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Novice 360 dotting promotion practice low price simple background

the active call 360 after waiting for nearly 4 days, finally received a call, ready to recharge, opening, recharge 4600 yuan, is a long review period, it is nearly a week’s time, the account was finally approved, you can ask the customer service line, why so long, the the answer is waiting for accounts opened too much.

evaluation of




loves Shanghai very rich

began to promote





, what is the 360 point

marketing platform? On the management of Three,


four, click price


may be a cause of trade restrictions and audit more complex, open number 360 dotting the promotion are not many users, the traditional industry promotion love Shanghai more fierce competition and to promote a dozen, while the 360 is a total of only 3, that is to say all the low bid (the lowest bid 0.3 yuan) also can row to the left side of the three. 360 promotion ranking rule is left three and right eight, left by the Ming > promotion area

promotion backgroundLet

two, opening an account

360 dotting background can be said to be abnormal, let used Baidu promotion I started to have some does not adapt, as shown below, the background contains delivery management, utility and evaluation, and account information of four parts:

360 search on-line since mid August last year, to clean and free of advertising as its biggest selling point, the end can’t resist the temptation of money online promotion platform, of course, this is no ground for blame is the only way to make money, after all, at least to promote region is clearly marked, since August last year on the line a few months 360 search market share all the way up, in April 2013 more than 14%, I finally could not help but feel curious, recharge 4600 oceans (and Baidu as 600 service charge), opened 360 extension services, a look.

360 marketing platform is the integration of the 360 point navigation, 360 search platform to show the location of rich, covering the mass of Internet users, with integrated marketing platform for more than 90% market penetration. 360 point marketing platform has a variety of characteristics of marketing products, including "guess you love", "search" brand promotion ", to" meet the different needs of different enterprises, promote the. With abundant resources, accurate positioning, simple operation, high intelligence etc.. Below is the 360 dotting the background page marketing platform:

Foreign trade marketing – a baby search engine optimization techniques

After all, >

generally make a separate foreign trade website time is relatively long, so there are a lot of people is to optimize the use of nobility baby station group technology, station group technology can make the site interaction to form a plastic, so often can achieve good results, but the station group operations team may accidentally make your site is down right, because the baby’s noble love Shanghai is better than intelligent detection. Xiaobian that stand swarm optimization should pay attention to these points: 1.IP not the same address segment, space station group is taking apart multiple regions, IP address must be two parts, choose the space combination of foreign website space and Hongkong, let baby recognize it noble. The two is the site between the link does not pay attention to moderate, because all of the station link pages and links to alternate. 3. for the different contents of different content website, keywords may not be all the same, it is best to different industry keywords.

The construction of a more diversified, the chain of

since May this year, nobility baby Penguin 2 update since the construction of the external links to more diversified task at present. If only do home connection, or the inside pages of some pages accounted for much more special, may lead to Google’s punishment, so the foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng Er have to be sure to pay attention to the quality and speed of external links. In addition to enter the link page to diversify outside, as external links and page resource site should take into account the diversity and universality. There are signs of violation and down the right site nor the construction of the chain there.

two, do foreign trade websites, websites should be right down

Friendship even the role of the chain

four, to avoid the site included unstable

three, noble baby optimization is still relatively high

from the Internet industry development up to now, the Internet world has been born of a legend, the rapid development of e-commerce has created the huge wealth effect, more and more people do e-commerce now, there are a lot of people love to do e-commerce in China, there are a lot of people love to do foreign trade marketing website, the following Xiaobian talk about foreign trade marketing – a baby search engine optimization techniques. The optimization of foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng mainly noble baby, as we do when the site of Shanghai dragon will pay attention to the optimization rules of noble baby.

noble baby like love Shanghai, noble baby is still relatively high degree of attention in the connection of friendship, friends of the chain of the noble baby detection technology is also very good, but better than the love of Shanghai, if the station is the friends of the chain, the weight transfer effect is better. Of course, you can find friends exchange website, but after all, foreign friends are not many, if really can not find to buy the chain, we know that in addition to the entirestation type chain, can also do some outside the chain, the chain is generally in connection oriented, chain text may not what effect, so we do when the chain should be chosen to do.

