Promote the healthy and rapid development of cross-border e-commerce guidance

according to the Xinhua news agency Xinhua recently, the State Council issued the "guiding opinions on promoting the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce healthy". This is the new situation, to promote the development of cross-border e-commerce guidance document.

"opinions" clear, both universal support for domestic enterprises to use e-commerce to carry out foreign trade, but also focus on the strength of enterprises to encourage bigger and stronger. In particular, it is necessary to cultivate a number of public platform, foreign trade integrated service enterprises and self built platform, and encourage domestic enterprises and foreign e-commerce enterprises powerful alliances.

"opinions" put forward five aspects of support measures. First, optimize the customs regulatory measures to further improve cross-border e-commerce inbound and outbound goods, goods management model, optimize cross-border e-commerce customs import and export customs clearance process. Two is to improve the inspection and quarantine regulatory policies and measures, the implementation of cross-border e-commerce import and export goods declaration, inspection and release of cross-border e-commerce business entities and the implementation of record management system. The three is a clear specification of import and export tax policy, continue to implement the current cross-border e-commerce retail export tax policy, in accordance with the help of stimulating domestic consumption, fair competition and promote the development and strengthen the management of import tax principle, to develop cross-border e-commerce retail and import tax policy. Four is to improve the management of e-commerce payment and settlement, and steadily push forward the payment mechanism of cross-border foreign exchange payment business pilot, encourage domestic banks, Payment institutions to carry out cross-border compliance electronic payment services. Five is to provide financial support for cross-border e-commerce enterprises to go out of the key projects to give the necessary financial support for cross-border e-commerce to provide suitable credit insurance services. Provide effective financing and insurance support to cross-border e-commerce foreign trade integrated service enterprises.

Express a single online sell up to 2 yuan Taobao shop fried single brush drill

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Ma Hanqing reported: a courier number can sell 0.4-1 yuan on the Internet, or even higher! Reporter yesterday from the postal department, the State Post Bureau will jointly multiple departments of industry and Commerce and public security, from this month until October to carry out the delivery service information safety special rectification actions. However, so far, some online speculation Express single website is still active, accept the Yangcheng Evening News reporter interviewed people in the industry believe that a pressing matter of the moment is to put these fried single site arrogance.

fried single site to continue to "crimes against the wind"

why express a single number can sell for money? It is understood that this is mainly some Taobao sellers brush drill to enhance the credibility of the requirements. In Guangzhou to do the daily necessities of the network seller Li Xiaojie told reporters that the higher the credibility of Taobao, the more likely to get the trust of buyers, and like diamonds, crown and other credit rating based on the actual transaction. In this way, some Taobao novice to improve credibility as soon as possible, think of a crooked trick by buying express order to impersonate the actual transaction brush drill, the price is generally 0.4 to 1 yuan for a single. Taobao has also been hit, but it is still difficult to eradicate.

State Post Bureau, from June to October will carry out the delivery of information safety special rectification action, to further promote the awareness of postal enterprises and express delivery enterprises to enhance delivery services, strengthen information security management, the implementation of security responsibilities, eliminate security risks and to implement corrective measures to ensure the postal communications and information security, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

however, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter found that till yesterday, some well-known online speculation website to express a single number is still active. If there is a sell order is displayed on the site, tact, Shen Tong, Tong and other courier companies can provide the number, origin of Guangzhou, including Guangdong Shenzhen and Henan, Liaoning and other places, and stressed that "safe and fast", "one yuan charge, only a single brush drill, bottom, hand free worry". Another website detailing the "Taobao brush explosion of common practices" and "one day the number of brush reputation security" and other skills, and said: "once released this station all number only, sell one, please rest assured that the use of." More encouraging buyers said, because you hesitate, may be the first to buy." I do not know whether the recent wind tight, some sites with a single price has risen to 2 yuan / single.

to fight a single brush drill is a priority

it is understood that before this special action, the State Post Bureau, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security and other six departments have jointly issued the "notice" on a really good job posting and delivery service information of work safety supervision, supervision and inspection requirements imposed.


notification, postal administrations at all levels should work together with public security, national security, information industry and other departments of the enterprise organization delivering all aspects of production, various parts to carry out comprehensive and systematic and thorough investigation. The enterprise involved in the user information of each link, each post, each staff to one by one investigation, issued by

Lotte leave Tmall more Lotte is still on the road

[Reuters] Le Tian billion state power South Korea (LOTTE) Tmall official flagship store has closed completely in January 12th, and after a lapse of one month, when the news appeared in the media reports, many netizens expressed surprise, "haven’t seen it has anything happened, how close the


, Tmall said, Lotte shut down Tmall flagship store is based on their own situation in the global business strategy adjustments. But Lotte has not made any explanation.

