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The new tricks included 4 days of perfect map with the truth

tips is actually in love in Shanghai library.

is not easy, please attached link how to practice how thin abdominal stomach |贵族宝贝healthyab贵族宝贝/

love Shanghai search engine upgrade, new collection has become increasingly slow, how to make the new love Shanghai online mixed fast included, there are many, here, Xiao Zhou only shared his personal experience, 100 percent right, dare to say, but there is definitely effect, hope for the novice friends to help and reference.

principle is very simple, the new station should be made quickly, in fact let love Shanghai more attention to your own natural products, a high degree of concern about it, and love all of Shanghai’s products, love Shanghai library is one of the most easily with the chain products, very suitable for our rookie novice friends to operation.

1. library best high quality, best illustrated, its length, the Yang Shanghai library will love this is focusing on you this file.

, this station is 12 years in June 4th before the new 12 years, June 8th was included.

The original

2. second best, there are few people go, you can arrange for friends to download, and then go to a minute comment.

After As shown in figure

Finally, Xiao Zhou said several points of

was also found their own tips and summary, also want to learn to master the Master, possession, as to why? That circulated widely, what effect the effectiveness, we should understand, but think about it or forget to carry forward the spirit of sharing, A5, feedback to society, thanks to the party’s cultivation, pulled calf. The most important thing is to help more, rookie, novice friends.


first of all to see my new sites, how to practice abdominal


Personal websites for money or interest

recently, I have been playing Warcraft, suddenly feel that playing games is so a waste of time, so I want to find something else on the Internet to do

What does

do? The online thing, as a common Internet user, we are not actively seeking and passively accepting

so, I began to think, why is it always on someone else’s Web site? Can I not build my own website,


was held CN free, all activities, but I still spent 1 cents on Taobao registered a CN, for free, people scared of

that’s it. I’ve got my first domain name:

Why does

apply for the domain name? Because I love to write the forum — dingdingding!!! I want to love each irrigation, the forum friends have written "top" impulse, the 4 letter domain name registration is basic light, more letters, but also let people remember, I think of, I haven’t registered

has the domain name, that certainly wants to find the space, looks for the cheapest one, continues, I have washed for a long time in Taobao, has found a space which

50 yuan /G/ years

so, I have the first belongs to my network home

in this way, spent 50 yuan, 1 points RMB, I have the premise of the site needs

then, what do you want to do?.

personal website, alas, and no technology, and no money, what to do? Online search for a long time, in the webmaster BBS thinking for a long time. What are my strengths? What can I do?. Thinking for 2 days, I spent 2 days in the webmaster bbs. On the one hand search site source, on the one hand search for information. Big brain, never made a website. In order to adjust, I want to go to the lower movies to see, relax and relax.

thunder! Isn’t thunder a free resource? Why can’t I put everyone else’s free resources together, and there are a lot of them?.

that’s it. I got my first idea.

then, is to find the station program, I found the CMS Empire, took 2 days to change a bit before learned a little HTML, but for the interface box is not only because of experience, Jane built, as long as the content is full, must have access to the site. Baidu interface is not very simple, of course, can not be compared with Baidu, ha ha,


2 days, I have been to the big movie forum, collected countless movies, built in March 16th, and by March 18th, I collected more than 150 of the latest movie thunderbolt link. So far, more than 60 people have visited my website.

, +50.01RMB a week, finished my first >

Good way to make money

computer is the greatest invention of this century, the emergence of the computer, for our life has brought about many aspects of the revolution! So, how to use the computer to make money? How to use the computer to get rich? May wish to take a look at!

website to earn extra money

free register, create a project to offer your services and get paid by PayPal. On the $five service area ( website, everything is $5. People   can be provided from the software installation to produce funny video and other services. It is very simple to use, very easy to use. What kind of projects? Record video recommendation, write poetry, install WordPress, make logo, what  .

software development

apply for moderators, earn pocket money

apply for moderators, to some forums such as apply to do Sohu forum moderator. What can you do at home? Do the moderator of the treatment is stable but not high, and different sites to the moderator of the   treatment is not the same. Be the first to be interested, and must have a fixed time every day to manage the forum. For a large number of friends, may wish to apply to do the moderator, not only to meet the moderators do vanity, you can also get a little material gains.

apply for moderators, earn pocket money

apply for moderators, to some forums such as apply to do Sohu forum moderator. What can you do at home? Do the moderator of the treatment is stable but not high, and different sites to the moderator of the   treatment is not the same. Be the first to be interested, and must have a fixed time every day to manage the forum. For a large number of friends, may wish to apply to do the moderator, not only to meet the moderators do vanity, you can also get a little material gains.

designed to do the investigation for


Internet to fill out the questionnaire in a foreign country, many years ago has designed to do the investigation for the industry people. What can we do at home part-time but we do a survey on the Internet in China is the recent rise of a simple, free to work at home  . Do make money transferred off need to fill out the questionnaire, accumulation. Fill in the questionnaire to make money on the Chinese before the rise, so I suggest that you decide to do before the air traveler must be careful to understand, only to do the site. Not only depends on the site’s hardware, but also take the initiative to the front of the members of the advisory. < >

How to manage the small children’s clothing store

now society, along with the relaxation of the state family planning policy, so there are a lot of people are beginning to pay attention to children’s clothing industry market opportunities, especially some personalized children’s products, in the market is very popular.


finally store layout: Children’s clothing store and window can display the best price of goods or services. It should be noted that there is a gap between the physical display of the error will usually lead to customer dissatisfaction, so that visitors reduce. Can also try to change the way the display of goods, so that people have a new look.


