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Add anchor text analysis techniques

website optimization should pay attention to the anchor text in the web site can not be too much, in an article with three anchor text anchor text is enough, too much will affect the user experience, to a certain extent will allow search engines to feel the meaning of the text is too deep, unfavorable for users to understand, so this is not conducive to the entry. In time the anchor text construction must pay attention to the amount, not too much, only need to add high quality can.

word anchor text

If the The

website in the anchor text time increase, must pay attention to the quality of the anchor text anchor text, let the high quality bring assistance to website optimization, do not use the fault because of the anchor text construction site is in the way, resulting in optimization of time, due to improper construction of the anchor text and come to naught.

The anchor text too much

when the anchor text in the content, do not connect different words for the same increase. If the same two words in an article in the website, increase in connection time increased by two different connections, this will make the search engine spiders can not conclude that connection is the word of the true explanation, then adopt ignore feelings about two words, and then affect the anchor text keyword ranking.


in an article in two different words share a commentary, then the search engine spiders after seeing this, one would think that can explain the two words, this is bound to be. So in the time of the internal connection site for promotion if weight to a particular website, and the website in the anchor text many all point to this page, then there must be search engine optimization over discrimination.

connection anchor text

website optimization must demand website update, and update on the website will increase the anchor text links. Many people don’t know too much to increase the anchor text links in an article, also don’t add anchor text links to repeat the same word, but these people do not know why. In time increase the anchor text probably understand why don’t so to increase, after optimization, so it really know increase the anchor text of art.

The increase of

How to build 20 thousand IP movie and TV Forum

people who have read my previous article all know that my forum once reached 2W IP, and many friends asked me how to promote this forum after reading the article. I would like to share my experience with

first: Baidu stick,

I mainly do

forum series, and each part is connected with the baidu series has its own Post Bar, I generally in each episode is about to go out when Post Bar posts, xxx xxx released, fast to download, then add links to this site, you do not underestimate this promotion, I just forum when it was founded, not what IP, Hongkong TVB movie channel broadcast nightly 3 series, I posted three, basically from Baidu. There are thousands of ip. but using this method must bear in mind that not too involved in complex, otherwise it will be subject to a penalty of Baidu

second: keyword

When each

series to come out, I will do a special page dedicated to the series, as for the special pages of writing, I recommend to you a Sina series topic page, recommend according to the title, key words written without special page, a page I basic search, series and I will be the first row in the baidu page.

third: viral marketing

this is very critical, QQ, mass mail, do not look at this small, this average will give you every day with a thousand ip

fourth: the establishment of member QQ group, to encourage the enthusiasm of their posts

, needless to say,

fifth: Forum establishment system

most television stations are using BT to download, the seed file must hide the reply, this can increase the rate of post, but we must pay attention to, the moderator must stick to their posts, the posts of chaos, we must resolutely closed account


above is my experience, as long as you implement, 2W IP is definitely not a problem, but due to other reasons, look at the details of another article I wrote, the forum IP fell badly, so now also inadvertent operation of this forum, now turn to do the new http:// I hope we can exchange friendship connection, and drive the website, so please contact me qq:77152363, welcome to communicate.

Adsense news list:

The advantages and disadvantages of the new system for the generation of Changli station bitter reco

Speaking of

ICP for the record, a lot of headaches, large companies provide complete documents filing fine a few days to record, bitter is the personal webmaster, many webmaster for several months down, until the last site was the Ministry to stop, causing some damage, but in the new filing requirements before they can someone to record these individual grassroots webmaster, just a few days before, but now the record out of the new regulations, to take pictures, but the new regulations out of the record or a way to deal with, since there is a solution, then the price for the record is still as ever? Before it and I made a world of difference. Remember the two station for me in May when only spent 25 yuan, now for a website to be 100, 70 of the price of an acquaintance, or random ordinary record, if a little hard to price not much Say.

new filing system Li:

1, can be a good fight against fishing stations.

2, crackdown on pornographic websites in china.

3, hitting individual illegal sites.

4, the website has a problem, can better find the holder of this website.

new filing system disadvantages:

1, filing difficult, many people’s Web site is not in the local, if you want to go to the field to take pictures, how much trouble?.

2, the original record system for personal Adsense audit time is very long, after the new system comes out, many webmaster may not put down the record.

3, on behalf of the filing personnel and a huge profits began.

new filing system rules introduced, prompting many webmasters forced to emigrate, prompting many generations of record personnel to raise prices, making many grassroots personal Adsense is difficult to accept. Although it is beneficial to many aspects of management, but it also suffered a lot of people.

finally exclamation statement, I do not know when China can truly realize the Internet freedom.

this article is provided by webmaster. Please keep the


Protect the brain cell of stationmaster, save worry a few kinds of train of thought that do a websit

to write their own station summary, but also to write a lot of fellow brothers, hoping to read this article will allow you to harvest.

