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Star volunteer hotline community do stand difficult in grasping a degree.

site: Star volunteer community hotline ( was established in October 2005, it is based on a "Star" game as the theme of the site, most searched the Internet "Star" game of the game player, have heard the name of this website. At present, the star volunteer hotline community website daily expenses by the webmaster "love harmful health individual" investment. The website collects a lot of news, Raiders, and humanities, CG, modification, archiving and other information.

‘s "star aspiration" series was produced by Daewoo information company in Taiwan, which has been released since 1995, and has been upgraded with countless young fans.

stationmaster introduction: net name "love is harmful to health", Jiangsu, Jiangyin, now living in Shanghai. Watch Star Games, write stories, and study WordPress plugins.

webmaster photos,

below is love harmful to your health: what you want is amateur forum

before I was in the mixed version of Star West Temple, took over as the moderator, the domestic Internet has become popular when the owners own station, Internet star volunteer forum also appeared many. I was also interested in building site, built a web site, will be collected data entry, convenient star volunteers, players query. Players play games, of course, need to communicate. The message board of the website relies on naturally not, I still installed forum naturally. At that time, the use of mobile network program, and later, PHPwind announced open-source. I find that many people on the Internet say it is fast and easy to get started. But because the space does not support PHP, I can only envy other people’s share. The year before last fall, I took advantage of the opportunity to change space, the forum converted to a long favorite PHPwind, and then 5.3.

because the star volunteer hotline is the sole theme of a series of games, its traffic is not very stable. Within the first half of the year before the new game was released and within a year after its release, the popularity was high. The forum has a large number of newly registered members every day to ask questions about the game and ask questions about the game. At that time, the daily IP remained at around two thousand or three thousand, and the PV remained at twenty thousand or thirty thousand. Once a long time no new game release, the popularity will be like a slide slide, the rapid decline, day IP fell to less than one thousand, PV less than eight thousand.

forum management personnel to now have replaced the two or three batch, the main management website is MV, thirteen small aunt, etc.. Mv she is graduated from the Department of psychology at the Beijing Normal University, she was the star volunteer experts, any game problems are difficult to her, and she could see through other people’s psychology, know what others think, really great. A lot of people have problems in life, they will find her. Thirteen aunt, she is more enthusiastic, in the medal of the release, recycling, director of life and other daily management, more adhere to the principle, to

Sharing Chutian station dead and resurrection experience

Chutian station has been established so far, and has gone through 2 seasons of rain and wind. There are laughter, there are also pay. Understand Chutian Adsense station webmaster friends may know, Chutian Adsense station in May last year was Baidu K lost. Web site has not included, the most included when the article is not more than 3000 articles. Among them, I have my own original article, there are also collected articles. From May to May this year, the collection fell to hundreds of pages, leaving only the front page at last.

, all the links on my website have been removed. Many webmaster who exchanged links with me just told me. Said my station was K, want to drop my link. I have to explain that I will not cooperate any more. No way, now many webmaster is such, do not see people see the Links website, where friendship? Fortunately, rookie Webmaster Station to my site is never abandon, never blame Chutian Webmaster Station on his website, in fact also proved and a K site for any link not, express thanks to Yang Zi. Thank you also to have the old stationmaster net to my support and encouragement repeatedly.

website has been K, a webmaster can persist for more than 1 years, very few. But I do hold on. I always think that day will be Baidu, will release all my collection. Every day I update my articles and observe the data. But every day only included home page. I went to the outer chain. I changed the title, in short, rescue methods have tried, without any effect and effect. It was not until October 20th of this year that I decided to re – edit my website to change the fate of my web site.

actually, I didn’t do it for the website to live. But because many people say my website template is not good, does not conform to the user experience. So it took me 2 days to change the website template to a template world style. In the template world style on the basis of significant changes, I added the home page 16 independent calls. Home member horizontal no refresh landing. Add TAG page template. Add search page templates, add single page templates, etc.. Because of my previous touch plate export too much, lead to every update articles have no big change. Causes the website snapshot to be slow, the Baidu spider crawls difficult.

replaced the template 1 weeks later, found no changes in the collection, or a home page. And I found a new template exists consumption of server resources, so I changed the server again and again. Finally changed to Henan Jing An four line computer room. And decided to discard the new template world, continue to use the old template. After more than 2 weeks of extensive changes. In November 5th, a miracle happened. Chutian station was suddenly run out. It was as many as 155, which made me see what I wanted. I hasten to update my pace. Keep it updated every day, so thousands of articles have been released before,


, I changed the template this time, and did not change the column and theme, but did not change the title, change the template structure. So it doesn’t make much difference to search engines. – >

