Tang Shijun Shanghai dragon director, why choose A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services


2, encountered traffic bottlenecks, the boss.

is strange, some companies already have their own Shanghai dragon team, and they also come to us Shanghai dragon director professional Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, so far, our service has no less than 7 of Shanghai Longfeng director, their common point is completely out of pocket, and they asked us confidential. The execution is very strong, the execution is in place, of course, have all reached your goal.


so far, we do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, has more than four years. We are from the beginning of the second half of 2010 to provide professional Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, is the first company to provide professional services in China should be Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis.

, director of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, also do Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services.

is the number one company, the responsible person of the enterprise, directly looking for us to do this diagnosis, most have the right to speak, can be directly finalized. They do not have the professional Shanghai dragon team, so we can provide professional proposal for their diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng company website, they only need a diagnosis according to our book, easy to perform, do not need to build the Shanghai dragon team.

in more than four years, we have done more than 2000 websites in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, execution of good company, the feedback effect is very good, even some website traffic rapidly by more than 10 times.

our service website types but we only cover and contain everything, regular site service, B2B, B2C, company presentations, local communities, game portal, recruitment and other types of sites, more. We also love these types of websites, because doing too much, for this type of website too familiar, there has been a "list of small hills" feeling, so these types of sites do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, has the best effect.

3, to further improve the Shanghai dragon skills.

want to change jobs, go to the company for a better Shanghai Longfeng director, found that there are too many people to apply for this position, the competition is fierce. The boss of the company, let everyone prepare a company website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis book, a week later, take over, diagnosis who is good, who is the director of Shanghai dragon, well paid. The friend will find us, let them help.

two, Shanghai dragon director, why do Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic service

most of the Shanghai Phoenix director, looking for us to do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, the reason is: the company website traffic growth encountered a bottleneck, do, do, but the flow of this period of time is not growth, really don’t know how to continue to improve the flow, the boss is very anxious, very angry, want to approach, Shanghai Longfeng director wouldn’t have been.

1, Shanghai Longfeng director candidates need.

The cornerstone of Shanghai external link building site of dragon diagnosis

has been, relevance is the search engine to determine the search results are important indicators of the quality of the search engine to know your site and what is relevant, in the grab should put you in any category directory, which requires from the title of the site, visible text, black body, H tags, Keywords tag etc., but only these are not enough, A5 diagnosis optimization (贵族宝贝 group of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) in this and everybody said that, although the import link content relevance and anchor text is relevance ranking algorithm and a very important factor, but the search engine will think that their own internal links or about himself. They flatter ourselves, credibility will be reduced, but if someone else is saying hello, it is more credible, if there are many authoritative sites link to your network Stand, it is not flattering but the most sincere praise.

as the head of the US every day to your site to increase the fresh blood, whether it is original or false original is to update the content in nature, hope that their new content can quickly be Spider crawl and put out a good ranking in the search engines, and external links is a spider crawl frequency determinant. Shanghai dragon A5 diagnosis and Optimization in this group want to say is that the external link is stronger, the search engine spiders crawl frequency will be bigger, more frequent, can quickly find new content, find new pages, included naturally more quickly, if the weight of your site is high, it was collected page the ranking is not bad not to go.

external links is the cornerstone of the success of the website, it plays the decisive factors, not only on the correlation, and weight included and confidence is very important, more is a direct result of keywords ranking and search flow.

anchor text correlation is praised

a page, the weight of this page will be higher in general, which will make the entire domain weight increased, the confidence of the website is enhanced, if there are a lot of people say hello, want unconditional with your friends, first hand of friendship so, your reputation will naturally improve, the website also is such, when many of the sites are pointing to your site, say hello, give you a link, then your website will naturally get identity in its kind, reputation and trust will improve.

improve the spider crawling frequency increased by

external links for the importance of the website, believe each Shanghai dragon staff have deep feelings, according to statistics, website ranking factors external links accounted for 60% of the Shanghai dragon to more than 70% proportion, far more than the importance of internal site optimization. Since the external links for the website ranking has such a profound impact, following on from the A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization team and everyone together to discuss what is the impact on the external links of Shanghai dragon.

