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How to shorten the time of love Shanghai

four, let friends to share their own website. Here you may not understand, I mean let your friends to your site collection, can be used as a QQ signature, then every three days update, so he QQ friends will see this website to advertise in the same way, there will be more people to visit your site the.

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love Shanghai faster, you can quickly browse through the "snapshot" page content. It is a snapshot of the love of Shanghai. The snapshot has a specific time, some sites are not a snapshot of a few months, some of the station a few minutes have a snapshot. I like the new station is currently a minute or even shorter time snapshot, I did not test the specific time. Give me the feeling of love, I love Shanghai more and more websites. Not much to say, here I love Shanghai to shorten the time the snapshot method, hope to help novice.

? , thank you for your cooperation!

above is my four love Shanghai shorten the time snapshot, we hope that the newcomers have to understand, write not good place Please add my QQ:1021360269 exchange. Thank you for reading.


three, the regularity of the chain. Find some weight higher forums or sites like text can publish the article, with the chain. I am a day can be a. As a part-time, not so much time.

in yesterday’s article " discussion about how to shorten the gap between the " web site keywords ranking first in Shanghai talked about love; then new snapshot, how to shorten the time to love Shanghai, love Shanghai more spiders love your website, this article will tell you the specific practical methods. As long as you step by step stick, can achieve the desired effect.

, a website page structure is clear, concise and neat. There are a lot of guest single page website, looks very simple, in fact is with the program set, feeling a bit messy, inside the code I don’t know how much junk code. Imagine a web site if there are a lot of garbage on the inside, Shanghai will love love to see

two, the website should have regular updates. I was updated daily for variable periods of time, then the provisions of their daily write the number of original articles, false original number of articles in a regular, orderly see into. This new proposal, the best do 90% original, so love Shanghai will soon love your station.

We all know that

You can’t even start a business, but you still want to start a businessPulse Stott investigation act

details please pay attention to the station announcement.

"Stott investigation activity" CPA ad on-line, 8 yuan / success.

The reason why

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, one of my classmates at Youku potatoes said that the Internet industry is essentially the ultimate form of advertising industry. Although this viewpoint somewhat extreme, but also reveal some business rules. Companies are the ones who want to make money, and advertising is the money to make money.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

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is so confident is simple. Review of Chinese for thousands of years of traditional culture and social values, Han is never a mercantile nation. Each book huangjinwanliang like the concept of people, but not handed down to do business gene. There is nothing wrong with reading, of course, but few people realize that the ability to make money, like knowledge and technology, can also be learned, trained and passed on. Until our parents this generation, subconsciously think to find a stable state-owned enterprises, institutions, or take a civil service, and live a lifetime, it is business. Dad once said to me, "there is no businessman on our family ancestors. If you really can do something, you can fill the gap.". Very ashamed, a few years down, I also dare to say that he is the first doorway, for the money to make this technology, there must be awe. The results saw the rise of plenty of entrepreneurs, did not want to know how to make money, they picked up the sleeves blind, burned investors money, burning the family money, but also waste a lot of time, it is a pity.

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, when I introduced myself, I used the word "entrepreneurship" very carefully. In my mind, the word is sacred. I think all business starts from business. A profitable business is big enough to make a sustainable project; one or a series of projects will have a chance to make a career. I can’t take admission qualification mediocre, entrepreneurs, usually by products of self-employed status walk. Although the past few years did not catch any outlet, and did not get the investment, but fortunately self – sufficient to earn their own and daily expenses of enterprises. From this point, properly surpassed Chaoyang District 99% entrepreneurs.

, in recent years, "everyone is a product manager", has advanced to become "everyone is the boss."". You do not create a business, walk in Beijing, Haidian, Chaoyang are embarrassed to say hello to people. Just out of school or even not out of school young people, or just entering the enterprise working near the workplace rookie, all rolled up trouser legs into the entrepreneurial tide; some second tier Internet Co, owner of passion of recruit young people, these people in the company for a year, which also said that he is a famous Internet Co out, but investors face laughing. A famous Internet veteran, often recruit airborne cross industry prompted by a sudden impulse to give positions, a few months down do not score a word not just fired, that the company is rich in water crabs, it has become the Internet industry in Yangcheng lake.

when I was a product assistant more than 10 years ago, a senior executive of the company said to me, "the product manager is the most likely to be the boss, because the business is planning, operating, and even in all aspects of the enterprise."