Sometimes we should give up the traffic

most of the webmaster in doing the station is blind pursuit of traffic, in order to flow, crazy SEO, in fact, this is not in line with the law of the market, do a good job customer conversion rate is the most important!


if I do a website construction garbage station, collected tens of thousands of the amount of data a month, if can bring traffic to 5000IP, not many? For the master, the flow should be said to be very general. But if the IP5000 station, if to run a company. They like the boss to die, why? Because the company’s operations if 100IP can bring a telephone consultation, 10 telephone consultation, will be transformed into a customers, 3~5 customers, are generally a sign, that is to say, if you do IP5000, the equivalent of every day to help the company to recruit a a customer, a customer how much profit? Just 20 thousand intermediary fee calculation, the cost of 1 million, profit five thousand. 300 days, there will be nearly 1 million 500 thousand of the profits,


of course, this is a small example of my study, the flow is not large, not too good to do 5000IP, and calls the documentary and sign the agreement are tricky, so I say this for example, is a relatively ideal model.

, but can we say that this analogy is inappropriate? Absolutely appropriate, because the analogy is to prove a phenomenon. A lot of traffic in the hands of individual webmaster, but you are wasting traffic.

I actually said individual stationmaster in the waste flow, is a bit exaggerated, but for the average company, it is such a feeling, but individual stationmaster not waste flow, there are the following reasons: no core products, not consulting marketing ability, there is no perfect customer service service system, in short, no one is not. Company, no money to support.

said so too harsh, personal webmaster do not, and should not, after all, there are many restrictions, but not because of these reasons, and give up our website, or give up traffic? I think not, but we want to use the work flow, make our life better.

you do not stand, in what context and the achievement of the situation, you are working, you can find advertisers, find alliance directly, put the code, start station, traffic everywhere, promote your products on the Internet, wait for the flow to do it, someone will contact with you, and you understand the basic situation, tell the customer, there must be some marketing skills and ability, this is the most personal webmaster should grasp something, in fact it is very complicated, do not need to think very hard, just like the same station:, IP, although the flow is small, but the conversion rate is high.

Summary of training for community operation in Kang Sheng local station

perfect organizational arrangements: far away in Beijing, but can be thousands of miles away in Chengdu to improve the details of various details. From registration, to the venue organization, process organization, process is very perfect. The meeting seemed a little compact, but very reasonable.

appropriate meeting content: itself is actually a Kang Sheng product release training meeting, but with the correct words, became (Kang Sheng official community operations combat special training). The commercial atmosphere was completely shielded and replaced by a full station training. More importantly, from the tight arrangement of time, you can see the content of the enrichment.

vice president Li Mingshun Comsenz Speaker:

, and the future development of local, vertical class community site, from the large domestic Internet environment; from the local community website and personal opportunities: coal; and the development trend of Internet users on the Internet data retention time, that community websites share, the pace of development as well as community websites (equivalent to portals, search, e-mail, computer software) two times. According to iResearch, Internet users have only 19% of the total time spent on the three major web portals.

two, China’s community web site development environment, about 1300000 of the independent site, of which 80% have BBS class independent community. Since 2008, the SNS web community has developed rapidly, and some SNS sites have become a focus, from home to school, from to Kaixin, from Sohu to Tencent. Adapt to the needs of Internet users, SNS is becoming a new standard for the community of websites, gradually popularized, vertical SNS is becoming the next hot spot.

three, the development of China’s Internet community environment, the rapid growth of Internet users, penetration will also increase. Huge Internet users, to the first half of 09 years, has reached 300 million, but the popularity rate is only 22%, developed countries, Japan, the United States have reached more than 70%, the domestic Internet users up big space. In the next five years, it will grow by 300 million people, while 300 million people in the future will be the focus of the competition.

four, low education, young Internet users will be the main body of Internet users, women, students, villages and towns Internet users increased significantly.

five, the mature areas of the network have catalyzed the flourishing development of local websites, while high speed growth and high permeability have become one of the important elements of local websites. Chengdu has a prevalence rate of 22.6%, which is a potential area.

six, local station opportunity: BBS+SNS. Personalized and community class collection.

Du Du speaks SNS operation from 0 to 100:

one, BBS do SNS, the original blog channel is dying, old users drain seriously, new users grow slowly, and the trend of Internet community is obvious.

two, BBS+SNS, forum traffic remains stable. SNS landing volume increased steadily, the overall popularity of the site

Share their summary to the new station drainage method


we know, when the new station just on the line, often no traffic, in addition to their own, almost no other people visit. The webmaster all day view flow statistics, refresh and refresh, can result in a personal visit records, oneself a IP, especially sad reminder


why is this? Because the site just on-line, Baidu, Google and other search engines will not be included temporarily, it will take a long time to review through your web site. Well, this search is not in the time of your website, your website content is better, update again quickly, and no one knows. At this point, we need to import traffic to the site so that others can access our website via our link entrance, that is, drainage.

