Letters to the Editor for Sunday, July 5

first_imgAmerica needs its Republican leadersThis is in response to Bonnie DiDomizio’s June 15 letter (“GOP leadership is an oxymoron.”) She gave examples of leadership according to Entrepreneur Magazine as bullying, cowardice and bigotry. Webster’s Dictionary describes leadership as: The position, function or guidance of a leader.It’s discouraging to read letter from writers like Ms. DiDomizio who implied that Trump called out the military to deal with protesters armed with only signs and truth. Apparently, she overlooked vandalism, looting, arson, assault, shootings and murder. In my opinion, hatred of the GOP and Trump was her entire message.She criticized Sen. Graham for using the Judiciary Committee as a cudgel to investigate Trump’s critics. Does she think the law only protects Democrats and their Russian hoax, which cost taxpayers millions and turned out to be a total travesty was OK? God help this country if she is correct and people vote Democratic top to bottom.I witnessed first-hand real Socialism while doing missions for our government in the former Soviet Union and it is not pretty.We need GOP leaders like Donald Trump, Elise Stefanik and Liz Joy to keep America great and free to all, including Ms. DiDomizio.Norm MillerPrincetown Statues show history, the good and the badI would like to commend and support Mary Lou Moskov’s June 30 letter (“Where does statue removal ever end?”) with regard to the removal of statues. In my opinion, these statues are history, not racist.Our culture correctly considers slavery an evil, but it existed for thousands of years before today’s culture. The original slaves were the slaves of Eastern Europe, from which the name derives. I was advanced in my beliefs when I attended the Howard University College of Medicine from 1954-58. However, I cannot say what my beliefs would have been had I lived at the time of Philip Schuyler, Washington or Jefferson and been raised in that culture. The original U.S. Constitution accepted slavery and only outlawed importation in 1808. Do some people want to go to the museum in D.C. and tear up the historical document?Jack L. Underwood, M.D.Schenectady Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionI’m just standing up for my basic rightsI am mad as hell and not going to take this anymore. Of course, I refer to the “No shirt, no shoes, no service” that businesses shove down our throats. They are trampling on my constitutional rights to expose my hairy back and stomach for all the world to see.Also, why can’t I chew gum in a casino? I believe this is a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution Article IV “Privileged Immunities” clause, the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment; not to mention my protections under the New York state constitution.And I don’t want to wear a mask because it will smear my orange skin-cover makeup. I don’t care if it may save lives.So, look for me when the casinos open back up. I’ll be the gum-chewing idiot, with no shirt, no shoes, and no mask. Oh, and wearing the MAGA hat.Michael WinnSaratoga Springs City should go after absentee landlordsWhat our Stockade district needs is less apartments and more homeowners. I’ve lived down here for over 30 years, and each year I see once nice well-maintained properties become derelict, some vacant, trashed, unkempt and unsafe housing. Absentee landlords have helped to ruin a once proud neighborhood.Many of the old folk I remember are all gone, and very few, if any, young people buy places that need tons of work to complete. There are those who rehab. But for the majority of the housing/rental stock down here and, perhaps throughout the city, substandard housing is the norm. It’s sad, but true.And, the city’s BZA blindly allows business to set up, and they don’t go check on how they’re doing, many do not maintain their properties. The BZA is a political fiefdom and has been for years, and is the number one problem when it comes to furthering blight. We don’t need the BZA. It needs to be folded into the city Codes or Planning Department. Save dollars within City Hall. City Hall isn’t listening to common sense approaches to stave off derelict property owners that further blight and worsen our neighborhoods. Go after absentee landlords on a daily basis.Gerald PlanteSchenectady Grateful for care at Ellis Hospital ERWith great apprehension and discomfort, I was taken to Ellis Emergency Room by ambulance due to a fall in May. I was X-rayed and evaluated by the ER staff doctors. They admitted me as a patient, and I was scheduled for surgery the next day by Dr. Polishchuk of OrthoNY.I want to commend the staff at Ellis for their skill, compassion, and positive outlook. I felt safe and well taken care of.It has been mentioned before that Ellis personnel do not receive enough credit for the good service and care they provide.I wish to thank Dr. Polishchuk also. Our community has wonderful services. The Mohawk Ambulance and the Station #2 Fire Department medical personnel are an asset to our wellbeing.We are lucky to have all these fine people to help us. Thank you all.Edna R. GosierSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: No chickens in city without strong regsEDITORIAL: Make a game plan for voting. Do it now.EDITORIAL: No more extensions on vehicle inspectionsEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censuslast_img read more

