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Tang Shijun Shanghai dragon director, why choose A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services


2, encountered traffic bottlenecks, the boss.

is strange, some companies already have their own Shanghai dragon team, and they also come to us Shanghai dragon director professional Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, so far, our service has no less than 7 of Shanghai Longfeng director, their common point is completely out of pocket, and they asked us confidential. The execution is very strong, the execution is in place, of course, have all reached your goal.


so far, we do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, has more than four years. We are from the beginning of the second half of 2010 to provide professional Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, is the first company to provide professional services in China should be Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis.

, director of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, also do Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services.

is the number one company, the responsible person of the enterprise, directly looking for us to do this diagnosis, most have the right to speak, can be directly finalized. They do not have the professional Shanghai dragon team, so we can provide professional proposal for their diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng company website, they only need a diagnosis according to our book, easy to perform, do not need to build the Shanghai dragon team.

in more than four years, we have done more than 2000 websites in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, execution of good company, the feedback effect is very good, even some website traffic rapidly by more than 10 times.

our service website types but we only cover and contain everything, regular site service, B2B, B2C, company presentations, local communities, game portal, recruitment and other types of sites, more. We also love these types of websites, because doing too much, for this type of website too familiar, there has been a "list of small hills" feeling, so these types of sites do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, has the best effect.

3, to further improve the Shanghai dragon skills.

want to change jobs, go to the company for a better Shanghai Longfeng director, found that there are too many people to apply for this position, the competition is fierce. The boss of the company, let everyone prepare a company website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis book, a week later, take over, diagnosis who is good, who is the director of Shanghai dragon, well paid. The friend will find us, let them help.

two, Shanghai dragon director, why do Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic service

most of the Shanghai Phoenix director, looking for us to do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, the reason is: the company website traffic growth encountered a bottleneck, do, do, but the flow of this period of time is not growth, really don’t know how to continue to improve the flow, the boss is very anxious, very angry, want to approach, Shanghai Longfeng director wouldn’t have been.

1, Shanghai Longfeng director candidates need.

Is full of dry cargo! Second small and beautiful Shanghai dragon quiz, help to create high-quality w


on the other hand, in addition to the above said, but also the foundation of the website optimization, website search engine to make the structure according to the experience, make a web page with >


of course: strictly speaking, this does not belong to the role of the chain. Love in Shanghai’s eyes, the website brand is much more important than the hyperlink to.

last week, A5 marketing share owners "is the question and answer type dry cargo first small and beautiful! Shanghai dragon quiz, help webmaster to create high-quality website", after the quiz content release response is very big, so this time I made some webmaster answers, I hope to help you master, but also hope that the webmaster to WeChat the number of public questions, after the weekly update a webmaster ask

answer: the following suggestions, strict operation.

On the other hand, if the


asked: now love Shanghai very slowly included in the new

3, Webmaster Platform check the chain data, all pointing to the page does not exist outside the chain to add.

: nofollow is a chain of

: I love Shanghai will have a the new study period! Do write quality articles and with the new frequency is necessary at this time. The outside chain can do high quality friend chain, a month can do 1-2. There is to pay attention to the stability of the server, if the virtual host, try to buy a separate IP.

site with nofollow, such as Shanghai, Shanghai love love experience. So, you release the chain, then the chain that belongs to the content sharing, can obtain reputation. Moreover, quality content is widely spread in the website to get traffic may not be much, but if the content is enough, can also set up their own brand.

1, ?

nofollow is used to indicate the search engines do not track the link, love Shanghai in full compliance with the label, so it will not consider the voting function of.


asked: buy the old domain name to do a website, included released all the previous page, how to do

of course, if your website was drop right, the weight can not break through the bottleneck, in our side consulting Shanghai Dragon (贵族宝贝 /zhenduan/ diagnosis of Shanghai dragon), to provide the most professional advice Shanghai dragon A5 marketing, to help you create a (search for love and love the sea are the users of the site, improve the site to ensure 100%) weight, invalid full refund. We continue to read:


2, find out the rules URL the old page, add to the robots shielding the rules page.

is able to extract the old page URL, then submit the dead link in Shanghai webmaster tools.