, if you see a lot of Web sites on the promotion of the post, most will say: website content to original, to exchange links, to send the chain to write the soft text. In fact, these methods are correct. But for a new station, it is not easy. Because the new station weight is very low, no site is willing to and you do friends chain, high quality soft Wen for general junior webmaster, the difficulty is often very big, can’t write out. Go to the BBS sign in, send out the chain, often the effect is very bad, basically do not bring how much traffic.

website has no one to visit for a long time, it must strike the heart of stationmaster and defeat the enthusiasm of doing station. So, what should we do if we don’t have access to the website,


today, I’d like to share with you what I’ve summed up for draining the site:

1, speak with much comment,

has a comment plugin called "many more", and many websites use it to comment on visitors. Don’t know, can Baidu say more, see to understand, or to the webmaster home to see, there is more say to comment. There are many plugins for commenting, but the plug-in is very special. It can set the default link URL on the avatar and name. So we use this to comment, others can click your avatar or name to enter your website, to bring you traffic.

2. petal net collection article illustration

we know that a collection of pictures like a flower web can collect pictures from other sites. We use the petals to your site articles within the illustration collection in the past, is equal to its own website in petals online left outside the chain, if your site in the article illustrations are of high quality, good love, so many people will turn you pictures, increase the chain for you, will enter your site by clicking on the and bring you flow.

3., Baidu knows reference,

through the Baidu reference material to leave the link method, may we all know, many people want to say is Baidu audit more strict, will delete your answer. In fact, as long as you answer good, link properly, Baidu will link to stay. After all, reference material is >

Why is the average cost of Google keywords higher than Baidu

, what I’m talking about here is Google keyword, referring to the search for this. As we all know, Google Adwords can not refer to the price of competitors, how much money, how much money I have, I call it "blind bid."".

is not the competition among peers in Google Baidu fierce, I do not believe that Google’s starting price higher than Baidu, why Google on average cost higher than Baidu keyword? I analyzed, that in addition to "blind bid", the direct reason is our own. We are all heavy Baidu, light Google, and may not even have special staff responsible for price adjustment. Or listen to Google customer service said, bid high, you can get a good quality of the account; or anyway, consumption is not big, a high price, regardless of it; or price adjustment is troublesome, affect other work, by Google customer care…… As a result, the price difference between the positions may be several dollars.


professional edition on the line, the next bid mode is the same with Google, although the advertising, from left to right, according to the Chinese habits, ad clicks will become less profitable but more obscure. I don’t think advertisers will save money, but they may have higher overall costs.

so, the price adjustment colleagues can work hard, you are in charge of, but the boss white flower silver, you no matter how tight, the responsibility to bear up, who will play?. Here, first of all, sympathy for the key words responsible for the price adjustment of colleagues, ah……

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Author: Fang Guoping, now employed in a private hospital in Hangzhou, has worked in e-commerce website planning, construction, marketing and marketing management. In recent years committed to private hospitals online marketing and operations research, welcomed the exchange of guidance. QQ:348409791

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How to build 20 thousand IP movie and TV Forum

people who have read my previous article all know that my forum once reached 2W IP, and many friends asked me how to promote this forum after reading the article. I would like to share my experience with

first: Baidu stick,

I mainly do

forum series, and each part is connected with the baidu series has its own Post Bar, I generally in each episode is about to go out when Post Bar posts, xxx xxx released, fast to download, then add links to this site, you do not underestimate this promotion, I just forum when it was founded, not what IP, Hongkong TVB movie channel broadcast nightly 3 series, I posted three, basically from Baidu. There are thousands of ip. but using this method must bear in mind that not too involved in complex, otherwise it will be subject to a penalty of Baidu

second: keyword

When each

series to come out, I will do a special page dedicated to the series, as for the special pages of writing, I recommend to you a Sina series topic page, recommend according to the title, key words written without special page, a page I basic search, series and I will be the first row in the baidu page.

third: viral marketing

this is very critical, QQ, mass mail, do not look at this small, this average will give you every day with a thousand ip

fourth: the establishment of member QQ group, to encourage the enthusiasm of their posts

, needless to say,

fifth: Forum establishment system

most television stations are using BT to download, the seed file must hide the reply, this can increase the rate of post, but we must pay attention to, the moderator must stick to their posts, the posts of chaos, we must resolutely closed account


above is my experience, as long as you implement, 2W IP is definitely not a problem, but due to other reasons, look at the details of another article I wrote, the forum IP fell badly, so now also inadvertent operation of this forum, now turn to do the new http:// I hope we can exchange friendship connection, and drive the website, so please contact me qq:77152363, welcome to communicate.