Tumbleweed Midstream acquires helium plant

first_imgThe Ladder Creek system is supported by long-term acreage dedications across a 1,000-square-mile area across Cheyenne, Kit Carson and Kiowa countries in Colorado and Hamilton, Greeley, Wichita, Kearney, Wallace and Finney countries in Kansas.“The acquisition of the Ladder Creek Helium Plant and Gathering System represents a significant opportunity for Tumbleweed Midstream,” said Durrell Johnson, Tumbleweed CEO.“The US is the world’s largest helium producer. At the same time, the world supply of helium is suffering from a multiyear shortfall. This has boosted prices for natural gas with a high helium content and has begun to raise red flags in industries that depend on helium.”“The growth of Ladder Creek’s helium operations starts with delivering our current customers superior economics with the heist level of service. The helium is there, it’s highly valuable and by extracting it Tumbleweed can return premium netbacks to the producers in the region.”The Ladder Creek Helium Plant and Gathering System serves natural gas producers operating in eastern Colorado and western Kansas. The natural gas produced in the region has a high helium content, with average concentrations as high as three percent.Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.Read more like this – subscribe todayEnjoyed this story? Subscribe to gasworld today and take advantage of even more great insights and exclusives in industrial gases.Visit www.gasworld.com/subscribe to access all content and choose the right subscription for you.last_img read more

Here’s how

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Apprentices: A long game

first_imgWhen talking about the industry’s skills shortage, it’s easy to lose sight of what those skills actually are. Construction is often used as a generic, all-encompassing term that simplifies the various processes that those of us on the “inside” know to be challenging, exciting, and at times frustrating, but ultimately, immensely rewarding. It is this diverse skills set that is the lifeblood of the construction industry and yet it would be fair to say that the general public’s understanding of the specialist trades is somewhat limited. How much does the average school leaver really know about the building envelope or specialist facade market? What is their perception of what it means to be a roofing, cladding or glazing installer? We need to show them that the sky is the limit and to do this, we have to start at the grass roots.It is vital that young people have a greater understanding of the different construction roles available to themWithout question, improving awareness and educating young people on the range of potential careers available within construction at the earliest opportunity is vital if we are to attract new talent to the specialist contractor sector. It’s not just about targeting those of an employable age but rather ensuring that young people know all their options before they embark on a chosen career path and this is why early engagement in schools and colleges is so important. The specialist sector is more than just a manual trade and many of the career opportunities available are actually ‘off site’ Small steps such as raising awareness of the vast range of highly skilled disciplines within the specialist sector, from design and BIM management to estimating and procurement, and offering ongoing employee support through training, professional development and flexible working arrangements, can lead to big changes. Of course such early engagement can only work if long-term opportunities are in place. It is vital that young people have a greater understanding of the different construction roles available to them but they also must be able to confidently pursue training or apprenticeships relevant to their chosen field. Here the responsibility rests firmly with the specialist companies themselves. Our sector not only has to offer more opportunities for school-age work experience placements, traditional apprenticeships and graduate training schemes but also must ensure that there is a greater link between the work experience given and the type of job that the candidates may ultimately gain. For our part, Lakesmere has developed its own School to Work scheme, allowing us to work directly with local colleges to offer students a bespoke Lakesmere Diploma qualification in a range of disciplines relevant to our services, helping us create “work-ready” employment candidates. As well as encouraging the development of vital practical skills, offering apprenticeships on higher level frameworks for management succession planning is something that we as a company has also found very effective. Specialist contractors are just that; specialists, experts in their chosen fields and quite often some of the most innovative companies within the construction industry. Now is the time to fly the flag for our sector to ensure that we attract and retain the very best of the next generation of employees. Matt Nicholson is Lakesmere Group’s regional managing director (South)last_img read more

