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Detailed P2P net loan finance website page optimization strategy

Today is

page content (text) to easy >

optimization ALT tag

is the anchor text can be clicked and then jump to the specified page text, anchor text written, but beneficial to the user experience, but also can easily climb from the search engine spiders, writing the correct anchor text is short, meaningful words, words, phrases as anchor text text.

believes that as long as the contact site optimization or engage in the network editor knows the importance of the TDK tag, TDK tag is title, description, keywords, title tags will tell what is the user of this web page, description gives a brief introduction on this page, the Keywords tag is used to write keywords hope to show, "but in the ranking in recently TDK is mainly title, description two tag contents, so these two labels must be a good optimization, put their hopes to get the word added, the author found that many net loan website TDK tags are not optimized, even a title tag is used in all sites page.

anchor text optimization

web page optimization requires from the content, plate, keywords, layout, code from the aspects of adjustment and optimization, the objective is to make the page more in line with the search engine’s favor. Mainly from the following tags, text, links, keywords perspective on how to optimize.

reasonable use of Heading tag

web will appear in pictures, each picture comes with a ALT tag for the optimization is mainly reflected in the ALT label, although search engines can identify the picture, but still not as good as the text information is more reliable, easier to understand, for example, when the picture does not show the search engine will display ALT the label text information, ALT tag writing should use a word the meaning of their own website optimization.

TDK Tag Optimization

Heading is usually used to present the structure and the page of the paragraph, it is divided into six grades, from large to small in turn into the most commonly used, as in writing can create a small title, use the long tail word around the core keywords in small title.

and you said your website optimization internal pages, the author of the recent service in a P2P net loan finance website, found that there are many sites in this industry is willing to spend money in the promotion, but the internal page optimization do generally, have net loan finance website administrator ask me the how to optimize, in fact no matter which industry website optimization are the same, today for the P2P net loan industry website optimization are briefly introduced.

page content (article) optimization

5 kinds of methods to teach you how to get the long tail keywords






love Shanghai in the drop-down box when the type of a phrase, there are a lot of tips in the drop-down list, these tips are long tail keywords associated with love, Shanghai is set according to the user behavior. These long tail keywords tend to give the site a lot of traffic, because of this, the network is more people who have professional brush drop-down box "love Shanghai". Can also see the user’s search behavior from simple love Shanghai drop-down box, 10 tips love Shanghai drop-down list, is based on a period of estimated search times decided the user’s ranking. At that time, if you want to use such words as the core keywords, the need for further research and analysis of long tail keywords.


full understanding of user search behavior can better grasp the demand of people, write the article. We love Shanghai know can further understand the search user needs to find questions and answers.




site traffic statistics tool


both in love Shanghai search engine or search engine in the noble baby, are not difficult to find that most are related to the search column below, this column is related to search for users better search, is also the focus on user experience. The relevant search fully reflects the love of Shanghai focus on user experience, for the problem of Shanghai dragon Er can according to the situation to determine the key words, small enough to determine the title of the article. In general, extended word search proposal and relevant search will appear in Google keyword tool are noble baby, but search suggestions and related search using the most simple, the most rapid development thinking way.

is currently on the market there are many online and offline word mining tools, tools of long tail keywords Shanghai Longfeng tend to get the favor of the ER, it can be more efficient to grasp more long tail keywords, improve the working efficiency of Shanghai dragon er.



love Shanghai search

although many webmaster all know to use some tools to get some long tail keywords, but these methods are effective. Today I will introduce several effective access keywords.


love ShanghaiThe content of the


drop-down box


love Shanghai



Step The

keyword mining tool

Sina blog not included the cause analysis and Solutions



based on the analysis, if we come straight to the point directly into the article, the theme of the advertisement company, said what business, company profile, articles, most of them are not included. This article is not included, the potential customer for this kind of article is not interested, do you think this article is not released, do useful work is what

as a Shanghai dragon Er, can say how many website promotion resources decide a person go far, as a good Shanghai dragon Er, execution and analysis capabilities are equally important. There is no executive ability analysis of Shanghai dragon Er will only empty talk, talk can not become a reality. There is no execution ability analysis of Shanghai dragon Er is like a bull, will only lower the head suddenly dry, no analysis of the effect of their work, often have little effect.

before taking a test of original articles made in the three Sina blog, respectively with the link anchor text, hyperlinks and text links, the test result is with pure text links to the blog included, others are not included. Although the results are not authoritative, but we should note that, if the article is as like as two peas released at the same time, pure text links or links with articles more easily included, here is to give us a hint with the anchor text or hyperlinks articles more easily search engine advertising contractors for the nature of the article, in order to reduce the possibility of collection.

two, link type

solution: the "circuitous tactics", make the article more "soft"


solution: the articles with links to moderate, the article only 1-2 the effect of the optimization of keywords is the most appropriate.

some Shanghai dragon Er want to lighten their workload, the release of the article in the Sina blog, often in the inside with several or even dozens of links, such as containing links to more articles, search engines can easily distinguish advertising from the nature of the article, and reduce the preferences, plus most of the articles is the pseudo original or copy came from other sites, so it is one disaster after another, the advertisement nature is too strong, the content is not fresh, if you are a search engine, I think you are not included.


