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Opened the eyes of Shanghai Longfeng station good luck mystery optimization

What is the brand influence

three, website construction

Four, understand the The structure of the construction site of

will not only affect the optimization of the site, but also affect the user experience of the website, improve website construction site, can let the spider grab convenient, convenient user experience is high. Construction site can use tree structure, design of the site navigation to clear, the use of home – channel page – product content page. The site within the chain construction needs to be netted structure, each page on the website should be pointing to the upper and lower "and related content links: home page link to the channel, the channel to the home page and the content page links, ordinary common content page to the channel and the home page links, content of the web page there is a link between each other.

search algorithm

optimization of Shanghai Longfeng luck? Industry resources + brand influence construction + know + website search algorithm + unremittingly efforts.

, industry resourcesNo matter

enterprises can have a brand to have the ranking, many potential customers will be directed to the product brand, even if the site shielding search engines crawl, enterprises can have a powerful user group. Shanghai dragon must take the brand as the core, to understand all the brand culture of the company, from the beginning of the brand positioning, to expand the Shanghai dragon brand marketing ideas, do the preparation, when the time is ripe will naturally achieve marketing results. Such as taobao贵族宝贝 shielding love Shanghai, the search engine will crawl the page snapshot, at the same time, potential users of Taobao is obtained through the brand, not just rely on search engines.

website operation according to the algorithm, the webmaster to understand enough to better optimization algorithm. Love the sea new Scindapsus aureus algorithm, owners need to have an adequate understanding of the new algorithm, love Shanghai severely "

webmaster want to do that, the industry demand for resources is an indispensable resource, the webmaster can make new online, there are many high weight site with a chain, enhance the weight of new sites to quickly also point the day and await for it. Do the chain construction if there is a multi platform chain source, much more than the construction of the chain website novice, and not only is the amount, the quality will be much higher. The station will have industry resources to win the starting line in the industry. Really want to say Shanghai Longfeng optimization of luck, can only say that the industry resources for web site traffic has laid a foundation for new optimization with luck said.

IT industry is Shanghai dragon optimization webmaster do the most bitter, frightened to face traffic every day, sometimes I really want to do is Shanghai dragon and other luck that maybe good luck today, ranking will go up, bad luck ranking fell. The webmaster feel that optimization is established? Luck Shanghai Longfeng discuss stationmaster eye with you.


The love of Shanghai to promote mining precision of long tail keywords

Many people know that

to tell you today to introduce a more practical new technique of mining the long tail words.


site search to many are obtained from the long term, but will be true for the long tail word were not many, before the introduction of some methods for the long tail word, but there are certain limitations.

special chain optimization:

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain


secondsWebsite optimization Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

method is very simple, but the operation of the long tail word is not so simple, I hope you have a good taste.


solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked Conclusion:

finally found more than 1001 long tail keywords, and show the daily search volume.

first, open the love Shanghai, if not you can register a very simple.


user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

then, after landing, search promotion into

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

online now commonly used several long tail word is the main tool of webmaster tools, love stand the long tail word tools, these tools have some limitations, such as these tools can only show a part of the long tail word search volume, and some display is not very accurate. This method can avoid these problems.




website right down topics:

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap


then select tool center inside the teleprompter quickly

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

then, we want to find the main input keywords, we take "Shanghai dragon" as an example, at the beginning of extension of words can

The rapid increase in several methods of site outside the chain is very effective

is the first method: this method is suitable for the enterprise station. Enterprise website update website ranking is relatively small, mainly by Links and chain. The chain of this enterprise website to increase recruitment website also is some talent recruitment information website. Someone will ask, if the enterprise does not need to do, this is actually very easy, if the enterprise is not hiring you released the information, when applying for people to call, say people have enough of it. It can be divided into different time different release recruitment information, and stay the same. We know the talent of many sites, and a lot of talent acquisition sites are relatively large talent recruitment information to other sites, so the site outside the chain will increase a lot.

second method: this method is suitable for fiction website. We now know that the network fiction website very much, but if the flow is large enough not live long, because I have read the novel, but I see in this year has turned off the big four or five novel flow station. When reading novels we usually see in the novel’s website address will appear between the lines, it has two purposes, the first is to let the readers deepen their understanding of the domain of memory, and the second is the website of the chain. There will be strange, but this is not the chain within the chain. In fact, in the novel collection site very much, a novel site outside the chain Bashijiwan I saw, I found out that his chain of almost all others and get his website collection. From this we can think of it this way, if you spend money to make a stand in the novel content with their own station links, is not only can increase the number of foreign chains but also can directly increase the site visits.

The chain ranking website

on a website is essential. The best describes the content for the chain for emperor king said that the importance of the foreign chain. I also like many webmaster friends, often global forum, the forum post, the top post, then the forum signature and links to your web site. But I am a very lazy person, I think there should be some other methods that can save labor. So this time I studied many sites outside the chain, found a few I think the site outside the chain increased relatively good, but not every kind of website application, I give your summary as follows:

third method: this method is suitable for some special websites. This is my extended from an adult site and thought. In the promotion of adult websites by many are registered users, and then let the user to the local post, through links to how many people visit, then you can expand the permissions. I believe there will be a lot of people to improve their own power to each of the local forum or Post Bar to post, this can give site outside the chain of great growth. Some people say, this is not the promotion of adult website? I don’t have to do that? Of course not, don’t do it! For example, the recent fire.