8 important factors that influence the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng bottleneck

what factors will lead to the bottleneck of

theory often is the action of Siwon in action before we tend to have a theory of imagination and the expected effect, when the operation of certain operations, often affected by some theory, think that just as long as this operation, you can see the effect, but after the operation, what are not, this are often too theory of self enrichment, so expectations are too high, which has caused huge deviation in action.

then these factors really hinder us to a higher stage? So natural factors, is the outward diffusion of the origin, if oneself do not have a good mentality quality, where can seriously to find the problem itself, so as to solve the problem, get rid of the bottleneck. The bottleneck from the source itself seems to affect the level of our.


Shanghai dragon Er have the problem often is the new Shanghai dragon Er, optimization of the site did not experience pattern of broad, more likely to encounter the bottleneck of low level, not to mention those competition difficult operation bottleneck, often a small technical code optimization can make a no empirical studies on the optimization for several days. This is often a lack of experience, the operation is unable to start, a little bit of exploration, progress is very slow.

2. experience


love Shanghai launched, in this period is too high in the above hope, Jane would have thought for Shanghai dragon behavior and result in huge difference.


then… .


‘s own factors.

of Shanghai dragon remember reading a book called third, mentioned in the book have a point of view, that is a lack of Mr. Chinese, called mr.. This seems to say some Chinese often do not care about so much, but does not seem to be working on more demands on themselves, Shanghai dragon is the same, some Shanghai dragon Er, to a certain extent, feel it, almost on the line, it is not complacent, is almost on the line, this is can, have higher requirements on their own, in this market, not your mind and the market in the old driver so much, but knowledge is very broad, requirements for industry, competition, information, analysis and so on are more stringent requirements, if a new Shanghai dragon Er, you can almost always feel then, finally.

1. restricted

Mention the anchor text a the most important new algorithms such as pattern This seems to be the most

optimization is a long-term process, in this process, there is suffering from so impetuous, opinionated we own human weakness. Jane Shanghai Longfeng that seems to be an important obstacle to our bottleneck.

Jill analysis of the causes of stagnation of the blog snapshot

Shanghai dragon must.

From the

4. other auxiliary means.

fine, summed up the following Jill that causes stagnation of blog snapshot, regardless of right or wrong, just want to write for that, of course, also want to have expert advice.

3. update the content of dispersion.

Shanghai dragon is a long-term process, this was not enough to clean the son, to my little Bo, later insisted that

here, Jill also beginners a little advice: just before the blog is fully formed, should not be submitted to the search engine, wait until all the page layout, keywords are defined, and then submitted to a search engine. Perhaps, for the majority of Shanghai Phoenix veteran who has no problem.

may be the cause of the dry line, always want to make a blog ranking, but it did not love Shanghai every day. The ranking is not to say, now the basic snapshot also stagnated in 2010 years, Jill in the eyes, anxious heart.

from a blog to now, her son had a massive change page pattern, simplify address connection. This paper leads to a lot of love now Shanghai contains all 404. also have small changes a few keywords and description, although some people say that this is not important, but that it should be clean son is one of the reasons.

This blog The lack of

Jill do, originally wanted to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, mainly on the network marketing promotion, the two words on the Qingdao Shanghai dragon. But then written, something before the summary will find nothing to write, after all, their own in this line just a few months time, no experience, no direction, the article written will not have anything to write about. First the blog to record their first idea of living and constantly emerge and harassment, blog content more and more life, and the keyword of the website network marketing, Qingdao Shanghai dragon more and more do not take sides. I think this should be a reason.

1. blog changes.

blog built to now, Jill in the beginning and altogether heat, not a few days, the reqingjin down, hands are lazy, head also lazy, always want to write what, but too lazy to think, do not bother, resulting in blog update has not been timely, sometimes a few days better. Sometimes there are several days no more a.

long ago, want to make a blog of my own, the first original idea is to express their feelings in the above record, clean the little drops of life. After graduation, the accidentally broke into the half of IT workers in the industry, the surrounding environment, plus before the age of blogs get everything, so Jill to get rid of the got such a small place, to learn, to express, to record.

