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An analysis of the basic ideas and methods of operation of website optimization

second, a good user experience. User experience according to different industries may have different experience, first website hue, medical network mainly in green, fresh tone. The sports website can be red, blue to active atmosphere tone as a benchmark, enterprise website solemn place mainly dominated by cool colors, cool colors can make people become professional and rational, with gray, blue as the representative. Shopping website highlighting the warm tone when people see sentimental point warm their brains to be touched, became emotional up to red, yellow based arouse people’s desire to buy, in the major shopping sites to celebrate the festival is most obvious. Secondly, the website structure, the structure can be taken on the lower, left and right, left and right can, in line with the user’s reading and browsing habits are the key to pay attention to in the head and the left part of the page is the key entrance spiders visit to the appropriate use of article list >

is mainly engaged in the operation and optimization of the enterprise stand, the previous articles and share a little more about the rankings and optimization strategy for enterprise station, especially for the new site optimization, optimization method is very important, today I like and we talk about the basic method of website optimization, it should start from the novice where. Well today we enter the theme, website optimization of the basic ideas and methods of operation.


first, site location, topic Description Description tag. First of all, the author proposes the optimization for the new station site before, first of all to the website have a clear positioning, mainly includes the level positioning industry, as far as possible the establishment of the relevant industry website, including website industry color, professional degree. Secondly, our products or services, including the sale of products, in order to obtain the flow or in order to expand the company or brand new products, these are must be carefully inspected and their hearts should be clearly defined. According to the above two points, the construction of our website, the website construction process to the above two ideas into consideration, in the website construction, the three major label is written the thing we are most concerned about, as the title tag covers the website keywords, the keywords and advertising slogans combined with stationmaster net for example, A5 webmaster website admin5贵族宝贝 | will see the webmaster webmaster information and service center. We can find the first covers the main keywords A5, Admin5, webmaster, webmaster website main keywords, secondly, advertising language is the webmaster must see the website, the slogan is the webmaster information and service center. Only the organic combination of these words will not seem too stiff and will not be search engine as suspected of cheating, that title not more than 30 Chinese Chinese characters. Keywords tag can be appropriate to extend the main keywords as the core, pay attention to the number of not more than 3, will be the main keyword and description tags include extended auxiliary keywords, composed of fluent and natural words. For keywords and description tags do not stack, patient, good grasp of the scale is the key.

The love of Shanghai product optimization and the advantages and disadvantages of the site

love Shanghai launched a number of products, including Post Bar, know, Wikipedia, blog, experience, these are all good promotion webmaster, indeed, if a good grasp, the website weight by leaps and bounds, if done well, is dangerous. I love Shanghai to several products to do a detailed analysis.

everything has two sides, grasp the furnace is used, heat did not grasp the side effects, nuclear power can serve the people, for the people and the destruction of power, and people, to make an atomic bomb. This product is also love Shanghai, we all know that love Shanghai’s own product promotion high weight, so many people keen to love the products of Shanghai, only to see the use, see no harm, wanton hair of the chain, do promotion, website ranking structure is getting worse today, surfing the web to share with the pros and cons of love Shanghai product promotion site.

after the detailed test and research, the author found that love Shanghai delete a Q & a product link, has certain influence to the website weight. Love the sea at the beginning or easy to remove the first question of the link is not affected, remove the second quiz links, start right down, but the rate is relatively small, show the keywords ranking began to decline, delete more right down the bigger, so questions promotion time, do a line, don’t do a dozen, to seriously question and answer, if it is the love of Shanghai will do things carelessly, delete your question, a very large impact on the website weight.

love Shanghai know more sides, love Shanghai know that weight is more high, can the chain, website promotion, can play the brand, interactive promotion, customer more convincing. It is a little difficult, more and more strict audit. The relationship between love Shanghai ask audit and account close below the three level account audit is very strict, more than four accounts have not audit, so sex Shanghai Q & a promotion is very convenient, but don’t be greedy, greed is terrible consequences. I tested high Q & a account, sometimes love Shanghai time did not submit the audit or audit, but later, this caused by after the deletion, so very great harm. First, the chain is not stable, we all know that love is wonderful products in Shanghai included, you answer very quickly by the love of Shanghai included, over a period of time has been deleted, a dead link, the chain life cycle is too short, the website optimization is bad.