Summary of training for community operation in Kang Sheng local station

perfect organizational arrangements: far away in Beijing, but can be thousands of miles away in Chengdu to improve the details of various details. From registration, to the venue organization, process organization, process is very perfect. The meeting seemed a little compact, but very reasonable.

appropriate meeting content: itself is actually a Kang Sheng product release training meeting, but with the correct words, became (Kang Sheng official community operations combat special training). The commercial atmosphere was completely shielded and replaced by a full station training. More importantly, from the tight arrangement of time, you can see the content of the enrichment.

vice president Li Mingshun Comsenz Speaker:

, and the future development of local, vertical class community site, from the large domestic Internet environment; from the local community website and personal opportunities: coal; and the development trend of Internet users on the Internet data retention time, that community websites share, the pace of development as well as community websites (equivalent to portals, search, e-mail, computer software) two times. According to iResearch, Internet users have only 19% of the total time spent on the three major web portals.

two, China’s community web site development environment, about 1300000 of the independent site, of which 80% have BBS class independent community. Since 2008, the SNS web community has developed rapidly, and some SNS sites have become a focus, from home to school, from to Kaixin, from Sohu to Tencent. Adapt to the needs of Internet users, SNS is becoming a new standard for the community of websites, gradually popularized, vertical SNS is becoming the next hot spot.

three, the development of China’s Internet community environment, the rapid growth of Internet users, penetration will also increase. Huge Internet users, to the first half of 09 years, has reached 300 million, but the popularity rate is only 22%, developed countries, Japan, the United States have reached more than 70%, the domestic Internet users up big space. In the next five years, it will grow by 300 million people, while 300 million people in the future will be the focus of the competition.

four, low education, young Internet users will be the main body of Internet users, women, students, villages and towns Internet users increased significantly.

five, the mature areas of the network have catalyzed the flourishing development of local websites, while high speed growth and high permeability have become one of the important elements of local websites. Chengdu has a prevalence rate of 22.6%, which is a potential area.

six, local station opportunity: BBS+SNS. Personalized and community class collection.

Du Du speaks SNS operation from 0 to 100:

one, BBS do SNS, the original blog channel is dying, old users drain seriously, new users grow slowly, and the trend of Internet community is obvious.

two, BBS+SNS, forum traffic remains stable. SNS landing volume increased steadily, the overall popularity of the site

How to improve the credit of website content

today many websites are very focused content updates, the chain, in order to increase the weight of the website, that many webmaster will do, the weight up, flow rate is also high, why website customer but not much, the reason is very simple, because the station often ignore a problem, is the site of the credit here, to share with you how to improve website content credit

left the author’s contact information

visitors often unconsciously judge the trustworthiness of the content when they are browsing the web. The language style and tone of writing will directly affect the credibility of the article. When visitors read the page in the article, often want to know the author’s qualifications, writing motivation and confidence level, in order to make their guess confirmed, sometimes visitors want to further understand. In this case, leaving the author’s contact will increase the visitor’s confidence in the site.

Fewer errors in

second site

in order to improve the credibility of the site, it should also be careful when writing, do not appear spelling and grammatical errors. Compared with other media, the biggest advantage of websites is that they can get timely feedback from visitors and correct their mistakes in time, which can not be done by printed matter. If there are a lot of errors in the site, it is natural that visitors will not only discount the credibility of your article, but also doubt the credibility of the entire site. Just imagine, who would have thought that a mistake a site may provide customers with high quality products and services. If there is a mistake in the website, it is better to get a timely feedback from the website user and correct it as soon as possible. The message board or forum function will be a good help tool.

third links to other sites that can prove the correctness of the site’s content

reliable hyperlinks will greatly increase the trust of your website. When the animation school of Communication University of China students achieved excellent results in a world animation contest, if this information is linked to another in this competition and awards website, will eliminate the visitors for the information credibility of doubt, and improve the confidence level of the whole website content.

How does

fourth attract visitors to your site again,


it is important for a website to attract visitors again, and the quality of the design is one of the main reasons for attracting visitors back again. Survey shows that 75% of consumers will visit their website to love again, if the content of the website is well organized, so what is the reason will stop visitors often return to this site and introduce it to those who have the same needs friends? For restaurant, can move back and forth to head off Business Flourishes, our website and not so. In order to continue to attract visitors, it is necessary to make sure that all the elements that attract visitors are already used in the web page. To do this, it’s better to be on Page >

This business will be more jewelry shop fire

investment shop, we all hope that their shop business is booming, jewelry store owner also hope that their store can have a good business. Shop want to get the desired income, we must consider the situation in many cases, only the right to master the skills of the shop, in order to better revenue. Jewelry store management skills? Xiaobian now introduce you.


