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In the face of the web site is down right about my way

website right down, believe that every one of the friends I have met, the situation appears is not from the site is not right down here, and then slowly boil, boil out finally, then you will have ranking, and some sites do not rank, the face of love Shanghai right down to freezing is the last love Shanghai defeated, so here, according to my own experience of the site right down to the problem, must face and solve the way things.

find the reason; secondly, what is the reason here, on the one hand may be this time to link more, love Shanghai stand, so to your site by reducing the power, as it is a link the reason for it, then you have the maintenance of links, then as far as possible according to the number of half ago to send, remember, must keep your hair off the link, if there is a problem, then the first hurt is yourself, impact on your station is huge and stable for the chain, if you love Shanghai station had a preliminary right down, so be sure to check your previous work, not problems, this time the love of Shanghai is sensitive, must be cautious.

first of all, the site is down right, remember, you must maintain a good Links, if a site drop right, Links squelch all out of a large, then love Shanghai will surely say, sorry, you will be out, K, so, so, we must maintain the friendship link, so it has extended to one thing, that is the practice of Links, we must first love, and then connect the nature of this connection is not friends casually put your link on the next, this is love, have a difficult time, a face together. Without being involved, this is love. A party is right down, the other party does not give up, do not abandon, this is friendship; this is what I say must find love in the nature of the link in Shanghai love more and more unstable today, love Shanghai instability can, but their links must be stable. This is the first step of the face right down what you need to do, it is a stable friendship link, don’t fall.

can also be content right down, content distribution instability is likely to let you stand to lose the original weight, repetitive content is too high, so their station is a kind of great harm, is a risk factor in the right down my eyes, in the face of content words. Let’s say you send the chain, the network has a large number of content, love Shanghai would later place weight brought these duplicate data, just to give you a number, this is why I don’t love this content, the quality of the chain is done after all. The other, not a lot of repetition, so, my advice is for you, your website is not a simple modification of the title, at least to get rid of, and to get rid of more than 50%, so it has a say eng Point.

again, right down to the problem may be a love study in Shanghai, you have to.

The 5 things you have to do to succeed in creating a businessClick fraud Chinese network advertising

market research is especially important for start-ups with lofty ideals. If your goal is to be a $one billion business, try to validate your ideas to make sure that the market meets your wishes.

if you don’t understand what’s going on over the last few hours, you’re likely to become or fall victim to a new business called click fraud. Although it is not any country in the world is defined as criminal acts, but there is no doubt that this is a gray area network advertising industry has been developing rapidly in the for pay per click advertising, through human or program, a large number of consumer behavior does not constitute the click of the Lord Qian Congguang in his pocket to search and advertising agency.

as a general manager of a network advertising agency in Shenzhen, Liu’s task has been fulfilled. At the request of her, she and the company’s name were hidden, but she was sure: "this should be a more common phenomenon, not just one of us."."

"you need to have a business plan, headquartered in New Jersey, accounting and tax consulting firm The Green Group, the founder and chairman of the group, and professor of entrepreneurship at Babson College Leonard Green Leonard Green said.

creating a new business seems like a piece of cake. Of course, the exact situation depends on the type of business you’re setting up: manufacturers face special challenges, as do retailers and consulting firms. But as long as your ideas and your finances are routine, there are basic things that are interlinked.

, this is the fastest growing area in the history of advertising, and its growth momentum

your creativity may be very good, but it may also be too small to be supported by investors. If the entire market is less than $500 million, then it’s not worth investing for venture capitalists".

even the best business plan can make mistakes. Successful start-ups anticipate unexpected things and prepare ready answers.

which has become an important issue, even by some commentators hailed as the biggest threat to the network industry, the reason for it: a web search engine advertising is to prove to the world that he is a kind of effective marketing methods based on, is also a big market of tens of billions of dollars. According to the network market research firm eMarketer estimates that in 2006 the United States online advertising market size of about $16 billion 400 million, including search engine advertising accounted for $6 billion 900 million. And CCID Consulting data show that in 2006, China’s search engine market size reached 1 billion 660 million yuan, an increase of 40.6% compared to 2005. Relying on online advertising, shlf1314 and sh419, the two largest search engines in the US and Chinese markets, generated revenues of $7 billion 400 million and 566 million 500 thousand yuan in the first three quarters of 2006, respectively.

"don’t put it into practice until you’ve verified your idea," Anas Ibrahim said. "Make sure there is a market.". Make sure it is what the customer wants. Sometimes the idea of an entrepreneur isn’t exactly what the customer wants".

click fraud exists in the pay per click model of online advertising. Click fraud occurs when a person is not interested in the advertisement itself, only to gain access to clicks, and to simulate the normal user’s clicks on the advertisement manually or using a computer program.

these decisions should include the task of your start-up business, business >

consulting business enterprises in New York City, Talem Advisory founder Anas – Ibrahim Einas Ibrahim said that the biggest mistake she saw the new entrepreneurs make is, in that market demand before, began to put into practice the idea. If your startup’s goal is to sell a product that the world has never seen before, make sure the world actually needs your product. Because if no one needs it, maybe it shouldn’t be born at all. If someone needs it, make sure they’re happy to pay for it.