talk about love Shanghai encyclopedia, the encyclopedia chain weight did not answer, because love Shanghai more content > General Encyclopedia

love Shanghai Post Bar chain, it is relatively easy, generally will not be deleted, if done well, is generally not that love Shanghai does not give you the chance to show that the author believes that the move to prevent cheating, to minimize the side effects. If the reality, generally will not be deleted. Site optimization chain construction is not only the pursuit of more included, the pursuit of quality, the chain widely degree, so I think that love can do a few Post Bar Shanghai, long the effect is not obvious.

Excellent buy from defensive to offensive 2 years to achieve integration of line, line and downCHANe

threshold? In Zhang Xuejun’s words, at least retail competitors are hard to catch up with in a short time. For example, there are many department stores want to enter the electricity supplier, Zhang Xuejun consulting, Zhang Xuejun’s first question is how to do the IT system, the other answer is mostly outsourcing or buy one

for BELLE, the current IT system was built 10 years ago and is no longer suited to the current format, and in the past 2 years, this has become one of the priorities of the excellent purchase business. In the formation of the Beijing and Shenzhen team, excellent purchase technology system was perfected in tinkering. In Zhang Xuejun’s view, although the current purchase of technology systems still need to continue to improve, but basically has crossed the first threshold of electricity providers, that is, "electronic"".

, Sina Technology, Tracy,


attached: CHANet results network logo meaning

as traditional enterprises, and not much of the Internet experience, but the power that BELLE can have the confidence to do this thing is, when the United States top ten electricity supplier website, website brands accounted for 8, while the development target of at least similar brand website is excellent purchase.

CHANet results network logo uses orange CHANet orange as standard color, symbolizing liveliness and enthusiasm, creativity and attraction, CHANet network will always uphold this spirit and provide services for everyone. Results of network marketing platform Alliance:   

is involved in the electricity business in early 2011, when BELLE group has 15000 Direct stores, covering more than 300 city, settled nearly 1500 stores, the retail industry has formed a competitive threshold, but the threat still exists, is consumer behavior from offline to online conversion.

with the CHANet results network in China’s business continues to grow, the original Logo has been unable to adapt to the CHANet results network today’s image. 07 years in September 1st, CHANet production network launched a new logo with rich content, which represents the CHANet results network into a new round of rapid development.  

spent 2 years transforming the IT system

admin03 commissioning editor

English letter CHA on top of the arc is rising sun, representing the results of CHANet network full of vigor and vitality, innovation, passion, the pursuit of dreams, continuously forge ahead; five dots below the Net represents our tens of thousands of partners, namely the website owners and advertisers, said the results of CHANet network oriented, time will partners in the first place attitude, also represents the company’s vision: through the Internet, to create more opportunities for the world.

Zhang Xuejun

at that time, this trend in books, 3C category standardization of goods has been reflected in the field, the future of fashion consumer goods will quickly follow up, the speed of entry will be many, BELLE group can not determine. But based on this trend of judgment, BELLE group level decision must increase Internet resources investment, at least than competitors first established Internet technology team, as soon as possible groping Internet marketing rule.


How important is the

but this goal is not so easy to implement, at least for the excellent purchase, software need to have strong technical ability, especially if you need to leveraging from BELLE group resources, it must be able to develop business platform software, and POS software stores and logistics warehousing software and under the open line.


The main pattern of the


as a forerunner of the traditional enterprise water electricity supplier, BELLE group’s excellent shopping network has been on the line for two years, this year the electricity industry is relatively excellent purchase raging like a storm, the two years of silence, and purchase and purchase in the end what to do? How will the future? Excellent shopping network within the CEO Zhang Xuejun made a detailed description, in his view excellent purchase has been made defensive strategy, the most important thing is to achieve the integration of online and offline, then the whole strategy to attack transformation.


