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Using million station group increase included, improve weight

on Peng Jinjie to talk about today, actually my previous article mentioned (specific site and case this is not convenient to disclose, can only say that this is a real case). Just at that time I just mentioned, and did not explain the specific operation, this article is to share it.

million guest?

3. chain. Daily recommendations can keep the chain update, speed up the collection rate and increase the record included and the number of the chain can be released to the home page and site map URL.

The benefits of

1. filler content (keywords filling). The online sale program is attached to the about 2000000 keywords, but obviously, this guest can do Taobao keywords (in fact, I do not recommend the use of these keywords do Taobao customers, after all, using too many people), because the theme of the site was not consistent, and the number is too much, too little for us it is no use. So the key words collection is the key, here Xiaobian to recommend a tool: Taobao data cube. A large number of keywords can be screened from it, but because it is Taobao tools, including 95% keywords screening are able to successfully call the Taobao product.

What is the

1. upgrade included, increase your overall weight;

many people use this program to do is Taobao – 200>



Taobao guest friends should have heard of a guest of this program, or to operate, it is a railway station in Taobao group procedures, mainly the use of Taobao alliance gold Amoy component taobao贵族宝贝 data, thus forming different pages. (the specific approach is to collect different keywords, and then call in the Taobao alliance to promote the taobao贵族宝贝 goods, through a large number of different commodity information polymerization to form a separate page), forming a different page through a large number of keywords, the love and the formation of Shanghai included the ranking, users can click on the website to show the goods to buy Taobao, achieve the purpose of promotion and formation of income.

website contains the principle of increasing

is the use of the characteristics of millions of guest, called taobao贵族宝贝 data to form a large number of pages, to love Shanghai included, improve the site included quantity. The principle can also see my A5 in an article "business website commodity attribute selection page optimization way"

2. through a large collection of pages and keywords collection, formed a lot of long tail keywords, and thus form a position to bring a lot of traffic.

2. uses SitemapX to make the site map is updated regularly and submit love Shanghai webmaster tools.


4. home page updated daily to keep (the background cache), so the search engine spiders to crawl more pages, can also increase the spider crawling frequency.

The website structure optimization effect on Shanghai Dragon

  webmaster know the static page relative to the dynamic page, good points included. Good website structure optimization is to let the website to be indexed by search engines, increase traffic, and ultimately achieve high rankings, high conversion rate to. 1, reduce the directory storage depth of the website; the website can express the meaning behind it. Less level directory and easier for the user to remember; 2, increase the number of links between pages; if the page is important, we can do relatively more links to other pages. To the front page of the site as an example, can add links to the home page, making more links to other pages, each page to the search engines; 3, reduce the depth of links between pages; whether it is between the page and the main page, or important pages and ordinary pages, increasing the number of links between pages. You can reduce the depth of links between pages. As long as there is a lot of internal website page links point to an important page, can make the page search engine can be quickly and conveniently included, thus increasing the page link weight.

Analysis of the causes of close understanding of the forum by light-years light-years off (two)

wrote in the teacher closed due to the first 2 points of light in front, close understanding by analysis of the causes of light-years forum closed light-years (a), the author then said to the reasons for the closure of a little rest and you understand it, after all, the forum also accompanied by the growth of light years too long, this is too deep feelings.



in Shanghai Longfeng environment now impetuous, make their own Shanghai Dragon technology that day, really is not easy, after all, Shanghai Dragon technology is not everyone wants to see now, the depth of the Shanghai Dragon technology are associated with the various test, remember in the light forum, about noble baby GSA, there are a lot of people to download, and then makes a detailed analysis for the index of keywords, and then get the experience, it is a meaningful thing for Shanghai dragon, but with the development of the forum, this has slowly become less, if the light to give us a good point to the case. What about the practice of maintenance should be our own business, while Taobao, light invitation code below

invitation code is a way of registration of light years, but light hot even Taobao can participate in the forum is actually wanted us to maintain intentions, you invite people certainly hope to get knowledge, rather than to the chain and to.

third: "forum post operation since the quality improvement is not high. The mainstream of the Shanghai dragon no further development of

mainstream Shanghai Dragon technology development, in many forums, this in-depth analysis types of Shanghai dragon, has slowly lost down, once the Shanghai Earth Dragon, do not know how many people know that the inside of the video to explain the principle of a lot of Shanghai dragon is introduced, and analysis deeply for themselves search; and sem9, how many people know about it, which also needs to be validated before you can get in, but also a lot of very extensive knowledge, but until now, this in-depth Shanghai Dragon technology, there are few forums can do.

meet the eye everywhere.

a feeling to open up our webmaster heart, I believe that this is a lot of forum and even many blogs are like this, to improve the quality of the content is not high, unable to get more people to look into, after this now extends to see an article, think this is to copy and paste here where, or that it is one of the important posts at speak generally, it does not mean, this situation has spread in Shanghai dragon forum for a long time, but it is inevitable, because the webmaster to link to attract spiders, will naturally copy paste articles to add to the source address link, or say in order to promote their own signature, with signature only link. See this forum posts, it is really no Nike, hope to have good content, but can not find a better way to guide, forum of the status quo.