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For the love of Shanghai original project some of my views

I said he will implement the original Mars spark plan is not to say that it is not implemented, but that the original spark program thoroughly implementation needs a long period of time. In the webmaster school "to talk about the original project that something" in an article, "at present, through our experiments and real data online," origin "algorithm has made some progress in the field of news and information to solve most of the problems." If I understand correctly, meaning that the original project has already affected the news website, today I love Shanghai news search "Honda hit the downtown Jiyuan girl refused to apologize for the rich multi back hard, love to return to Shanghai, the following search results:


love Shanghai’s recent original spark program should be most affected by those carefully done station concerned, because the original love Shanghai project for those with master station to see a glimmer of dawn, their hard to write high quality original article finally have the opportunity to have a search engine recognition, their website also has a "rise head and shoulders above others" the opportunity. But my love is not optimistic about the Shanghai original project, had a friend on the Internet and I say, love of Shanghai’s original spark program will soon be implemented, our day is the end of the tunnel. I immediately said, he poured cold water, never love Shanghai is an angel sent by God to love Shanghai’s original spark plans to carry on Mars unless Li?.

from this map can see clearly is sorted according to the weight of the page level, and not in accordance with the release time from after sorting. In the case of the title of the content as like as two peas is not released, the sooner the more up front, but not the source of news page (original) in the first row. Reprint "Honda downtown Jiyuan hit back hard many rich girls refused to apologize for the news website" are clearly derived from the river, but the river network news ranked sixth. If LEE say love love Shanghai Shanghai original projects have been implemented, so the river network this news piece in the first row to row in the sixth, why is it


from the above analysis, now love Shanghai original spark program has not yet implemented, the ranking on the site before not have cooperative relations with Shanghai have some love, is a high traffic website. As we all know, the station is filled with their own websites reproduced from other valuable content, if the implementation of love Shanghai original spark program, would have lost large interests, and the interests of the station are generally tied together with the love interest of Shanghai. So I think that the love of Shanghai’s original spark program in a short period of time for those small sites do not.


we all know, if it is generally impossible to search users to search, "Honda downtown Jiyuan hit the girl refused to apologize for the rich than the hard back". So I put the search keywords to Honda said many back hard results, ranked eighth, as shown in figure

Three point method for a high quality space

choose a good space are important to the webmaster and Shanghai dragon er who, because of a high quality space not only is of great help to the Shanghai dragon, but the user experience is also very friendly, but now on the market of IDC company so much, can be said to be ichthyosaurs mixed, want to choose a quality space is really difficult, high Wenliang say today I is how to choose a good space.

ultimate method: look at the same space website

to the contrary, those who do long IDC, they can persist for so many years must have their management method, also do not go to the poor, at least not that kind of money can not find the space business people.

IDC company website

buy space is also a kind of online shopping, we are the consumers, so we will be influenced by the price, always buy high quality low price space thinking, especially most of the webmaster all in the hands of more than one station, if the space of a slightly higher prices, then the cost is increased by a large margin, but the rational think about it, this is unlikely: space operators to make money, they will provide you with quality service to get a little money? But expensive is not necessarily good, so how to choose when the price of the dragons and fishes jumbled together?

this method is very effective, but also more common, generally speaking, I will ask friends, friends told you is good reputation, and friends won’t lie to you, so this is certainly not bad to go; if you have some mix of more familiar QQ group, ask the inside of the net friend in general, you can go and see.

before they give you some space on the server site to you, then you look at the site time, the weight of the site to site, the best time is relatively long, weight is of course better, if you find a very high weight station can choose to immediately buy.

in addition, some people you trust can also be recommended, if only in Shanghai dragon why recommend a virtual host, high Wenliang believe to buy it must also have the instant surge, high weight website similar to our Shanghai dragon to give you an anti chain, bring the feeling of spider kazakhstan.

look at the same space website, this is my ultimate method, which is to determine the best this space is often the standard of downtime.

the reason is very simple, a website is not often downtime >

Let’s buy

IDC’s website time? Because many bad space business selling space is very cheap, 2, 30 dollars a year, but you will find that they often can not get through the phone, not open space to find people to solve, they all belong to the kind of shot for a place that, so Gao Wenliang believes their website would not have long time station.

