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You don’t know Ma Dong he used to be a IT male for 10 yearsTai Chi chain send Q coins CPC product la

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isn’t just one Ma Dong who turns from television to entrepreneur. But why is Ma Dong so successful,


before becoming a TV person, who knows Ma Dong is actually a IT technology man?.

Ma Ji

, Ma Ji, the crosstalk master, ordered the death of Ma Dong, the only son, who was not allowed to learn crosstalk. Probably because at that time, those who studied crosstalk were too poor. So Ma Dong, 18, went to Australia to learn what was the most lucrative profession — the computer. This went on for 10 whole years, IT men.

mentioned Ma Dong, and the first thing that came to mind was the little fat man who was talking about Ma Ji’s son’s name on the Spring Festival Gala, or "MM horse" in "wonderful flowers",

respected stationmaster:

, however, Ma Dong didn’t want to be a IT male all his life. He felt that his life shouldn’t have been like this. Perhaps because of the strong genetic factors, and may be influenced by the family environment, although Ma Dong has not had the opportunity to learn the comic, but he was speaking to the profession have a yearning, want to have a stage to show their eloquence. So, he decided to give up working time abroad, to return to the domestic TV industry to learn.

in this way, has long been working for 4 years, Ma Dong, re admitted to the Beijing Film Academy TV professional. In 1998, Ma Dong, 30, entered Hunan tv.

Abstract: Ma Ji, a crosstalk master, gave his only son, Ma Dong, a "no cross talk" order. Probably because at that time, those who studied crosstalk were too poor. So Ma Dong, 18, went to Australia to learn what was the most lucrative profession — the computer. This went on for 10 whole years, IT men.



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today, Xiao Bian will take you closer to Ma Dong’s growth path and see what is the key to creating today’s Ma Dong.

decided to his son is not very understanding, also do not support: "you are 27 years old, now switch to time?" however, Ma Dong would take the risk, if you can’t do something you really love, what is the meaning of life.

‘s first adventure: Code farming, career change, media


Eileen Chang said to be famous as. Ma Dong can tell you, wherever you how old, as long as you have a dream, have the determination and spirit, not to the status quo of the heart and want to do, then, change is never too late.

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Ma Dong study abroad tuition, Ma Ji saved for many years 30 thousand yuan, and when Ma Dong began working in Australia, income is already several times the father.

and Ma Dong has long since left Iqiyi, his own business, he founded the media did not, the valuation of 2 billion,

second Adventure: switch to the Internet TV

Some views on CZ webmaster tools like Shanghai traffic sources


later, the author summed up the look, yesterday I was changed under the site keywords, are changed to some ranking keywords, a keyword is at the beginning of the scrawl. From the keyword ranking, now a lot of keyword ranking, a method of calculation of the flow of Shanghai love this is perhaps the CZ webmaster tools, see keyword ranking. Here, I thought, how to write words not much, in fact, this is a mistake, do not think that key words can make up on the line, in fact you use Adsense tools to check on the know.

I have talked about in the first place, if you have several keyword rankings, then check out information from Shanghai love traffic sources will increase, but actually the love from Shanghai IP did not increase, this is perhaps one of the shortcomings of webmaster tools. But I think if you write keywords are written with ranking >

Links, the webmaster habits will check with the webmaster tools, and with more than CZ is the webmaster tools, for example, look at the website traffic, website ranking and keyword recording and snapshot etc.. However, today I want to tell you is that you don’t be fooled webmaster tools, take a stand on my own it, today with CZ webmaster tools to check, love Shanghai more than 43 traffic sources, but you love to see Shanghai log statistics, found from the sea to fall in love with only a few IP. Why did this happen?

Shanghai dragon


for Shanghai dragon in the Shanghai dragon, personal feeling Chinese ER who is happy, because of Shanghai Longfeng condition have a website, we as long as a Shanghai Phoenix webmaster tools to check, all know, love Shanghai in the first row of the search tool is Shanghai dragon home station Shanghai dragon webmaster tools, so, whether it is Shanghai or Shanghai dragon dragon practitioners, amateur, people should use the tool number is relatively large, others dare not say any, I have used this tool to check the website of Shanghai dragon of every day, and for the traffic to the site, believe that the webmaster for the more love Shanghai statistics. Some of the problems with CZ webmaster tools below the author from personal website optimization of an enterprise over time to give you some explanation.