2. update frequency is low.


Content era is coming and content driven business models are everywhere

review: this content is the content of the website, that is, the main content of the text. Another meaning of this sentence is that even if there is no longer a cattle SEO, no content is no good.


what is content? 10 years ago, the webmaster most often speak of a word called "content is king, the chain is emperor", follow this idea to do SEO, 100 try lark. What this content says is the content of the website, namely content of the text is given priority to. Another meaning of this sentence is that even if there is no longer a cattle SEO, no content is no good, "one can’t make bricks without straw". In fact, further exploration, the Internet is a carrier, must bear more content, in order to achieve widespread dissemination.

from the PC era into the mobile Internet era, the Internet from the form of connections and terminals have undergone many changes, followed by content has changed, mainly change is more important. Fill in a variety of intelligent hardware and contemporary video everywhere, various content being extremely poor. Although we see so much content, but is never enough for business: the desire to have a platform and production more and more products to support demand; on the other hand, with the content of pioneering new media, since the media industry including more entrepreneurial projects are also more and more. Content driven has become the basis of the business model of this era, called this era "content era" is not excessive.

The advent of the

content era, content driven business models are everywhere,


is talking about now has gone beyond the content of these two words themselves, and the content of the form is extensive. This is mainly from the point of view of the product, because the product can not only shell, otherwise it is just an empty box. What the user wants is the inside of the box, not the box itself. For example, intelligent hardware, and simple hardware, simple hardware assembly can be used as long as OK, but the intelligent hardware to do is cloud service content in the Everfount output to the terminal, for users to entertainment or consumption. Content determines the winners, your business model, that is, by providing more value-added content to realize. Of course, the content here also includes service, which is a kind of content.

is the content producer, and the founder of each product believes that owning content is better than owning a content producer. Therefore, the beginning of literature was signed and built a lot of platinum author, in order to content can continue to generate, but also has copyright. Precisely because of the content, millet will poach Sina, micro-blog’s old heavy, do not say Lei Jun and old Shen’s relationship, how much money is spent digging old Shen is worth it. Because of the same content, LETV sports can dig Liu Jianhong and Huang Jianxiang CCTV commentary Oprah, not to mention the CCTV host multiple resignation of entrepreneurship phenomenon.

yes, from an industrial point of view, the content is upstream of the industry

Stationmaster, do you have technical ability

now many websites are playing "one of the most powerful," "certain first", "certain" door signs to attract visitors. Of course, I am no exception. Because everyone in this big profit tax-free Internet melee. Let’s talk about boasting. Take me for granted. I studied law at the University, but my computer skills were the most prominent. I spent two years in college making websites in my spare time. During this period, I learned a lot, especially in the field of station master’s technical accomplishment. The development of a website is good and bad, and the ability of stationmaster is inseparable.

1. web foundation

now has many webmaster, even the most basic HTML code can not understand, but all day shouting to do portal station. It must be impractical. You can ask those senior webmaster, which is not a computer master, which does not have web code, which is the personal basis for the station, is a successful webmaster at least.

2. network foundation

the so-called networking foundation is the degree to which you are familiar with the network. That is to say, when you have a problem, you should know which website to go to. Should know what method to solve?. Keep in mind 10 websites that you can use most. Adsense nets ah, Baidu index ah, outdated BBS, ah, and so on, encountered problems, first of all want to go to these sites to find solutions, or the simplest Baidu. Don’t ask people to help you in QQ all day. This helps you with that. There’s a little more work, more tutorials, more knowledge than anything else.

3. personal base

webmaster must be regularized, must learn to learn, how to survive in the Internet, must have a certain moral accomplishment. Do stand firm, and always go halfway. Many webmaster use horse, using some malicious code to make money, can only stay in base station. Want to be a good webmaster, should be sure to update every day content, understand the Internet information, understand the opponent information, find out their deficiencies. Don’t play tricks, it will only waste your precious money and time.