Why do you want to see through word of mouth

Entrepreneurs should learn to copy Snapchat from Facebook when necessaryHangzhou expo-plast Marketin

Messenger began testing in the third quarter of 2016, similar to the Stories function, in March 2017 officially launched Messenger Day;

2, have certain webmaster relations circle, have personal website priority;

or above position in Hangzhou, have the intention to engage in network work, excellent graduating students may also consider

1. online advertising sales, mainly for the network and e-commerce companies;

intends to contact Miss 0571-89988231 and arrange interview questions, miss

4. loves the Internet, has the enthusiasm for work, and works hard to make progress, can grow up with the company

1, have certain understanding of Internet, have certain network advertisement knowledge, have certain understanding to personal website operation;

‘s product strategy and the entire company’s success, of course, need to be ahead of technology, creativity and ideas innovation, but more importantly, in the implementation of the lead. Victory is Wang Houbai, Kou, shopping malls such as battlefield, face such as clouds.

focus on product strategy of foreign technology blog Producthabits recently published an article, starting from several Facebook copying competitors Snapchat products and services perspective, analyzes the elements of a company’s product strategy and the success of the company.

now this blog article excerpts are as follows:

Stories is a very prominent product of Snapchat. What did Facebook see after the product was successful? Copied directly and copied to all of its core products. We might as well look back at history:

full-time media:

Snapchat released Snapchat Stories in October 2013;

Instagram released Instagram Stories in August 2016;

although I don’t use Snapchat very much, it’s not an active monthly user. But I do understand why people like it: it drastically reduces the friction between users sharing photos and short videos with friends, and filters and augmented reality also make it more interesting.

market sales:

WhatsApp upgraded WhatsApp Status in February 2017, adding functionality similar to Snapchat Stories;

I’ve been using Facebook and its products every day. The first time I try to use the Snapchat in 2012, at the time that the application of burn after reading is still relatively immature, but dashing.

job requirements:

Messenger Day on the line a few weeks later, Facebook announced the launch of Stories on core Facebook applications.

2, establish and maintain a long-term advertising relationship with personal Adsense;


these new products have been popular since they were launched, and the major media have repeatedly pointed out that Facebook is copying Snapchat. Facebook has made a lot of money, not only with these new products, but also

4, able to work under pressure, skilled in computer operation;

5, love the Internet, have the enthusiasm of work, work hard and make progress, can grow up with the company.

3, good learning ability and professionalism, good communication and coordination skills, negotiation skills;

3. able to work under pressure, proficient in computer operation;

‘s product strategy and the entire company’s success, of course, need to be ahead of technology, creativity and ideas innovation, but more importantly, in the implementation of the lead. Victory is Wang Houbai, Kou, shopping malls such as battlefield, face such as clouds.

2. good presentation and communication skills, telephone marketing experience and skills;

1, purchasing personal sites, advertising, discuss network advertising cooperation;

job requirements:

2. telephone and network marketing, imprisoned, no need to travel to


1. passionate about Internet, Internet and Internet advertising;


English glossary of foreign advertising alliancesThe website allows users to make money at the first

impression: launch and the number of pages visited?

check: check minimum payment: minimum payment

, web, site, category:, home page category, accountinfo: account information,

How many times did

end of Paid Links: ends the paid link

CPC Cost Per thousand Click: click the thousand costs, online advertising per thousand advertising costs


security question: retrieve password question

this article comes from:

instant cash paid sign-up: register to make money


The After

become amember: becomes a member of access your account: login personal account

check your stats: view revenue cheat link: cheat link

believe that station comrades joined the most advertising alliance, but most of them are still doing it. But some of the domestic good alliance is abroad. The station are also poor can only know half a English words. I also included. So in order to do foreign alliance webmaster provide a point practical data hard. I collected from every corner of a few words over. For your reference. I want the reward is able to send out in the webmaster online, and can give me a new chain. I will do.

confirm: confirms create an account: to apply for a new account

counter: counter submit registration: submits

update: update application: application

, where, we, can, send, your, check:, cheque, mailing address

, like most webmasters, I make only one goal – making money. After investigation and analysis, I finally chose to be a network agent for health care products. After the theme website is done, still specially requested SEO master to do optimization, although every day sh419 will bring a lot of directional flow, but business has not improved. A lot of money put in, but in exchange for this effect, really let me very distressed.

from this page, we can see that there are two very conspicuous download hints on the top and bottom of the page, and the unsuspecting Internet users will not hesitate to go in. But these two links are in fact advertising products, the real download address of the software has been placed in a very inconspicuous place.

