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Talk about the domain name contains the keyword function from the perspective of Shanghai Dragon

first enhanced domain name in the search results of the exposure rate. Many webmaster every day about how to make your site in the search results display more prominent, and can quickly cause the user’s attention. Relatively speaking, if you can put your site ICO icon in the search results show it is undoubtedly the rapid method to improve their website professional degree, but this method needs a web site with a visibility of its flow. For individual operation of the site to complete the dream is a bit difficult, naturally we need to go back to the times, from the domain name in hand. When your domain name contains the user using the search terms, the search engine will be given in bold, as shown above, when the user in the search of the 12345 keywords, if your website ranking in front and 12345 in the domain name on the keywords, the search led Zhi will be shown above the bold show, when users see their search domain containing keywords, will undoubtedly make the user interest generated on your site in the search results, and are in bold domain can be from a number of search results, let users see to your website, after all, bold words can make people a strong visual impact, not only that, when your domain name contains keywords and coincides with the users to search the word, the bold display of the site allows you to enhance professionalism is not small, At the same time also shows that this is consistent with the search engine to match good ranking principle.

domain name appears when users search words, search engine will be the bold, as shown in figure

followed by easy access to search engine recognition. As everyone knows, the website needs efficient ranking and included quantity, must first let search engine recognition site. Many owners think that search engine recognition site is the most effective a massive increase in the chain to the site. In fact, for this I think it is not the best, although the chain can make search engine recognition site, but is not the most simple and effective ways. Easy access to search engine recognition method is in the domain name registration, first determine the type of site, and the use of network >

with the correlation search engine more and more attention to the site, whether it is the content of the chain or Links or domain name, they contain the words of the site, giving the impression of one plus one equals two is not so simple, especially the domain name contains keywords to let Shanghai Longfeng optimization more saving time. Because when there is a domain name and user search relevant keywords, the search engine will be given in bold, used to prompt the user to this website domain name are even with your search keywords, its value may be a little higher. From the perspective of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, not only can make the website domain name appears keywords relevant keywords ranking is better, but also for quick access to the search engine trust is very worth a try. Then the domain name contains keywords from our perspective to see the Shanghai dragon has several advantages.


Shanghai, you do have the details determine success or failure

2., flash and JS. First of all, call too much will affect the speed of the open web site, and the search engine does not recognize these types of code, for users and search engines, are not friendly. But do these sites are others, we only have to listen to people say, people are willing to get rid of the excessive JS and flash code, the final decision or the people.

first said under the structure of the website, I believe that every webmaster know the structure of the site more concise for the website rankings better. So what kind of website architecture is the most concise? Such as: the website is CSS and div structure of the page, and the page is not JS or Flash search engine identification code. Of course, many websites must appear, in the production process can not be avoided, so we only by streamlining the way to remove unnecessary parts.

outside the station, so today I want to say is the station link. >

1. I took my hand a corporate website as an example, the URL is not posted, so as not to be as advertising; the author use simple form structure about this company, a large number of page called JS and flash code, the navigation bar is open home even with pictures made by the author that is Speechless. We can understand the family business owners heart, want to allow users to see more of the company’s products and content, but you too much in a page on the display of your products, but will let users can not find the products they want, but its appropriate counter.

The Objective:


We only look at the past 2.

if your web pages fell with a large amount of JS and flash code, the author think it is not necessary. If your website content is too much, you can do a few pages, there is no need to omit these.


the Shanghai dragon optimization for many years, every day is spent on the internet. When it comes to the weight of the website promotion, in addition to influence the content and the chain what factor will affect the site’s ranking, the author also summarizes several views, below according to their own experience to share with you:

1. sites into the station outside the station and the station, which means that your page oriented link is your own web page links, outside the station is derived to others website links. Understand the station outside the station and the link, so we can understand the simple Google PR calculation method, calculation method on Google PR value is the same, the PR website, if you are linked more than others, then you will derive link weight than others, on the contrary, they guide you the website will link more than you do. There are so many people when exchange links will always see your outbound links more or less, if too much will not exchange with you.