I believe Sina blog is necessary to position the Shanghai dragon er the construction of the chain, because it is the anchor text, hyperlinks or plain text links can be arbitrarily set, relative to other classified information website or forum, we can be more selective. But we recently found that included the Sina blog is less secure, so we were the "relative" of a spider what

advertising too obvious .Four, the new

, the article with a link over

solution: high quality articles with the anchor text or hyperlinks, general articles with pure text links

Beautiful said the website of Shanghai Longfeng analysis — Beautiful said why do Taobao customers s

Group page. These pages are created by the user, the product inside is the users themselves inside, it allows users to vote, with a strong originality.

Shop page. The classification of different products on Taobao Taobao store, the user can enter the specific selection of other products with Taobao shop shop.

share page total included 99 million, 20% said to the beautiful site to bring flow;

group page contains 6 million 200 thousand to 10%, said the beautiful site bring flow;

Guang page. Different products website classification, classification of all below are on the Guang page, a large number of products for the promotion of the website, the use of unified product classification, the website can prevent confusion.

said the beautiful Shanghai dragon

said the beautiful website included quantity



said the beautiful website main page

Guang page contains 100 thousand to 5%, said the beautiful site bring flow;

topic page contains 4 million 100 thousand, said to the beautiful website >

traffic statistics included the beautiful main page of the website


beauty is the largest Taobao guest website, it is mainly to help the seller through Taobao search engine promotion commission. It includes: clothing, cosmetics, Home Furnishing, said the beautiful PV6000 million a day to day + about 6000000 IP into its website. Beautiful love Shanghai website included the amount of up to 98 million, Google included the amount of up to 1 million 200 thousand, soso included the amount reached 120 million.



disappeared in the world a lot of Taobao guest website on the occasion, the legendary Taobao off the beautiful natural full of difficulties, a strong momentum, love Shanghai 8, become the largest Taobao guest website. Beautiful said the website of Shanghai dragon is fierce, why can achieve such a degree to reach the peak of perfection in just three years time, Zhang Qiya said to see beautiful website of Shanghai Longfeng analysis.

home page. When we log beauty website home page, /welcome will automatically turn to the page, it is beautiful to say the website users and non users distinguish members of the steering member. From the search engine included, said the beautiful home snapshots are still the main domain of it, that this shift is only for ordinary users.

Brand page. Brand pages are classified according to the different brands, and different brands are introduced, the user needs to meet the pursuit of brand.

beautiful website

Share their summary to the new station drainage method


we know, when the new station just on the line, often no traffic, in addition to their own, almost no other people visit. The webmaster all day view flow statistics, refresh and refresh, can result in a personal visit records, oneself a IP, especially sad reminder


why is this? Because the site just on-line, Baidu, Google and other search engines will not be included temporarily, it will take a long time to review through your web site. Well, this search is not in the time of your website, your website content is better, update again quickly, and no one knows. At this point, we need to import traffic to the site so that others can access our website via our link entrance, that is, drainage.

, if you see a lot of Web sites on the promotion of the post, most will say: website content to original, to exchange links, to send the chain to write the soft text. In fact, these methods are correct. But for a new station, it is not easy. Because the new station weight is very low, no site is willing to and you do friends chain, high quality soft Wen for general junior webmaster, the difficulty is often very big, can’t write out. Go to the BBS sign in, send out the chain, often the effect is very bad, basically do not bring how much traffic.

website has no one to visit for a long time, it must strike the heart of stationmaster and defeat the enthusiasm of doing station. So, what should we do if we don’t have access to the website,


today, I’d like to share with you what I’ve summed up for draining the site:

1, speak with much comment,

has a comment plugin called "many more", and many websites use it to comment on visitors. Don’t know, can Baidu say more, see to understand, or to the webmaster home to see, there is more say to comment. There are many plugins for commenting, but the plug-in is very special. It can set the default link URL on the avatar and name. So we use this to comment, others can click your avatar or name to enter your website, to bring you traffic.

2. petal net collection article illustration

we know that a collection of pictures like a flower web can collect pictures from other sites. We use the petals to your site articles within the illustration collection in the past, is equal to its own website in petals online left outside the chain, if your site in the article illustrations are of high quality, good love, so many people will turn you pictures, increase the chain for you, will enter your site by clicking on the and bring you flow.