CHANet results network is composed of the English alphabet CHANet and the Chinese character achievement net. CHANet means "China results reward network", which is simplified by China Affiliate Network. CH stands for China, A stands for achievements, and Net stands for network. The results network is the Chinese name of CHANet.

CMS and BBS developers’ way out collaborative management platform


, an article said: "talking about the marketing strategy of traditional software companies in the Internet market". Today, in turn, I’d like to talk about the problems faced by Internet Co, which live online. In recent years, webmasters have realized that CMS and BBS systems have undergone major changes in the country, ranging from simple functionality to powerful complexity, from commercial encryption to free open source. Team form from individual to team, and then to formal company operation. But do developers actually make money,


from our side is not difficult to see, 80% of the personal webmaster is using free open source CMS and BBS system, and 30% of the webmaster even copyright deleted directly, and most enterprise users also have similar phenomenon. That is to say the developers almost do not rely on the product to make money the authorization, mainly to sales of other products by business customers for free wide reputation, including the development of specific system, two times the development of products, services and other aspects of cooperation.

How difficult is it for

developers to live? Dedecms, phpcms, discuz, phpwind… These can be said to be the best in the industry several representative systems developed by PHP. I believe we are using the most, including my own favorite systems. The first two, do not know how the boss left all. After the two, in case of BBS network storm, users greatly reduced. There are more similar developers, which are not closed down, mergers and acquisitions, strong support and so on. Simple can be said: the future is uncertain.

What makes

developers embarrassed? Not the system itself, nor is it a network environment problem. Ranking rose PM4.NET, Geng teachers think the customer group is wrong. Webmaster, this circle is basically have two times the development of technology, so most owners choose their open-source systems after processing to meet their own needs, it is difficult to have several owners are willing to pay for authorization, or please people two times development. And these products for enterprises to use, but also just a web site, forums. There is nothing to do with the most frequent office routine in the enterprise. The main thing is that the price of the 2 words of the website and system is 0.


, CMS and BBS developers, where is the way out? Considering their own original technology and reputation accumulation, the original results for less effort, but better to inherit a new application, and the biggest money. I think that these online survival developers should consider the future of enterprise management, the most requested office system: collaborative management platform.

collaborative management platform — simple said is to integrates the past separate financial software, human resources and other office software, the B/S moved to online, and make people collaborate better, enhance the efficiency of enterprises. Specific, you can refer to the definition of FORP.

Why does

suggest developers like CMS and BBS consider turning to the development of collaborative management platforms?

first: because >

Retail customers who want to do business


said that every owner wants his shop business can be prosperous, but now the competition is fierce, if you want to achieve this goal, it is necessary to do more work. In the visit, often hear retail customers said, now the business is difficult to do not sell cigarettes to sell, not sell cigarettes sold out, etc.. The author believes that the retail business to business customers, you need to do the following:

one is added value services. In addition to price concessions, to provide customers with value-added services can also retain customers. For example, retail customers can free to consumers into the store with tea; if a retail store near the bus stop, retail customers can also give passing passengers free to provide the rest of the stool; let out the door for parking, parking and other consumers are able to provide personalized service for customers.

two is reduced operating costs. Retail stores, in order to earn more profits, but also to minimize operating costs. For retailers, one should learn to count the account, count small account, learn reasonable order, scientific arrangement of manpower cost, cost and other costs, the minimum cost to obtain maximum benefits; on the other hand, people who want to be, pay attention to market changes, timely supply of imports, also can minimize the the cost of goods, increase sales revenue.

three is "multiply" reputation maintenance. Retail households to stabilize the source, a sincere hospitality; two is genuine; the three is not to haggle over. Encountered problems do not prevarication, and consumers to form a shared resource, in order to form a win-win, win-win outcome.

four is in addition to make up for deficiencies. In business, retail customers hand must be good at listening to the opinions and suggestions of consumers, from the screening and adopt correct and beneficial suggestions for the development of their own; on the other hand to keep learning, to break the traditional business philosophy, to find deficiencies, remove the deficiencies, improve service, to improve customer satisfaction, let business is more prosperous.

do a good job of the relevant rules of the operation, may be able to make a shop business booming, so even in the face of fierce competition, but also create a huge wealth, so that retail customers easily earn big fortune. So, if you are a retail customer, the above business skills will be helpful to your store management?

