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Zac related issues on Albert answered the Shanghai Dragon Pavilion

asked: the site came right or be K

A: first of all, the search engines do not owe you what. A site is K or drop right, there will be other websites or web page ranking. The search engine is about user experience, rather than the Shanghai dragon.

two, Zac teacher to Shanghai Longfeng and other issues related to the view of

Zac teacher in a television editor, came into contact with the search engine rankings, time is 2002. Compared with the national level teacher began in 2000 ranked in the Alibaba website, Zac teacher or slightly later. I have to admire these two predecessors attitude. A Chinese Shanghai Longfeng knowledge popularization has made outstanding contributions, the other one makes system, all from the common sense with rigorous data speak.

second, the future of Shanghai Longfeng spent in skill or the technical level of the energy proportion will be less and less, Shanghai dragon is more flowers on top of the user experience. Zac teacher for many Links exchange, operation method of repeat keywords past effect, now mostly counterproductive.

asked, several major domestic search engine optimization

. The site is K or drop right is not what to complain about. Shanghai dragon ER in optimizing a website, you should pay for the grey hat or black hat tactics. If a site is K Zac, the teacher’s advice is to do a new.


Zac the teacher first modest share professional reading his university, knowledge, engaged in the occupation after graduation, and how to contact the Shanghai dragon industry. Zac teacher is sincere, his original intention is to do a website from the Internet gold rush. Each point of early advertising, also did some garbage station.


asked: how to adapt to the Shanghai dragon ER change the search engine algorithm. What is the optimal point in the future focus of Shanghai dragon


and Zac share


Chinese in Shanghai Longfeng field, the name of the Zac is so bright, I do not want more ink to do this. I believe that Zac’s "Shanghai dragon combat code" moistens many Chinese Shanghai dragon er. I originally bought this book, treasure, within three days of this book will be very hard to read two times, and made a lot of notes, like back to the student. Nonsense not say, below to record and share the core content of the interview.

is the theme of this interview: "Shanghai dragon you old? We are old!". But the topic of the interview is not limited to this. Time back to October 22, 2012 7 points Monday night, Albert Ge Ya Ya channel of fewer than 70 people, but by 9, the number of instantly soared to 1200, the peak even reached 1500. The last time the speed transit network held: "only Wang Tong mountain" the number of 800 people, almost doubled, which shows the influence of extraordinary.

The new tricks included 4 days of perfect map with the truth

tips is actually in love in Shanghai library.

is not easy, please attached link how to practice how thin abdominal stomach |贵族宝贝healthyab贵族宝贝/

love Shanghai search engine upgrade, new collection has become increasingly slow, how to make the new love Shanghai online mixed fast included, there are many, here, Xiao Zhou only shared his personal experience, 100 percent right, dare to say, but there is definitely effect, hope for the novice friends to help and reference.

principle is very simple, the new station should be made quickly, in fact let love Shanghai more attention to your own natural products, a high degree of concern about it, and love all of Shanghai’s products, love Shanghai library is one of the most easily with the chain products, very suitable for our rookie novice friends to operation.

1. library best high quality, best illustrated, its length, the Yang Shanghai library will love this is focusing on you this file.

, this station is 12 years in June 4th before the new 12 years, June 8th was included.

The original

2. second best, there are few people go, you can arrange for friends to download, and then go to a minute comment.

After As shown in figure

Finally, Xiao Zhou said several points of

was also found their own tips and summary, also want to learn to master the Master, possession, as to why? That circulated widely, what effect the effectiveness, we should understand, but think about it or forget to carry forward the spirit of sharing, A5, feedback to society, thanks to the party’s cultivation, pulled calf. The most important thing is to help more, rookie, novice friends.


first of all to see my new sites, how to practice abdominal


8 important factors that influence the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng bottleneck

what factors will lead to the bottleneck of

theory often is the action of Siwon in action before we tend to have a theory of imagination and the expected effect, when the operation of certain operations, often affected by some theory, think that just as long as this operation, you can see the effect, but after the operation, what are not, this are often too theory of self enrichment, so expectations are too high, which has caused huge deviation in action.

then these factors really hinder us to a higher stage? So natural factors, is the outward diffusion of the origin, if oneself do not have a good mentality quality, where can seriously to find the problem itself, so as to solve the problem, get rid of the bottleneck. The bottleneck from the source itself seems to affect the level of our.