Outbound links

page are not too much:

A preliminary analysis on the bidding way to show the love of Shanghai

1, in general, show the best is "on the left side of the advertising space, and because the natural search and there is no significant difference, but also to the greatest extent, to attract customers, increase traffic, so the location of the show is the most superior effect.

Is the right location of

3, in the appropriate scope for promotion, we all know that Internet search is a certain geographical restrictions, but also to be able to cause net interest, lift the public’s curiosity and want to know what this is, then access to.

3, the worst, because the general customer habits rarely pay attention to the right content, the right information would not be so quick to be concerned, click on the amount can not go up, the less income. So this position to show the effect of the worst.

, the first search results, the left upper end of the web advertising position, show the location of ads to the right position is the most common way, also is in love with some other software under the sea. For example, Shanghai Shanghai love know love experience, will also have certain display information, which is a way of showing love for promotion to Shanghai. Of course, it is to show the way is not immutable and frozen, at different times, different areas, according to the key words of traffic and the corresponding price to generate the corresponding changes, so as to reach the same show effect.

above is a preliminary analysis for operating lighthouse love Shanghai bidding way, hope the above content for you >

second, show the different position of the effects is not the same.

1, nature is the key words can be normal to search keywords, which means that enterprises must be valid must be embodied the core information, the price is not lower than the lowest price.


2, the current account must be a valid account, at least account amount to more than 0.

to do a job or use some software, we always hope to use the most suitable way, the easiest way to get the best effect, then Shanghai is no exception for sex. Love Shanghai auction as a promotion platform, show the daily volume is very large, especially the Wangmeng promotion, it must determine whether it is suitable for the keywords in the shortest possible time, the most rapid and simple enterprise information presented to the user’s eyes, that is to say it is a convenient and effective way to show. For the love of Shanghai auction show the way you know how much? The following operations to beacon for everyone to summarize.

2, "the top position in general position at the top of the customer can see at a glance, should be better, but because of its difference with natural search is more obvious, so less than the left.

finally, the show has a position, the enterprise will naturally want information presented in front of customers, so what is the normal presentation of


Forum signature in the end there is no use

For example,

web site, simply by the introduction of traffic forum signature as target site is to some local forum, forum or leisure area sends a group of beautiful pictures, with the following text briefly, and then in the end add is "if you want to see more pictures, please click to enter the character signature the words".

, not all signatures are regarded as cheating

forum to promote a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er is to increase the chain for the purpose of quantitative change will cause qualitative change, as long as the site outside the chain to reach a certain number, the weight of the website and ranking will be a qualitative change. This >

Although the

three, can guide the flow of

note that no matter what set the forum signature format, try to avoid doing meaningless reply in the forum, because this meaningless reply, sooner or later will bring disaster to the site.

forum signature in addition to being a chain means, more or a member of personal information, the basic situation of the understanding of the channels. When the content of the Post issued by the people you are interested in, want to do further understanding, generally is the first time to find information from your forum signature. So we must post, and the content of the website promotion goals fit, if it is to do wholesale clothing, hair type webmaster articles, even if there is no such link was convicted of cheating in the chain, the website promotion is meaningless.

two, guide the search engines crawl web content

LEE released in Shanghai, the owners love a "chain" judgment article, about BBS signature is a kind of cheating in the chain of them, followed by the A5 forum in May 3rd to cancel the signature, this wave of things let the webmaster heart innumerable mark, in the end the forum signature of website promotion there is no effect? Personally, BBS signature or have a certain effect on website promotion.

love Shanghai station "on the chain", the paper points out that the judge "join the hyperlink and use anchor to cheat in the forum personal signature, speak several times in the Forum (whether or not meaningful), each statement has with hyperlink content." As the chain of cheating. The sentence means that BBS signature using the anchor text links to the promotion of the target site is cheating in the chain, so when we set the signature in the forum can be set with keywords or keywords hyperlinks with pure text links in this format, so you can avoid the chain BBS signature into cheating in this embarrassing situation.

forum signature links cannot be site transfer weight, but the forum signature links can guide the search engine grab promotion target site, this is the forum signature links one. So in the correct operation of forum signature link case (not considered cheating for the chain), can be included to improve the speed of promotion target web content to a certain extent, increase the number included.