1. validates your ideas.

lead: it seems difficult to create a new business. But as long as your ideas and your finances are routine, there are basic things that are interlinked.

did not go to the office, nor did she find a target client to sell aggressively. She went to an Internet cafe near her home. There she would change a computer every few minutes. But on each computer, her work is the same: open many pages, do not browse the above content, but direct click on the above ad. She also opened a lot of chat window, the group opened its own mass out, and urged: "help point.""…… A few hours passed like this. When she left, she asked the Internet cafe to write an invoice for the reimbursement.

eleven long ago, Liu received overtime notice. In this regard, the 30 year old, moved to Shenzhen women did not complain, but told themselves and their families: "to complete the volume of business, and sometimes have to rely on their own."."

2. strengthens your plan and budget.

after we discuss this with some business owners, consultants, and experts, the essential things we need to start an entrepreneurial business come down to a few simple steps. If you apply these basic principles to your own business, you can solve some of the basic issues of successful enterprise creation.

Example analysis how do I quickly improve the number of keywords ranking

for SEO, the primary task is to improve the keywords ranking, there is no ranking on the basic no flow. For example, the site, which runs the popular travel network, runs only 7 days, bringing the number of keywords in Baidu’s top 50 to 604 from 59. Then I’ll share my practice with you.

begins with a couple of screenshots:

October 1, 2013 ~10 8, website entry data and weight data:


September 20, 2013 ~9 30, website entry data and weight data:


from the above two screenshots, you can see that the number of entries in the website began to soar in September 27th, indicating that manipulation practices, and at about 600 stabilize. Here’s my way to share with you.

, the first step, clears the server’s long updated web site.

because the poly travel way is using the old independent server, so there are several old sites on the server, after examination found the old site has been K, so decisively will remove all server server, and re submit the Baidu Webmaster Platform.

second step, optimize website keywords.

due to the early keywords planning, the key word in the chain is not strict, leading to the weight of keywords is too dispersed. Adjust to some articles and introduction of the content of the inner chain keywords, with the keyword + keyword model, and to ensure that the link has already been an anchor text, do not delete and change. In addition, because the website’s article type, pages are seconds to collect, so select a number of low competition, but the index is larger, and there are more relevant keywords keywords, using the form of the optimization of these keywords.

third step, contribute.


here is divided into two parts, the first part is the industry contribution, is mainly to the tourism related website submission, submission of the resources in the station is already included in the article, and try to add links to the original; general journal is part of the second, is to go to the owners of the home, the laggards, such as A5, in the case of submission to share or share the experience the way and proper brand publicity and related links.

fourth steps to fix friend chain.

here has also done two operations, the first is to clear the home is not reasonable and the friends of the chain, the exchange of 5 industry well-known website chain; second is a new multi page chain, batch mode, increase 3~5 pages for each page in the chain. An average increase of 10 per day.

fifth step, tool aids.

the tools here are not using black caps, but rather using tools for drainage, including search, drainage, and social drainage. Here are two aspects

Sometimes we should give up the traffic

most of the webmaster in doing the station is blind pursuit of traffic, in order to flow, crazy SEO, in fact, this is not in line with the law of the market, do a good job customer conversion rate is the most important!


if I do a website construction garbage station, collected tens of thousands of the amount of data a month, if can bring traffic to 5000IP, not many? For the master, the flow should be said to be very general. But if the IP5000 station, if to run a company. They like the boss to die, why? Because the company’s operations if 100IP can bring a telephone consultation, 10 telephone consultation, will be transformed into a customers, 3~5 customers, are generally a sign, that is to say, if you do IP5000, the equivalent of every day to help the company to recruit a a customer, a customer how much profit? Just 20 thousand intermediary fee calculation, the cost of 1 million, profit five thousand. 300 days, there will be nearly 1 million 500 thousand of the profits,


of course, this is a small example of my study, the flow is not large, not too good to do 5000IP, and calls the documentary and sign the agreement are tricky, so I say this for example, is a relatively ideal model.

, but can we say that this analogy is inappropriate? Absolutely appropriate, because the analogy is to prove a phenomenon. A lot of traffic in the hands of individual webmaster, but you are wasting traffic.