Shanghai dragon Er have the problem often is the new Shanghai dragon Er, optimization of the site did not experience pattern of broad, more likely to encounter the bottleneck of low level, not to mention those competition difficult operation bottleneck, often a small technical code optimization can make a no empirical studies on the optimization for several days. This is often a lack of experience, the operation is unable to start, a little bit of exploration, progress is very slow.

2. experience


love Shanghai launched, in this period is too high in the above hope, Jane would have thought for Shanghai dragon behavior and result in huge difference.


then… .


‘s own factors.

of Shanghai dragon remember reading a book called third, mentioned in the book have a point of view, that is a lack of Mr. Chinese, called mr.. This seems to say some Chinese often do not care about so much, but does not seem to be working on more demands on themselves, Shanghai dragon is the same, some Shanghai dragon Er, to a certain extent, feel it, almost on the line, it is not complacent, is almost on the line, this is can, have higher requirements on their own, in this market, not your mind and the market in the old driver so much, but knowledge is very broad, requirements for industry, competition, information, analysis and so on are more stringent requirements, if a new Shanghai dragon Er, you can almost always feel then, finally.

1. restricted

Mention the anchor text a the most important new algorithms such as pattern This seems to be the most

optimization is a long-term process, in this process, there is suffering from so impetuous, opinionated we own human weakness. Jane Shanghai Longfeng that seems to be an important obstacle to our bottleneck.

Analysis of the causes of close understanding of the forum by light-years light-years off (two)

wrote in the teacher closed due to the first 2 points of light in front, close understanding by analysis of the causes of light-years forum closed light-years (a), the author then said to the reasons for the closure of a little rest and you understand it, after all, the forum also accompanied by the growth of light years too long, this is too deep feelings.



in Shanghai Longfeng environment now impetuous, make their own Shanghai Dragon technology that day, really is not easy, after all, Shanghai Dragon technology is not everyone wants to see now, the depth of the Shanghai Dragon technology are associated with the various test, remember in the light forum, about noble baby GSA, there are a lot of people to download, and then makes a detailed analysis for the index of keywords, and then get the experience, it is a meaningful thing for Shanghai dragon, but with the development of the forum, this has slowly become less, if the light to give us a good point to the case. What about the practice of maintenance should be our own business, while Taobao, light invitation code below

invitation code is a way of registration of light years, but light hot even Taobao can participate in the forum is actually wanted us to maintain intentions, you invite people certainly hope to get knowledge, rather than to the chain and to.

third: "forum post operation since the quality improvement is not high. The mainstream of the Shanghai dragon no further development of

mainstream Shanghai Dragon technology development, in many forums, this in-depth analysis types of Shanghai dragon, has slowly lost down, once the Shanghai Earth Dragon, do not know how many people know that the inside of the video to explain the principle of a lot of Shanghai dragon is introduced, and analysis deeply for themselves search; and sem9, how many people know about it, which also needs to be validated before you can get in, but also a lot of very extensive knowledge, but until now, this in-depth Shanghai Dragon technology, there are few forums can do.

meet the eye everywhere.

a feeling to open up our webmaster heart, I believe that this is a lot of forum and even many blogs are like this, to improve the quality of the content is not high, unable to get more people to look into, after this now extends to see an article, think this is to copy and paste here where, or that it is one of the important posts at speak generally, it does not mean, this situation has spread in Shanghai dragon forum for a long time, but it is inevitable, because the webmaster to link to attract spiders, will naturally copy paste articles to add to the source address link, or say in order to promote their own signature, with signature only link. See this forum posts, it is really no Nike, hope to have good content, but can not find a better way to guide, forum of the status quo.

Personal experience summary website how to restore the love of Shanghai feathers

The A large area of 1 )Conclusion:

pulled reason:

for the above several reasons with the Internet they said is completely different, the measures taken is also very simple, as long as the time tested on OK!

2, the frequent replacement of website;

2, updated every day, updated every day not less than 40, but also to human flesh update, do not use. The results you will know, a little hard is worth it.

3, the frequent replacement of title;

During the

3, the appropriate site internal optimization. (this is online for information, the content is too much, a few words that is not clear.