More beautiful APP Liu Di have the idea to resign Grassroots business starts cold!shlf1314 to do a m

      such sites can be seen as a niche market occupation. The pool is not large, but the inside of the fish website is not small, because this is only a big fish pond. Your site is this? If you can easily find your site and similar sites, so it is difficult to count on Adsense money. A good website, can have considerable income.

      expert, always hiding in the corner of the amount of money.

      the higher the PR value of the site. Usually can reach 4 is the best site, 5 to reach very good, more than 6 basically is a leader in the field. I guess the Adsense will turn PR into consideration. Refer to the following website PR value:

if you’re a grass root, cold start is important,

why can I quickly and accurately attract fans in a short time,


finally, be sure to have a sense of data and a sense of evaluation. I counted 1 yuan at that time

      a page plus advertising, want to know the user experience? Users will immediately shut down your site, never back. Oh

3, excellent web design

      the first prerequisite for money the others I use this MJJ for

you need to know what features a typical plastic user has and what they love. I will initially target the hundreds of young model who, because this is the most typical plastic group. I pay attention to the topics they discuss and the accounts they pay attention to. What about the content and style of those accounts?. So, through the summary, "plastic guide" style that is positioned out: a cool and strong acid, subtly malicious account.

when I was more beautiful, I started a micro-blog account called "plastic surgery guide", sharing and answering information about plastic surgery every day. After running for some time, they have accumulated about 50 thousand fans, who later converted into more beautiful APP’s first angel users.

first, test how much you know your target audience.

      shlf1314 RMB may do a monthly income of ten thousand Union until now many MJJ don’t believe

      1, in certain segments leading website

statement, I am not an expert.

I suggest that you have the idea to first use low-cost ways, small range of trial and error, if you get market recognition, with a certain data base, and then full-time to do so, it will greatly increase in financing and recruitment.

entrepreneur Liu Di believes that, for grassroots entrepreneurs, in addition to full of passion, the most needed is a cool head and a good control of the start-up company gene. "Suggest that you have the idea, first low-cost approach, a small range of trial and error, if you get market recognition, with a certain data base, and then full-time to do so, it will greatly increase in financing and recruitment."  

knows what you need to do, just the first step, and the second test is execution. I’m good at writing from childhood, not because I’m really creative, but rather I can imitate. Let me write Jin Yong style, Gulong style, I can easily operate. So the "plastic guide" as the young model on account, a little bit of imitation, makeup, rubbing out of taste.

      =6 laggards, NetEase =7, admin5=6, DoNews = 6, Hao123 = 6, sh419 =7, WebmasterWorld=8
      PR address http://tool.admin5/grade.html recommendation query great website

for grassroots entrepreneurship, the first thing I want to share with you is that cold start is very important. When you have an idea in your head, don’t rush to quit, because the idea needs to be validated by action. I have seen too many people interested in working together on a full-time venture, but things do fast, die fast, and had to go back to the big company to work.



      so I can push: most web site, picture resources station, station, entertainment station Adsense price will be very low. Because too similar, even if you are a dragon fish hybrid, it is difficult to talent shows itself.

      2, the PR value to high

      conclusion type PR  website layout >;

third, accounts need burst, not mediocre operations. We used a month time to experiment 20-30 scripts, small range of market launch, with the same account number, the same time point, compare the level of the transfer rate. Finally, choose one of the best performances. Concentrate all your money and put it on a wide scale. With so many 1-2 hits, your first angel users have accumulated.