Lotte had to leave

view billion state power network in recent years in the Chinese movement found that the line of business, Lotte had also closed 3 stores, and by the end of 2016 to stop spending huge sums to build Lotte World project in Shenyang. The online business, the Jingdong’s flagship store on-line in September 2016 and August 2015 Chinese official on-line shopping website is still in operation, but also seems to be a bit less care means, such as Valentine’s day has been over the past week, the Jingdong store home focus map has not yet updated.

public information, March 2015 online shopping (LOTTE.COM) and Lotte Lotte Mart announced at the Tmall international open "Lotte Mart Museum" (, later renamed the "LOTTE online shopping overseas official flagship store". In other words, Tmall flagship store life is less than two years.


"this result is not unexpected." One of the industry to billion state power network that, in the past two years, a large number of overseas retailers take advantage of cross-border electricity wind into Chinese, have come to the Tmall flagship store, pedestria is bound to the survival of the fittest, and the elimination speed will be faster.

According to

billion state power network is understood that the current Tmall international has more than and 20 large overseas retailers. The United States Costco, Macy, Target, Saks’ s Fifth Avenue, Sainsbury s House, the British "of Fraser, metro of Germany, Spain Dia, Italy IPER, Eurospin, Woolworths in Australia, Chemist Warehouse, Metcash Countdown, New Zealand, South Korea’s E-MART, Japan AEON, Matsumoto Kiyo, Isetan Mitsukoshi Kingpower, Thailand, are settled in succession in these two years.

in 2015 and 11 double in 2016, some of the overseas retailers to become Tmall’s main push star face, and successfully appeared in the sales TOP10 list. As early as March 2015, Tmall has settled in South Korea Lotte, but has been unknown.

Although the

"Lotte action early, but not too deep into, did not establish their own unique advantages. The Korean brands it sells, very

Tell me how to look at the way the shopping website profit

website: this topic is how to profit a lot, what is the main, you see what type of website, such as the most simple, we take the shopping website: a shopping website, how do we look at it profitable way, first, what you need is, your site for sale what is the goods! If it is similar with Taobao, all kinds of daily necessities, then your profit range is only a variety of life for people, for example, you are selling clothes website, you can not go to buy the domain name space people to do publicity, so unrealistic.

a shopping website is very simple, the purpose is to let people go shopping, is to let the consumer in your site, you have to consider how to arrange the goods to attract customers, can let customers in your site to stay for a minute! You may be the one commodity attraction customer just to let him this is a commodity, and in your website does not stop the attention you do.

two is your shopping site, you can add interest to shopping! Is not the only commodity to enable customers to love, also need your site with shopping shopping information ah, help ah, how to shop, customer service service is how to write, write clear, concise as far as possible, so that at a glance, rather than complex! Will try to add some shopping experience and shopping experience like the article, even if others once to buy you something, but he love on your article, then he will love you the first station, do not buy, second second, the third might have bought


three on your website at the same time the pursuit of many commodities, but also try to pursue the speed! What is your website speed? When others open, speed must keep up, many people only pursue website goods to make money, goods will be kept, but before this, whether your website can support?? each measure it, when you are in the range of goods, your site open speed more than 5 seconds, I believe this will give you a lot of lost customers! The same search engines are not recognized for your website, not what is the reason! Open slow tips! If you really want to add so many goods, so please put your home page content simple, do the most simple, most single! Internal content you can casually, because home is the first sight of the local people , open speed must be fast!

even if the search engine is not included in your station, at least you have a home page or possible.

four: when you do the shopping website, please don’t try to seek the high flow, spread everywhere, you know you are shopping station, if you go to the platform to promote Wangzhuan like, even if you can bring traffic, but traffic is dead, what is death flow, that is to say, they don not for shopping, you may just be the title attractive enough to see a go, this flow in, in the high popularity, is specious! And we need is the amount of customers! Is your web site.

The customer is not buying it online selling diamond merchants to open the shop floor experience in


was originally intended to reduce the cost of sales through e-commerce, but consumers worry about online transactions of precious commodities, eventually leading to the product was left out in the cold. Kelan diamond helpless, announced last week in Chongqing, will be in Monument for Liberation "(experience) shop floor". In this way, the diamond can be displayed directly to the customer, the retail price can still be cheaper than the mall 50%.

Taobao shop ineffective

"Kelan diamond in 2009, Taobao opened a shop, but a few thousand dollars or even million yuan of bare diamond and diamond ring does not sell well."

