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Write a year pseudo original content on the site to update the sentiment

is currently Shanghai Longfeng optimization, website content plays an important role. The efficient external links, Links can effectively attract users, if the website does not have content, conversion of the chain rate will be low. In the web site update, mostly false original article website will update as a key, relative original, pseudo original embezzle the central idea of the original, another way to the original "copy" pseudo original, the biggest benefit is generally not beside the point, two will be included in the search engine is very good the. This year to the 6-7 website wrote pseudo original, more or less accumulated some experience. Now on the website of the pseudo original update to talk about a few understanding.

pseudo original effect can be better than the original

website content included in the love of Shanghai, some owners to pay someone to write some original articles, royalties from one yuan to ten yuan, the quality does not matter, as long as the sentence can be included in search engines can. The original article although the original degree is high, most of the search engines can. But standing in the user experience.

In order to improve the

pseudo original core in content, but in the title

pseudo original fee is generally low

is a pseudo original article, the price is not too high, for several websites to write pseudo original, the highest paid only 8 yuan a, first write up more exciting, at a later stage, more and more perfunctory himself, a pseudo original article is generally in about 500 words, a short wonderful stories are generally in about 800 words, so 500 words in addition to pseudo original included in the search engine, for users, almost no sense of what. Love chess friends all know such a sentence: and chess, more and more smelly chess baskets! Long write false original article, will be more and more "eight", in addition to words, what cannot bring something useful to the user.

said, a pseudo original article with about 500 words, read the article quickly may less than half a minute to read, the biggest magic weapon to attract users to click on the title of the article, an article in the title under the foot, is half done. In the original writing, the title of the master may wish to look at the local newspaper reporter, news reports on the title grasp more refined. The title is not the title of the party, but with the refined words will summed up the core of the whole article, a short duration of time can make non Kung fu. An article how to make love in Shanghai included, do a lot of garbage station already proficient in a way, this way is very simple, "the title of the party and mumbo-jumbo", the title is very attractive, mumbo-jumbo is no one can understand, in this way the pseudo original, almost a few minutes fix, pseudo original way this does not need to ask people to write, "the title of the party and mumbo-jumbo", is the lowest level of pseudo original. Recently, Google love Shanghai changed the rules, like this article sooner or later will be K off! This kind of pseudo original is already out of the edge.

Shanghai dragon Er optimization to gradually establish and optimize the thinking system of their own

second, analysis of website content and the chain operation on data. Why do I want to integrate the content and the chain to second points and each.

as everyone knows, website maintenance optimization is a systematic process, for different industries, different types of websites, there will be more optimization way, for a very simple example, large content, the station on the chain I also do not know who said that, obviously he was put forward for different sites in the process of optimization technique is certainly not the same, well, let’s see the gossip short continued access to the theme, because the author mainly in small enterprise website optimization station are in this respect according to their own experience and to share their thinking is how to construct the self optimizing system has the.

first, website optimization keywords and pre structure optimization strategy. Although the general small business station in the formulation of optimization of the difficulty and strategy on the station than the portal or industry as formal and specific, but before optimization, optimization objectives, optimization strategy is still very necessary to do, because the author in the early stage of a project to get the work done is sure to focus on. General site optimization before we begin to make effective choices for keyword keyword is usually called selection strategy, the author suggests that early rehearse their keywords that meet the industry demand, the more the better list of keywords. Secondly, with the help of third party tools such as love and love Shanghai Shanghai index search or Google trends continue to tap the relevant keywords. Finally, with the main keywords you choose to love Shanghai search home page analysis independent station number of natural ranking, observe the competition website keyword selection, on the basis of the main keywords for themselves and the company for investment of Shanghai dragon, combined with the above three steps selection of auxiliary words, auxiliary keywords and effective long tail word records thus, keyword selection should not be much of a problem. Here we analyze the strategy of website structure optimization, the flat structure, pay attention to URL naming, how effective keywords layout, navigation, the direction of breadcrumb navigation established problems I do not want to say before I also mentioned a number of times. Here to talk about the main structure optimization level of detail things, the author thinks that the structure of the site is actually between web pages and how to effectively link the user convenient spider. Again I suggest the best for each page to add links to every page related to related links so that you can attract the spider. The reading demands and can effectively stimulate the visitors on the same topic, indirectly enhance website viscosity is the most important time for after we do the long tail word anchor text heavy pages weights provide a valuable absolute URL address, so the structure optimization must pay attention to how the natural unity between pages together. The author mainly analyzed above and all the website keyword strategy and website structure optimization system, we then look at the following content and the chain is how to construct the system of thought.