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Investment adviser for you to analyze the ten major business taboo

want to get rich quickly, certainly can not do, only to do business in order to quickly earn the first gold in life. Want to do business, do you know what are the ten major taboo to do business? Below, along with Xiaobian together to understand it!

two bogey: seat doors off

avoid: Commodity up shot

Four: save the money

five note: ambitious

sevenavoid: />

eight bogey: Hi heat up cold

nine bogey: Hot impetuous

got popular information, no investigation research, do not understand.

How about opening a tea shop How profitable

        milk tea is a favorite drink of young people, with the increasing market demand, open a milk tea shop? The following business small series for everyone to introduce it, hoping to help more entrepreneurs.

        open a milk tea shop, a lot of investors due to the early funding is not very adequate, so the best choice is to choose the location of the heat from the cold. Its choice is now optimistic about the location of the store business operators, it is better to choose the future will not be optimistic about the current heat from the streets or urban areas.

        transportation convenience. In the vicinity of the main station, or on the street where the customer does not walk more than 20 minutes. Choose which side is more conducive to the operation, the need to observe the traffic flow on both sides of the road to pedestrians on the other side as well.

        open a milk tea shop, in order to the future development needs, but also choose to have advertising space store. Some stores do not have an independent facade, tea shop in front of the natural loss of independent advertising space, but also makes you lose in the investment franchise before the play marketing wisdom space.

        commercial center street. The best things to South street. North and south to the west side of the street is best to sit as far as possible at the crossroads of the Northwest corner. Besides, it’s a good place. On the slope of the road is not desirable. Road surface and the shop floor height can not be too wide.

        in the opening of a milk tea shop, investors should grasp the basis of these innovative ways to shop. Mastered the shop method, in the actual operation of milk tea shop, it is easier to succeed. This is now the investment franchisee who understand? In the process of opening a milk tea shop, but also the use of these operating methods better, so that investment is not a problem to join the profit.

        through the above introduction, believe in your tea shop management way, if you have more understanding, it is quite fast, real money project, looking for you to join.

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Husband’s alcoholism became crazy failure violence wife

recently, Licang District Court issued the first personal safety protection order, ruling within six months no respondent Kang beatings, intimidation, harassment, contact the applicant tracking, xiaomou and their close relatives.

2006 in September 22nd, the personal safety protection order woman xiaomou and the respondent Kang married and fathered a child. After Kang because of job promotion, more entertainment started drinking, home often to xiaomou insults, beatings. Later, Kang resignation venture fails, the escalation of violence took a cigarette burns xiaomou in front of the children, stabbed xiaomou legs, even driving the car hit xiaomou. Xiaomou escape to the homes of relatives, but still often by Kang’s harassment and intimidation. Xiaomou Licang district court to apply for personal safety protection order.

after receiving the application, the judge made a law prohibited by the applicant Kang beatings, intimidation, harassment, contact the applicant tracking, xiaomou and its close relatives of civil ruling, ruled the validity period for six months. Court also to the local police station, community neighborhood committee served a civil ruling. If the applicant is in violation of the above provisions, the court shall, depending on the seriousness of the case, impose a fine or detain him; if a crime is constituted, he shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

as of now, the city’s two courts issued a personal safety protection order of 17 copies.

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How to do a good job with the wedding marketing

in a variety of cigarette market demand, wedding consumption not only smoke, and people for the price is often not too seriously, therefore, for any one shop, do the wedding for cigarette marketing work, there will be a great help for the development of the business of the shop. With the wedding market is active, with the increase in demand for wedding cigarettes.

in the choice of wedding smoke, consumers in order to create a festive atmosphere, often prefer to buy festive packaging, affordable cigarettes. Currently in Jiyang local wedding market, wedding with cigarette brands is relatively concentrated, mainly the "Taishan" series of "luxury", "grand", "BAXI", "Wang Yue" and "movement" and "general" and other specifications.

wedding market as a feature of the market, in guiding the consumption will also affect the cigarette sales structure, so in the wedding with tobacco marketing should pay attention to a certain strategy, leave the sex service route.

establish a good reputation

do a good job in the wedding with tobacco breeding can not only promote the growth of cigarette sales, but also enhance brand awareness, brand effect.

the principle of small profits and quick turnover many people know. Sales of direct profits may not be more than a wedding, but a large one-time sales. Many retail customers like to get married with the smoke of the business, because it is relatively low profits, but the reputation can be quickly established in the short term. So, for some retail customers, with the wedding smoke to do word of mouth is the most appropriate.

go local characteristics route

wedding smoke will bring a lot of retail customers new business growth point, but should be based on the characteristics of local consumption and consumption oriented, according to the actual situation to promote the wedding smoke. You can try the following three strategies: one is to learn the way the promotion of large stores, to have the needs of consumers with the wedding smoke to carry out activities such as buy one get one, and so on, to provide customers with some small gifts.

two is to establish a trust relationship with customers. Timely understanding of the needs of customers around the stock in advance; for larger and reliable customers, you can take the first delivery of cigarettes, and then pay the way. Three is to provide customers with attentive service. To help customers calculate the cost of wedding smoke, given a different program of smoke, so that customers choose the right situation according to their own wedding smoke.

precise positioning service object

in the promotion of the wedding smoke, according to the local consumption capacity and customs of the precise positioning of the service object.

now has a lot of places to sell cigarettes, however, until consumers are really married