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Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis bring the accurate customer for the customer site

for some small ways you may not care too much, but the user experience is like the above mentioned such a small problem is piling up, if you don’t pay attention to some user behavior, such as user browsing time, from top to bottom, or left to right, love is what type of search words, spelling or abbreviated words, these are the key to good user experience. If you are a careless person, then you may suffer some losses in this respect, want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, must be a conscientious, careful person, but also love thinking, pondering it.

has its own website navigation, their classification, but the webmaster really noticed website classification problem again a few? Many webmasters may simply not think what to do what is in the beginning of the station, which is divided into several sections, but in addition the content of the website, just remember to the site and what kind of content and classification, and what kind of classification, in this case, the website classification will be very much, and miscellaneous, though, would you say this website classification is very fine, but the user did not find it so much and a little bit of your time, but the five article about the five the classification below for users is not necessarily good, and convenient for users is a more friendly way for the user experience.

website classification jargonEach

A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team was able to let customers website have a more accurate customer, is more understanding of the user’s habits, every detail of the site are treated properly grasp the subtle relations exist between users and website. If you >

you might say, you don’t just say, you don’t need to take the site classification is too thin, almost put some content together not good? This is the word, but you must have a degree, not to say what is not related to the content on a column. This user click to view this section of the article, the user wants to see is definitely associated with this column, and not a hybrid, therefore, after the website is divided, website in the add content to the selection of the correct classification, don’t put any classification, must be put in the classification the relevant section of it.

In fact, the

study on the user’s behavior

Do not coordinate

A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝) often encounter some customers "why many web site traffic, every day there are a large number of user consultation, why failed to become their customers" such problems, in fact, this kind of problem is the most common, but also is the webmaster every day in talking about the problem of user experience, site traffic, with the consultation, ultimately there is no order, that is the user experience of the website, the website user experience why it is not bad, one or two words can be said clearly.

column classification and the contents of

You want to be included in the news source of these points is excellent in optimization

news source is many webmaster tried to enter the field of search engine is adopted, after all, even in the home show news source, can bring the flow of the site is very impressive, how can be certified as a news source search engine? Hefei talent network Xiaobian think so, for those small and medium sites. A search engine news source is particularly difficult, but the thought is included in the news source, on all pages of your website ranking, will increase the weight of the ordinary role, many practitioners began to think about how to achieve Shanghai dragon

it! !

2, a reprint, copy, users do not like


said the graphic combination is the most conducive to the way of reading, so it is of course a little news, you need to pay attention to buddies, that’s what you collected pictures and news content must correspond to it, such as the news this year, with no related content is actually the picture last year, small series could no, not to mention the search engine.


3, where are you? The content in the

from the search engines for the principle of news content, usually will first select which items of news should be realistic, it mainly depends on the number of user attention and media reports to judge. Secondly to news content decided which website should be realistic, in fact, every news basically has a few to thousands of different from the website, and search results and can only display a selected review about the news, as can be imagined, the source of the search engine is very strict. To be successful is included in the news source, so you need to know about the search engine ranking algorithm for news content. Xiaobian collected a lot of data, especially those points are adopted to optimize the sorted out, hope to help the webmaster

a people living in Hefei, could not every day about Shanghai news, traffic information! So look at the same local news is better, so more credibility! Want to be adopted as the search engine news source, have to pay attention to regional /p>! "The picture information must not forget


we all know, the news is timely, so the new content in Vietnam have the advantage of ranking algorithm of search engine, so webmaster friends hand eye must be quick to do, good news, good news finishing.




too many webmaster eyes on the timeliness, in order not to fall behind, immediately reproduced in the past, but Xiaobian want to say is reproduced content often not original content value. The user why spend time, again have read the content? If you released the latest time, can allow search engines to choose, original content is more likely to be selected

, corresponding to

1, hand and eye must be fast

Webmaster rely on the survival of the site optimization method of independent blog optimization

first, optimize the independent blog itself. An independent blog to on-line, it should be from the website template, website program, the domain name of the website, the website space started, these aspects need to be optimized, the website can formally launched operations. Website template to use simple and easy for the public to accept the template, not smallpox whistle, not too bright and dark color. The program design of the site should also take into account the website optimization, code optimization is necessary, many of the old station on the site has not need to change the site code when a new improvement. The domain name URL website is the website keywords, the theme and the main products of the alphabet, or the name of the enterprise, so it is easy for people to remember. Site space to use stability, access speed, independent of IP, improve the host taking regular customer service, a host, as bloggers use ixwebhosting host, it has Chinese website 贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝, which is the main reason for the selection. So the site in front of the line, the ability to optimize the site is not less than.

again: the chain optimization independent blog. The chain of independent blog how to optimize the source of the chain, can be friends in the chain, can be from the article was reproduced in the website can be soft, can give independent blog to get BSP in the blog… The chain chain is not very.