Suqian Internet business is very popular electricity supplier breakthrough thirty thousand

Internet era, entrepreneurship has become more simple, and many friends want to venture through the internet. Now, the Internet is also very popular in Suqian, the electricity supplier has exceeded thirty thousand. Located in the hinterland of Suqian in recent years relying on the local advantages of traditional industries, the Internet thinking to break the geographical and resource "imprisoned", to promote a strong Internet public business, to achieve economic "Internet reengineering".

the traditional business model of development forced Wenzhou Zhejiang going out, and now Suqian’s Internet development model has attracted tens of thousands of young people back home bags, back to the Internet entrepreneurial hot spot. More than thirty thousand shop prop up the development of Jiangsu electricity supplier new heights".

the government for a guest "grind" coffee bean "

"off" activities to build entrepreneurial atmosphere; "business platform service". Since last year, the city on the network as the main line of entrepreneurship, all-round, the whole process to support entrepreneurship.

for the network business "soft environment" to create a more intimate, Suqian". In October last year, the city set up a network of entrepreneurial public service platform to run on the line, providing entrepreneurial policies for the network entrepreneurs, network training, network goods and other services. The establishment of suitable for online sales of industrial, agricultural real estate name book library, the current name of the real estate inventory records have more than 600.

Spicy small bowl pea noodles join details

pasta and the new tactics you know? A bowl of noodles with a rich flavor of yellow peas, delicious, with a reasonable diet, nutrition and health.

hot pea noodles small bowl. Would like to join the first to know about it.

spicy small bowl pea side join the project description:

spicy small pea pea small selection of yellow pea, fried with pork, then add soup stew feeding by pouring in the fight up and face to face facet, bean sweet shine, delicacy taste classic.

spicy little pea pea pea facet decreased with the starch content, make noodles more pliable, and long cooking is not bad, not sticky lump. And the unique flavor of peas into the face, so that the surface is more full-bodied flavor.

join support:

before opening

01, visit the headquarters environment, contact the professional team.

02, taste delicious bean pea facet, experience.

03, agents signed cooperation projects, access to official authorization.

04, professional team site, determine the appropriate store.

05, issued by the renovation program, custom store image.

06, accept the headquarters training, theory and practice.

07, according to the map shop decoration, unified visual effects.

08, through the final assessment, issued a diploma.

09, the operation of material distribution, investment companies to send teachers to support the store.

10, to provide soft guide to create a restaurant atmosphere.

11, joined the company to provide business solutions, so that you become a hit.


01, join the company to provide terminal manuals to ensure the daily operation.

02, festival marketing strategy, advance WeChat push.

03, the official media reports, improve the visibility of the investment brand.

04, new product research and development, power terminal sales.

< >

90 female college students to create an environmentally friendly car wash

innovation and Entrepreneurship of the main force is getting younger and younger, an endless stream of innovative technology and the depth of the development of the market. A group of 90 female college students in such an opportunity to organize a group of entrepreneurs, to create waterless car wash products, the dream into reality.

"a liquid, I could use a finger licking, or you ask me a drink I also like. Because I am 100% trust in our products." Yang hand with a waterless car wash liquid beaker, confident to the people who come to visit the floor. "This is all about the human body, no harm to the environment."

9 am, Inner Mongolia University Institute of entrepreneurship innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Exhibition cum Inner Mongolia long Technology Co., Ltd. product promotion ceremony held in Aspen introduced her new car wash.

poplar is a girl of 90 students of Inner Mongolia University School of business. After 5 years of experiments, she and the team developed the waterless car wash guards series products finally came out, which also let her dream into reality".

with thinking, to water of the junior high school, Aspen will more concentrate on water concerns. She learned that there is no foreign car wash. "If you do not use water to wash the car, not only the use of water resources will be reduced, but also for the protection of the ecological environment."

about the experimental process, the team members have a lot of emotion.