, CZ webmaster tools is how to calculate the love Shanghai traffic sources

yesterday I checked or love Shanghai traffic sources 10, today why so many


practitioners should do every day is to check your site keywords ranking, website traffic status, of course, maybe you are not every day to check the relevant keywords ranking, for Shanghai Phoenix, your situation is to understand every day.

two, Shanghai traffic sources in Webmaster Tools in keyword ranking plays an important role for

Six ways to make money on the Internet

in the Internet era, the use of the Internet to make money is to conform to the trend of practice. Do not need to invest too much money on the Internet, just a computer, easy to get ready for business. So, what do you make money online? The following small series to introduce you to several common ways to make money online!

1, the best way to make money online is to build a web site or blog to earn money by advertising and selling products or services. To know that there are many types of online blogging, you need to choose a blog style that matches your interests, plans, and technical level. A simple blog only through the use of paid blog sites, at least a month can earn hundreds of dollars.

2, learning online alliance marketing: online sales refers to the product or service network promotion, when the customer in your recommendation to buy goods, then you can get the commission. You can see this blog — how do make money online Amoy, depending on what you are selling, such as all the normal operation, marketing alliance will be the best way to make money online.

3, create an online career: build your own online business or company to make a profit by selling your special services or products. Popular online trade, including: web design, advertising copy writing, online marketing, such as the beginning of the business is very difficult to recruit suitable candidates, but also have sufficient knowledge and relationships in the industry.

4, domain name trading and online real estate transaction: This is to make money by buying and selling, the development of domain name, a domain name owner to buy a lot of domain name, the domain name and then sold to other interested buyers, and this line is similar to the real estate transaction. Domain owners also rely on the development of the site, and then sold online to buyers to make money. This is known as " reselling site " if you know how to create a web site that is both attractive and profitable, it’s a way to make money online.

5, to join the ranks of paid sites: there are a lot of paid web site, is the site to pay for you to receive mail, do research, try to register and browse the web. Websites that pay you to complete your registration are usually paid for. The advantage is that you do not need to have their own website or any personal technology, the drawback is that there are many online fraud in this area, to find a legitimate website may be difficult to pay.

6, looking for an online virtual Occupation: Online occupation is not limited to data entry, said virtual assistant, McKinnon, virtual life coach and open source software work in the new economy blog, Bitwine and Ether in such a small consulting website to help, you will be able to easily shop, and then through the network to provide suggestions some special problems. Most virtual work is through direct communication as the electronic media network phone, instant messaging and email like this, it means you only need one can access the home computer can engage in online virtual work to make money.

If you are a

> nine to five

The whole for your analysis of Fuzhou economic development status

Fujian as a coastal city in China, in the process of economic development, has made remarkable achievements is obvious to all, the provincial capital of Fuzhou’s achievements are very much! Since last September, Fuzhou vigorously promote the right to do, do solid work to promote the spirit of "hundred days tackling Fuzhou District," maritime Fuzhou "construction, to ensure the successful completion of the task of the annual economic goals. The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of statistics, last year the city’s investment in fixed assets 518 billion 436 million yuan, exceeded five hundred billion yuan, the total ranks first in the province, an increase of 6.8% over the first 8 months of year-on-year increase of 2.4 percentage points.

Municipal Bureau of Statistics said that the annual growth rate higher than in previous months, indicating that the latter 4 months of high growth, and higher than the average level of the previous 8 months. In the first place there are indicators of agricultural and rural economy. According to statistics, the city’s total production of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and Fisheries 86 billion 625 million yuan, an increase of 4.1%, the total number of the province continued to dominate the province, an increase of more than the provincial average of 0.4 percentage points. The city’s agricultural and rural economic sustainable healthy and stable growth, to achieve a good start in 13th Five-Year.

at the same time, the city’s industrial enterprises boom index, entrepreneurs confidence index bottomed out. The city’s above scale industrial output value of 848 billion 833 million yuan, exceeded 800 billion yuan, the added value of 198 billion 302 million yuan, an increase of 7.7%. Among them, the high-tech manufacturing added value of 26 billion 432 million yuan, an increase of 7.4%; strategic emerging industries outstanding contribution, the cumulative increase of value of $45 billion 594 million, an increase of 9.3%.

in the wave of economic development, the economic development of the city is not the same as the current situation, but a good look at the current economic situation of the brand in the market can be better in accordance with the development of the market situation. Confidence is closely related to development of non-public enterprise and private investment in the private enterprises as the main body of the non-public enterprises in Fuzhou City, the total added value of 166 billion 235 million yuan, accounting for the city’s industrial scale reached 83.8%, an increase of 8.6%. Private enterprises realized a total value of 66 billion 618 million yuan, an increase of 10%, pulling the scale of industrial growth of more than 3 percentage points, showing strong vitality.