Alistair steels into Zambia

first_imgIn total, 79 trucks were used to transport the cargoes over the course of seven days. The trucks were dispatched in convoys of ten with two escort vehicles. The cargo was pre-cleared to eliminate delays and an offloading supervisor was stationed at the client’s premises.   www.alistairgroup.comlast_img

Maersk’s Evora sets World Record for Cargo Handling at Port of…

first_img Author: Priyanka Ann Saini Maersk has revealed that it has set a world record for the most cargo handled in a single port call as MV Maersk Evora loaded and unloaded 24,846 TEUs at the Port of Los Angeles.The world record was achieved at APM Terminals’ Pier 400, where the 366-meter Maersk Evora arrived on October 17 carrying nine containers above deck, the first for any U.S. port and managed to load and unload a total of 24,846 TEUs, Maersk said.Port of Los Angeles stated, “Congratulations to APM Terminals, which is currently utilizing its newly raised cranes – the tallest in North America – to work the Maersk Evora. The ship came into APMT at the Port of Los Angeles fully loaded with nine containers above deck, the first for any U.S. port.”The vessel left the port of Los Angeles on October 22 and is currently heading to East Asia, with its first stop being Yokohama, Japan on November 7, the company website revealed.Maersk Evora was delivered in 2011 and has a capacity of 13,492 TEU.Sea News, October 31last_img read more

New Extreme-low-power Precision Real-Time-Clock Module for Green IoT Applications

first_imgEM Microelectronic, the ultra-low-power semiconductor division of the Swatch Group, has released an extremely low power Real-Time Clock (RTC) module, setting a new industry benchmark for accuracy and power consumption.The EM3028 leads the way for green IoT applications, with 50% extended battery life compared to its closest competitor, with double the accuracy. It extends the device life span at a reduced overall BOM cost.Green Internet of Things (Green IoT) basically focuses on the energy efficiency in the IoT principles. It is defined as the energy efficient way to either reduce the greenhouse effect caused by existing IoT applications or to eradicate the same in IoT itself.The EM RTCs provides an elegant solution for increasing the autonomy of connected devices, by providing accurate sleep and wake-up timing for their power-hungry elements, thus enhancing the global user experience. The frustrating need to frequently charge or replace the batteries of a wearable device becomes a thing of the past with the EM3028 used as an ideal companion for EM’s energy harvesting solutions, this unique combination requiring, in certain applications, no charging or battery replacement throughout the complete device life span.The high accuracy and long-term stability of this RTC guarantee consistent performance throughout the device lifetime without the need to calibrate during manufacturing. Its 1-ppm accuracy guarantees a staggering 30 seconds precision over one year, twice as good as the best-in-class RTC previously on the market, while consuming the energy equivalent of 4 water drops per day. The device features an integrated backup switch and, thanks to the extreme low power operation, allows waking up a sleeping device even years after it has been switched off for power saving purposes, all at extremely low BOM cost.According to Michel Willemin, CEO of EM Microelectronic, the company set a new world record, with 40nA current consumption for 1-ppm accuracy, making the EM3028 the perfect embodiment of their watch making DNA: Swiss precision timing combined with ultra-low-power microelectronics This development is a major stepping stone for the company’s vision of a green IoT with a seamless user experience, based on zero-maintenance devices.Other key features of EM3028 include a 32-bit UNIX timer, operating voltage range as low as 1.2V, as well as a plug-and-play, factory pre-calibrated non-volatile configuration setting guaranteeing the configuration and user parameters are never lost, even in case of system power fail. The extremely small device size makes it ideal for integration in tiny wearable applications.The EM3028 is available as a standalone IC or in customized, application-specific modules, in combination with other parts from the EM portfolio, such as Energy Harvesting controllers, EM9304 BLE chip and a wide variety of sensor solutions.Click here to know more about the EM3028 circuit.last_img read more