Kelan diamond vice president Wang Yong told reporters that this is because the diamond as valuables, consumers are more accustomed to seeing is believing, the degree of trust in online transactions, is far lower than that of FMCG products daily. In addition, the logistics process of security issues, consumers are full of concerns.

diamond and diamond ring "online trading cost is relatively high." Wang Yong said, the general online transactions with Alipay Alipay to extract payment, a fee of 1%. If the ring is priced at 20 thousand yuan, the shop will pay 200 yuan fee. And if you open the store with a bank POS machine credit card payment, only 5/1000 of the fees charged, which is $100, you can reduce the cost of half.

in addition, delivery by courier, diamond as valuables must be insured, the insured rate is generally 5/1000 to 10/1000, 20 thousand yuan of diamonds to pay 100~200 yuan insurance fee. But some courier companies also set the highest price limit, the maximum payment of only 10 thousand yuan. If the number of million diamond products, transportation problems will inevitably be wrangling.

"so we now adjust the strategy, Taobao shop sells 1000 yuan pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and diamonds and diamond ring around the open floor in store sales." Wang Yong said that the company has rented 360 square meters of office space in New York, Monument for Liberation, New York building, opened a new store experience this month. In this way, consumers use value of a product in the Taobao store, you can see goods, try to purchase, can also enjoy customer service service.

lower than the market price of half

why do you want to open the floor in the store and not into the mall or find the street facade shop? In or out of consideration of the cost of sales.

shop or shop in the store, diamond prices are cheaper than the big shopping malls more than 50%. For example, in the company of Taobao store a 18 Carat White Diamond lovers ring shop, priced at 3799 yuan, while in Chongqing a mall brand jewelry counter price of nearly 8000 yuan, the price difference between the two is more than 50%.

in this regard, Wang Yong explained, to enter the market sales of diamonds, the mall to a high "discount", the general commodity prices is 32%, as the mall > tube

How to analyze the target customer groups, targeted

saying that the enemy can ever victorious.

war so, do marketing so, bubble sister also so. No matter what kind of attack, you need to continue to analyze the attack target, narrow the scope of the attack, pinpoint the critical point, and then use the most suitable ammunition, bang.

any analysis does not study, with a silly effort to move forward, are naive, the final result is a waste of resources. Because I really love you, so I came to your dormitory hem 999 candles to prove to you that this bold behavior was splashed with water to wash their feet a face is normal, no customer analysis, dare to put trick. This does not, the other big move "if you can do so" Murong Fu, you do not know, so here you go.

do anything before, you need to do a detailed analysis of the object, the snake hit seven inches, know not

so how to analyze the customer?

to fishing for example, suppose we are a gesture of anglers, we just love a fish, not to fish. How to catch fish, to think about: 1, what kind of fish fishing activities in the region; 2, fish; 3, fish 4 fish, the most loving personality; love what kind of bait fish; 5, screening.

here is not appropriate to describe the tangle with fish, fishing or Wenwang this jiangtaigong "big fish", ha ha.

first step: identify the customer base

what determines your customer base?. Well, if you develop a product called "fitness (muchun southpaws Hubian, without this product), you need to" fitness groups are your customers? If you think so, but do not understand what is called "quasi".

product features and customer group characteristics of the closest is accurate, in accordance with the above examples, the characteristics of the product is then directed to southpaws, group fitness needs are southpaws specially customized for this group.

must find the product directly targeted groups, they are prospective customers.

second step: the scope of the activities of the customer base

different groups have different characteristics, even the same group, but also because of gender and age differences have different characteristics. So here, can be divided into large groups and individual characteristics.

for example: love is a feature of a military group, this group may be mostly gathered in the professional forum Tiexue; but because of the different age and gender experience, may result in part to Sina, went to a part of the NetEase.

so we really want to identify the scope of the activities of the customer, you need to do a detailed analysis, you can start from the following aspects: gender, age, social class, spending power, hobbies, etc..

to find the range of activities of the customer base in order to save the cost of publicity, to achieve things

Kara shop treasure convenience store to the education community aunt

July 14th message, it is understood that from the beginning of July 5th, Kara shop treasure will jointly I bought the food network on every Saturday, timed launch ultra cheap goods panic buying in more than 200, at present the city 2 community shops.

it is understood that the shop treasure terminal, community residents need community convenience store brush bank card payment, you can online shopping shop treasure on the ultra cheap goods, including small appliances, foodstuff, Home Furnishing supplies, products and logistics by the partner I bought the food network to provide. Kara told billion state power network, in order not to compete with the convenience store, shop treasure platform will try to commodity and convenience stores have commodity area separated.


noted billion state power network, some have used cash to elderly customers shopping card Kara this need is not acceptable. Kara responsible person, for this part of the customer, convenience stores can accept the payment of cash, then shop treasure to help the generation of brush credit card to solve the above problems.

in order to encourage the community to introduce a convenience store shop treasure, lakala also adopted a "type drops taxi subsidies", in which each consumer will use a single, Kara shop treasure the cash back 10 yuan.

billion state power network also learned that in addition to the United States, I bought the food network, a store and other online business will also participate.

shortly before, Kara and I bought the food network reached a strategic cooperation, strategic development and complementary resources. I bought some of the goods in the shop online community treasure mall shelves, equipped with Kara layout of existing communities together to force the community electricity supplier, to carry out community service as the core O2O.