Take measures to:

save the premise:

1, stable site layout, do not think that he is a technician, love how I tell you, many search engines think you this station is not reliable, the results would be counterproductive.

website is love Shanghai "feathers", included page stay around two hundred pages, home still. (if a friend site is k light, it only again.

is to share my experience with you, help those who are still confused in the K station, the webmaster friends, hope can bring them some inspiration.

, the site within a short time revision;

)What is the cause of the K

my site from the beginning of "pulling" to restore normal took about three months, did not give up has persevered. When asked a friend, the friend said, the normal cycle phenomenon, this phenomenon I think is love Shanghai for a test station, can stand the test of the station is a station, Shanghai will be more love love.

4, to cater to the optimization strategy, the dynamic pages all static pages to survive. (because it is late and the static and dynamic program, the survival is not removed, this may mislead search spider, because Shanghai does not repeat the search page of love. In the short term this change more harm and benefit, long perspective, as long as the spider find rules, that will do more harm than good, my website is now basically stabilized, the spider should be used, everyone interested can site:[url]www.dsaiyin贵族宝贝[/url] now contains all static pages.


update does not mean that the content can obtain the result, you update how many search engine will be how much you included, you may have to update, search engines will pull your hair, in this situation, don’t worry, belongs to the normal phenomenon. At least you update the spider climb over some new things, don’t let it go, may have grabbed in the buffer, day time is ripe to put out all that there is in you update the content, the station is in maintenance, not an abandoned baby. The spider every day "

Jill analysis of the causes of stagnation of the blog snapshot

Shanghai dragon must.

From the

4. other auxiliary means.

fine, summed up the following Jill that causes stagnation of blog snapshot, regardless of right or wrong, just want to write for that, of course, also want to have expert advice.

3. update the content of dispersion.

Shanghai dragon is a long-term process, this was not enough to clean the son, to my little Bo, later insisted that

here, Jill also beginners a little advice: just before the blog is fully formed, should not be submitted to the search engine, wait until all the page layout, keywords are defined, and then submitted to a search engine. Perhaps, for the majority of Shanghai Phoenix veteran who has no problem.

may be the cause of the dry line, always want to make a blog ranking, but it did not love Shanghai every day. The ranking is not to say, now the basic snapshot also stagnated in 2010 years, Jill in the eyes, anxious heart.

from a blog to now, her son had a massive change page pattern, simplify address connection. This paper leads to a lot of love now Shanghai contains all 404. also have small changes a few keywords and description, although some people say that this is not important, but that it should be clean son is one of the reasons.

This blog The lack of

Jill do, originally wanted to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, mainly on the network marketing promotion, the two words on the Qingdao Shanghai dragon. But then written, something before the summary will find nothing to write, after all, their own in this line just a few months time, no experience, no direction, the article written will not have anything to write about. First the blog to record their first idea of living and constantly emerge and harassment, blog content more and more life, and the keyword of the website network marketing, Qingdao Shanghai dragon more and more do not take sides. I think this should be a reason.

1. blog changes.

blog built to now, Jill in the beginning and altogether heat, not a few days, the reqingjin down, hands are lazy, head also lazy, always want to write what, but too lazy to think, do not bother, resulting in blog update has not been timely, sometimes a few days better. Sometimes there are several days no more a.

long ago, want to make a blog of my own, the first original idea is to express their feelings in the above record, clean the little drops of life. After graduation, the accidentally broke into the half of IT workers in the industry, the surrounding environment, plus before the age of blogs get everything, so Jill to get rid of the got such a small place, to learn, to express, to record.

2. update frequency is low.


Foreign trade marketing – a baby search engine optimization techniques

After all, >

generally make a separate foreign trade website time is relatively long, so there are a lot of people is to optimize the use of nobility baby station group technology, station group technology can make the site interaction to form a plastic, so often can achieve good results, but the station group operations team may accidentally make your site is down right, because the baby’s noble love Shanghai is better than intelligent detection. Xiaobian that stand swarm optimization should pay attention to these points: 1.IP not the same address segment, space station group is taking apart multiple regions, IP address must be two parts, choose the space combination of foreign website space and Hongkong, let baby recognize it noble. The two is the site between the link does not pay attention to moderate, because all of the station link pages and links to alternate. 3. for the different contents of different content website, keywords may not be all the same, it is best to different industry keywords.