Wonderful volume to send Golden yummy

catering market update quickly, there is no innovation lack of new products will soon be eliminated by the market, the wonderful volume sent as a characteristic of the burrito products, the food industry has become the evergreen tree. This not only from Chinese nostalgia of rolls, but because the attribute class rolls convenient and delicacy. It is a classic pasta pie roll rolls brand, wonderful volume fashion school rolls, subversion of traditional and Western fusion technology.

wonderful pie   Golden delicious can not resist

rolls is a classic of China’s delicacy, wonderful volume sent a bold innovation in traditional rolls basis, after years of efforts to develop first proposed Mini rolls series, mini rolls, eat fashion, happy eating a bite, meet the workers, white-collar workers, etc. Master cosmetic needs of different consumer groups. No matter in any place, wonderful volume pies are a symbol of fashion and taste. It also added in addition to send roll rolls, Mini Hamburger, Teppanyaki, Oden series, not only enrich the product line, expand the profit space, can also support the development of various modes of


It will send

volumes of fresh fruits and vegetables and meat quality by scientific and reasonable collocation, make small burritos more nutritional value. Wonderful volumes of the nine volumes of snacks used in the meat is the use of secret sauce made of pickled. Not only taste good but also can give a person a kind of multi-level taste, for investors this wonderful volume sent a burrito but can suck gold good ah, compared with the general project volume sent nine kinds of wonderful volume operation more simple, easy operation. The production of a wonderful volume of nine volumes of snacks only need about 40 seconds to one or two people can operate in order to allow investors to master the cooking skills faster.

West five projects to build a happy home

allows the development of more and more equitable benefit to all the people, in the blue sky and white clouds, so that more of the face filled with happiness. Ben to improve people’s livelihood "upgrade", this year will be the West from five aspects, the practical arrangements for a number of livelihood projects, and effectively improve the people’s quality of life, making it a westsider pride, investors yearning happiness family circle.

this year will be more emphasis on people-oriented West District, efforts to improve people’s well-being. Focus on the following tasks:

– do everything possible to expand employment. To strengthen the construction of public employment service and market system, play the leading role of radiation of college students incubation service center, the implementation of large-scale employment and entrepreneurship training project, to solve the employment problem of college graduates, new urban farmers and landless, strive to achieve the annual 5000 new urban jobs, the transfer of rural labor employment 1000 people, the registered urban unemployment rate control in less than 3.1%. Let more people through hard work, to create a better life!

* 85 million yuan to raise funds for the full implementation of land lost farmers endowment insurance policy. Further improve the social security system. Pay close attention to the problem of landless peasants social security, improve the urban and rural poor people serious illness medical assistance policy, effectively reduce the burden of medical treatment. The insurance for price stability as a key livelihood of government responsibility, continue to take government subsidies, price control, zero slip rectification measures, to ensure market supply, the price level basically stable.

– try to run the people more satisfied with the education. Integration of 133 million yuan of funds, the implementation of land consolidation, belonged to the primary school education, primary school education informatization construction in Hehuang land, safe campus and student drinking water projects, completed primary school and Xichuan Zhangjiawan Road Kindergarten, primary school officially opened to Wenhui road.

actively promote the healthy western construction, the development of public health undertakings. Strengthen the construction of medical service facilities, the implementation of a good residential health hut, rural clinics, fitness Plaza and other projects. Carry out the harmonious doctor-patient relationship demonstration area to create activities, properly handle and resolve conflicts between doctors and patients, so that the masses enjoy a comfortable medical treatment and warm service.

– start to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area. To promote cultural projects that benefit, increase investment, focus on the district cultural centers, libraries, cultural stations and grassroots public cultural facilities such as reading room, give full play to the role of district culture and Arts Center, encourage social prosperity and create outstanding cultural works, promote film planning, performing arts training, cultural exchanges and other industries to flourish, and strive to achieve the culture industry sales revenue increased 10%. Extensive mass cultural activities, the formation of distinctive urban and rural cultural brand.