4. social foundation

a lot of people are standing alone. A man does technical work. Few teams will work together. Let’s not ignore the power of the team. Websites are popular things, and it’s hard to win everyone else’s favorite if your website is heavily personal. Teams can discuss and study multiple development plans with each other, and make up for a deficiency in technology. The big stations we do now believe in teamwork, not single handedly. Three Stooges are better than one Zhu Geliang,.

5.SEO basic

most traffic comes from search engines. How to let Baidu, Google like your station, more than your station, this is a very general thing. Related to the development of your website. Therefore, a webmaster must also know how to go to SEO, how to win in the battle for Baidu. The >

The old man read 33 things a China webmaster should know

, this is an old article, because it’s classic, so give it to the beginner and old hand to learn again.

              to do a Chinese webmaster; if you do not know the following questions, you will suffer a lot, or you may be a hapless webmaster.

1. webmaster can not know ASP, PHP, c++, net, but can not help but know HTML language. If you don’t know, fix him in a week. Even HTML do not know, how to do the link later, technology secretly fool you, a few do not know.

2. do webmaster, must know the small letter home but, if your domain name is registered in the small agency, estimates you bigger, want to transfer to many websites do half that agency has run away.

3. must know that the top registrar must know the ownership of the domain name and must use the whois to check the domain name itself.

4. must know that it’s no use just registering.Net.Cn, and you have to get.Com, or else the pain will last you a lifetime.

5. must know that the virtual host does not restrict IIS, and says IIS is cheating.

6. must know 100 webmaster, must have the heart of 5 adsense.

7. must join 5 webmaster groups, you must know your counterparts in the field of 10 websites of the latest developments.

There must be 2

8. QQ, a QQ can do the assassin or flash at any time. Spying on other people’s intelligence for their own use.

9. must know how to make money online, must be familiar with 5 alliance products, at any time put union advertising.

10. must know SEO, must know how to cheat search, this is the webmaster minimum requirements.

11. must have at least 3 domain names, 2 spaces, or not a webmaster.

12. must learn to respect, everyone on the Internet is a cow, each can access the Internet is cattle, may your arrogance lost a great opportunity,

13. must learn to steal, others have good, you must be able to quickly take, take possession of, so as to have beyond.

14. must have 2 proficient in ASP, PHP and other network technology friends, ready to help you

15. must have 2 hacker friends in different fields, and if you’re done, someone can help you.

16. must have 2 friends from the domain name, who have good things, and someone to help you buy and sell.

17. must learn soft text, a webmaster can’t write soft Wen, >

Successful websites should be user oriented

no doubt that needs a large extent site traffic website content support, but many people also found that when using the search is often the site or site’s Web site occupies a very good ranking, and that in order to get a better flow and some loyal users. The website also rely on content or by


of course, the content of the article is very important, but our website is in need of users, so when the website construction, or to user centric, because access to users is the root of the site. We can see some trading website or Web2.0 website owners themselves do not produce content, but they can provide services to the user or platform, let users exchange the platform, allowing users to create content, this is indeed a saving of the construction site of the way.

of course we often consider optimization, but if your traffic is particularly high, at the same time your jump out rate is high, or the user on the site a very short residence time, what is the value of this website for


many people do believe that rely on content have flow, there are a large number of stations on the development, acquisition, human or update, or false original, only in exchange for the Internet more duplicate content, the result is the final result of the search user dissatisfaction, discontent, also led to the site development is not up, the content of the website is to do to whom, is for the user to view the content has to be determined by the user, then the most important website or to the user to the king, with the user to the core content and services, such as content based website, in the content of the organization should pay attention to the user experience, and make the content let users love the site.

of course, there are many websites, he has to rely on content to bring traffic, then please in the construction of appropriate content, from the user’s solution to design. For users to create content, in the presentation of the way to be more user centric. because it is a medical website, so it needs to attract users through content, in the embodiment of the user as the center, the place is provided free online consultation, to meet the needs of visitors.

technical director of Google, said a word "users love website, Google love", actually is the same as other sites, also began to simulate the behavior patterns of users in the search engine, and the search engine will be based on the user on the site click rate and residence time, to the effect of key words on the site ranking.