Ceng Yirong starting from your dream, are you the same kind of person as meWang Tong 6 techniques to

you may not be programmed or promoted, but you are full of dreams that will someday have a little or a lot of impact on the world. Maybe you thought you might be the next Jobs or Zuckerberg, but you’re still as busy as I am. Maybe one day in the future, there will be a person really came to ask you: "do you want to move a brick, or come with me and change the world?" perhaps after people started your creation, is that "more than $one billion cool things in legend".

do foreign trade should pay attention to this detail, if you do foreign trade business network marketing, your advertisement also don’t choose to show in China, so as to avoid your competitors for malicious click on you. At the same time, you can accurately according to their potential customers in the region, precise choice of countries and regions, is conducive to reducing costs, so that advertising more accurate.


skills two: Launch countries and regions to select precise



skills of four, keywords do not according to their own imagination to choose


index different countries in different time zones, different schedules, so your advertising display time according to your potential customers after setting up, you can also reduce advertising costs. For example, my Adwords ads on some foreign trade projects closed down on Sunday and Monday. Because through the past observation, these two days are some European and American countries Saturday and Sunday, although advertising has effect, but the conversion rate is relatively low, so it is set in two days without putting in. Also, for the daily delivery time, you can also choose settings, this should be based on their business situation and target, potential customer characteristics set.

from the idea of instant communication and formed website prototype

dramatically reduces the cost of Adwords advertising

knows not equal, detail decides effect,

keyword is very important, so do not choose according to their own imagination, because you may be thinking habits and your customers are different, especially the foreign trade, the gap is more obvious. So, choose keywords, must use official residence, choose precise keywords. Select keywords, you must through keyword analysis tools, select a series of precise keywords. Remember, be careful.

if it’s not the time to save the world, then what time is it,

me >

micro-blog: Sapherise is currently seeking investment and partners.

keyword tool: https://adwords.shlf1314/select/KeywordToolExternal

I don’t know which of the above is the next one billion I missed, and I don’t know if the list of things I’m doing right now is the right direction. Just the idea is a bunch of zeros. The figure in front is 1, and it’s 0. The gap is very far. Whether you stay focused or react quickly, expect it to be a real solution, enough to keep you going.

this article is contributed by the author: Ceng Yirong, founder of, currently in Nurun Shanghai.



my university four years just to play the game, big 4 was suddenly shouted to friends start to do B2C, do what two weeks didn’t get out to die, go to a friend and practice, I keep a heart get out of hand, and finally embarked on a road of entrepreneurship.


at first, I was going to make a social network without cats, dogs, funny maps, and gossip. Later, while doing, want to, simply upgrade, do "big battle in summer" in the OZ world, create numerous rooms, you can exchange in the instant, games and work. Later, I would like to do domestic tasks, rabbit, do a connecting human supply and demand task platform. What I’m doing now is the process of recording dreams, playing web sites, and through a lot of game making mechanisms to make people more active in the process of pursuing dreams.

One of the

through the content network brings traffic is very huge, but the quality is very low, very uneconomical. So close this, at least can help you introduce more than 50% of advertising costs, high or even save 90%. When I first put in, the ad consumed wildly, and then closed the content network, advertising dropped by 90%.

techniques: to shut down the content network, or to make the content network individually priced,

, are you the same kind of person as I am,

a person, not PS and CSS, will not PHP, nor heard of jQuery, will not promote the operation, not to mention viral marketing, do not know what the concept of servers and clouds. Three months later, my personal website ran the line.

skills three, to target customers in the region, set the delivery time

, if your Adwords advertising effect is not good, conversion rate is low, must be your advertising settings in many details settings are not in place. Here to share a few skills, you can bring two benefits:

greatly improves the conversion rate of Adwords advertising


Tell me how I feel about Ali and Ali’s motherDrops, the United States Mission review, sogou…… In