, No. 1: imitation show

vulgar name follow the trend, popular called cottage.

step 1: friendship connection, jump to find the target. Find a more formal web site, through its friendship connection, inquires the target station, generally do better station connection quality requirements are relatively high, so it’s friendship connection station basic belong to the same level. Found after the station check included, PR, look at its advertising placement, access to website profit way, estimate traffic, advertising revenue. Detailed records, do know fairly well.

step two: select the CMS program, according to personal preferences and ability level imitation station. Can be integrated with other types of Web sites, you can also copy. Suggested synthesis, fixed point of thinking.

step three: on-line, acquisition, maintenance, advertising.

this method is suitable for many just friends stand can accumulate a lot of experience, cultivate the ability to analyze, can take this as a training course, good imitation will return, imitation and fail Never mind, also have the harvest.

two and second: spoof show

imitate and follow the trend, original blend

step 1: search for hot spots, the hot spots here can be specific to an event, can also be broadly to a trend. The stationmaster must first understand a rule: "without profit, without going". I speak it very well, because the world is realistic. I’m so hot here: to make a definition of profitable and sensational effect trend of things are hot, attention is not profitable, people say Web2.0 you Web2.0 people say SNS you sns. There is no need to stir up some illusory ideas with big speculators. We only do what we can, and don’t do what we can not do. Or to cite some examples: such as the early 08 pornographic incident, search frenzy, the concern of the people, of which there are many webmasters seized the opportunity to do traffic have earned a lot. Another example, "Shanzhai" is a common practice, so now there is a webmaster who is related to shanzhai. Again, the financial crisis, and now some people use this popular words also do web site.

step two: as a

step three: as a

three and third: mountain show

is either generous, or novel, or able to hold on to

step 1: identify a field that can be already involved. You think you can be strong, or you can create a new field of your own. You can make a difference. Go this way a successful break, personally think that the Internet has not much left to the original opportunity for us, but not, we want to pay attention to, to create, opportunities always favor those who are prepared.

if you decide to do a long term, you can

What factors are most important to do a website

self in 2000 for hobby and first personal website up to 07 years, the establishment of the company, also occupy a place in the domestic IT industry for 8 years. Over the years, I have often thought about a question: "what factors are important in making a website?"". According to personal understanding and experience, according to their importance (high to low), the important factors are listed as follows:

1, content. You can understand what I say as information in the website or the service provided by the website. Content is king, no content, no matter how good they are, are self deceiving.

2, connections. Connections are human relationships. There are 6 billion people in this world, and 1 billion 300 million of Chinese people don’t just do it. In fact, whatever you do, relationships are important and important. A success is not something that one can accomplish. You need someone who can help you with some help, provided you have good connections.

3, team. Build a shared goal of the team is very important, if your team members have different characteristics, can complement the disadvantages and can play to their strengths, but also have the front of the base, then had a successful 60%. Simply speaking, to meet the front of the 1, 2, and 3 points on the pass, according to reason is a very successful grasp.

4, funds. No money is impossible, but the reason for putting money in the fourth place is because, in many cases, money is a double-edged sword. Generally speaking, the first pot of gold must be earned by itself. If you’re lucky, may soon get investment, but do not forget that the money is not necessarily a good thing, not blind investment, positive cash circulation and healthy capital reserves is the need to seriously consider the issue.

5, technology. Technology is not a decisive factor, but without a leading-edge technology, an attractive interface, and a good user experience, your website can hardly attract attention, and it’s hard to get second times. Of course, for a new website, SEO (search engine optimization) technology is essential work, because this is a new station at the beginning of the best, but also one of the most effective means of promotion. Here in a sentence, I think the most reliable way of promotion is word of mouth, but this requires long-term accumulation.

6, stick to it. Sticking to the sixth place is because if you don’t finish the 5, you don’t have to talk about it at all. But in the opposite case, even if the above 5 items have not been maintained, it can only be regarded as a flash in the pan. Especially when the economic environment is so low, it’s better to stick to it and survive.