BMW Motorrad Cruiser Range to Debut This Year

first_imgThe new bikes should be powered by a new 1800cc Boxer engine. Photo credit MCN The BMW Motorrad cruiser range is set to debut this year.The Bavarian manufacturer has already provided the new 1800cc Boxer engine to Custom Works Zon and Revival Cycles to build custom motorcycles around it, but they had not built their own motorcycle during that time.But BMW now shows off the R18 Concept which was designed and built in-house. They are keen to entice cruiser and custom fans to think German, rather than American.Photo credit MCNThe R18 Concept harks back to the 1936 R5. Running on 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels, the bike is stripped of superfluous parts, leaving a pure motorcycle. Some nice touches are the chromed cylinder head covers, chromed R18 badge on the engine’s transmission case, final drive shaft, teardrop tank, pinstriped fork covers, cantilever rear shock and chromed fishtail exhausts, among others.The frame takes the appearance of the R5’s “hardtail” but there’s actually a working rear frame for the rear wheel. (Think Triumph Bonneville Bobber.)“This bike is not about being the fastest,” says Edgar Heinrich, BMW Motorrad Head of Design. “This bike is about making an analogue statement in a digital age. BMW has a rich history of iconic motorcycles and they bear the same design characteristics. We believe that this can still work well today, together with current technology.”Will this spark another cruiser revolution in Malaysia? We certainly hope so.Source: MCN–Ads– They showed off the R18 Concept as a precursor. BMW Motorrad are planning to debut a whole cruiser range this year.last_img read more