‘s timing is fleeting, and now unicorns walk to the gates of the stock exchange. Don’t open the door again, I’m afraid the high valuation can not stand the competition of the market, the more drag the less valuable.

focus here, see the big buyers of the Ali Mama, Alipay, YAHOO, YAHOO, Taobao and mailbox, Ali mother husband Alibaba to buy their own products to support their own. The real active advertisers do not seem to have much, and a few exchanges between the webmaster. The present situation is: the website, actually don’t need such a model, because many advertisers to buy their advertising; grassroots website, hang the Ali Mama advertising, buyers will buy only once, and then No one shows any interest in the.. Although YAHOO will default to the bidding advertising, but the effect is not good, statistics is less and less, not later, I put the code removed, even every day there are one or two clicks, I feel sorry to put up, even two days without data, third days before returning to normal

gold listing period

then talk about the million. Billion to a product of Mary billion company, and Yiqifa alliance is a company, 04 years on-line network alliance, which has developed rapidly in recent years, is now relatively large domestic network alliance. There are good buyers advertisers on the basis, just don’t know if he can do well

payment method

is among the "market rumors list" of the enterprise are: Sogou, deft, beautiful group reviews, today’s headlines, drops, Uber, Airbnb. Apart from Uber and Airbnb, who have long been on the list of "foreigner friends", we found that several domestic unicorns were established between 2010 and 2012.

direct advertising: billion to 80% return to the site will be divided into the main, retain 20% of the revenue as a service fee.

after the four round of restructuring, the group comments finally formed now "three carriages" Architecture: beauty and wine business group travel review platform merger, the establishment of the U.S. delegation and wine business group travel review platform; platform for public comment to the shop and comprehensive business group merger, establishment review platform and integrated business group, and this has been the complete integration of catering platform, namely the U.S. group comment takeaway.

has gone to the gate of the market,

is to provide billion advertising transactions are divided into two types: billing for advertising, direct advertising

A "fast

service charge

million sue and Ali mom are advertisers and advertisers directly facing the advertising trading platform, can allow buyers advertisers and sellers Publishers easily find each other.

in February 7th will be the year the United States IPO" message has been discovered, although the official denied this news on the same day, but quickly and Sogou, Beauty Group reviews and other company fought the market rumors point to a problem: 2017 will be listed technology companies a year

, after five or six years of development, may be a good time for these companies to come on the market this year.


for the moment, what it needs to worry about now is the impact of domestic policy on its valuation. At present, it seems that the policy will not go to the beneficial direction of the drop, so as soon as possible listed to ensure that it can get higher valuations.

capital winter is good for the development of these unicorns. Some competitors were unable to secure financing and were trapped, giving the unicorns a breather.

Ali mother – monthly, monthly time is 15, the settlement cycle is a whole month, Alipay to pay, no minimum payment limit

drops the same. Last year, Bloomberg and Reuters have cited sources point of view, one is 2017, one is 2018, drops will be listed in the United states. Although drop chairman Cheng Wei said in an interview after the listing of no period, but drops as the domestic travel market is the only "Big Mac", in the domestic market has no Uber competition, consider the listing is also very natural.

how long does Ali’s mother plan to pay out of his own pocket? How can we make it profitable for our small and medium station owners? I think he needs to solve it.

currently provides billing Ali mother in two ways: long time and billing, click billing, we only for ad sellers charge a transaction fee, namely advertising transaction amount, long time and billing: 8%, click billing: 15%, for example: you sold a piece of advertising, a week the price is 500 yuan, then the seller as you need to pay 500*8%=40 yuan, you get direct revenue for 460 yuan.

from our grassroots webmaster point of view to compare a few parameters:

bidding ad: million will be divided into 70% of the proceeds to the site owner, retained 30% of the proceeds as a service charge.



million – – week end, bank, the minimum amount of 100 yuan


there’s no doubt that Ali’s mom is an innovator and a million is an imitator,

beauty group comments insiders said the Phoenix, after the adjustment, the flow of mature business driven by new business U.S. group comments led wine tour, the public comments led to the shop, takeaway alone development of comprehensive business. According to the previous U.S. group comments, CEO Wang’s statement, except to sell, the U.S. group commented on other businesses have achieved profitability, and its IPO is also good.


to the United States group review, for example, in October 2015 and public comment after the merger, with more than two years to digest the merger, business architecture gradually clear, you can put more energy on the IPO.