Why is the average cost of Google keywords higher than Baidu

, what I’m talking about here is Google keyword, referring to the search for this. As we all know, Google Adwords can not refer to the price of competitors, how much money, how much money I have, I call it "blind bid."".

is not the competition among peers in Google Baidu fierce, I do not believe that Google’s starting price higher than Baidu, why Google on average cost higher than Baidu keyword? I analyzed, that in addition to "blind bid", the direct reason is our own. We are all heavy Baidu, light Google, and may not even have special staff responsible for price adjustment. Or listen to Google customer service said, bid high, you can get a good quality of the account; or anyway, consumption is not big, a high price, regardless of it; or price adjustment is troublesome, affect other work, by Google customer care…… As a result, the price difference between the positions may be several dollars.


professional edition on the line, the next bid mode is the same with Google, although the advertising, from left to right, according to the Chinese habits, ad clicks will become less profitable but more obscure. I don’t think advertisers will save money, but they may have higher overall costs.

so, the price adjustment colleagues can work hard, you are in charge of, but the boss white flower silver, you no matter how tight, the responsibility to bear up, who will play?. Here, first of all, sympathy for the key words responsible for the price adjustment of colleagues, ah……

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Author: Fang Guoping, now employed in a private hospital in Hangzhou, has worked in e-commerce website planning, construction, marketing and marketing management. In recent years committed to private hospitals online marketing and operations research, welcomed the exchange of guidance. QQ:348409791

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Forum signature, cooked, heavy, cooked, light, SEO indispensable competition for the land

Google recent changes in PR, Baidu’s ranking changes, K station behavior is always changing, these days of changes are still fresh in memory, these changes also illustrate some of the changes in Baidu’s algorithm. For example, recently, the webmaster said his web site keywords overnight removed from Baidu, and now there is no ranking, this let the webmaster are very tangled. This shows that the Baidu switch engine is changing, and here to discuss the importance of BBS signature for the site.

first: the forum can not be too single, must not focus on one day of their own energy chain to a certain forum, so doing is undoubtedly buried a time bomb. If this forum is k off, all of your prior work will affect the chain cast to the wind, thus building a web site. Therefore, the chain must be dispersed, even if a certain affected by the site will not have a huge shock, the proportion of each forum’s share of the chain must be low, which is the universality of the platform.

: the second forum weights, Baidu now has a new change, forum signature for Baidu’s influence is more and more not worth mentioning, if you want to find a forum signature, you have to find some high weight site, so the effect will be better. But the need for high quality links will allow you to change Links. After all, this is the most real Links links, but also for their best outside the chain, but also in the forum signature increasingly unstable today, websites need long-term development, it is recommended that only few outside the chain to a large number of forums. The recommendations or blog or Links, to improve the chain site.

Forum: final correlation, correlation is after the SEO will be more and more attention, also will be more and more attention, after all, if you want to take into account the user experience degrees, the correlation is a good test range, but also for each user. For example, the Hongkong children and baby related information to the forum, or is there a parental knowledge section, the face of such a customer groups are some new mothers or just pregnant mothers, so the user is looking for the customer site. But now the forum more and more unstable, Baidu and Google more love forum signature form, if you want to do, or send relevant information, or to some very good correlation between the forum, this is a must.

regardless of the current BBS signature for the weight of the site, as long as good at using BBS signature, for the website is still very good. So the forum signature, the military will, but also outside the chain of a hotly contested spot, a forum where basically, we generally go to the value of the forum has become an indispensable part of our SEO. If you need to reprint this article, please leave the link (

Belt ten brands list

belt as a tool to wear clothing, is naturally a broad consumer groups, and the entire market in order to meet more people, will naturally be born more and more brands. The following, let Xiaobian secret belt ten brand list, so that you can have a better understanding of the brand of the market.

belt ten brands list NO.1, Hermes Hermes: in 1837, the world’s top luxury brands, bags of the top ten brands, the industry enjoys a high reputation, the French Hermes (Hermes) International group.

belt ten brands list NO.2, Louis Weedon LV:1854 France, the world’s top 500 brands, luggage and leather goods in the world’s first brand, Louis Weedon (China) Commercial Sales Co., ltd..

belt ten brands list: Gucci Gucci NO.3, founded in 1923, Italy’s largest fashion group as one of the ten big belt brand, well-known luxury brands, Gucci (Chinese) Trading Co. ltd..

belt ten brands list NO.4, Dunhill Dunhill: founded in 1893 in the United Kingdom, the world’s leading luxury brands, professional commitment to the design and manufacture of leather products brand, Dunhill (Dunhill).

belt ten brand rankings, NO.5 Goldlion Goldlion: in 1968 Hongkong, men’s business equipment industry influential brand, famous brand leather, listed companies, large multinational companies, Goldlion (China) Co. ltd..