improve your weight and trust

The more external links

Detailed P2P net loan finance website page optimization strategy

Today is

page content (text) to easy >

optimization ALT tag

is the anchor text can be clicked and then jump to the specified page text, anchor text written, but beneficial to the user experience, but also can easily climb from the search engine spiders, writing the correct anchor text is short, meaningful words, words, phrases as anchor text text.

believes that as long as the contact site optimization or engage in the network editor knows the importance of the TDK tag, TDK tag is title, description, keywords, title tags will tell what is the user of this web page, description gives a brief introduction on this page, the Keywords tag is used to write keywords hope to show, "but in the ranking in recently TDK is mainly title, description two tag contents, so these two labels must be a good optimization, put their hopes to get the word added, the author found that many net loan website TDK tags are not optimized, even a title tag is used in all sites page.

anchor text optimization

web page optimization requires from the content, plate, keywords, layout, code from the aspects of adjustment and optimization, the objective is to make the page more in line with the search engine’s favor. Mainly from the following tags, text, links, keywords perspective on how to optimize.

reasonable use of Heading tag

web will appear in pictures, each picture comes with a ALT tag for the optimization is mainly reflected in the ALT label, although search engines can identify the picture, but still not as good as the text information is more reliable, easier to understand, for example, when the picture does not show the search engine will display ALT the label text information, ALT tag writing should use a word the meaning of their own website optimization.

TDK Tag Optimization

Heading is usually used to present the structure and the page of the paragraph, it is divided into six grades, from large to small in turn into the most commonly used, as in writing can create a small title, use the long tail word around the core keywords in small title.

and you said your website optimization internal pages, the author of the recent service in a P2P net loan finance website, found that there are many sites in this industry is willing to spend money in the promotion, but the internal page optimization do generally, have net loan finance website administrator ask me the how to optimize, in fact no matter which industry website optimization are the same, today for the P2P net loan industry website optimization are briefly introduced.

page content (article) optimization

Search engine optimization in Shanghai Longfeng Er I must do their homework every day

second update web content. This is the most important thing, need serious intentions to do, first of all, the author mainly aimed at screening, today to write the first keyword keyword or auxiliary keyword secondly, do a detailed analysis on keywords construction articles, article can refer to similar articles related to the site or find out, then their own language organization, in the organization of the attention of the appropriate add keywords in the title, the article as much as possible to contain the keywords or long tail words, layout, content to provide strong reading articles as the basis for the user, and then several key points mentioned above together, here I remind you. Pay attention to the readability of the article, pay attention to the control of the user experience and the length, according to their different industries, technology The industry to provide the main technical problems and solve similar problems as the foundation, industry, grasp the industry experience and experience is the key. Do these articles included and readability of the user experience should not be too big.

it is well known that the website is to optimize the operation of each Shanghai dragon er must face every day, how to make our work more efficient, let our time and energy to maximize the use of, I think this is our optimization personnel must think about the problem and worthy of deep thinking, the author of the operation experience what is the author of several things every day, insist for a long time to do, and we share the hope that we can help.

first, the basic situation of check the site every day. This is the most basic work, maybe a lot of people are doing this, but we may differ, first of all, included mainly check the website last week and this week, or overall last month five months of record, compared to the trend that included and included secondly, change, check the website every day outside, the main platform outreach outreach forum, classified information, and the most important is the A5 soft Wen contribute, for example in the soft soft Wen reproduced every day to check their own circumstances, and classification of information collection, these are the basic work to be careful for the existing the problems and resolve them, not only to increase the number of inspection, found the problem is the main purpose of our inspection. Finally, don’t forget to check the site external connections, see our connection partner whether away our connection, check the snapshot of our connection partner, whether the server is stable and so on.

third, external connection construction site. The author mainly focuses on the external connection construction of the morning high weight forums, such as the A5 forum, push 18, laggards and so on, to go as the signature, ads connection. Secondly, the paper A5 A5 original soft, soft Wen contribute 1 hours about the time I spend, mainly want to own experience carefully written and shared, to ensure the quality and originality. To help you, to further improve its chances of being audited. The afternoon.