Carpooling network, Baidu, Google included a hundred times the reasons for the analysis

1, carpool network site basic information


SEO training school usually analyzes a website. The homepage can check the basic information of this website through SEO tools. Through webmaster tools, we see "carpooling network" (http://www#pcwcn#com/) was created in 2011, 06, 20, has been 2 years, 18 days in January. Baidu weight is 3, the PR value is 3. Baidu expects traffic is 567IP. Website title for carpooling network, site keywords is empty, Description: @ China largest carpool carpooling network information platform, divided into national and city carpool carpooling, carpooling, attention to provide free SMS notification and authentication, and intelligent computing of the city and to inter city distance, oil fee and fee in Luqiao. Home page using GZIP compression, web size of 3544KB.

2, page repeatability is too high, resulting in Baidu included poor

By looking at the "

carpool network website pages, each text message is only rarely, such as" the weekend time to return home in time for the August 17th morning departure from Nantong, on the afternoon of 18 back to Nantong. I have a car, take a new Road 204, a peer of the people of Haian can take my ride, 30 yuan a person, can take two people. Contact telephone: "1860000XX" and so on a paragraph of text, the rest of the content of each page is basically the same, all map search, carpooling attention, related carpooling nets and so on.

such articles inside the page for Baidu search engine, will be judged to repeat content, often will be Baidu discarded, not included. And Google search engine is relatively mature, it basically does not see the content of the page inside the website, as long as the page of URL is different, it will be included in your database. Therefore, because Baidu and Google search engine quality requirements for the article is not the same, resulting in Baidu, Google included 100 times difference.

3, modify suggestions: to improve the content of the page differentiation, increase long tail keywords ranking

do SEO optimization people understand, a web site if you want to get higher weight, mainly by long tail keywords. The more the long tail keywords ranking, can contribute a lot of natural search site users. Website long tail keywords to get ranked the first element is Baidu included your long tail words article.

"carpooling network" now Baidu weight is 3, and if you want to get higher SEO traffic, you must adjust the layout of the page structure of the site, to improve the content page differentiation. You can increase the user comments section, through the user’s comments text to improve the degree of differentiation. Remove the bottom of the page, carpooling notes, related carpooling nets link, and increase the content of the article closely related links, such as increasing the "other carpool circuit recommendation >"

Product requirements analysis the user’s cheese do not touch

  spent almost 2 weeks to study the selling pork traders, and in the industry when a friend about this image examples, they are full of strange expression, because a do Internet products, not to do your products, to study what sell pork traders do! Don’t worry. We all know that the product demand analysis is a product manager for a required course, is actually in the project after the need to abstract product concept and core business users need and divergent functions of the internal focus and extracted and the formation of a specific visible demonstration results. Product demand is determined, then the link is not as long as follow this as the goal, according to plan, so the demand analysis process is reflected back links are difficult places is the product manager’s ability to exercise. I think when doing this job, you need to decide what product you want to do. What is the status of the product?

1. has a new product. There are two kinds of products in this type of product.

A. company to the strategic layout of the adjustment of the existing product line, or the main products in the market for the accumulation of more resources, and we are in operation, and this new product is the same.

B. has no similar products in our China, and other countries and regions are not, need this kind of product into the cost of human resources, time is higher, and the lack of information resources itself the product itself, the market environment and the accumulation of user information resources, its profit model is not clear, under the condition of high risk, unless you find the user invisible killer, and the practical stage of profit model and target.

for the above A situation;

at the company level, should be the first person to eat crabs, if you are a novice product planning personnel, it is difficult to smoothly according to plan on the line, this process is very painful, frequent changes in demand and the prototype, on the demand side and unable to convince the leadership of the company, and can not find the actual use of data. So at least ask an experienced product manager to bring in 2 new or assistants.

I usually fix the function module business association and business process requirements, then the assistant at these ideas are identified in time with AXURE to complete the prototype wireframe design, followed by subsequent interaction designers work links.

We often say

needs the ability to control, that is for some function demand is not clear, experienced and inexperienced product managers have a significant contrast here, this comparison is to grasp the problem whether from work efficiency or direction, let alone is no ground for blame, for a


initial work of the product;

identifies groups of users for major products and what they are doing at work each day, because the project they are doing is now extremely confidential

Star volunteer hotline community do stand difficult in grasping a degree.

site: Star volunteer community hotline ( was established in October 2005, it is based on a "Star" game as the theme of the site, most searched the Internet "Star" game of the game player, have heard the name of this website. At present, the star volunteer hotline community website daily expenses by the webmaster "love harmful health individual" investment. The website collects a lot of news, Raiders, and humanities, CG, modification, archiving and other information.