login name: user name characters: characters

agreement: protocol,

yesterday, when I was chatting with a webmaster friend, I put my doubts forward. After he saw the website, he just said one sentence: "want to order, let the user can see your product at first glance.". I then put your site and his site to do a lot of comparison, found himself is not a single volume, the main reason is the theme of the site is not prominent, visitors come here to find the product information in the shortest time. Since most Internet users are from sh419, if they don’t get a satisfactory answer in a short time, they will certainly switch off the browser and open the next search results.

category: class logo out: exits the system

although this page has a strong sense of induction, but still very good statement of the friend’s words. If we do the website to sell the product and the service, then must let the user open the website, can see them at the first glance, because does not have a net friend to be willing to look at the dizziness website to leave one second.

, the author has observed and analyzed the famous large websites, and found that they all pay great attention to highlighting products with striking ways. Here is a software download page of a download station.

site category: site class web site description: home page description

web site address: home address withdraw:, apply for payment of

Kite flying and Adsense station

2009 spring, a good time now can fly a kite Oh, these days for pleasure to rest, and friends go to fly a kite, put a lot of time after the discovery and webmaster site or have some contact Oh!

now let me talk about the benefits of flying kites,


1 helps the health of webmaster friends

because the kite look up to, so full activities of the neck, let your blood flow smoothly, brain clear thinking, help to improve the station’s webmaster ideas, perhaps can have a new idea to the navigation network or last year happy net

Oh Oh!

two, and the webmaster site has certain similarities, at every step steady enough patience and wisdom and good intentions of each step, I believe we can succeed, now talk about the specific step of

!The roller of

1, you must first prepare a kite to the kite line, good, good, like the previous webmaster must have why to survey the choice of site type, profit idea, construction, the establishment of the purpose and idea, don’t dive in, finally, not the result of their own expectations and discouraged. Of course, a variety of factors must be investigated clearly, I feel satisfied, let’s begin,


2, kite flying with the previous things, the next step is to choose the time and place, it is best to choose a good wind day, so that one can fly successfully. And the webmaster do is to choose a good server or virtual host, domain name, partner and so on and the content of the website, title, label title, and ready early every day to release a new original article, the SEO optimization will be in this step initially completed, so the KaiTong Railway Station directly is a complete slowly, over time and user test after further construction, don’t want to open today, the website is empty, the forum is empty, then the publicity, users have come in, do you think you can keep? Or is the 3 day of 2 head title, keywords, search engine just by tomorrow and change the template, keywords. This is very detrimental to the operation of new sites, the old man said everything is difficult at the beginning, the beginning must have a certain degree of difficulty, so don’t let search engines on your site has a bad record!


3, the next step in flying a kite is really starting. I passed more than once, 2, 3 or even more attempts, never discouraged, and finally succeeded in flying to a very high place, and this stage will not be so easy to drop. But I can handle him even higher. Successful website is not necessarily a success, and may have a lot of failure experience, sum up experience, try again, and eventually go to the ranks of successful webmaster. Always sum up experience, if you fail, never mind, the most afraid is that you don’t know why you failed. Every time you sum up SEO experience, website layout and website content experience. There is also a very important summary of user feedback and comments, suggestions, etc. These are your capital, >

The usual traffic problems for novice sites

most new sites complain of no traffic, this is the first time to do a friend’s common problem.

In fact,

much to find the reasons outside: the orientation of the website, title and website relevance, keyword optimization, web browsing speed, link quality, website information quantity, update frequency, user experience and so on.

is the problem of promotion: text, using QQ, blog promotion, forum, Baidu, Post Bar, ask, bookmarking, mail promotion, industry into Ali Wangwang, and many other promotion methods. The main reason is persistence.

my station, little information, a few days ago to modify the title. Rank down. Search engine a small amount of come, but found strange phenomenon, a lot of Google flow, but not Google page, originally is common people pass. Because its search window has Baidu, Google. And the people as long as the Internet, do not know Baidu boss, so use the people through the web search information, 99% are using Google engine. I said this means novice, sometimes no place to start promotion, you can spread seeds everywhere, perhaps there will be unexpected harvest.

no flow, no technical station, stone information, turn not reproduced casually.

Xie Renjun there are good domain name, good service, not afraid of doing good results

low-key, when the hand must not be vague, this is not only the director of operations Xie Renjun Billiton Billiton style, but also Billiton Sheng company business development style. From the mining rights business, to buy a house together, to the mining network to the present happy spot. Every time in the industry can arouse no small ripples. In 2008, Xie Renjun shot happy happy auction site (, only three days the amount of users has exceeded 5000, breaking the previous e-commerce website user development.