5 kinds of methods to teach you how to get the long tail keywords






love Shanghai in the drop-down box when the type of a phrase, there are a lot of tips in the drop-down list, these tips are long tail keywords associated with love, Shanghai is set according to the user behavior. These long tail keywords tend to give the site a lot of traffic, because of this, the network is more people who have professional brush drop-down box "love Shanghai". Can also see the user’s search behavior from simple love Shanghai drop-down box, 10 tips love Shanghai drop-down list, is based on a period of estimated search times decided the user’s ranking. At that time, if you want to use such words as the core keywords, the need for further research and analysis of long tail keywords.


full understanding of user search behavior can better grasp the demand of people, write the article. We love Shanghai know can further understand the search user needs to find questions and answers.




site traffic statistics tool


both in love Shanghai search engine or search engine in the noble baby, are not difficult to find that most are related to the search column below, this column is related to search for users better search, is also the focus on user experience. The relevant search fully reflects the love of Shanghai focus on user experience, for the problem of Shanghai dragon Er can according to the situation to determine the key words, small enough to determine the title of the article. In general, extended word search proposal and relevant search will appear in Google keyword tool are noble baby, but search suggestions and related search using the most simple, the most rapid development thinking way.

is currently on the market there are many online and offline word mining tools, tools of long tail keywords Shanghai Longfeng tend to get the favor of the ER, it can be more efficient to grasp more long tail keywords, improve the working efficiency of Shanghai dragon er.



love Shanghai search

although many webmaster all know to use some tools to get some long tail keywords, but these methods are effective. Today I will introduce several effective access keywords.


love ShanghaiThe content of the


drop-down box


love Shanghai



Step The

keyword mining tool

Shanghai dragon Er optimization to gradually establish and optimize the thinking system of their own

second, analysis of website content and the chain operation on data. Why do I want to integrate the content and the chain to second points and each.

as everyone knows, website maintenance optimization is a systematic process, for different industries, different types of websites, there will be more optimization way, for a very simple example, large content, the station on the chain I also do not know who said that, obviously he was put forward for different sites in the process of optimization technique is certainly not the same, well, let’s see the gossip short continued access to the theme, because the author mainly in small enterprise website optimization station are in this respect according to their own experience and to share their thinking is how to construct the self optimizing system has the.

first, website optimization keywords and pre structure optimization strategy. Although the general small business station in the formulation of optimization of the difficulty and strategy on the station than the portal or industry as formal and specific, but before optimization, optimization objectives, optimization strategy is still very necessary to do, because the author in the early stage of a project to get the work done is sure to focus on. General site optimization before we begin to make effective choices for keyword keyword is usually called selection strategy, the author suggests that early rehearse their keywords that meet the industry demand, the more the better list of keywords. Secondly, with the help of third party tools such as love and love Shanghai Shanghai index search or Google trends continue to tap the relevant keywords. Finally, with the main keywords you choose to love Shanghai search home page analysis independent station number of natural ranking, observe the competition website keyword selection, on the basis of the main keywords for themselves and the company for investment of Shanghai dragon, combined with the above three steps selection of auxiliary words, auxiliary keywords and effective long tail word records thus, keyword selection should not be much of a problem. Here we analyze the strategy of website structure optimization, the flat structure, pay attention to URL naming, how effective keywords layout, navigation, the direction of breadcrumb navigation established problems I do not want to say before I also mentioned a number of times. Here to talk about the main structure optimization level of detail things, the author thinks that the structure of the site is actually between web pages and how to effectively link the user convenient spider. Again I suggest the best for each page to add links to every page related to related links so that you can attract the spider. The reading demands and can effectively stimulate the visitors on the same topic, indirectly enhance website viscosity is the most important time for after we do the long tail word anchor text heavy pages weights provide a valuable absolute URL address, so the structure optimization must pay attention to how the natural unity between pages together. The author mainly analyzed above and all the website keyword strategy and website structure optimization system, we then look at the following content and the chain is how to construct the system of thought.