How do guest Wangzhuan confused people to seeAn article that allows you to understand the equity rai

four: look at customer comments, if the merchant’s product quality is good, or the effect is good, buyers generally will be grateful to you, give you a high praise, and then send you a few "beautiful words."". Also, from the customer’s comments and businessmen’s answer, you can also see what the character of the business.

question two:

If the

if you don’t know how to start the people begin to do make money online novice or lost, you can start from here, there are add code in the network system of Tao guest program, and free, and you find yourself every day, so I introduced you to do this for you today, dependable will do. There is a harvest, this is an indisputable fact, a lot of people with a monthly income of thousands or even tens of thousands, you have to invest is one meter, a space, and the ensuing publicity, the Internet every day since you find project waste that time to be fooled, you might as well go to Amoy dependable sales do anything there are reasonable, specific things, be able to make money through the network condition, if the group to a friend finally will be found, wasted a lot of time for the project, in the end really went on to do, go to do a formal Thing.

five: when it comes to promotion, we The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, recount it, what the group promotion ah, the establishment of a number of blog ah, send information to friends ah, SEO ah, email marketing, making the temptation to page… Etc.,… In short, various methods can try. If the above method you do not want to do, or they are not good at the method, there is another way is: wait, wait for the sky pie.

, say five questions first,

an start-up company, after the completion of the financing to raise the public, with investors encountered problems, that is, lead investors in the completion of the congregation raised after the fund-raising can not find. Not only that, even the owner of the start-up company can not find the lead investor. People from lead investor perspective, most of the lead cast more successful people are the cause of their busy work, because the moment have preferences for certain types of projects, or based on the perspective of supporting friends who become lead investor, the amount of investment in terms of them a drop in the bucket, they have more important things to do. From the point of view of responsibility, the return of the current investor is not equal to the payment. For example, a project in accordance with the 30 million valuation to raise 3 million yuan, led by investors out of 300 thousand yuan, only 1% of the shares, even if there are some of the shares given to the leading investors are too small. When a project is successful, the return to the investor is too small, which is also the reason why the investor does not manage well after the investment. But for people concerned with the cast, the original cast is led people to believe a professional look and added investment, with investment is often holding wealth to invest in the success of the project so far led people to see again. But as a matter of fact, there are too few people who are willing to take responsibility.

click into Ali mother: www.alimama, and then in the navigation bar, you can see the word "overseas promotion", click enter, you can pick the goods you want to promote. Here are some of the following:

lead: in fact, the equity raise public areas have emerged out of the water to have sailed the seven seas, the industry to be solved the problem of life and death.

two: the promotion of goods is the core of any market, you can enter the page to view the most recent sales, if it is a month or a few months before the sale of one or two pieces of stuff, as early as possible into the recycle bin, if abandoned, average daily sales, in general can be considered.

1: if you are doing a very formal station, you can pick high priced goods, and if you are in the form of garbage stations, it is best to choose low-priced commodity promotion.

problem 1:

what is the guest? Is Ali mother with Taobao together to create, to help businesses to promote their products to earn commission membership platform.


| Ding Chenling

all the chips have become a popular topic, but in the most difficult areas to raise public equity, but also attracted the attention of numerous predators, from the beginning of the angels sinks, we voted to net financial initiated the original letter, to various new competitors such as ginkgo, etc. I love creating and raising industry each in a crowded public equity want to share. But in fact, the equity raise public areas have emerged out of the water to have sailed the seven seas, the industry to be solved the problem of life and death.

question three:

this is a real case, an enterprise in a congregation raised platform to raise public fund-raising, led by investors is the founder of the wife, the results raised 1 million yuan. How to deal with this situation? From an investment perspective, is the lead investor who has a direct kinship own people should be encouraged not one thing, it is convenient for malicious misappropriating entrepreneurs. However, because of the immaturity of China’s equity investors, many investors feel that it is a good thing to lead investors to be a wife, which means a stronger sense of trust and a simpler communication process. But in terms of platform, such a practice, if not stopped by the system, there may be a great systemic risk.

companies simultaneously in multiple platform to raise public fund-raising do? Have all the chips is a fine thing in need of services, some entrepreneurial projects simultaneously across multiple platforms and fund-raising, especially in relation to the popular project, the congregation raised platform.

three: find the goods, we should narrow the scope, it can be set between 20 to 1000000 Commission, promotion number between 10 to 10000000, the commission ratio of 10% to 100%, after that, through layers of selection, leaving very little information, and is suitable for operation.