webmaster every day to your site looking for different optimization methods, a BSP blog, soft Wen promotion, Forum promotion, mail promotion, even with the most popular micro-blog promotion, although micro-blog is a link in the not very good conversion to the website, but micro-blog optimization can improve the visibility of the site independent blog promotion, many methods. Every day to day and night doing optimization, in order to allow search engines to visit their website, the website can have a good ranking. Today to share the website optimization of independent blog optimization.

second: optimize the independent blog content. Independent blog blogger to communicate something more, unlike the BSP blog is used to keep the chain, original things, bloggers things will be less points. But for the independent blog blog content construction is very important. When the user wants to find their own blog to want to learn from your blog, bloggers are stingy if not sharing their combat skills, users do not often come to your blog, now independent blog competition is very powerful, with a popular keywords, there will be a lot of bloggers competition. So the independent blog content is the most simple way to retain users. To blog PR, the webmaster to share their experience, tutorials, veteran experience, do not write their own diary often, and other related keywords complaining blog article, your mood did not estimate the number of users will be very interested in. You can come to this message is also attractive, good blog will be subscription subscription after the user will have the stickiness on your website, this is more conducive to the optimization of the blog.

Your site is suitable for user experience

a lot of business customers are gradually aware of the importance of search engine marketing, especially the search engine optimization. However, when the robin on their site to stop when the diagnostic analysis has found that many unreasonable planning for search engine optimization strategy implementation of the layout of the obstacles, such as a large number of the use of FLASH and the dynamic program consciously keen etc..

I am

2: the lack of online interactive

1: ignore the lively

many enterprise website homepage is propaganda FLASH a large enterprise, doing so well? According to the network status at home, such a large FLASH Download all the end of general needs 10 seconds of time, sometimes even needs more time. Robin had some Internet users access to stop some investigation, they can endure "ordinary open time is 8 seconds, of course, if the page information is very important, they will be willing to spend more time waiting for" complete turn. A FLASH download time is equal to or greater than 10 seconds, and the big local visitors.

3: not conducive to the marketing development of

for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises baobuping, due to some non professional network company seems to have played a trick on their. In my opinion the enterprise website is a serious thing, should seriously look at, and the network company to assist enterprises to establish the website often is not suitable for access. Some corporate customers often find my advice, I hope Robin can help them find the website has not launched its online business to help. I see a lot of consulting enterprise website, found a lot of problems. The following are some of my views:

is a website done, may not be a few months or years have updated information, this is the existence of Robin see the enterprise website phenomenon. Each enterprise will have a lot of hope for visitors to visit their website, and will often visit, but for a long time not update the site how to win the attention of visitors to the enterprise website? Network companies in the planning time should be thinking about the problem, should help them develop a can let visitors understand the latest development of the industry and can acquire knowledge of a column. Remember, each visitor is very curious, if they can catch the curiosity, the site will be very active degree is high, it has considerable assistance to facilitate visitors to purchase rate is.

if you visit a lot of small and medium enterprises website, you will find the customer through the website and enterprise can contact channel is nothing more than three: telephone, e-mail and message of the. While many companies are using the phone and email contact way, as long as a few businesses that enable original and interactive message consulting. Online interactive, direct and clear without many cumbersome operation, greatly reduces the costs of the interaction between both sides, Why not?

? website

4: do not test the visitor’s patience

List of the top ten brands

said the watch, a lot of people may think of is Rolex, indeed, this brand can be said to be a representative of the watch market. However, this market is not only the brand, the following, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the list of the top ten brands, so that everyone has a better understanding of the watch market.

list of the top ten brands NO.1, Rolex


in Chinese visibility is not a lot of other brands can be compared, whether because of Hongkong film rendering, or influence, a variety of topics about Rolex, people tend to speak a few words, whether it is love or not love. Which does not love people the main view is a conservative style not fashion, soil pride too strong and so on. People love the main value is its advantage is durable, and relatively value, and even watch masters blessings, such as master said similar if only a piece of table, it must be the words of Rolex.


series 116233 disc log Champagne Diamond Watch, automatic mechanical movement, a date function, stainless steel and 18K yellow gold, champagne dial, scale diamond, waterproof 100m, nd 36mm.

list of the top ten brands NO.2, Patek Philippe

Take the lead in big brother

today altar table, a contemporary table called "king of many luxury boutique in the market of the two auction prices are often topped, called Chizha watch auction market. At the same time the production of its limited edition, nor is it possible to buy a lot of people, many of which are booked in advance of the brand VVIP.

if there is a piece of Patek Philippe words, access to a variety of tall, high force grid occasions can basically live hold. This is mainly due to the Patek Philippe brand positioning on the inheritance of the theme, so whether it is propaganda content, or product design, around the theme of inheritance for Patek Philippe’s popular image.