Soal Taksi Udara, Inilah Serangkaian ‘PR’ yang Kudu Diselesaikan Volocopter

first_imgBeragam uji coba pun telah dilakukan, diantaranya yang paling menyita perhatian publik adalah uji coba di Las Vegas dan di Dubai. Kini, diketahui Volocopter GmbH tengah mengupayakan dana sekitar US$100 juta atau yang setara dengan Rp1,4 triliun untuk mempersiapkan pengembangan taksi terbang, sesegera mungkin. “Kami ingin jadi layanan taksi udara komersial pertama di dunia,” ungkap CEO Volocopter GmbH, Florian Reuter.Berburu dengan waktu tidak hanya di sektor keuangan. Volocopter GmbH pun perlu meningkatkan kecepatan di segala lini, mengingat banyaknya kompetitor yang tidak bisa dipandang remeh. Sebut saja salah satu perusahaan aviasi terkemuka di dunia, Boeing yang turut memanaskan persaingan taksi udara nirawak semacam ini.Selain itu, rentetan inovasi menarik pun perlu terus dikembangkan agar dapat meyakinkan investor untuk menyisihkan uangnya, dan regulator untuk mempercepat perizinan dari sarana transportasi masa depan ini.Baca Juga: Didukung Intel Capital, Joby Aviation Siap Ramaikan Industri Taksi UdaraDalam hal pendanaan, induk perusahaan Mercedes Daimler telah mengucurkan dana segar senilai US$29 juta atau yang setara dengan Rp404 miliar guna melancarkan proyek taksi udara Volocopter GmbH pada bulan Agustus 2017 silam, dan nilai tersebut sangatlah berarti bagi perusahaan mengingat sejumlah capaian yang harus mereka kebut tersebut.Seperti yang diketahui bersama, moda Volocopter sendiri menggunakan 18 rotor yang memiliki tingkat kebisingan minim, sehingga tidak mengganggu penumpang. Dengan menggunakan formasi 4 penumpang dalam sekali perjalanan. Baru-baru ini, perusahaan tersebut tengah mengembangkan ruang tambahan untuk mengangkut paket atau kargo penumpang.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedBukan Sekedar Isapan Jempol, Dubai Mulai Uji Coba Taksi Drone28/09/2017In “Basis Aplikasi”Sukses di Jerman Hingga Dubai, Giliran Volocopter Unjuk Gigi di Singapura24/10/2019In “Featured”Terima Kucuran Dana Segar, Volocopter Fokus Kembangkan VTOL Andalannya07/08/2017In “Featured” Putra Mahkota Dubai Tengah Mengecek Volocopter 2X.Sumber: newatlas.com Lupakan mobil otonom dan mulai taruh perhatian Anda pada taksi udara! Ya, alih-alih membuat ruwet kondisi jalanan dengan manghadirkan moda otonom yang belum tentu dapat mengentaskan kemacetan, belakangan ini banyak perusahaan yang menghadirkan solusi terbaru di dunia transportasi, taksi udara!Baca Juga: Terima Kucuran Dana Segar, Volocopter Fokus Kembangkan VTOL AndalannyaSebuah perusahaan startup asal Jerman yang didukung oleh Intel Corp dan Damiler AG, Volocopter GmbH diketahui telah merancang sebuah helikopter bertenaga listrik yang akan menerbangkan para penumpang melintasi kepadatan jalanan perkotaan. Dilansir KabarPenumpang.com dari laman Bloomberg.com (7/6/2018), helikopter yang dirancang minim polusi suara ini diharapkan dapat mulai beroperasi secara komersial pada tiga hingga lima tahun ke depan.last_img read more

KPBSD Explains The Choices Parents Have For 2020-21 School Year

first_imgFacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享As part of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District’s Smart Start plan approved by the Board of Education for the launch of the 2020-21 school year, parents will have several options with how their children will be educated. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted the closure of school buildings to students in March, but the current plan calls for school buildings to fully open on August 24. Pegge Erkeneff of the KPBSD offered details to KSRM News on Friday: “So, we’ve designed the plan with choice for parents so that it can be flexible and it can meet families’ needs. That is why there will be three choices for parents. One is in the neighborhood school, or the local school that’s close-by to them where their children are enrolled, so in-person learning. Second, remote learning through that school. Third, the Connections Homeschool program that we have throughout the Kenai peninsula.” For students returning to schools, will the fewer amount of students cause a change to school bus routes? Ms. Erkeneff says no, and also points out a big advantage of having fewer students on the bus: “Having these options helps us do some more physical distancing on the buses. So, there will not be less bus routes. The bus routes are set. We’ll be transporting our youth. If we know that it’s not a stop that’s needed, the route might get slightly adjusted because we know that those parents in the area have chosen remote learning, but we have our transportation set up and one of our biggest concerns was ‘How do we do physical distancing when a bus is full?’ So, we also think that if some of the families choose to do remote learning, that will provide a little more spacing on the buses. We have no plans to drop busing.” She also said that parents looking to utilize home schooling should be confident in Connections Homeschool: “That’s a great home school program. It also keeps all of the educational funding coming to the school district. It keeps it local on the peninsula. It keeps locals employed, and it offers options for our youth.”center_img Returning to the traditional classroom is not the sole route parents can take. KPBSD schools will also continue their respective distance learning programs for families who have concerns about a return to the classroom setting. Parents will have a third viable option to choose from: the Connections Homeschool program. The district reminds parents that if the COVID risk level rises to the highest level (which is the red level), schools may once again impose limitations on students entering school buildings. Throughout the school year, the district’s plan will continue to be evaluated and revised as medical information, science, and the pandemic situation evolves.last_img read more