Talk about the domain name contains the keyword function from the perspective of Shanghai Dragon

first enhanced domain name in the search results of the exposure rate. Many webmaster every day about how to make your site in the search results display more prominent, and can quickly cause the user’s attention. Relatively speaking, if you can put your site ICO icon in the search results show it is undoubtedly the rapid method to improve their website professional degree, but this method needs a web site with a visibility of its flow. For individual operation of the site to complete the dream is a bit difficult, naturally we need to go back to the times, from the domain name in hand. When your domain name contains the user using the search terms, the search engine will be given in bold, as shown above, when the user in the search of the 12345 keywords, if your website ranking in front and 12345 in the domain name on the keywords, the search led Zhi will be shown above the bold show, when users see their search domain containing keywords, will undoubtedly make the user interest generated on your site in the search results, and are in bold domain can be from a number of search results, let users see to your website, after all, bold words can make people a strong visual impact, not only that, when your domain name contains keywords and coincides with the users to search the word, the bold display of the site allows you to enhance professionalism is not small, At the same time also shows that this is consistent with the search engine to match good ranking principle.

domain name appears when users search words, search engine will be the bold, as shown in figure

followed by easy access to search engine recognition. As everyone knows, the website needs efficient ranking and included quantity, must first let search engine recognition site. Many owners think that search engine recognition site is the most effective a massive increase in the chain to the site. In fact, for this I think it is not the best, although the chain can make search engine recognition site, but is not the most simple and effective ways. Easy access to search engine recognition method is in the domain name registration, first determine the type of site, and the use of network >

with the correlation search engine more and more attention to the site, whether it is the content of the chain or Links or domain name, they contain the words of the site, giving the impression of one plus one equals two is not so simple, especially the domain name contains keywords to let Shanghai Longfeng optimization more saving time. Because when there is a domain name and user search relevant keywords, the search engine will be given in bold, used to prompt the user to this website domain name are even with your search keywords, its value may be a little higher. From the perspective of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, not only can make the website domain name appears keywords relevant keywords ranking is better, but also for quick access to the search engine trust is very worth a try. Then the domain name contains keywords from our perspective to see the Shanghai dragon has several advantages.


SUNDAY team website optimization planning to share

6/11 started on June 15th, must be completed.


6/21-7/1 7-8

Improve the site comprehensive right >


6/11 started, 6/15 must be completed.

must be launched around the main part of the long tail keywords.

4. directory blog

1. long tail

the long tail of daily updates )

2.js code optimization

, a part of the internal

6/11 started

6/11-6/21 3-4

the long tail of daily updates

put a large number of sites using the JS code package in the form of call, website optimization code structure, reduce the spider crawling time.

first contact the site, the basic situation of out of order, no chain, no level, no structure, classification of out of order. 4 people team optimization. So far, three keywords optimization has all in the home, love Shanghai know in search of local information, we have been the screen. I believe you know that the word is not important, important is the details, because the business relationship, not to publish what is the word, is a medium difficulty keyword index is not high, but the home team are all operating in Shanghai Longfeng competitors are large-scale optimization. The medical industry, I believe we all know the difficulty, 45 days spent optimizing stable to the home page, the first page to about 15 days, has been hovering in the home and outside 100. At present, customers have withdrawn the optimization, so I put the optimization process to make a case analysis. At present, the network analysis of the real case is too little. We want to help.

took over in June 11th. By the end of July 25th, I don’t love talking nonsense, some assorted useless things, so I put the practice things posted, but does not necessarily apply to all sites. There are some little things to know about love Shanghai reputation. I hope there is a need of a friend, can also modify your case:


3. directory structure optimization

long tail

7/1 -7/11 is updated daily 10 article

6/11 started in June 15th to complete.

website is dedecms so redundant directory structure websites such as www.X贵族宝贝/a/11.html lose decreased to www.X贵族宝贝/11.html

does not need to reduce redundant site structure, increase the user experience and search engine friendly.