3., Baidu knows reference,

through the Baidu reference material to leave the link method, may we all know, many people want to say is Baidu audit more strict, will delete your answer. In fact, as long as you answer good, link properly, Baidu will link to stay. After all, reference material is >

Ten years, a station of a webmaster’s sorrow

has always felt like a failure because, strictly speaking, it was my first stop. I’ve been in touch with the Internet since 97 years ago. Many people say that contact networks begin with games and chat. Maybe I’m an exception. I started with websites. 97 years ago, the network is not very popular, but at that time, a large number of outstanding personal websites have also sprung up, such as people’s Wharf and so on. I don’t know if anyone still remembers now. Maybe I’m so natural and I like to express myself, so building a personal homepage has been my biggest dream. Fortunately, at that time, ChinaRen had not yet fully positioned itself in the alumni, when they launched a home bus, it is now equivalent to the website, is very simple, only need a simple click on some settings you can create a personal home page of their own, in fact, now it seems that it is a something quite immature, but I think it is very wonderful.

              after a period of time, home bus has been unable to meet the demand so I skyrocketing, I began to learn frontpage, flash, Photoshop, in the process of learning, has continued to do some static station. This state lasted until 2000 when I graduated from high school because of the pressure from the key middle school. I had no respite. I have always thought so, and so on the University, I must study hard, do station technology. But life can not predict things too much, I graduated from high school into a strange combination of circumstances to a military school. Perhaps many people do not know, the strict management of the military school makes the Internet opportunities become less arbitrary. Even so, I still did not stop the school website, so then to learn the DW and some other software, but it is no exaggeration to say that all these things I learned almost nothing to take the books to learn, every line of code, each button with the method are in in the process of practice to understand the. First, there are needs, and then go to find answers and solutions, perhaps this is the reason why I progress slowly. But when the one thing that makes me very excited, there is a web design competition, the school every year. I was about to start from sophomore in, almost every time in the course of the competition to win the prize, I also get a lot of valuable experience. However, although I have done several stations on the military network, there is no one built on the internet. It’s rather sad, as you think.

was 05 years old when he graduated from college. In this year, I always have an idea in the making, want to do a real name system for the student community, I think students Chinese is a very important part of Internet users, but ChinaRen alumni have slowly began to meet the requirements of the students, and it began to become increasingly large and messy, its popularity from long time users rely on it. What I want to do is a strict review

WeChat circle of friends to do a few points

The widespread popularity of

phones, so that even if we can not see the face of a year can also be closely related. And with the development of science and technology, the popularity of smart phones, WeChat has slowly from high-income groups to the public. Along with WeChat’s hot, WeChat marketing has become a network marketing businesses keen, many retail businesses do a good job in the store at the same time, also began to use WeChat launched WeChat marketing, and released by WeChat advertising circle of friends, promotion goods store, tasted the sweetness of many.

, however, with some of the micro business circle of friends abuse WeChat advertising, now the "circle of friends" has almost become a "advertising circle", many micro friends dislike to be pestered beyond endurance. Or shielding advertising, or pull the black haired advertisers. In such a serious context, how to publish the advertising circle of friends in the circle of friends and not to cause the circle of friends and the shielding of the resentment? According to the author of many years of WeChat marketing experience, summed up the following in the WeChat circle of friends advertising experience:

: first in the WeChat circle of friends must be innovative advertising of goods (for example, new cigarette, the customer is usually not seen) or common commodities, the only way to arouse the attention of consumers and interests, will not let him (her) who revolted. Or, the advertising to consumers, such as "favorable" advertising is about commodity discounts, promotional advertising, so that consumers "profitable", a cheap can be accounted for, this will attract their attention and interest, without causing resentment.

secondly, the best time to choose the best time to publish ads, the number of ads released every day can not be too much, do not send advertising. The purpose of our retail business is to allow consumers to see the ads in the product, causing consumers to buy interest, and then into the store to buy. Therefore, retail advertising, must select the time interval is free in the consumer retail advertising published in the period of time, can reach half the multiplier effect, advertising effect.

finally, retail businesses in the WeChat circle of friends issued in the process of advertising, from time to time with some "interactive content", for example, answer, quiz, quiz and other prize activities, because the entertainment content can also win prizes, micro friends will not dislike and screen advertisement. Retail businesses can put ads in the goods, as the answer, riddle or quiz answer or answer, let the consumer in attention in the process of advertising can also win prizes by guessing, both entertainment effect, and achieves the purpose of advertising the product, but also impressive. In addition, WeChat circle of friends Zuiji "malicious malicious scraper scraper, can brush yourself to death. Every day, every moment, repeated advertising, which also makes people more disgusted be pestered beyond endurance, and pull the black shield, can hardly be avoided.

now a lot of people in the circle of friends advertising is very annoying, in such an atmosphere, if

Help rural youth entrepreneurship go further

10 years ago, most of the rural youth dream is to get out of the village to work in the city to make money. 10 years later, more rural youth dream is to start their own businesses at home, both do not have to leave their homes, but also to achieve income, driven by the development of his hometown.

Meishan City, Sichuan province

for business service plan of rural youth on the one hand will hold a national entrepreneurship rich tour report, invite the representative of the national rural rich leaders, into the country, colleges and universities to encourage college students to return home business, provide excellent talents for the excellent rural agricultural science and technology project. On the other hand, for the local construction of rural youth entrepreneurship training base for rural youth entrepreneurship to provide a series of public service. The contents include the formation of youth entrepreneurship mentor team and coaching team, coordination and organization of agricultural science and technology departments to help rural youth entrepreneurship interpretation of national     agricultural science and technology policy, the organization to carry out all kinds of agricultural science and technology training, technology transfer services and carry out cooperation and exchange activities, the function of the basic platform of rural youth entrepreneurship training base.