7, plan. People with no foresight, you can plan longer, better, this will let you have a clear vision, but don’t realize "China" and "industry leader this year"…… Pragmatic spirit is conducive to the objective implementation of their own plans. Moreover, plans can be drawn up from top to bottom, and tall buildings should be called

How to improve foot shop popularity

now has a lot of merchants to invest in the foot shop, in the face of fierce market competition, how to find ways to improve popularity? Many beginners have some confusion. In fact, want to improve the popularity of the store, you can learn about the business methods, improve service levels and attitudes, Xiao Bian to provide some suggestions to analyze, I hope to help you.

any store operations are to pay the effort and wisdom, investment and operation of foot shops must also have their own outstanding advantages, a good grasp of the operating mode allows you to take advantage of the market position. Franchise sales is one aspect of the terminal sales, and is one of the more important, he is not only to do business with the customer’s premises, is to direct manufacturers image store customers, so the store sales how to do it, there is no franchise sales skills, these stores. Hour skills worth learning.

stores sales skills first should be the attitude of the environment is also, as we said above, another aspect of the franchise is the representative of the manufacturer’s image, therefore, you should pay enough attention to attitude, attention is paid more attention to the customer, with such an attitude, to make you have a basic principle of sales outlets after the sales process. According to the principle of doing things, investment and management must be profitable. The choice of investment management foot stores is a wise choice, which has a vast profit space, as long as the proper operation, master the operation method is promising.

foot shop operators how to improve popularity? In fact, you can think of a way to store brand reputation, let more consumers know your shop, timely understanding of shop activities and service information, furthermore, if the store service is good, so that consumers are satisfied, will attract more old customers, more skills you learn?

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Join venture entrepreneurs need to be cautious to recover the investment hopeless

entrepreneurial boom continues to hit, many people with ambition to venture into the army. But the business risk, the investment need to be cautious, some entrepreneurs in the process of encounter scam to join the investment in capital.

the internal staff broke the news of the company is a shell company, basically no goods store. JINGWAH Times reporter unannounced visits found that the company attracted to the investment, the rights have been lied to the person responsible for the resignation. Fengtai District industry and Commerce Bureau staff said that the relevant information has been recorded, will send personnel to verify, if true, will be dealt with according to law.


production after the completion of the page 90% of the goods are out of stock of the goods received "display, display products for Tmall flagship store". A director of the company Huang Xin explained that Mr. Joe did not pay all the money the company card goods require Mr. Joe to pay 22500, he can gift vouchers and a navigation advertising.

According to Mr. Joe


Xi’an determine the first batch of 21 entrepreneurial training base will attract more entrepreneurs

Xi’an is a city with a long history and culture of the ancient city, at the same time, Xi’an is also an actively promoting college students and young people working in the city, in Xi’an, you can see a lot of very active enterprises and a large number of young entrepreneurs.

in Banpo International Art District, a group of "off the record", with their creative entrepreneurship. Yesterday, the Xi’an Municipal Bureau of human resources for the 21 companies awarded the Xi’an college students entrepreneurship training base plaque.

in the entrepreneurial companies, an electronics technology company reflects the elements of the game. CEO Wang Yanan graduated from Northwestern University in 2004, just graduated from the start of the business, due to lack of experience, the company failed to adhere to. In order to accumulate experience, Wang Yanan to Shanghai some of the world’s top gaming companies, and finally in 2014 successfully established its own game studio. Although only a year now, but his team has developed a number of independent game. Wang Yanan said that Xi’an is rich in human resources, proficiency in the game of independent research and development of knowledge, he is willing to provide a platform to help those who have entrepreneurial ideas of college students practice, exercise.


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Health business opportunities for the first taste of the sweetness

nowadays, with the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more attention to the face of women. Hangzhou, a beauty salon, this Sunday will hold a large-scale public welfare activities, in addition to the expansion of business reputation, has a potential to hope through large-scale activities to attract university students to join the beauty salon.

I joined the jewelry store consumers more popular whole

venture investment jewelry shop, is a very profitable choice. How well the jewelry store? Walking in the high streets and back lanes, we can see the figure of aiyaya ornaments shop. Undoubtedly, entrepreneurs choose to join aiyaya ornaments shop project, is a very good choice.


jewelry fine, but the business is good, a lot of women are like a variety of small accessories, jewelry stores to join many investors favored the good project, the market conditions are so good, it is very popular. What jewelry store? Alas jewelry store has advantages of high quality jewelry stores, many consumers love, or join with characteristics, favored.

what jewelry store to join? You can make money or jewelry store is very distinctive, it has the advantage of aiyaya ornaments shop, unique brand culture personality, market advantages. Alas jewelry store is very distinctive, allowing consumers to diversify products, more competitive. Alas jewelry shop is a quality brand, many consumers have become more popular, consumers still love.

alas jewelry stores still have advantages, professional designers are dynamic, investors still favor, have a lot of support in front of the shop. Alas jewelry shop stores have more than 2 thousand stores, there are a variety of join advantage, investors favored, distinctive characteristics of the more popular, alas jewelry store investment is not high, high profit, has more money advantage.

open their own aiyaya ornaments shop stores, is very popular with the choice. Join the choice, the advantage is obvious, shop is earned! So, what are you hesitating about?