Personal blogs set up 2 months of Web site data

unconsciously, my independent blog has been set up for 2 months, dedicated to write an article in commemoration of this. These 2 months website data changes in all aspects. The blog domain name was registered at 11 in the evening of July 26th. At about 2 in the morning of July 27th, the blog was launched. As of today, exactly 2 months or so. All aspects of the data are changing, the PR value, the number of sites included, ALEXA ranking, and so on.

as shown in Fig.


, as you can see above, this is 2 months. My independent blog from PR0 into today’s PR5, Sogou PR also reached 51., from no site rankings, to today, ALEXA three months comprehensive ranking 143257 weeks, ranking reached about 8W. Chinese websites rank about 25W. The number of backlinks, YAHOO has nearly 5000, Sogou about 1W5. Google included in the number reached more than 800, but the number of Baidu included a little pity.

also has some other data on the site, such as the site statistics on the right side of the blog, and 71 articles published in 2 months. But most of them are articles I used to write, not all of these 2 months. Up to now, the article has 458 comments and 90 blogs. The total number of visitors to the website is 21657. In addition, the feedsky subscription for RSS started in the middle of July, with a maximum one-day subscription of 85. My RSS subscription address:, welcome to subscribe to, I always pay attention to my latest articles. In addition, a total of 152 exchanged links, not including some active links to my blog site. There are more than PR5 PR4 sites in the exchange links, and even PR6 websites. These are also my blog can one-time rush to PR5 foundation guarantee.

in addition, with everyone to review the history of my personal blog in these 2 months.

map 1:7.27 day website established the first day of traffic source (was only then GG included, traffic source mainly rely on soft text)


map 2:7 29, the independent blog was founded third days, keyword "network promotion" site has been lined up to Google second page


map 3:8 9 was finally included in the Baidu, keyword "network promotion" on the line to Baidu natural ranking 5., in addition to keywords, "network promotion method", "network promotion program" row to the Baidu 2.


chart 4:8 10, key >

The truth lies in how to build a portal

grassroots webmaster. Better than the grass roots, the internet. What does the Chinese market depend on?. Advertise locally to attract people. It is said that the package will be promoted by telephone. In fact, it’s a waste of energy, whether it’s energy or labor. This is not the reason you are in need. Put yourself to stop in the circles of NO?.

however, everything is the user’s natural law to develop, users want freedom is the best direction of development. In the past, marriage was made up of children’s dolls. Finally, they felt uncomfortable with their grown up dolls. All free to do what you want. Yes, on the internet. Then there are some free users. (CN) Baidu Google, however, Chinese Baidu occupies the market. Very large. Think about how many netizens there are in china. About 2-4 Internet users. How many Internet users set Baidu home page?. Its hao123 is pretty good, too. Want a way out. Will develop from here. Users want to search will search the information is (Hua Ren). Not just information about an area.

like this, we set up an industry portal, everything, all want to be so beautiful, chose the dry industry. Also known as "dry equipment network", the site has been expected. Then came the Baidu legend’s big update. Plummeted, nothing? Is this the door we’ve built?. Quietly waiting for a long time, why Baidu did not respond, we are so taken in the hovering air?. Want to go up, do not want to go down. Why not? Why?


feels it’s difficult to make a portal. In a word, male fear of the wrong line women are afraid to marry the wrong husband. Think back to that. Is that true? I don’t think so. I went to some of the larger or better known websites and found some related portal sites. In fact, the results show that the station data show: created in 2000, 03, 03, age: 9 years in June 18th to see history, we can think of it.

understands this truth: success lies in two words, friend, do you understand what two words? Truth is called: "hold on to your friend.". Are you in an existing position? Are you confident about facing? If you stand at a station, you can hold on for 5 years. That proves you have succeeded! Friends! Come on. The Internet is the shutter to make money.


in contributions!

How to improve the way the store had to say popular promotion

want to enhance their popularity, then you need to find some appropriate methods, so as to get twice the result with half the effort. Promotion is the fastest and most effective way to promote the popularity, but the premise is to know how to promote sales, otherwise it may backfire.

1, do a good job before the promotion of publicity.

" wine is also afraid of deep alley, " good promotion of consumers do not know, only " " stillborn;. Do a good job of promotional work before the promotion is to achieve the purpose of the premise.