belt ten brand rankings, NO.6 MontBlanc MontBlanc: on 1906, under Richemont brand, one of the most representative pen of the world, diversified luxury brands, Germany MontBlanc (MontBlanc) company.

belt ten brands list NO.7, Lacoste: crocodile in France in 1933, the world famous fashion brand, which is famous for its iconic polo shirt, diversified multinational enterprises, Montaigne garments (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

belt ten brands list NO.8, Septwolves leather: founded in 1996, the main products of Septwolves group, one of the domestic leather industry leading brands, Fujian Septwolves industry Limited by Share Ltd.

belt ten brands list NO.9, woodpeckers: the world famous leather goods brand, has a long history of the famous international brands, large multinational group company, Dongguan Qihao Garment Co. ltd..

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The original alley fishballs

China authentic snack items in "fish" is a good taste also received snack items. In the Hong Kong style snacks in fish is a common snack varieties. If you want to invest in a fish snack for you recommend " original alley fishballs ". " original alley fishballs " join?

" original alley fishballs " Siwon in 1821, its predecessor is the ancestral " alley fishballs Pu ".


"original alley fishballs" Siwon in 1821, its predecessor is the ancestral "alley fishballs shop". The seventh generation, is now the "Gulangyu Islet original alley fishballs chain organization general manager Mr. Chen Yiwei, adhering to the ancestral craft, in secret, wrought" original alley "card shark pill, with its skin Q strong enough, fresh, crisp and delicious, sweet and juicy stuffing, soup and Wen Minghai.

both inside and outside the tunnel


as a true representative of the Gulangyu Islet local snacks a hundred years old "original alley" fish shop, not only to ensure the pure taste, but also promote the long fish culture, and with the ancient history of Gulangyu Islet culture, cleverly combined together, to enrich the cultural connotation of Gulangyu Islet. The major domestic and foreign media have repeatedly reported the alley fishballs classic delicacy and promote Gulangyu Islet culture, carry forward the spirit of the original alley fish.

in order to further continue to carry forward the century old Gulangyu Islet, out of a combination of history and modern way to further promote, promote the development of tourism industry in Gulangyu Islet… Look interested in food and beverage industry, men and women with high ideals calls come to negotiate, seek new development characteristics of delicacy industry, create new brilliance! If you love, please leave a message in the first step of our website below.

Small clothing store operators need to do a good job in market positioning

clothing store in today’s society is still very common, and with more and more people to set up clothing stores, but also the formation of a lot of market competition, and now the competition pressure is very large clothing stores. To do a good job in the positioning of the clothing store is more important.

and there are general women’s market (women’s dress suits, blouses, pants, casual and commuter equipment). Casual wear is a large, fast growing market between women’s suits and women’s casual wear, and its main consumers are urban white-collar women, similar to men’s new suit. Not only can wear at work, but also in social life after work, and easy collocation, the price is not so expensive Couture or dress; color and style is casual orthodoxy on formal occasions dressed decent.

in the current city Chinese process, female white-collar workers (non blue collar laborers) the absolute amount and the proportion of the total population in the rapid rise. They are the main consumers of commuter, and their average age is the best age for clothing consumption. And as white-collar women, their income for their clothing consumption also has a certain guarantee. And they tend to benefit from a higher income period in their lives and not much else, and they are also in the age of love to buy clothes. Their social status, the image of the company also need them to buy clothes, with a decent dress to show the United states. Therefore, women’s casual wear market is in a period of rapid development, has a very good market expectations.

and the scope of female commuter equipment price coverage in general white-collar female income can bear, the price is generally more moderate. The requirements of the style is both stylish and decent, although not as high as the use of high-grade fabrics imported fabrics, but also requires fine fabrics, fine texture, feel comfortable. The requirements for the work of the garment are also more detailed than the casual clothes. The two operators of small clothing stores are white-collar workers before the start, for white-collar women’s aesthetic sense, they are in the office and on the way to work and some leisure places in the dress requirements are more understanding. To know the preferences and scales of white collar women’s choice of fabrics, styles, colors and prices. This is undoubtedly a small clothing store a competitive advantage.