The success of the 123 mode of WangzhuanA die! B die! C die! Wheel die! Entrepreneurship is death to

The war on the car market in China’s

The amazing energy that

the fact that the vast majority of Internet successful entrepreneurs, the biggest secret is that they chose the right direction. Wangzhuan the correct direction is the decisive factor of whether the webmaster can earn money, the current Wangzhuan method generally includes: CPA, CPC, CPS such advertising alliance, Witkey task class Wangzhuan, questionnaire, check e-mail, pull off the assembly line, selling products, selling services, selling ads.

two spirit Wangzhuan successful

1, the spirit of sharing

Wangzhuan success 123


> > > UBER; China formally bid farewell to Chinese market

is the webmaster to a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, else I don’t say that, you make a league class website, daily flow, PV is also very high, but it is not to make money, advertising click rate is raised not up, do you want to give up? NO of course, only continuous testing, Testing >

why is the spirit of sharing, because, whether you are selling products or services sold, or alliance, your site must be valuable for the visitors, you do the mission must be to help visitors solve a class of problems, the only way to the site to retain visitors, only talk about transformation, only it was possible to make money. Just imagine, what visitors are willing to stay in a full of pop, no value or the high sales of advertising on the page. So, if you are willing to share, willing to know, there will be visitors but it is difficult to search the knowledge of products on the Internet, sharing even sharing to visitors, even if he did not buy, maybe one day in the future may become your customers.

network seems never to stop.

I will Wangzhuan success in a direction of + two spirit + three essential skills, defined as successful Wangzhuan 123 mode.

What is the

November 27th, the old version of the excellent Chinese client and excellent driver client from the AppStore shelves. From 23 onwards, many Uber drivers have received "welcome to join the" big family "message", and "drip" of the new version of the application, but also to " UBER China " become history.

according to the twenty / eighty rule, 80% of the wealth in the hands of 20% most people will make money in hand, Wangzhuan is the same, 20% owners make Wangzhuan circle 80% money, while the other 80% owners even have their own space, you have to earn. Not 20% Money Master Internet wealth a secret channel webmaster don’t know, but they have mastered 123 successful Wangzhuan mode.

"C die", such as spells plagued the start-up companies generally. Maybe you yesterday also unlimited scenery, today is the "burn" were a.

I think, for will be ready to do business as Wangzhuan station is concerned, it is the right way to sell products. Because, as long as you choose the products products, sold out, the money that you sell and service design; many intermediate links, customer service is the most complicated and most difficult, customer service service period is relatively long, relatively retainage is difficult to collect; again said to sell advertising, only you the station has become the industry benchmark, the ranking is stable enough, the brand is strong enough, the browsing index can lead to sufficiently attractive to advertisers, and such website by personal webmaster to do difficult, more suitable for the operation of the team.

O2O seems to have been declining, "run out of ammunition and food supplies automotive service". Under the cold winter, the venture capital media does not comment on "delicious 77" or "magic department store", but also like lost people. How good is it to survive,

January 2016, UBER CEO announced China Karan Nick UBERB round of financing has to be completed before the end of 2015, at the same time, Kalanick also said that Uber has been in Chinese >


a direction Wangzhuan successful

had to admit, the media said, "UBER China" officially ended, not too much. Three years, in such a quiet way to finish, but also really make people sigh. This also marks the "back and forth" network of about car market, waste subsidies model for the temporary end.

net about car market

2, adhere to the spirit of

produces is not driven by greed, but by fear.

Abstract: at present, VR is still in the development stage, hardware devices need to research and development, VR content industry standards also need, both of which must be the depth of running, but the process also need how long, I’m afraid not who can give a positive answer.

February 2014, Uber officially entered the Chinese market. When the drops and quick in full swing, the following year in February, with two on Valentine’s day, which drops travel, occupy Chinese car market dominant position. The UBER with the three city team "open city" style, innovative marketing tools and the "subsidy wars", successfully opened the hole in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, orders and other places in Beijing, once in the global Uber market in the top five.

in the venture capital industry, known as the "angel investment, A round of investment products, B data, C wheel wheel model". But in fact, even if the C round of financing, the business model is not difficult to escape. According to the statistics of 2015 Phoenix finance summit, from A’s B round of financing, about 60% of the companies will die; and from B C’s turn round, and will be out of nearly 70%, that is to say, from A C’s turn round, probably survived less than 12% projects.

The latest method of applying shlf1314 Adsense analysisDiscussion customer and information sources o

just got a GG number the day before yesterday. Already hung on the refers to the quality of web pages, which they value more. Stations that collect and pile up are obviously hard to approve. Then we can look at other people’s company pages, do very beautiful, simple, just a few pages, but such a station will be GG recognition. So, there are ideas, you go to the Internet and more reference to the company’s pages are how to do, and then imitate yourself to do a similar station to go to apply for adsense. Recognition is still very large.

  by Chongqing Bureau of information industry, Chongqing business newspaper, Tencent jointly organized the first Chinese Regional Internet Development Forum on November 2, 2006 – 4 day held in Chongqing. Chongqing industry representatives, representatives of well-known domestic enterprises, media representatives, industry customers, nearly 300 people attended the event. Tencent webcast.

the following scene, guests discuss questions

question: I am a global manufacturing network Wu Xian, I want to have a problem of Professor lu. In our industry Alibaba is the boss, he is a national and even a global e-commerce platform, I want to ask the professor, as we like such a platform, we have to do from the regional vitality and value? Thank you

everyone knows it’s much harder to apply for shlf1314 than it used to be. A lot of friends react and do not apply for accounts. Especially for friends who have been sealed, it feels even more difficult. At present, the shlf1314 Adsense is worth noting as follows:

1. first you need to prepare a domain name that has more than 6 months to register. This was mentioned many times when GG refused to reply. This is actually easy to get. .CN domain name, one yuan, one more. It’s easy to trade on ename. Domain names don’t have to be, like.CN. or.INFO.

3. the other way is to let people out of the corn and the web content, and then you take it directly to the application, such as GG reply to tell you need to confirm when all rights of corn, all of you to contact the corn, then let him help you identify corn all rights issues. This is currently on the market to help others on behalf of GG registered in the widespread use of this method.

all right, don’t say anything superfluous. This is the latest and best way to apply for GG. Pass rate can be said to be more than 95%. Good luck to all of you.

Talking about the value of site navigation station in 2008

background: the work you love good on some of the technology, before reading, now also intends to find some source program information on the Internet, the first thought is the site to download the > software; > source program download and few are similar, not what available value, or search engine in. Baidu in the " code", finally found a good, very practical (and now is webmaster friends), in many web station for a long time are not, so what to write this article on the web site of the

time flies, from the beginning of 2008 site navigation station is no longer so fire, most have to follow the trend of Hao123, 265 of the navigation station can not adhere to the final year of the Olympic Games, even to now also linger, dying.

remembered that Hao123 was acquired, 265 of the financing, it seems that many stations have seen the hope. "It is so easy to do a station site navigation station, build a convenient, low maintenance, small occupied space, put up after waiting for publicity, money, which is estimated to follow the trend of the original stationmaster of a lot of ideas, now in retrospect, although some childish smile but it is really a in doing so, when many web site promotion uses a lot of methods, even some of the popular at the same time as the flat shouting rogue software came in handy in the future can be seen at the time how many webmaster is" bright "! Who want to cut a cake in the web site on the market and even without cream or. Because of the establishment of the web site and the operating mode is extremely simple, on the Internet just Dang a can, with a complete web site database, and then apply for a small space to register a domain name on the one point OK, also do not use maintenance.

is not recognized by the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, those users, non mainstream website in a few years or even months will be eliminated, because the Internet is the emerging industry development is too fast, too many competitors, users are more picky, then we see is a web site dump, hang, left is some now we all know, such as hao123, 265 as well as some software or anchored in the company under (such as wind, Meiping some industry etc.) and new web site (on Hou Wen). Hao123 was Baidu after the original acquisition of ulterior motives, like a dead man hanging there to some old users, because Baidu know his value, so put it down, the acquisition of the purpose has been achieved. The original hao123 was acquired, it is possible for 265 what is not a good sign, but now Hao123 the "status quo" mode of operation for a 265 chance, Xiao Cai also mu spring. Now, 265 is not just a simple site navigation, more detailed, industry, and joined a number of practical interactive work >!