2, />

now many stores launched a membership, offering a discount card, when the customer reaches a certain amount in the store when shopping can get a rebate. Such as the cumulative purchase of 100 full rebate of $20, the purchase of $200 rebate is $50, in the form of physical or shopping vouchers to honor, attract a lot of consumers come to buy, and effectively cultivate customer loyalty. Use a few points

Open the hotel can refer to the management model

is now open to the hotel business is not a few, if you fancy a good business opportunities in this industry, then you are free to choose the right business model for investment. What are the models available for reference? Many franchisees are very interested in this issue. Xiao Bian finishing a few hope you have some inspiration.

Hotel entirely by investors to manage and operate, but by adding one or several Hotel Alliance to get some domestic hotel booking and marketing support in operation and management entirely by investors at the same time, choose to join the world first-class hotel organization (such as Leading Hotels of The World), Small (small luxury hotel organization Luxury Hotels of the World Ltd.) and other hotel alliance way to get marketing support.


After the selection of


The small city cosmetics store location need to pay attention to what matters to small weapon

cosmetics industry in the small town of the broader market prospects, so businesses are now very want to choose to open a cosmetics shop in a small town. So in the small town of cosmetics store location needs to pay attention to what matters? Xiaobian to answer for you.

1. transportation facilities. In the vicinity of the main station, or on the street where the customer does not walk more than 20 minutes. Choose which side is more conducive to the operation, the need to observe the traffic flow on both sides of the road to pedestrians on the other side as well.

2. close to the place where people gather. Such as nearby theaters and cinemas, parks and other places of entertainment, or near large factories, organs, on the one hand, can attract the entry of pedestrians, on the other hand is easy to make customers remember this shop location, to the customer to people, will be easier to guide people to patronize.

3. select a place where the population is growing rapidly. The development of enterprises, residential areas and municipalities will bring more customers to the store and make it more potential for development.

4. to select the side of a smaller side or obstacles. In many cases, the pedestrians in order to cross the road, so concentrate on to avoid the vehicle or other pedestrians, while ignoring the side of the shop.

5. select the spontaneous formation of a market segment. In the long run, a street market will spontaneously form a sale of certain commodities "market", in fact, for those goods shops, if it can be concentrated in a certain area or block, more can attract customers. Because people think of buying a commodity will naturally think of this place.

6. according to the operating content to select the address. Shop sales of goods of different kinds of sites with different requirements. Some shops require a large flow of people in the area, such as clothing stores, small supermarkets, but not all the shops are open for the huge crowds of people places, such as health shops and service centers for the elderly, is suitable in the remote and quiet place.


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How to join small appliances where has three rules

quality of life the best choice, to choose a convenient small appliances? In fact, the choice of enterprises to join the market of home appliances, is a matter of choice for the brand to join the project. So, home appliances will choose to join the three rules?

small home appliances is how much?

: an

rule for a situation

small household electrical appliances industry "13th Five-Year plan" set the tone: one for the coating industry VOCs control project, to achieve a low carbon environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction. Undoubtedly, the small household electrical appliance industry has come to a critical stage of the transformation of the green environment, environmental protection must be shrouded in the aura of small household appliances, much attention. Small household appliances to join, small household appliances agents, which must master the operating principles of small household appliances store how to operate the master of small household appliances market change is the basic quality of the wind. Of course, the direct reaction of the mainstream market direction of consumer demand, which requires dealers from the consumer’s perspective, sales agents can truly meet consumer environmental health needs of small household electrical appliances Home Furnishing.

Rule two: the enemy awareness

small household electrical appliances store franchise to operate? "Sun Tzu" once said: the enemy, know yourself. If the enemy of both sides can understand thoroughly the battle battle has not dangerous. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, intensity of the appliance industry competition is not inferior to the battlefield, small home appliances agents should not only in-depth look at their own operating conditions, but also detailed, accurate, comprehensive and thorough understanding of competitors, including the store location, facade decoration and other promotional activities, marketing, customer service and other services, only by careful analysis, the strategy and measures to make enterprises’ actual condition, in order to win in the competition.

rule three: get used by

small household appliances store how to operate for small household electrical appliances agency, the appointment of personnel is the backbone of the marketing system. Especially in the fierce competition in the market, small household appliances dealers should establish a set of perfect recruitment, training, selection and appointment system, training for their small appliances agency sales personnel, the accumulation of capital for the development of natural monopoly store.

home appliances to join? The choice of the project with the advantage of brand. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, the best choice is to start free. If you are also very interested in home appliances to join, it is convenient to choose a message to consult it!

小小大赛车预告片发布乐高星球大战的力量唤醒’幻影肢体’ DLC了


预告片的可以看到下面是官方预告片和电视广告。游戏正在由统一战线游戏开发。它将在PlayStation 3上星期五,贵族宝贝公布的11月9日。