Look at how to create a $100 million worth of brothers T-shirt company

is a business or job after graduating from the United States, the brothers do not want to sit in the office of a single repeated nine to five work, so they are out of the ordinary answer, then embarked on a different way of life.

this seemingly insignificant adjustment for the establishment of a revenue of $100 million in clothing company opened a prelude. Today, all over the country has 4500 retail stores selling "good life" (LifeIsGood) brand T-shirts, hats and other products, the company also with hallmark (Hallmark) launched a joint card and stationery brand, launched a series of delicacy coffee and J.M.Smucker, launched a pet dog and accessories PlanetDog, all of these efforts is to promote positive energy.

Xinjiang four small business selling red dates

entrepreneurship is never a simple thing, especially for young people who have no entrepreneurial experience is even more so. Tian Feng is a member, for Tian Feng and his partner, entrepreneurship is easy to say, do not have the Everything is going smoothly., with jujube as sweet memories, there is a lot of frustration beat a retreat. Here’s their story.

business opportunities

rarely seen in Guangzhou Xinjiang jujube

3 22, speaking of a short but memorable entrepreneurial experience, Tian Feng a sunny smile, calm revealed confidence. In 2008, after graduating from the University of Feng Tian, regardless of family opposition, to give up the civil service, to a prospecting company in Kashi, prospecting, moving stones, buy raw materials, all the work on the mine he almost did. Tian Feng recalled: "at that time, I do not have any work experience, everything is zero start, I just want to start from the grassroots exercise, want to prove that I can stand on their own to feed themselves."

after more than a year, due to the introduction of local efforts to cultivate young talent policy, while the peak field back to Beijing – a monthly focus on learning a week, two years later, he won the Tsinghua University graduate EMBA.

in all started on the right track, Tian Feng was on a business trip in a car accident, even a coma for a few days, the head and face were sewn more than and 50 needles." It is this accident, let him have a different perception of life, he felt that life can not be so simple to go on, to do something, but exactly how to do, what to do, he did not target.

Tian Feng said that for a long time, he often see Ma Yun, Shi Yuzhu and other entrepreneurial elite inspirational books, often watching, while secretly cheer yourself, must not be wasted time, to live a wonderful life!

after six months time, in order to relax, Tian Feng to Qingdao, Chongqing, Lijiang, Guangzhou, Hongkong and other places to travel. On the road, he did not idle, while turning some of the local supermarket and dried fruit market, this turn out the business opportunity, he found that the dried fruit in Xinjiang is not low in the mainland, but very popular. To Guangzhou, he discovered that this is a focus on the health of the city, was rarely seen in Xinjiang and red dates, mellow and rich in amino acids and calcium, iron, zinc and other mineral elements of Ruoqiang jujube is few, this let him see the market potential.


found a registered trademark of

small company cooperation

a want to do something about the cause of the heart! After returning to Xinjiang, Tian Feng immediately went to see his small Chen Dunlei, was recommended

Take the suangua name not reliable

to shop for a good name, but many investors under the original capital. However, if you find a few people to a fortune teller, he will find the way to store the name is not reliable, because almost everyone has their own opinion, before a name quickly was rejected, after a long time also has name. Such torment, can only say that the suangua name really is not reliable.

I met a good friend of Taobao, he told me to buy things on Taobao cheap and good. I practice a few times really good, there is the idea of opening a clothing store.

some of the objectives of the next step, of course, is the implementation, of course, the first step is to give me a good name shop, listening to a friend said the name is very important, related to your life and death in Taobao, said the terrible oh.

to his shop has a good name, may worry me. Had a sudden inspiration, think to try Mr. suangua. Take a look at the calendar and choose a day when you think you are lucky. Results under heavy rain, cough! I caught sight of the duck, don’t mention it.

after a (so-called) fortune, finally a good name. I was so happy that I almost told all my friends about the name of my shop. Not a few days, a female friend told me that the way to help me ask about my shop name when she suangua, that is not good, lack of gold.

I am dizzy, and went to ask the fortune telling, I think he said is also good, listen to this, the result has been a good name and changed. So toss about three or four times, really dizzy, because each of the fortune telling is not the same, do not know in the end what good. An angry, and finally no need to use their own.

think we design clothing is a kind of art, do things must be very special, not the same as others, art plus special, art special. Hee hee…… Think of it, it’s art.

later I figured out, in fact, no matter what you do, as long as willing to heart, willing to endure hardship, willing to work will be successful, the so-called fate and luck are on their own, rather than relying on others. I like suangua money did not spend less, also not a proper name, it is so.

said that although the name is indeed very important, but it is only a name of the shop, as long as we can remember, at the same time can reflect the shops selling products, this name is enough, there is no need to get into the shop.