The construction of

Several factors influencing page ranking and coping strategies

as long as we carefully analyze the influence factors of page ranking, then the appropriate optimization, plus the time to, or to allow the home page ranking steadily! Here to discuss several factors affecting the page ranking.

first, domain name. Many webmaster for the domain name analysis more to stay in the name, is to choose a domain name and their own website related keywords, but also to try to remember the good, and the corresponding requirements for the domain name and no time, even think that the new domain name is better. In fact, the domain name direct landing page is the site of the home page, so if the domain name is longer, even if it is a new website, then this page will also be like Shanghai that there is a very long time, and thus obtain a relatively high proportion, ranking will therefore improve.

third, the website and server architecture. The key point is that the website home page, if the home get strong weight transfer, can let the more advantage in the rankings. For example, we can make the column page, content page random home page, randomly presented here is very important, many sites have emerged regardless of what the page will have a link to the home page, this architecture >

second, pay attention to the construction of the chain products love Shanghai. We know that the love Shanghai algorithm in recent years in the upgrading and adjusting constantly, which is the most frequent for the chain adjustment, but also for the quality of the chain requirements have become increasingly high. In this context, to make web page ranking steadily rising, there is only one way, that is always to do outside the chain to a high quality, and in many of the high quality of the chain, the chain only love Shanghai on the product only a durable. Because now seems to be high quality sites, one day will be like Shanghai K off, and then affect your web page ranking. Of course, here is not to say, can only choose love Shanghai products to the chain, choose some high quality portal website, the news media to do, or have the powerful optimization effect.

website optimization Shanghai Longfeng a very important job is to improve web page ranking, although we may also be able to optimize the content ranking to increase website traffic, but this is just a kind of optimization method, because they can not promote the website of comprehensive ranking, if we want to enhance the overall rankings, the key is to look at the home page ranking. However, factors that impact page ranking is relatively large, the optimization is also relatively difficult, which makes a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel feel very embarrassed.

but if you buy the domain name if you’ve been K, then the domain name for the home page ranking will have a negative impact, this will reduce the weight of Shanghai love home. Thus, the important influence of domain name for the web page ranking is generated, we choose the domain name, must choose a long time, but has not been in love with the sea K domain name, web page optimization that can do easier.

Shanghai, you do have the details determine success or failure

2., flash and JS. First of all, call too much will affect the speed of the open web site, and the search engine does not recognize these types of code, for users and search engines, are not friendly. But do these sites are others, we only have to listen to people say, people are willing to get rid of the excessive JS and flash code, the final decision or the people.

first said under the structure of the website, I believe that every webmaster know the structure of the site more concise for the website rankings better. So what kind of website architecture is the most concise? Such as: the website is CSS and div structure of the page, and the page is not JS or Flash search engine identification code. Of course, many websites must appear, in the production process can not be avoided, so we only by streamlining the way to remove unnecessary parts.

outside the station, so today I want to say is the station link. >

1. I took my hand a corporate website as an example, the URL is not posted, so as not to be as advertising; the author use simple form structure about this company, a large number of page called JS and flash code, the navigation bar is open home even with pictures made by the author that is Speechless. We can understand the family business owners heart, want to allow users to see more of the company’s products and content, but you too much in a page on the display of your products, but will let users can not find the products they want, but its appropriate counter.

The Objective:


We only look at the past 2.

if your web pages fell with a large amount of JS and flash code, the author think it is not necessary. If your website content is too much, you can do a few pages, there is no need to omit these.


the Shanghai dragon optimization for many years, every day is spent on the internet. When it comes to the weight of the website promotion, in addition to influence the content and the chain what factor will affect the site’s ranking, the author also summarizes several views, below according to their own experience to share with you:

1. sites into the station outside the station and the station, which means that your page oriented link is your own web page links, outside the station is derived to others website links. Understand the station outside the station and the link, so we can understand the simple Google PR calculation method, calculation method on Google PR value is the same, the PR website, if you are linked more than others, then you will derive link weight than others, on the contrary, they guide you the website will link more than you do. There are so many people when exchange links will always see your outbound links more or less, if too much will not exchange with you.

Outbound links

page are not too much: