Duke Appleton Wins NATC, LiVArts Technology Art Competition

first_imgArt judges have named Duke Appleton as the winner of New Africa Technology Company’s (NATC) ‘technology art competition’, done in collaboration with Liberia Visual Art Academy (LiVArts).Announcing the result over the weekend, the judges said although every participant was a winner who presented masterpieces, the competitive nature of the event, however, called for ‘a single star.’ “You made the choice through the voting process and we are proud to present to you Duke Appleton as the champion, with Brima Wolobah coming very close. “Each artwork that was presented has individual essence and a connection with the role technology can play in developing Liberia. Overall, the works show the creativity of the artists, which was appreciated by the audience,” said the panel of judges.Farzana Rasheed, NATC CEO, said the company has great respect and love for art, citing love as the reason behind the competition. “This competition presents another excellent opportunity for professional artists to showcase their artwork to the company’s clients and friends.“We are going to give the winner a cash prize of US$250 and have his artwork featured on the company’s 2015 Christmas cards for our clients.“Each artist that enters this competition is a winner. Your participation is an act of faith, which exhibited that you believe in ones own gifts and strength. Even if your artwork did not win the competition, it is not a problem. What really matters is that you are an artist whose work inspired people,” said Madam Farzana Rasheed.She extended thanks and appreciation to the nine artists that participated in the event for exhibiting excellence works that stirred the imagination of those in attendance.In his winning remarks, Duke Appleton said: “I never thought that I could win this competition because we have a lot of great artists that took part in this unique competition that showcase our creativity as artists.“I’m grateful to my following artists, organizers of this event and all those that voted for me and hope that this initiative is turned into a bigger one next time.“I also want to thank you, my fans, for making me win this important competition, and to tell the world that art and technology have something unique in common.”In a brief remark, the Executive Director of LiVArts, Leslie Lumeh, said: “This is the competition where distinct pieces of artwork dance with technology. The great thing here is that every artist put together a worthy piece that is valuable in the art world.” Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Foot in mouth disease…

first_img…and RamjattanSome people just don’t know when to shut up. Or maybe they’re so desperate to ingratiate themselves with the powerful, they just can’t realise they’re making matters worse. Take the case of Volda Lawrence, newly elected chair of the PNC, who surely wishes her ill-advised burst of candour as to PNC’s hiring policy (only PNC cardholders need apply!) would disappear.With the PNC presidential candidate for 2020 seemingly up in the air, Volda was clearly trying to ground with the hardcore, lumpen elements in the Region Four district, by speaking in their vernacular and register to emphasise she was with in their corner. Now this constituency is key to solidifying the PNC voters who’d be showing up at the next Congress to select the said presidential candidate.But before you could say, “Kabaka!”, up jumped Raphael Trotman, leader of the AFC to vouch for the good lady!! Calling the furore over Volda’s assertion, Trotman dubbed it an “unnecessary distraction” and declaimed:  “The chair, I as leader have known and worked closely with for 25 years and has never shown racial or political partisanship, but in fact, has worked tirelessly, as a politician and as a Minister of Government for the betterment of people of all walks of life and all backgrounds.”However, Volda, apologised to those whose sentiments she might’ve hurt but not for the import of her words. She’d rather keep the bird in the hand (the PNC lumpen crowd) than the birds in the bush (non-PNC types). The endorsement of Trotman is like the kiss of death to the PNC-diehards, who’ve never forgiven him for demanding the PNC apologise for its past thuggery. They were the ones who performed the said thuggish actions! Volda probably wanted to strangle Trotman.Now up comes Khemraj Ramjattan of “dead meat” fame and Chairman of the AFC, to resurrect Volda’s declamation and “excuse” it – in Parliament, of all places!! Ramjattan exclaimed “So what if Volda said only PNC-types should apply for Government jobs?? By fighting to keep the sugar industry going, wasn’t the PPP saying the same thing for East Indians?”So, while Trotman’s endorsement could’ve chased away the PNC’s bird in the hand, Ramjattan’s “explanation” will definitely push the “two (wavering) birds in the bush” into the PPP camp!! So, what’s the bottom line out of the desperate attempts of the AFC leaders to survive their “four per cent” implosion? Pissed off Volda Lawrence, who’s the front runner in the sweepstakes to lead the PNC into the 2020 “mother of all elections”!!But Ramjattan should be ashamed of himself for brown-nosing Volda so blatantly and oleaginously!!Especially when he’s neither PNC nor her friend!!…and David PattersonAs your Eyewitness mentioned several times, the Princeton philosopher Harry Frankfurt made a crucial distinction between lying and bullshit. You lie when you know the facts, but you misstate them to score “points”. Bullshitting, however, is when you don’t give a damn about what you are saying – you just speak for effect! As Frankfurt showed, bullshitting is worse than lying especially with people in authority – because of the possible disastrous consequences.When David Patterson opted to pull out assertions from his nether region about the PPP and feasibility studies, without making any attempt to check the facts, he was bullshitting big time. And as the Public Infrastructure Minister, this could destroy Guyana – even with the coming oil revenues. But what was more revealing, when nailed immediately on one of his assertions by PPP MP Irfaan Ali, Patterson swore on his Bible and promised to apologise if Ali were to provide written evidence.Well, Ali did so provide but Patterson refused to apologise.Proving that bullshitters have no character!…and Winston JordanBecause of the coming oil funds, Jordan boasted Guyana will attract businesses. Scotiabank immediately announced it’ll pull out of Guyana. Two weeks later, Bank of Baroda did the same!They see Guyana as the next Angola – much money but more corruption!last_img read more

America votes today

first_imgDear Editor,A majority of Americans will go to the polls today to vote for a Presidential candidate of their choice who will lead them for the next four years. Under normal circumstances, this would have been a normal routine every four years but this time around the stakes are as high as the sky, perpetuated by devious and divisive campaign tactics from both sides of the political aisle.In all the years I have lived in the US I have never seen such high levels of anxiety, such high levels of ambiguity and such high levels of disappointment and despair amongst Americans so associated with the general election season. For some Americans, the election polling stations have become metaphorically a damp and dangerous zone to be avoided rather than a datum for expressing political prerogatives.How can this can happen in one of the safest but not necessarily the soundest democracies in the world is a question that can be easily answered by an average American? The answer is dirty politics and the predilection for power predicated upon the agenda of inclusion and exclusion.I will not belabour the obvious of what have been said about the US election, particularly with regard to prejudicial and prelapsarian views, in the age of information technology. I am sure Guyanese are very much familiar with the dynamics of the US election.What I would like to share is that the definition of an immigrant in the US during this election, and perhaps beyond, has changed to mean something new and nauseatingly worrying. Initially, the word immigrant means anyone who has entered the US from somewhere else and someone who is not born in the US.Now, the word immigrant means a non-white person, and all the negative trappings that come with this label. Certainly, one presidential hopeful has not addressed the East European immigrant problems in the US.I believe that this US election season has provided an opportunity, opening the door for the entrance for the formation of a political party driven by immigrant/resident/citizenship sentiments.For too long, immigrants turned citizens in the US have been comfortable with their own insular development and their partial participation in politics. The time has come to step beyond this comfort zone.While this might be a far-fetched thought right now to entertain further, I do hope the losing candidate concedes. My bet is on Hilary Clinton to win, a limited choice really.Sincerely,Lomarsh Roopnarinelast_img read more

Former All Black Nonu dreaming of World Cup comeback

first_img0Shares0000Ma’a Nonu is back in New Zealand for the Super Rugby season and has one eye on an All Blacks return for this year’s World Cup © AFP / XAVIER LEOTYWELLINGTON, New Zealand, Feb 12 – All Black legend Ma’a Nonu said Tuesday he was eyeing a World Cup comeback in Japan later this year but he first needed to prove himself at Super Rugby level with the Auckland Blues.The two-time World Cup winner, aged 36, has returned from three years playing in Europe for his third stint with the Blues, where he will partner fellow veteran Sonny Bill Williams in the centres. The last of Nonu’s 103 Tests was New Zealand’s 34-17 win over Australia in the 2015 World Cup final at Twickenham and he was coy when quizzed about a return to the international stage in Japan.“I think it’s there in everyone’s minds. For me it’s trying to make the Blues team first so one step at a time,” he told reporters.Nonu brushed off further questions about his World Cup aspirations, joking: “All I’m thinking about is lunch right now.”To make the All Blacks, he would need to muscle his way into contention among current midfielders such as Williams, Ryan Crotty, Jack Goodhue, Anton Lienert-Brown and Ngani Laumape.He would also need to help turn around the fortunes of the Blues, who finished second to last on the overall table last year.In the past, Nonu has been accused of coasting during Super Rugby and lifting his intensity for Test matches but he said he was fully committed to helping the Blues succeed this season.“I haven’t won Super Rugby before, I’ve come up short twice (in two finals) and played a lot of semi-finals for the (Wellington) Hurricanes,” he said.“It’s another driver this year.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Dungy’s way nets ultimate reward

first_imgThey didn’t for what seemed like forever, yet Dungy is in everything for the long haul. It didn’t matter whether it was perfecting the defensive scheme he learned two dozen years ago from Steelers coach Chuck Noll, volunteering in the community or advancing the cause of African-Americans on the field and off. Winning, to him, was always going to be the byproduct of doing things the right way instead of the other way around. If there’s a lesson to glean from Sunday night’s Super Bowl, that’s it. That, and the fact that although becoming a Super Bowl champion changed just about every other coach good enough to win one, it won’t change Dungy a bit. Not long after it finally happened, after all those tough seasons in Tampa and the handful in Indianapolis when a tough break pulled the rug out from under him, Dungy pulled one of his three sons, 15-year-old Eric, up onto the podium and asked a few photographers to snap away. MIAMI – Shortcuts never interested Tony Dungy. Sacrifice, though, well that was another story. Dungy’s large brown eyes sparkled. The smile always dancing at the corner of his lips widened just that little bit more. But as far as celebrating, or reminding all those who doubted he’d win the big one without compromising his principles, that was it. “If you weren’t watching the game and you just saw him afterward,” Eric said, “you wouldn’t know if he won or lost. He’s always that way. It’s kind of a running joke in the Dungy household. Anytime he asks us, or we ask him, `How do you feel?’ the only answer you ever hear is, `Great.’ ” There were plenty of times when other men would have answered otherwise. Instead, Dungy bit his lip when lesser qualified assistants jumped over him in line for head coaching jobs, then rolled up his sleeves and went to work when the only team willing to grant him a shot was a sorry Tampa franchise that seemed beyond rescue. Rather than complain, he assembled a staff of like-minded assistants, guys who like him, didn’t fit the NFL help-wanted ads, then challenged them to help him break the mold. Already, four members of that staff have followed Dungy into the head coaching ranks, including Lovie Smith, his counterpart on the Bears’ sideline Sunday. Together, they made those Bucs better than respectable. More important, Dungy did it by teaching players instead of cursing them out, showing them that cheating him with their effort meant they were cheating themselves. And even when the Bucs turned around and fired him, handing the Super Bowl-ready squad he patiently built to Jon Gruden for the final step, Dungy left town with his head held high. “Tony was like our Moses,” Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks recalled. “He led us out of the darkness and right up to the promised land.” Dungy went Moses one step better, though, and found other work soon enough. Nothing about him was different on the sideline in Indianapolis, save the color of his outfit and the caliber of talent that was waiting for him. He had the Colts in position to take the final step last season, when his 18-year-old son, James, committed suicide in December 2005. Refusing to be broken by the tragedy, he taught his players yet one more lesson, treating the blow more as a test of faith than a testament to bad fortune. What happened to Dungy on Sunday morning, as he prepared for yet another final exam, was hardly worth mentioning, except to illustrate the way he deals with every other setback that has confronted him in life. He and a friend had set out from their hotel for a walk and lost their way. They planned to do a mile loop and wound up wandering for 2 miles or so instead. Rather than get angry, he used the extra time to reflect. “I just thought about the journey,” Dungy said, “where we were and how the Lord had kind of set this up with some struggles, some ups and downs, some hills and valleys. And I thought about the way our team had persevered and how it would be a shame if we didn’t win it.” 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!center_img “You’re not going to win every game, every season is not going to end the way you like,” the Colts coach said after one finally did, with a 29-17 win over the Bears in the Super Bowl. “But that’s the real test of a man and the test of a champion,” Dungy added. “Can you continue to fight when things don’t go your way?” last_img

State lags in affirmative action

first_imgIn California’s case, the landmark Prop. 209, approved by voters in 1996, eliminated most state agency programs that helped women or minorities win state contracts. For many states that have limited affirmative action, federally funded transportation projects provide the only “inclusive business program,” the study says. The Insight Center, formerly the National Economic Development and Law Center, is a national research, consulting and legal organization that promotes economic health and opportunity in “vulnerable communities.” Marna Smeltzer, president and CEO of the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, said she supports programs that help small businesses owned by minorities or women. “In the past, we’ve thought they were good programs,” said Smeltzer, who had not seen this study. “These types of programs usually are very positive.” Programs that steer contracts to women or minorities also constitute billions of dollars in spending by corporate America. According to an Insight Center study released in October, Prop. 209 hurt growth of minority- and women-owned businesses in the state. In particular, only 21 percent of minority-owned businesses saw significant growth in the five years after Prop. 209 was passed. That’s compared with 37 percent in Maryland and Oregon, combined. For women-owned businesses, only 18 percent saw significant growth from 1996 to 2001, while the combined figure was 30 percent in Maryland and Oregon. That study designated Maryland as a “policy-enhanced” state for such programs, and Oregon as a “policy-neutral” state, both higher designations than California. However, the October study found no difference in growth rates from 2001 to the present. “I think what has happened is in general, businesses have adjusted their business plans to depend less on state or local contracts than before Prop 209,” Lohrentz said. It is unlikely that Prop. 209 will be eliminated in the short term, Lohrentz said. However, he noted that some states such as Florida and Washington have voluntary programs. “There are (California) state legislators who are interested in doing something,” Lohrentz said. muhammed.el-hasan@dailybreeze.com 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The federally funded project has a mandate to steer contracts to minority- and women-owned businesses. According to a study to be released today, California lags behind many other states in promoting such contracts. In fact, the Golden State cuts against a growing trend nationwide, said the study, “The Evolution of Affirmative Action,” to be released by the Oakland-based Insight Center for Community Economic Development. The study, which covered all 50 states and the District of Columbia, found that 14 states either started or enhanced their “inclusive business programs” from 2003 to 2006, compared with only seven that ended or reduced such programs. “We found that in spite of the well-known cases of (California and Oregon), that the trend has been reversed to enhancing or initiating inclusive programs,” Tim Lohrentz, the study’s lead researcher, said during a conference call with reporters. This drive to advance such programs has been ushered along by state legislatures and governors, both Democratic and Republican, “who recognize the importance of inclusive business development to the overall economic strength of their state,” the study says. Last year, JJK Roll-Off, a Hawthorne-based rubbish bin rental firm, landed a major contract to provide containers for the expansion of the light rail system in Los Angeles. And the company’s owner, Brandy Sweeney, played a big roll in winning the contract. Because she is a woman. “That’s how we got the contract, because it was in Brandy’s name,” Verne Sweeney, the company’s vice president and Sweeney’s husband, said. last_img read more


first_imgAUDIENCE members literally took to the stage last night when a collaboration between an Israeli playwright and a Palestinian actor came to Letterkenny.Bassam’ is the heartfelt story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary decision to make. This show explores the themes of revenge and forgiveness set against the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.It is a 50-minute show followed by an open discussion with the Israeli playwright/director and the Palestinian actor Fadl Mustapha. And don’t worry if you missed Wednesday night’s show; it is back on stage again next week.Bassam’ is the heartfelt story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary decision to make. This show explores the themes of revenge and forgiveness set against the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.The play demonstrates parallels with issues of conflict resolution in Ireland. At the core of the story, the play asks of its audience: ‘What motivates people to say no to violence and choose the road to peace?’Bassam is a one man show based on the true story of Bassam Aramin, a Palestinian peace activist whose daughter, Abir, was killed by a border soldier on 16 January 2007. From the age of fifteen, Bassam spent seven years in an Israeli prison for attacking Israeli soldiers during the first Palestinian uprising in 1987. In 2005, Basam co-founded the Israeli-Palestine peace movement, Combatants for Peace (CFP). CFP is a group of ex-Israeli soldiers and former Palestinian prisoners who have joined together to end the Israeli-Palestine conflict through dialogue and community action.Two years after founding CFP, Basam Aramin’s daughter Abir died as a result of a shot to the head from a rubber bullet. In spite of his personal tragedy Bassam continued his peace work.The play Bassam was written in 2008 by Idan Meir, a former Israeli soldier. Idan spent five years in the military and saw a dozen members of his unit, including his best friend, killed in fighting in southern Lebanon in the late 1990s.“The pain was one of the things that moved me to search for different ways of dealing with ‘the enemy’. When I met Bassam I wanted to bring his story to a place where people could hear and see what is going on and show them that the pain of ‘the other’ is just the same as our pain,” he said.An Grianán Theatre Productions presented the first Irish performances of Bassam in a play reading with Irish actor Charlie Bonner as part of the One Donegal Festival on 29 November 2011. A full production featuring the Palestinian actor Fadl Mustapha is touring to venues throughout Donegal and returns to An Grianan next Thursday.Each performance of the play which is approximately 50 minutes long is followed by a post show discussion workshop facilitated by Idan Meir.Please note the audience will be seated on the stage for this show, maximum 60 people.ISRAELIS AND PALESTINIANS COME TOGETHER FOR AN GRIANAN SHOW was last modified: October 11th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:ISRAELIS AND PALESTINIANS COME TOGETHER FOR AN GRIANAN SHOWlast_img read more

Antonio Conte wants to keep Bournemouth target Asmir Begovic at Chelsea

first_img The 29-year-old is wanted by the Cherries this month 1 Chelsea boss Antonio Conte wants to keep hold of Bournemouth target Asmir Begovic.The 29-year-old is wanted by the Cherries this month and reports claim the Blues are already looking for a replacement.Celtic goalkeeper Craig Gordon is one of those said to be on Chelsea’s radar, while they are also keeping tabs on Galatasaray’s Fernando Muslera.However, Conte has stated he has no plans to sell Begovic and that he will start in the FA Cup against Brentford.“Yes Begovic starts, but Begovic is a Chelsea player – it is important to understand this,” said Conte.“He is a Chelsea player and Begovic, for me, stays.”last_img read more

Atletico ahead of Everton and Spurs in battle to sign £25m Belgian teen star

first_img1 Youri Tielemans celebrates scoring for Anderlecht Atletico Madrid are the new favourites to sign Youri Tielemans, who is now rated at £25million by Anderlecht.The 19-year-old is one of the most sought-after teen stars in European football with a number of clubs impressed with his performances in Belgium this term.Both Everton and Tottenham are said to be among the chasing pack for the midfielder, who has scored 18 goals and set up a further 11 in his 43 games so far this season.French giants Monaco are also pushing hard to sign him, as talkSPORT told you earlier this week.It has been suggested that Anderlecht would be willing to do business for between £15m and £20m but now, according to reports in Belgium, their asking fee has risen to £25m.And they have also reported that it is Atletico who are the current front-runners to sign him, despite interest from the Premier League.The La Liga club are expected to be busy in the summer transfer market, especially if they end up selling Manchester United target Antoine Griezmann for a world record fee.last_img read more

LISTEN BACK: Paul Taylor praises strength of his panel after semi-final win

first_img(C) Colin Gillen/framelight.ieSligo put in a superb second half display to come from three points down to beat Roscommon by 1-13 to 0-13 in the Connacht U21 Football Championship Semi-Final in Kiltoom last night.Sligo boss Paul Taylor spoke to Gavin Cawley for Ocean FM Sport after the game…Audio Playerhttps://www.oceanfm.ie/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Paul-Taylor-After-U21-Defeat-of-Roscommon.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.last_img