I actually said individual stationmaster in the waste flow, is a bit exaggerated, but for the average company, it is such a feeling, but individual stationmaster not waste flow, there are the following reasons: no core products, not consulting marketing ability, there is no perfect customer service service system, in short, no one is not. Company, no money to support.

said so too harsh, personal webmaster do not, and should not, after all, there are many restrictions, but not because of these reasons, and give up our website, or give up traffic? I think not, but we want to use the work flow, make our life better.

you do not stand, in what context and the achievement of the situation, you are working, you can find advertisers, find alliance directly, put the code, start station, traffic everywhere, promote your products on the Internet, wait for the flow to do it, someone will contact with you, and you understand the basic situation, tell the customer, there must be some marketing skills and ability, this is the most personal webmaster should grasp something, in fact it is very complicated, do not need to think very hard, just like the same station:, IP, although the flow is small, but the conversion rate is high.

Analysis of similarities and differences of news websites of major stations

with the popularization and development of the Internet, the team of webmaster is gradually growing, and the market demand is more and more. In many webmaster news website, there are a few webmaster are recognized to do more successful, the author summed up a few big webmaster information website similarities and differences. Relative to the old webmaster, there may be some layman’s taste, please bear with me.

China stationmaster station

China stationmaster station believes everybody is very familiar, it is the eldest brother of stationmaster information website, daily news is rich, readability is strong. Webmaster here basically can meet the daily industry information needs, original articles are many, the daily recommended articles are very exciting, article title general is very strong. The websites between the same industry will inevitably collect from each other, but the station news will be relatively new and relatively less identical. However, I personally think that the website is a bit messy, messy because web content information too much, too many categories of users forum, easily distracted, especially for the first landing station. Website content information update is relatively slow, perhaps stationmaster station thinks content is fine, not expensive more, do not make too big requirement in quantity.


when I first contacted webmaster net, I also felt that the website was very messy, and I couldn’t help it. Later, I became familiar with the webpage and found that it was in chaos and tidy. It was easy to find the information needed after I knew it. Adsense news, Internet news, search, SEO, leisure, this is the focus of the four sections. The arrangement between the sections is more orderly, the webmaster’s most concerned news, experience and experience are placed in the most conspicuous position, and other times, orderly. The overall tone and structure of the page are more unified, visual effects are good, information updates quickly, and the content is different every day. It is the latest and most interesting news information of the webmaster industry. The disadvantage is that the information update is too fast, some information is too late to read, it is not on the home page. Although each section has "more information" reminder, or is not intuitive enough, and the site does not read, for novice webmaster, it takes some time to explore. Too much information is bound to be a bit complicated.

portal through

              portal is also familiar with webmaster friends of the site, the gateway through the forum is doing very well. However, there are too many rules and regulations on the front page of the information portal. It is not suitable for browsing the news. It can not be seen at a glance. Although there are more updates, users can not see it. The portal is practical information website, pay more attention to the essence of the accumulation area including promotion, experience sharing, establishment of story, website profit and post screening Wangzhuan, basically readability is strong. The subject of gateway is well done, too

SEO related books and video recommendations

recently received a English station, the key is countertop, then began a SEO knowledge review. Finally the SEO books and read the video, now introduce, we can refer to in the choice of:

"search engine optimization" English Name: "search Engine optimization:an hour a day"

, an American two SEO experts to write the book, the book in the face of readers is all dealing with the website, and assume that the reader is working hours and the other to learn SEO, easy to understand, and most importantly, the Book SEO standardization is. Strong, so here’s the key recommendation.

second book is in English, the title is "seo_made_easy",

is the author of Brad Callen, one of his SEO tools, I believe we are no stranger: SEO Elite 4, there are many cracked version, but does not support Chinese analysis. An obvious feature of this book is: relatively simple analysis of the system SEO, and explain the optimization of a website promotion case, unfortunately, only the English version, afraid we read hard.

third book is also in English: seobook,

China has a Chinese translation version, I read English original, this is a very good SEO Book, a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the seo-sem. The information is very much, I read SEO books in the thick of the author, a more detailed explanation of each part, if you have time, you can study this book, official website information update is also very good, you can subscribe via email.

This is the fourth

Wang Tong wrote, "search engine ranking secret"

better Chinese tutorials, but also worth studying.

fifth books: SEO from entry to mastery.

now found practice while reading can better find the real wrong and then change it, SEO exciting place is SEO because the search engines are constantly changing world without end, SEO technology continues to progress. Now introduce the better SEO video tutorial, read three sets of SEO video tutorials, although a lot of similarities, but each has its own advantages, there are places worth learning.

: the first set of the earth, now seems out of the ninth class, this tutorial gives people the feeling is not too, said widely, think of there said there, but after reading it very rewarding, something the author mentioned is very important.

second tutorial is Cao Peng lectures, good at English, basically speaking only for English, SEO, relatively basic, suitable for beginners.


The way for college students to make money

some people say that today’s entrepreneurial opportunities can be met, but in fact it is not, there are a lot of opportunities is the need to continue to explore and discover ourselves, how to find, see you.

entrepreneurial direction two: core technology and management experience of

the first black type belongs to the A new force suddenly rises. very quickly, a new hot spot in just a few years ago, the network, the network based on the business they are belong to this type. That behind the management of entrepreneurship, is based on mature areas, rely on management to reduce costs, to achieve the greatest transcendence, these are.

in addition, the ability to find value in Entrepreneurship also must have, they want to carry out research, based on the market research, made sure behind the project does not fit the market.

Textile workers, self-employed income of fifty thousand yuan

from an ordinary textile factory workers, through three years of independent business, so that the boss of the garment processing company, she is how successful? Her name is Hu Huafang, 31 years old this year, is currently chairman of Chongqing embroidery garment processing Co., ltd.. Talking about his entrepreneurial experience, Hu Huafang can not conceal the joy of the heart, then did not want anything, just to survive."

"every day

online to attract customers

2008, Hu Huafang is a local textile factory, a regular front-line workers. Holding her 600 dollars a month, how to make a living is the most pressing problem she faces. Considering himself in a textile factory for 8 years, have some experience, so Hu Huafang chose the most direct way, out of 2000 savings a few months down, to learn weaving technology. After learning to return, Hu Huafang and her husband began in Fuling District Street stalls.

2009 years, an accidental opportunity, Hu Huafang came into contact with Taobao, when a friend recommended me to go to Taobao to sell, and I do not understand these points." Hu Huafang said that in this patient patient help, I began to explore.

"start a Taobao shop after a few days on the turnover of a piece of embroidery products, or foreign customers." Hu Huafang said. Feel the effect of online publicity is pretty good." "Begun to taste the sweetness" after Hu Huafang, together with her husband in the side usually outside swing stalls while they began to use the network to promote their products. Last year, she invested thirty thousand yuan in Chongqing, Fuling, founded a micro enterprise.

"through the Internet is constantly looking for the intention of customers, chat with them, understand their needs; but also to expand the audience, we have more than 90% of customers are from the field now." Hu Huafang personally take the lead in the Internet business is just the use of the Internet and other new media dissemination and marketing of a microcosm.

How to successfully open a tea shop

now the number of college graduates each year in China is increasing, the employment problem has become the most popular social issues guide. Therefore, in recent years, the state has introduced entrepreneurship support policies to encourage college students entrepreneurship. Among them, many college graduates chose to start their own business, the company has a network of companies, the opening of the restaurant business, investment in the apparel industry, in short, is a variety of. Today, just like you tell a true case of the success of the use of tea shop business students.

related recommendations

What are the nine points that entrepreneurs have to remember

in such a way of entrepreneurship, if we can hold more content, will have a greater help for the development of their own later. So, if you want to venture capital, may wish to remember the following nine points introduced by small. So, entrepreneurs have to remember the nine points?

before this, Xiao Bian also shared many about the entrepreneurial success cheats or something, some might say, just empty talk more of these so-called cheats, but today I would like to share these 9 points, can be said that as long as you must do it, it will help you to start. Remember these 9 points, entrepreneurship must be.

1, set specific goals. Note that the key point here is the "specific" target, the more specific the better, for example, I want to lose 10 pounds a month, or must go to bed before 10 at night than I, I want to lose weight, or I will form the habit of going to bed early and more specific, which is called the aim to have a clear concept, it will not let you hesitate, but will not let you give up halfway.

2, seize the opportunity to achieve the goal. Entrepreneurs are very busy, every day to deal with a lot of work tasks, and eventually when the opportunity comes often miss, did not notice. To seize the opportunity, we must advance the deployment, the implementation of the scheme of how to determine when, again, the more specific the better, in fact, when you plan to work every day, will let your mind be vigilant, but also more conducive to you to seize the opportunity, rather than a busy day, but eventually find out what things are not ready.

3, regularly review their own how far away from the target. Entrepreneurs are no one to monitor you, so many times you need to monitor their own, and you have to do is to check their work every week or even every day. If you do not, probably for a long time, found from the initially set the target as well as the long distance, will easily upset or give up, on the contrary, regular inspection, even if the target is not yet complete, but it is just a short, not too bad, in the next stage, you can make timely adjustments to catch up.

4, be a realistic optimist. This is both realistic and optimistic entrepreneurs, you can be very optimistic about their goals, believe they can succeed, it will enhance the power and maintain their own but also be of great advantage, should pay attention to the reality of the problem, namely, no matter what you do, the way to have a will is difficult, need to pay a lot hard work and persistence. So, entrepreneurship is a realistic view of the problem, optimistic to face, rather than blindly optimistic, lack of preparation, or simply to see the reality of the difficulties, so that they dare not move forward.

5, do excellence. Believe that you have the ability to achieve your goals