I was also investing in Lenovo, raising two questions:

is a stand-alone software, from the investment point of view does not make sense, the future belongs to the "cloud + end" platform type company;

two is day and night, can only be bombed. If you want to capture the market, you must rely on the "army", that is, active push.

on the second question, I cite the most examples are Sina and Tencent. Sina is the first generation of portal, Tencent by QQ push Pop News catch up from behind. On active access, Sina traffic is high, but the total traffic has been lost to the Tencent. This raises the question of whether the user is pulling or pushing it,


rely on pull, you need to marketing every day, by pushing, you can maintain low cost operation. Therefore, from the viewpoint of platform must push and drag the platform, to avoid not days. Start-up companies in the initial stage, to identify your products, to find that "1."". Did not find, always painting "0"; found, the "1" adhere to, and constantly painted behind "0", you can become 100, 1000. UC started with the UCmail (mobile mail client), and when embedded in an analytic module of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), it found that the percentage of users using this module and using UCmail was 10:1.

He Xiaopeng (co-founder of UC, the product owner) adhere to the data speak, then go to do the browser.

by the end of 2006, when I joined, U>

Tales from the Tramp to billionaires

rich story can be said to be all kinds of entrepreneurs in the field, and with a little lighter but also break the exclusive wealth of the world’s story as living there, new venture to bring no small shock.

single from the performance perspective, Zhejiang tiger lighter Co. Ltd is not very prominent: Wenzhou existing 600 ~ 700 lighter factory, annual export 500 million lighters, sales of 3 billion to 4 billion yuan. And Zhou Dahu’s annual output of about 15 million lighter, worth about $200 million. So, although Zhou Dahu’s company is one of the highest in Wenzhou lighter manufacturers, but did not stand head and shoulders above others.

character destiny, victory is his portrayal of the character

second days, Wenzhou’s average of less than two minutes a game to tackle his opponent stunned. Wenzhou’s victory, and all the players besmeared with blood. Half a month down, Wenzhou won. " on the pitch; only is the contention that only won the crown is " the personality used their own career, Zhou Dahu set ourselves the goal is " never admit defeat. "

" in fact, do OEM production is more trouble than their own production. Hirota’s requirements are very high, if there is no Yi Jian

Online shop process to teach you to open a successful shop

now the society is a national online shopping era, at the same time, there are a lot of people saw the shop huge profits, and smaller venture investment risk, so there are a lot of people are offered in some shop, then some specific flow shop opened what?






shops in order to upgrade their popularity, beginning in the shop should be appropriate for marketing promotion, but only on the network is not enough, to a variety of channels online and offline promotion together. For example, the site of the purchase of large traffic on the site of the popular commodity recommended position, the classification of goods on the list of names of goods, add pictures to attract attention. You can also make use of ads that don’t cost money, such as exchanging links with other stores and websites. You can also use QQ friends, QQ group, forum, blog, paste it, e-mail, advertising, etc., so that more people know your shop.


College students to suspend business achievements deductible credits

a lot of college students are not satisfied with the graduation after the start of the school during the use of the Internet, such as the beginning of the road to entrepreneurship. Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the latest draft regulations of the University, the college students will be allowed to start the business can be used to offset credit results.

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Excellent food as what join advantage – how steamed whole

in China’s food and beverage franchise industry, many investors are entangled in the project for their investment projects. In fact, Xiao Bian think there are some rigid requirements of the project although seemingly ordinary but worth the investment, add some new era color on the basis of the traditional, and careful management, then you will get what you want the economic benefits.

steamed stuffed bun is a traditional Chinese food, has been the favorite of consumers. And steamed stuffed bun industry is also a good choice for entrepreneurs to join. Excellent steamed stuffed bun is a famous brand of steamed stuffed bun, not only taste unique, but also rich in nutrition, by consumers Pro gaze. Join the excellent food up steamed stuffed bun, do delicious steamed stuffed bun business, is a very good business, so excellent food up steamed stuffed bun join fee how much?

excellent eat steamed bun is how much?

you eat up the steamed stuffed bun flexible mode of operation, not only can takeaway business, sit store sales, can be sold in the canteen or batch into supermarkets, canteens, whether it is morning in school, shopping malls or commercial areas surrounding the sale, sale, or noon takeaway shop, will allow you to lucrative, Houguwuyou. In addition, excellent food as baozi for businesses to provide a small rich platform, the minimum investment is only 1~3 million, but for businesses to provide a number of business support and investment protection, to ensure that businesses can easily profit


to join the brand has the following advantages:

1, assist store store location and shop decoration measurement.

2, dealers to provide store photos, detailed plane size, headquarters in accordance with the size of the size of the map to provide free store image design.

3, headquarters use brand advantage, and constantly develop new products, excellent food steamed stuffed bun to join the chain will be the latest products to the market, to ensure sales hot.

4, headquarters free brand management training courses, including marketing skills, product display, product knowledge, etc..

5, headquarters regularly send professional trainers to store on-site guidance, free of charge to provide business guidance.

6, headquarters to arrange advertising to promote the rapid development of the brand in the national market.

7. is headquartered in the contract area development of second partners allows you to do a business.

delicious and healthy, unique formula, a large number of varieties, diners queuing perennial Buying, selling seasons, earn a different. Now as long as 3-5 square meters store will be able to open an excellent food and beverage catering snacks to join the store, enjoy the financial resources.