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Zigong how to promote cultural Huimin

culture as the soul of a nation, each region has its own unique culture, and actively inherit the excellent culture, for the development of their own economic strength is also very helpful. So, how to promote cultural Huimin Zigong? First, infrastructure construction. To speed up the city museum main decoration demonstration, promote the city cultural arts center two projects (Grand Theater project) the completion of the investment, to start the Wei Minglun Theater Museum Design and decoration design, built in Fushun Sports Center, promote the cultural construction of dam.

cultural industry development. Complete the beach community, Yantan Daan District Niu fo Zhen Temple community traditional village Wuniu excellent local building comprehensive conservation and utilization project in Xian Shi Zhen Xian; the comprehensive demonstration recommended Hu Zhong’s start, private estates, Fuyuan Hao houses and other fine cultural relics in Zigong world geological park construction; expanding the park as an opportunity cost to build the stalagmite ditch, Le Dehong land, leaves town and other new attractions; promote Chinese Lantern Village cultural and creative industrial park project, completed an investment of about 20000000.

mass cultural activities. To carry out the culture of Zigong scholarly salt as the theme of the excellent bibliography recommended, books Huimin exhibition, youth patriotic reading and education activities, scholarly family selection and other 15 national reading activities.

finally worth mentioning is that Zigong in promoting cultural Huimin, but also vigorously implement the training of personnel. Only by the continuous development of their own, combined with the characteristics of the region, and vigorously carry forward the cultural heritage, play their own unique advantages, can effectively promote the rapid economic development. Gradually complete part-time Township Cultural cadres, township cultural professionals do 14 training; carry out special poverty alleviation culture volunteer service activities 122 games, key support, Empty Nester left-behind children, the disabled and other special groups.

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Lu Jiajun do pig nanny lucrative

now do nanny earn as everyone knows, not white collar less than normal, however, this is the nanny service person, in this small series the nanny service object is "pig", making is also extremely lucrative. Next, let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand the protagonist of this article Lu Jiajun entrepreneurial deeds.

in Yunnan County, Jiangchuan, the wholesale market, every single day, early in the morning, there are farmers from home to sell piglets to sell here. Market transactions are still in progress, but some farmers rarely come here to sell pigs, because they have fixed customers.

in the wholesale market of more than a dozen kilometers away from a small village, the acquisition of Shangqiu Xiongwen is scheduled well in advance of a batch of piglets in the car. The pig is the local pig farming big Lu Jiajun, these piglets he bought more than a month ago, then why he has to wait until now to sell it?

originally, Lu Yuan from farmers who bought just weaned piglets, and then carefully fed for about a month to sell, earn the difference. The entire Jiangchuan County, like Lu Jiajun, there are more than 1 thousand and 300 people, they also have a special name for piglets, as the name suggests, is like a pig as a nanny. However, these pig nanny for the county of Jiangchuan pig industry, but plays an indispensable role.

Jiangchuan county is located in central Yunnan Province, less people, less than an acre of arable land per capita, the history of Jiangchuan’s farmers have few sows by raising pigs to sell traditional household income.

ten years ago, Lu Jiajun is a well-known local pig broker, because Jiangchuan piglets in the province of Yunnan, as well as the Southeast Asian region is very popular, he received the piglets sold on the phone, business has been good.

Lu Jiajun said, sometimes more than 20 yuan, sometimes there are more than 10 yuan profit margins, business is not necessarily. In Jiangchuan, there are more than 30 thousand farmers, raising a total of more than 70 thousand sows, farmers selling piglets is not convenient, many local people have joined the ranks of the piglets trafficking. Wu Yonglin original building materials business, in 2001 began to become a pig broker.

in order to transport pigs, Wu Yonglin also bought a farm car, from time to time to send a group of piglets to the field. However, these newly weaned piglets, sent to the customer intends to fatten pigs after, there will always be diarrhea, and so on, the serious will die.

then Wu Yonglin is also to buy a pig in the hands immediately after the sale, as long as there is no way to transport to the customer where the pig is still alive, but in 2003 a sale, so that he is still fresh.

Wu Yonglin said: "there is a client over"

Let education fully realize the electronic business opportunities

The change of

electronic commerce brings to people’s lives is obviously, people directly through the network to buy the goods they need, this is the electronic age, the huge business opportunities change industry sales model brings, if electronic education will not produce the same effect?

The development of

network far and education for the occupation education is also a gospel. Most adults go to work during the day, and then go to the evening to participate in any kind of extra-curricular training activities such as these people’s   physical strength and will is a test.


but with network, want to accept training has become a very easy thing, just turn on the computer, you can choose the class time and learning into   degree, can also choose to have what the famous professors to train you, does not need the online school covers an area of large buildings, not natural need a great investment in infrastructure construction.


the purpose of education is to teach people the knowledge, not only to sit in the classroom with the mode of education is education, the arrival of the electronic age, if you take advantage of this, will bring huge returns for investors!