The construction of a more diversified, the chain of

since May this year, nobility baby Penguin 2 update since the construction of the external links to more diversified task at present. If only do home connection, or the inside pages of some pages accounted for much more special, may lead to Google’s punishment, so the foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng Er have to be sure to pay attention to the quality and speed of external links. In addition to enter the link page to diversify outside, as external links and page resource site should take into account the diversity and universality. There are signs of violation and down the right site nor the construction of the chain there.

two, do foreign trade websites, websites should be right down

Friendship even the role of the chain

four, to avoid the site included unstable

three, noble baby optimization is still relatively high

from the Internet industry development up to now, the Internet world has been born of a legend, the rapid development of e-commerce has created the huge wealth effect, more and more people do e-commerce now, there are a lot of people love to do e-commerce in China, there are a lot of people love to do foreign trade marketing website, the following Xiaobian talk about foreign trade marketing – a baby search engine optimization techniques. The optimization of foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng mainly noble baby, as we do when the site of Shanghai dragon will pay attention to the optimization rules of noble baby.

noble baby like love Shanghai, noble baby is still relatively high degree of attention in the connection of friendship, friends of the chain of the noble baby detection technology is also very good, but better than the love of Shanghai, if the station is the friends of the chain, the weight transfer effect is better. Of course, you can find friends exchange website, but after all, foreign friends are not many, if really can not find to buy the chain, we know that in addition to the entirestation type chain, can also do some outside the chain, the chain is generally in connection oriented, chain text may not what effect, so we do when the chain should be chosen to do.

A teacher in Shanghai Longfeng forum closed light reflection

bless Shanghai dragon forum light-years! Hope to some day in the future open! This article from the eyes in the treatment of myopia in children 贵族宝贝 Lu Shun original, want to respect the results of the work of author, please keep, thank you.

call this webmaster friends, making less waste of the chain, the forum outside the chain do more, will only make your site more dangerous, why now do a lot of Shanghai dragon could not find the direction of the chain, the more fat, website ranking dropped more quickly, the quality is not ah, recommend study of Shanghai Dragon Technology and thinking, the chain + simple update time has passed, not to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon. We take the site of the analysis of user needs, the user needs to understand what, good user experience and interaction, and constantly expand the thinking, there are many ways to promote, not only is Shanghai dragon, there are many other ways of promotion can do.

Why is


so close in Shanghai Longfeng light-years teacher forum? Personally, because Shanghai dragon circles now has been the emergence of a morbid extreme, many people thought was very limited, did not want to plan their own station what is the purpose, purely for the Shanghai and Shanghai Dragon Dragon Phoenix, made out of something is to love Shanghai search engine, rather than for the user to read every day, repeated to reply to the forum, the hair of the chain, so as to create a lot of garbage outside the chain in every corner of the Internet, so in the teacher closed the forum for do not want to go to the Internet to increase a spam place.

we do what is the purpose of the station, in order to make money, when we can make millions, tens of millions? When you earn one thousand dollars to ask ourselves when I can earn two thousand, ask yourself when you can earn two thousand million, the desire will own unlimited potential to stimulate, when you earn millions, you have found the money does not make money and there is a fine line, but you’re on the side of the window, another you stand on the other side of the window, when you walk past you discovered that he had found a way to make money million, but you don’t have to take that step, a change of thinking maybe, you opened the window.

just saw a message: "Shanghai dragon forum is in light teacher created recently, in the teacher announced the closure of Shanghai Longfeng light forum. The reason is that don’t want to go to the Internet to add a spam place". I think, this spirit is worth learning. Light years forum is saved many classic post, has been advocated in Shanghai Longfeng science teacher do many students also wrote many classic articles in this forum. The value of the forum I will not comment, I believe we all know.

Entrepreneurs should learn to copy Snapchat from Facebook when necessaryHangzhou expo-plast Marketin

Messenger began testing in the third quarter of 2016, similar to the Stories function, in March 2017 officially launched Messenger Day;

2, have certain webmaster relations circle, have personal website priority;

or above position in Hangzhou, have the intention to engage in network work, excellent graduating students may also consider

1. online advertising sales, mainly for the network and e-commerce companies;

intends to contact Miss 0571-89988231 and arrange interview questions, miss

4. loves the Internet, has the enthusiasm for work, and works hard to make progress, can grow up with the company

1, have certain understanding of Internet, have certain network advertisement knowledge, have certain understanding to personal website operation;