Do stand tired, want to retreat

two years ago, his after thinking for a while after I enter the ranks of grassroots webmaster, such as most of the webmaster here, yearning for a better future, with endless impulse, buy space, find the domain name, to do the procedure, spends almost all his spare time in the site, two years over time, money was not much, just some space domain costs, but so far nothing, do this line is no longer suitable for me. It seems really tired, confused, want to break.

because I have a stable job, so only in the spare time to run the site, my position at the beginning of the site is to be a unique, practical, development of the website, for those crazy brush flow, collecting data of " station; " I came to a contemptuous disregard. Come to think of it, the personal website if you want to survive, to develop, take some appropriate means as normal.

I first built a project outsourcing site management, after several months of not much traffic, has been closed, a house later let me experience the initiation of second site ideas, then just want to buy a house, but every day at the house, everywhere, a world view is not a few is tired backaches. I think at that time, if you can see the house looks from the Internet, see room apartment layout, like a field to go like that how good ah, I research on virtual reality technology a few years ago, on the Internet to find relevant sites, but still not a domestic found this on a decent website. It was the first feeling like the discovery of the new world as excited, said, looking for information, find the program, find a lot of foreign related technology, combined with my years have been engaged in the development of 3D program, has been thinking and thinking. At that time every day to work overtime late into the night, sometimes even time secretly study program, after nearly a year of efforts, a 3D search network finally on the line, by how much tired only know their own, but the thought of a bright future or uncontrollable excitement and joy.

launched a few months, I do not say you know, a good website creative also need a good team to manage the operation in order to have a good development, always wanted to build a team, but can not find the right people, and no money, wife and baby. That directly leads to a substantial reduction in my time, the website also is in a state of neglect, sometimes I think I really want to give up, but the thought of his nearly a year of hard work, really reluctant.

by the way, also publicity my website: room view network

A new experience shared by a SEO Executive

with new people is an essential stage in the career, and if you want to bring new people quickly, and can grow quickly, you need supervisors to be patient and patient. But because the executives have too many things to deal with, it may be easy to ignore the supervision of new people, in this regard, I would like to share my feelings, I hope you can give me more management advice.

as a SEO supervisor, because of the need to handle a lot of things every day, it will be difficult to bring new people into the heart, so we need to have a plan for the work, daily work record certain requirements for the new job, the new haven’t mature stage must take some time check the new work, carefully check the work if there is no attention to the details and to remind, so as to ensure the new work in the future to do more perfect.

then, as a supervisor, not the most is the lack of care and patience, there are too many people do not know the place for the work may be, as the head face new problems don’t be impatient, but to try to help people to answer, or let the couple will be problems in the work record, day feedback.

may be a lot of people will say, which have so much time to teach new? Here, I want to correct a wrong view, not the hand, hands-on teaching will only make this new growth more slowly. We should let go, not afraid of new mistakes, give new people an opportunity to try, so that we can find new problems and correct them.

is the way to teach new people. Some executives hate to teach little by little, lest the newcomers miss something. In fact, there’s no need to do that. We’re going to teach new people how to work. For example, a web site analysis, we should give them with what, to analyze from several angles which, while the analysis is not a page of a page to them, this process does not only teach teaching method is likely to lead to new faces similar problems when was confused, don’t know where start, is not conducive to the growth of new.

There is a certain

or regular statistics you find that in the work of the new weak, a system of training, so that they understand their system defects, and it should be clear how to do. Then develop training to help them quickly enrich their knowledge and grow rapidly.

above is my experience with new people, I hope you criticize me.

above content by health consulting original release, I hope you respect the individual labor results, reproduced please indicate the source.