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Beijing into a product rich project – barbecue franchise

barbecue has become the best food in our lives, a small entrepreneurial choice to join the Beijing into a product barbecue? 2017, the rich project preferred. In the food and beverage market, is also very delicious. If you join the market into a meat barbecue project, is also a very exciting. Act quickly!

big market, revenue fast

Jing into a product of one of the best known as the roast in 2013, the first to get rich from its broad market. China has 1 billion 400 million people, of which less than 1 billion are our target consumers, is the world’s largest market. 2011 domestic food and beverage market consumption exceeded 1 trillion and 500 billion mark, an increase of nearly 20%.

recently, rinse roast catering, with extraordinary speed, streets and lanes, become the hotel cafe’s flagship product, operating the boiling and baking products, big market, small investment, wide variety, customers, low risk, high profit, quick returns, food delicacy dominance, and no one can.

bake one, eat, drink, play, music

2013 best Beijing rich project into a product development is grilled, hung Yu Chuan (Beijing) catering management limited in the national consumer groups conducted the investigation and analysis of data, Chinese and Korean style barbecue Hot pot essence of the perfect combination, launched a new ultra low threshold investment to rinse the baked food model and the use of customer care, way to entertain in business, will eat and drink and play, into one, let customers eat happy, eat well.

2017 what project to join? The best investment in 2017 rich project "Beijing as a" creative restaurant, small investment, not limited to the crowd, no age limit, no limit, as long as careful management, as long as the standard operation, can win the market and win real tangible real money! To earn windfall profits


small entrepreneurial choice to join the market into a product of barbecue? Brand strength, entrepreneurship no longer trouble. Easy to learn to start fast, successful business, you are still hesitant what? Join the Beijing into a product barbecue good? Much attention, favored choice!

Striving for national civilized city is our responsibility to enter the ranks of the students

Uncle aunt, please take a piece of information…… Sister, brother please take care of our city……" In September 2nd, Datong Street Primary School Students in Xining city streets, side to the public dissemination of civilized city publicity, while using the kind words to tell the public, in order to win the national civilized city we work together.

the same day, Datong Street primary school grade five or six students braved the hot sun, standing on the street to passers-by distributed leaflets. They each see a passer-by will take the initiative forward, with both hands of the school printed "big hand little hand to build a civilization city — to the public a letter", and said with a smile, "living in Xining, we are a member of Xining people’s happiness; to create a civilized city, every one of us Xining people’s responsibility."

although, they are just a group of primary school students, but the love of hometown is not inferior. One of the sixth grade students told reporters: "the construction of a beautiful environment, civilized and harmonious Xining city is our common aspiration, we must start from the minor matter, starts from the side, each of our efforts to make Xining further from civilization." These hopeful children called on all citizens to join hands to respond positively to the call of the Xining municipal government, with enthusiasm, practical action, to build Xining into a national civilized city to contribute their wisdom and strength!

at present, Xining is striving for "national civilized city", which is the municipal Party committee and government to make a better way to make our living environment a better decision. Mr Li said: "as a member of Xining City, we should actively respond to, and with the greatest enthusiasm to the civilization construction of the cause of Xining, Xining this is our responsibility as is our mission."


Xining Federation of trade unions to create a staff culture

did not expect that we can actually build a small house in the construction of corporate culture plays such a big role, so welcomed by workers". Recently, Bai Jingang, chairman of the Federation of trade unions from the city of vertical and horizontal industrial and Commercial Co., Ltd. visited the staff room to observe the scene repeatedly.

it is understood that the tour will promote the Xining City Federation of trade unions in accordance with the municipal Party committee to promote cultural development and prosperity of a city and tackling "requirements, combined with their own advantages and characteristics in the city to carry out extensive" reading staff years "theme one of the series of activities. In recent years, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions carefully build cultural workers union House Inn, the cultural connotation and extension of vector function in practice, become a "University" role of trade unions play an important base and enhance the quality of workers; become the important carrier of corporate culture and employee culture construction. Up to now, the city has built a staff room model 98, plans this year, the new municipal workers bookstore 20. (author: Ye Wenjuan Bao Minwen)

Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee held the twelve meeting of the seventy-fourth

4 12, twelve National People’s Congress Standing Committee held the seventy-fourth meeting of the directors, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress, Deng Bentai expensive hair, Ma Wei, Cao Hong, Secretary General Jia Yingzhong attended the meeting. Deng Bentai presided over the meeting.

meeting discussed the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee on the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress of the twenty-sixth meeting of the proposed issues and the date of the meeting, listened to the relevant departments to report on the preparation of the proposed issue.

meeting listened to the provincial people’s Congress on the twelve Provincial People’s Congress on the arrangement of the views of the NPC Standing Committee of the seventeenth.

, deputy secretary of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, the provincial Commission for discipline inspection organs of the National People’s Congress in the province discipline inspection group, the special committee of the provincial people’s Congress, the office of the election committee, the provincial people’s Congress supervision personnel on behalf of the responsible person, director of the office hall to attend the meeting.


Qinghai to overcome the difficulties of drilling industry hit in recent years, China’s rare oil well

lion 1-2 well tested 912 square meters of crude oil, natural gas, oil and gas equivalent to more than 1000 tons daily output of more than 110 thousand tons……" In April 13th, Qinghai drilling company manager Mu Huiliang talked about a few days ago in the Spanish hit high-yield wells area of Qinghai oilfield is still excited to conceal his face.

"in Qinghai Qaidam Basin Tectonic salt drilling es lion 1-2 wells, drilling formation pressure has work grams, drilling fluid density, the high and low pressure interbed and many other industry problems, overcome various problems under complicated geological conditions, a major breakthrough in power es between salt fractured oil and gas reservoir exploration." Mu Huiliang said.

lion 1-2 wells is located in the Qaidam area Ying Xi Shi 20 well area, the original design of wells wells 2631 meters deep, after three times of design change, and ultimately determine the design well depth is 3500 meters, achieved in October 26, 2015 opened.


region is the focus of this year’s Qinghai Oilfield Company exploration block, the block of deep buried depth, fractured oil and gas pressure, many faults, pores, cracks, high yield, well leakage, high and low voltage alternating layers of lead to the "narrow pressure window", there is always "leaky spray transformation", is the well drilling process must overcome the problem.

talked about the difficulties encountered in drilling, drilling team Changbai Qingjiang said with emotion: "many endanger mine safety complicated accompanied, in late November to early December in just a week, appeared two wells during high and low leakage, interbed and other complex emerging, it is impossible to guard against."

face the problem, Qinghai drilling drilling plan ahead will es security as a priority among priorities, from the company’s safety, engineering technology, drilling fluid technology, supervision and other departments to deploy HSE technology backbone, consisting of an Shizigou drilling project group, from "a well a policy refinement to a" policy ", divided into wells a set of technical measures and well control technology. In the organization of production, is to achieve the production by the former command, the scene to solve the key process, marking at work, the drilling team construction to eat "reassurance". The crew also has overcome the problem of complex geological conditions, well structure is difficult to determine. Successfully solve and avoid the risk of leakage, drilling, well control, etc..

with the deepening of drilling, the oil and gas show is also increasingly active. In April 2nd, drilling to 3004 meters of DST, April 5th blowout test oil, oil and gas more than Nissan won high yield wells 1000 tons, which is rare in recent years Chinese oil producing well.


Cheap vegetables into the district residents Huimin Huimin convenience

Recently, a truck loaded with vegetables into the provincial capital city of the south part of the new city community, followed by a neatly placed plastic baskets were removed. Affordable prices of vegetables, attracted residents and passers-by around stop buying. Unloaded from the car less than an hour, a lot of vegetables basket to see the bottom.

to support cheap vegetables into the area, Metro community actively coordinate the residential property to do logistical work, ensure that the vegetables train can smoothly enter the residential sales. In an interview, the reporter learned that the residents are hoping to set up a fixed point vegetables through the car. Under the strong support of the town government in the city district, the new community in the town of Victoria and the application of the establishment of the green garden in the fixed parity vegetables direct point two. In the day of direct sales, food is generally very good sales, like cabbage, celery, tomatoes on the table people this kind of homely dishes, almost every day sold out, are very happy to get affordable residents, provide affordable food party farm management also felt satisfied.