Patek Philippe

5146 series 5146R rose gold watch, automatic mechanical movement, with date, week display, calendar display, phase, power reserve display function, through the back table, 39 mm in diameter, 30 meters waterproof.

list of the top ten brands NO.3, OMEGA

OMEGA is entering the Chinese market as early as the brand, and early into the upper class of China, especially in the Republic of China, many military and civilian people are wearing OMEGA. In addition, with the continued sponsorship of the Olympic Games, OMEGA and other Chinese people are more concerned about the large-scale events, OMEGA’s popularity in China has been high. Although the professional point of view, the overall performance of the OMEGA watch is not as good as

Secret how to open a cosmetics store to make money

is now in the social life, for many women, beauty and skin care is very popular, especially in the comprehensive development of the beauty industry, many people began to enter the beauty market, operating a beauty shop, business outlook is very good.

with female friends pay more and more attention to their appearance, and has become the first choice of cosmetics female friends, which makes a lot of entrepreneurs seized this opportunity, but the cosmetics store is very important, also has a certain business strategy for business friends to find some good information we work together to understand.

now sell the same cosmetics shops everywhere, your cosmetics stores to customers, to have some characteristics can not. Shop features, such as the characteristics of each person. If there is no feature, it becomes not worth tasting, there will be no customers willing to patronize. If the two shops display the same goods, but if the service is different, it will make the goods appear different, which is the difference between the characteristics of the commodity. Shop features, of course, to meet the needs of customers.

consumers into a cosmetics store, how to retain customers is the key. Customer retention methods are: customer experience, promotional activities, sales success rate, membership cards, etc.. Consumers buy the product, because she had the impulse to buy. Cosmetics store business strategy, so the key to retain customers is to study the customer through the purchase of each psychological desire to produce, and one by one to propose solutions.

How do office workers use their spare time to earn extra money

due to the work of the family business has its own characteristics, mostly from the beginning of a part-time job, but also try to look at the attitude, so first of all, starting from the mentality, and then specific analysis of specific circumstances. Workers how to use the spare time to earn extra money, the whole network follow Xiaobian look.

to don’t want to take any risk but want to taste the taste of business office workers, may wish to try part-time.

select the appropriate business partner

Quickly grasp the color decoration techniques of clothing stores

different colors have different effects on people’s psychology, which has been proved by many scientists. The use of color in the shop decoration, in the subconscious to guide customers to increase the possibility of their purchase, let us learn about the clothing store on the color decoration techniques.

for clothing store, color, lighting, lighting, etc., can change the visual effect, elements of color effect is color and wall color blending. Especially for women’s clothing store, the following are some of the shop’s color scheme:

(1): hue is red, yellow and green color, also is the primary colors, is the basic color of all colors.


cold color seems to have far high feeling, a sense of expansion, cold regions with a high ceiling shop should not use, or into the   feel deserted store, intimacy is reduced, to avoid the use of it.

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The establishment of Kuancheng students in business incubator

is now due to a college graduation season, all in order to promote the development of college students, the employment situation have started to pay attention to the college students, also introduced many new measures to help the many college students to entrepreneurship.

for the implementation of public business, public innovation atmosphere, Kuancheng adhere to the development of public record space, service innovation and entrepreneurship as the starting point and end point, government, society and enterprises gather all resources, invest 10 million yuan to build 3000 square meters in entrepreneurship training, creative cultivation, innovation incubator as one of the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship base.

the base to support the Kuancheng entrepreneurship as the core goal, to public welfare, demonstration, professional as the main feature, in the information industry, modern agriculture and modern service industry as the main business incubator platform to build a set of policy theory, entrepreneurship training and comprehensive service as a whole, for students and young entrepreneurs provide a display of self, communication platform.

base also offers new employment subsidies, entrepreneurship subsidies, social insurance subsidies, job subsidies, small loans etc.. At the same time the establishment of venture capital, angel investment and other enterprises to solve the problem of insufficient funds and financing.


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100% business students can trade secret

for the majority of college student entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial process the most important thing is to choose a suitable for their own entrepreneurial projects, now there are a lot of social comparison with the prospect of entrepreneurial projects, what are the specific?

banking in China is one of the monopoly industries, the general staff salaries in the national average salary in the superior, it is not easy to enter the threshold of the industry. After joining WTO, break the monopoly, a large number of foreign capital entering, many investors to enter, will inevitably bring about a lot of talent demand, rising wages will push the industry, according to the forecast, the general backbone of the annual salary of employees in about 60 thousand yuan, the annual salary of middle-level management personnel from 20 to 300 thousand yuan, more than the annual salary of senior management personnel of 500 thousand yuan, even rushed to the 1 million yuan mark.