‘s "star aspiration" series was produced by Daewoo information company in Taiwan, which has been released since 1995, and has been upgraded with countless young fans.

stationmaster introduction: net name "love is harmful to health", Jiangsu, Jiangyin, now living in Shanghai. Watch Star Games, write stories, and study WordPress plugins.

webmaster photos,

below is love harmful to your health: what you want is amateur forum

before I was in the mixed version of Star West Temple, took over as the moderator, the domestic Internet has become popular when the owners own station, Internet star volunteer forum also appeared many. I was also interested in building site, built a web site, will be collected data entry, convenient star volunteers, players query. Players play games, of course, need to communicate. The message board of the website relies on naturally not, I still installed forum naturally. At that time, the use of mobile network program, and later, PHPwind announced open-source. I find that many people on the Internet say it is fast and easy to get started. But because the space does not support PHP, I can only envy other people’s share. The year before last fall, I took advantage of the opportunity to change space, the forum converted to a long favorite PHPwind, and then 5.3.

because the star volunteer hotline is the sole theme of a series of games, its traffic is not very stable. Within the first half of the year before the new game was released and within a year after its release, the popularity was high. The forum has a large number of newly registered members every day to ask questions about the game and ask questions about the game. At that time, the daily IP remained at around two thousand or three thousand, and the PV remained at twenty thousand or thirty thousand. Once a long time no new game release, the popularity will be like a slide slide, the rapid decline, day IP fell to less than one thousand, PV less than eight thousand.

forum management personnel to now have replaced the two or three batch, the main management website is MV, thirteen small aunt, etc.. Mv she is graduated from the Department of psychology at the Beijing Normal University, she was the star volunteer experts, any game problems are difficult to her, and she could see through other people’s psychology, know what others think, really great. A lot of people have problems in life, they will find her. Thirteen aunt, she is more enthusiastic, in the medal of the release, recycling, director of life and other daily management, more adhere to the principle, to

Self preservation in the process of entrepreneurship

entrepreneurial process, it is inevitable that some people will be quick success, how can we protect themselves? Now to teach you some self preservation technique, I hope we can be less bumpy on the entrepreneurial road.

money in whose hands who take the initiative, according to this principle, those who say what sign millions of orders with you, did not pay the deposit, to a rebate, which is often deceived, even if you have no such experience now, but must see the experience of others, for your business is very helpful.

if you have big partners, they do not bargain, or large orders are not required to local investigation to signing a contract, but also all the way you run in the past, here is not good, it is tricky, you passive as can be imagined, the discerning eye can see, so we must insist on the local sign of all the contract, which is the first step of the shoo.

This paper from the


How hot and dry noodles had joined the pock

hot dry noodles, taste of course is that how to face itself, and refined flour noodles this is not enough, one can’t make bricks without straw, a good meal without material taste. Hot and dry noodles is mainly to see whether a dry mix sauce taste, this is the key to how the final taste of noodles. Have pock dry noodles in craftsmanship inherited the tradition, and constantly introduce advanced technology, innovation and introduction of the health food, non fried instant noodles hot noodles, a listing, will win the majority of chowhound who sought. Today, has gradually formed a pock hot and dry noodles hot and dry noodles as a leader, driven by other special snack products together with the development of production pattern, to create distinctive varieties, quality assurance, consumer convenience, cheap era of brand.

has joined the pock how

hot dry noodles

had pitted for the inheritance of hot dry noodles "original Cai Lin Ji" culture, carry forward the "original Cai Lin Ji" spirit, let more people understand the original "Cai Lin Ji", more people can enjoy the "original" delicious Cai Lin ji. Wuhan poly Sen Park diet culture dissemination limited company cordially invites franchisees around, to help laid-off workers in poor business shop. We support the profit oriented, so that all franchisees to open the first profit, after paying the fee to join


had pitted hot and dry noodles are:

join advantage

1. obtains the trademark right of use, can enhance the shop advertisement effect and the appeal;

2. franchisee can get system management training and business assistance;

3. adequate supply and frequency effective promotion, beyond competitors;

4. franchisees can reduce advertising costs, to achieve good publicity;

5. franchisees are more likely to get financial help from their headquarters or banks;

6. to obtain the exclusive right to the designated area to protect the interests of investors;

7. franchisees can get a wider range of information sources;

8. existing strong strength and perfect sales, service, management conditions, is a powerful guarantee for success.

want to join or want to continue to understand, please leave a message on our website.