Today’s headlines overseas version of TopBuzz products and operations are different

TopBuzz as today’s headlines sea products, products, content and operations are remarkable.

, did you see ads in today’s headlines "making dollars, getting on TopBuzz?"

What is

TopBuzz? The overseas version of today’s headlines is simply understandable. In 2015 October on-line, in March this year, there have been many days in North America APP STORE to get the top spot in the news standings. Just like another "today’s headlines" rhythm, what exactly did TopBuzz do to get a good record? This article will show you what it is.


In terms of

products, TopBuzz uses a design similar to today’s headlines. The bottom navigation bar is the home page, video, attention, and user settings. The home page displays personalized content, and the optional content channels include GIF, entertainment, sports, politics, science, and so forth. The video bar is a hot video captured by the major video platforms. Attention is the corresponding micro column headline of today’s headlines, but compared with the difference between today’s headlines and more biased in favor of the mainstream media in the United States, as recommended by the TopBuzz CNN Bloomberg, USA media, Today, bar made a classification for media attention, user-friendly search. TopBuzz supports Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts for direct logon.


today’s headlines CEO, Zhang Yiming said in an interview, "today’s headlines do not produce content, just news porters."". The main source of today’s headlines is the content of major news websites and media. As the overseas version of today’s headlines in the content source is similar to today’s headlines, the main source of information from TopBuzz to each big media, video sites, including CNN, NBC, Yahoo, YouTube, Jukin Media.

headlines today in the country since the media has been more mature cultivation, a large number of content from the media. TopBuzz, too, continues the idea of paying users for readings and setting up incentives to reward high-quality content.

video is today’s headlines and TopBuzz joint force focus, today’s headlines in the country alone launched a small volcano video, and TopBuzz also has a special TopBuzz Video APP.


in terms of access to users, the application market naturally need not be the focus of TopBuzz force, only on the Google Play, TopBuzz has more than 70 thousand of the user score.


What is the operating method of imported food store

now the people’s living conditions better, for life in all aspects of the demand is higher, with the improvement of living standards, food imports are popular, more and more investors to open up imported food store. But if you want to own the store business is hot, not only to have a good product, but also to have a good method of operation, so as to make it easy for you to open a shop, easy to get rich. So, for the novice, how to operate in order to successfully open an imported food store?

first, pay attention to the taste of snacks. Usually to communicate with customers, to understand the tastes of local consumers, continue to adjust; snack shop profit? Purchase from the taste of more effort, the goods do not lie in more than the essence, to be as far as possible to introduce some new products with market potential, to respond to changes in consumer demand for new psychological and consumer demand changes.

second, store location is very important. In order to ensure that the source, the store to choose in the flow of people, young people are relatively more locations, such as the downtown business district, the surrounding schools, large traffic near the cinema is a good choice.

third, consumers now pay great attention to food hygiene, so the store must be clean, clean, candy, dried fruit to use transparent packaging simple, make the guest clearly see the real appearance of food, including its freshness and color etc..

fourth, the goods are placed in particular. High priced food can be placed on the top shelf, this type of food for the attention of the brand of white-collar workers, you are not much more expensive; snack shop profit? Mid-range price placed in the middle of the shelf, convenient for ordinary consumers to buy; in the bottom shelf, you can put the children like to eat candy, such as candy, candy, etc..

fifth, food packaging should have its own style, while taking into account the preferences of different consumer groups. Exquisite packaging can increase the added value of food, so that food is more value for money, so as to attract more people with a certain spending power. Now a lot of young white-collar workers are directed at the exquisite packaging, even if they spend more money they will not care.

finally, know how to use the holiday to expand market share. Although the consumption of snacks, regardless of the season, but the peak of the sale is still relatively concentrated, such as the Spring Festival, may day, national day, as well as the usual weekend is the season of sales. Chocolate and other candy is more obvious seasonal, summer sales are low, and a cool season, sales will rise quickly. Around the year, the sales of chocolate and candy will be doubled.

if you think this industry has a great prospect to dig it, hope that we can in the business a little more attention, if you can master the five management skills, can help you better shop, let you easily many millions recommended