‘s product strategy and the entire company’s success, of course, need to be ahead of technology, creativity and ideas innovation, but more importantly, in the implementation of the lead. Victory is Wang Houbai, Kou, shopping malls such as battlefield, face such as clouds.

focus on product strategy of foreign technology blog Producthabits recently published an article, starting from several Facebook copying competitors Snapchat products and services perspective, analyzes the elements of a company’s product strategy and the success of the company.

now this blog article excerpts are as follows:

Stories is a very prominent product of Snapchat. What did Facebook see after the product was successful? Copied directly and copied to all of its core products. We might as well look back at history:

full-time media:

Snapchat released Snapchat Stories in October 2013;

Instagram released Instagram Stories in August 2016;

although I don’t use Snapchat very much, it’s not an active monthly user. But I do understand why people like it: it drastically reduces the friction between users sharing photos and short videos with friends, and filters and augmented reality also make it more interesting.

market sales:

WhatsApp upgraded WhatsApp Status in February 2017, adding functionality similar to Snapchat Stories;

I’ve been using Facebook and its products every day. The first time I try to use the Snapchat in 2012, at the time that the application of burn after reading is still relatively immature, but dashing.

job requirements:

Messenger Day on the line a few weeks later, Facebook announced the launch of Stories on core Facebook applications.

2, establish and maintain a long-term advertising relationship with personal Adsense;


these new products have been popular since they were launched, and the major media have repeatedly pointed out that Facebook is copying Snapchat. Facebook has made a lot of money, not only with these new products, but also

4, able to work under pressure, skilled in computer operation;

5, love the Internet, have the enthusiasm of work, work hard and make progress, can grow up with the company.

3, good learning ability and professionalism, good communication and coordination skills, negotiation skills;

3. able to work under pressure, proficient in computer operation;

‘s product strategy and the entire company’s success, of course, need to be ahead of technology, creativity and ideas innovation, but more importantly, in the implementation of the lead. Victory is Wang Houbai, Kou, shopping malls such as battlefield, face such as clouds.

2. good presentation and communication skills, telephone marketing experience and skills;

1, purchasing personal sites, advertising, discuss network advertising cooperation;

job requirements:

2. telephone and network marketing, imprisoned, no need to travel to


1. passionate about Internet, Internet and Internet advertising;


Analysis of several factors affecting the core value of the website home page

second, the content of the page can not be replaced and correlation. We want to improve the home page for the search engine weight, must be no I have, people have my core idea of fine running through them, the industry’s core focus of information is a concrete manifestation of the full range of shape to the user or the most valuable news and information, and other sites can’t do or not do something to send out for example, for example, related products your company get the authority of the state agencies certificate or your company has been awarded the provincial and municipal leaders visited and what is its title and so on, these reflect the content of the enterprise in the process of construction site authority and attract users concerned. Secondly, correlation factors. The correlation factors of this relatively simple, we’d better classified and published in the relevant sections and list some news with the similar plate or something similar, this process is not only reflected in the relationship between information and page theme is consistent, is also reflected in the site between the columns and columns between pages and pages, further links and the friendship connection between etc.. We are in process planning and construction site will these factors into account, to the point of each site in the station outside the station and in the process of maintenance and optimization of the.

first, the timeliness of the page. This is easy to understand, is our common sense that whether they have the latest information and advice, specific performance is whether the regularly updated, fresh content provided to the users and search engines. These include not only consulting the latest products and information, and the Internet industry contains the hottest topic and social topics, and pave the way for the expansion at the appropriate site plate, increase our home page content updates and provides news topics in the hot industry or society to the user, let us home like a restless night the River is always back to our users and search engines with the most fresh things, this is the best way to reflect the timeliness of the home page.

as everyone knows we are optimizing, and operation process of Web site home page is the site of the highest page weight, is the best first impression to the user performance page, how will our home to be more valuable? Let it become a real weight can help us to enhance the overall brand influence and weight is our problem all operators have to face and consider, before we begin to talk about what is the page value, the author thinks that the search engine evaluation on each page of the overall value, referred to as the value of the page. Understand the concept, the author continued good gossip short, today to talk about the main factors affecting the website home page value analysis.

third, the quality of website home page. This point and the second point is somewhat similar, but I think this reflects the more widely. First of all, the stability of the site and open the speed of the web page, and the stability of the site open speed not only affect the user experience indirectly also influence the website for Search Guide >