Tuosheng to enter the auction site in the world happy pace although late, but accumulate steadily attitude. This is the management style of steadily and is aimed at once to attack, whether early mining right online line, or to get involved in the auction industry, thanks in advance Renjun always slow, but later as violent storms, this may be related to his family business character, and then think things.

in the resources industry Tuosheng group, enter the auction website because e-commerce website can achieve rapid profit target, compared to many service business website, happy point of the auction model, profit channel is very clear, according to Xie Renjun plan, bidding projects can be accumulated the largest number of users in the shortest time of course, can also be profitable — Xie Renjun’s move in the shortest period of time, can be seen as the future direction of the auction site for his identity, can be seen as he will enter the auction site has a relatively clear road.

in the face of the traditional e-commerce website pincer attack, happy place during the beta test on the implementation of a large area of promotion. Use the traditional marketing model to promote. In the short term, the site traffic is in a "blowout" style, rapidly spreading among white-collar workers. In addition, technology and services are also increasing efforts to promote. Just as happy director Xie Renjun said, "immediately, does not mean that not ready, who first is not important."

as the successor of e-commerce industry, special auction mode of happy point was actually in the industry a firm stand, at least to the user site is very novel and fun, and everyone in the electronic commerce website on what can make money, Xie Renjun have started thinking, to enter the auction site should be how to further expand the influence of industry.

now, Tuo Sheng’s happy spot 2008, has relaxed and perfectly adapted the electronic commerce website to be difficult to hibernate. 2009, Tuosheng happy and how to find a suitable way to profit moves, how their own, all the questions, probably already in the hearts of Xie Renjun brewing, before he did not bluff, all speculation can only imagine.

happy, 2009 really happy?

Jiangsu and Alibaba have begun to cooperate

in terms of the current strength of the enterprise, Alibaba as the Hurun wealth list this year, second, its economic strength is obvious. October 16th, Jiangsu province and the Alibaba group, ant Gold Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Nanjing. Jiangsu provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang, governor Shi Taifeng, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Ma attended the signing ceremony. Jiangsu and Alibaba have begun to cooperate, is a win-win strategy for both the future will have a better development.

Li Qiang on behalf of the provincial government welcomed the arrival of Ma and his party. He said, over the years, Mr. Ma in highly forward-looking leadership "Ali" struggle, the Alibaba build on the "Internet plus" top leader in the industry. Alibaba to attach great importance to technology and the pursuit of innovation, in the field of big data, e-commerce, cloud computing, Internet banking and other areas to create a global leader.

The current

, the Alibaba is beyond the self, to participate in the process of time in their own way, to promote economic and social development, and we hope that Alibaba has advanced core technology capability and social responsibility of the enterprise to join together, Jiangsu boost all-round integration of new technology revolution. I hope the two sides signed an agreement as an opportunity to fully cooperate and develop together to accelerate the implementation of the agreement landing, to do the real cooperation, real cooperation.

highlight the focus, to build the brand, to study how to focus on new technologies, new ideas to promote intelligent manufacturing, new finance, future urban management and other aspects of a new breakthrough. Focus on the future, explore tomorrow, strengthen the forward-looking layout of the key areas of Internet in Jiangsu, both in the background of the new technology to break a new path, to become a model for large enterprises and local government cooperation.

stone to Alibaba for a long time thanks to the support of Jiangsu’s economic and social development. He said that the current Internet and cloud computing, big data and other information technology is unprecedented efforts to reshape the traditional industries, the birth of new industries, the right time for cooperation, significant. Alibaba is a global Internet industry leader, to carry out strategic cooperation with Jiangsu, is conducive to the Alibaba constantly expand their practice space and innovation platform, but also conducive to our province’s economic transformation and upgrading, broad prospects for bilateral cooperation, have a brilliant future.

hopes the two sides based on the previous communication, in-depth implementation of 51 specific cooperation projects, and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of industry, jointly build a financial services platform, to jointly promote cooperation in the development of e-commerce, to jointly promote Internet e-government services to enhance the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, and jointly create a good environment, and jointly promote the field of Internet innovation and application, and make greater contributions to the common for the new development of the Internet industry.

Ma said that Alibaba is to become the world’s fifth largest economy