Kara treasure shop is for the small and micro businesses to promote a multimedia terminal, in addition to the original lakala recharge, transfer and other functions, joined the online shopping function, support online store to buy consumer electric products, mainly is the development of the electricity supplier platform Kara O2O service to the community as the core.

Baidu B2C platform online shop cool days use the CN domain name

The joint venture B2C cool days

August 12th Baidu news and Lotte has on-line beta today, there are some merchants settled.


music cool day shop page


shop has been assigned to have to search in Baidu, cool days of the shop location will enable the.Cn domain name, store format for The beta is only for businesses, goods shelves to display.

According to a

BiaNews appliance to reflect the cool days of many functions also can’t use now, till the end of the month will be opened for all functions.


music cool day business background

music cool days have been held in Beijing, Guangzhou and other places of investment will be in the next few days will be in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai and other places of investment. According to Baidu CFO Li Xinzhe revealed that music cool days will be formally launched in the fourth quarter of this year. Baidu will begin in the fourth quarter, its performance will be merged into Baidu’s financial statements.

cool days by Japan’s Baidu holding 51% stake of 49%, the main management team sent by the Japanese lotte.

Taobao to enter the first line of retail sales in Hangzhou 150 stores


the first batch of 150 licensed stores in Hangzhou


the first batch of 150 licensed stores in Hangzhou

news January 14th, today announced to enter the offline retail, the first batch of Hangzhou under the 150 line stores will be authorized and opened for business in January 16th, Taobao plans to years in the national community, the laying of more than 3 million authorized stores.

It is reported that

, Hangzhou Taobao offline store purchasing by and third party companies in Hangzhou to buy it together to build, buy it for specific operation, and is responsible for training, shop and settlement system structures. To this end, Hangzhou buy the company will invest 100 million of the funds. said that in the future the city domestic cooperation does not exclude the possibility in the local search for partners to join.

authorized community store will achieve "Taobao community purchasing" signs, consumers only need to pay a small amount of agency fees, you can enjoy in purchasing store, group purchase, purchasing overseas purchasing, mobile phone recharge cards, credit card payments, pay utilities, air ticket booking, courier services, users directly settlement in cash and store purchasing. In addition, each purchasing shop will pay a certain amount of deposit to Taobao, once the damage to the interests of consumers behavior appears, consumers will be paid in advance.

informed sources, Taobao authorized stores for the crowd is mainly for the elderly or not online shopping, there is no specific goods within the authorized store. Taobao authorized shop operation mode is: "the user go offline store computer pick Taobao goods online, then the line store people to help him take goods, payment, he could take his last line store goods in a few days."

Taobao said that although online shopping has become a trend, but in many cities, more people are still accustomed to spending in the traditional offline channels. The line into the purchasing shop, aimed at the country’s one billion people under the line of consumer groups.

analysts believe that Taobao and other e-commerce sites to carry out the line of business, the intention is very clear, is to develop a two or three level market, to further expand the groups of buyers, two is through the platform of cooperation is the foundation and local, to dispel the concerns of online shopping, and eventually culture has become a new force in online shopping. announced the completion of a new round of over $two hundred million financing

[Abstract] after more than three years of development, has accumulated nearly 80 million users, mobile monthly active users over 35 million.

Tencent science and technology Hu Jun June 6th reported

recently, has completed a new round of more than two hundred million U.S. dollars of financing, investment valuation of $one billion. round of financing by several well-known investment institutions competing sought, and ultimately by Hopu investment, capital letters and several Zhi co lead investor in the fund, Qiming venture partners, IDG capital, Gao Rong capital fund also participated in the investment, let be concern about the continuing rise. Previously, has also been Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund, loved the letter capital, Qiming venture partners and IDG capital and other investment institutions.

after more than three years of development, has accumulated nearly 80 million users, mobile monthly active users over 35 million.

by the end of 2013, launched the excellent store platform, without the use of any promotional means, the monthly sales that exceeded $300 million, and more than 60% from the mobile platform. This allows to change from the original screening, recommended to serve the vertical electricity supplier of female users. Structural changes in the business model, so that can control the quality of the business, product quality, service level, more flexible and efficient to continue to enhance the consumer experience.

two hundred million U.S. dollars will continue to customers, technology, employee oriented business philosophy, will be more resources into the consumer experience, business platform, team development and other fields. will also invest a certain amount of resources in the field of open source technology, return to the open source community support for and all entrepreneurial teams.