Adsense news list:

Is it right to rely on a suspicious guest for a reward

has become a suspect, is it making us lazier or smarter?

According to the investigation report of the authority of the

network of 70% Internet users rely on search engines, but 40% of them believe that search content is not very practical, if you can get the relevant experts in certain aspects of the help, they are willing to pay the corresponding compensation.

this time, a total of 200 questionnaires were issued, and 195 valid questionnaires were collected, among which 82 were middle school students, 60 were college students and 53 were post-80s employees.

In the

survey, 100% of people use the search engine, 80% people know 74.7% people suspected of passengers, the most commonly used is the "Baidu", 23.7% of the most commonly used is the "Google", and another 2% of the people use "YAHOO" search engine. 70% of people admit that they have a strong dependence on search engines, and 50.5% of them use search engines more than 10 times a day.

88% of the people in need to write your review and graduation thesis format report, will be the first in the online search and some examples of reference to others; 20% of them think, these articles cannot be directly used only as a reference. 90% that they have legal problems, need to have the guidance of experts, but do not want to bear the high legal fees, because they do not know whether this issue is directly employed lawyers; 50.5% of the people in the body are not timely, will first search to the net, see his condition is serious, and can get the best professional the doctor’s instructions, and then decide whether to go to the hospital; there are 86% people in to the other one unfamiliar problems discussed before, will first search background knowledge, or find the shooter to become.

paper report writing becomes very easy

, a staff member of a government office in Hangzhou, told reporters. Now, whether it is assigned by the teacher or the report, he first to search engine search, copy and paste useful information, plus some of their contents, sometimes the design of a professional, or when the workload is relatively large, he usually go to Chinese doubt guest distributed task, spend less money, can be satisfied with the article, and sometimes there are many articles available in the original article to avoid plagiarism in the network or "Zhuangshan" embarrassment. The ability to complete the work has been greatly enhanced, many times received the praise of the leadership, the efficiency of the work is also several times the original.

, however, admits that doing so is much more secure than copying directly online. Because the search engine search article is Zhuangshan the possibility of very large. Once is to write a 5000 word essay, he and many colleagues in writing a paper is not "Baidu", "Google" is the result of many of my colleagues have a repeat, leading a glance that they are copied from the Internet. With this experience, Xiao Shao is now writing more important papers

A new experience shared by a SEO Executive

with new people is an essential stage in the career, and if you want to bring new people quickly, and can grow quickly, you need supervisors to be patient and patient. But because the executives have too many things to deal with, it may be easy to ignore the supervision of new people, in this regard, I would like to share my feelings, I hope you can give me more management advice.

as a SEO supervisor, because of the need to handle a lot of things every day, it will be difficult to bring new people into the heart, so we need to have a plan for the work, daily work record certain requirements for the new job, the new haven’t mature stage must take some time check the new work, carefully check the work if there is no attention to the details and to remind, so as to ensure the new work in the future to do more perfect.

then, as a supervisor, not the most is the lack of care and patience, there are too many people do not know the place for the work may be, as the head face new problems don’t be impatient, but to try to help people to answer, or let the couple will be problems in the work record, day feedback.

may be a lot of people will say, which have so much time to teach new? Here, I want to correct a wrong view, not the hand, hands-on teaching will only make this new growth more slowly. We should let go, not afraid of new mistakes, give new people an opportunity to try, so that we can find new problems and correct them.

is the way to teach new people. Some executives hate to teach little by little, lest the newcomers miss something. In fact, there’s no need to do that. We’re going to teach new people how to work. For example, a web site analysis, we should give them with what, to analyze from several angles which, while the analysis is not a page of a page to them, this process does not only teach teaching method is likely to lead to new faces similar problems when was confused, don’t know where start, is not conducive to the growth of new.

There is a certain

or regular statistics you find that in the work of the new weak, a system of training, so that they understand their system defects, and it should be clear how to do. Then develop training to help them quickly enrich their knowledge and grow rapidly.

above is my experience with new people, I hope you criticize me.

above content by health consulting original release, I hope you respect the individual labor results, reproduced please indicate the source.

Forum signature, cooked, heavy, cooked, light, SEO indispensable competition for the land

Google recent changes in PR, Baidu’s ranking changes, K station behavior is always changing, these days of changes are still fresh in memory, these changes also illustrate some of the changes in Baidu’s algorithm. For example, recently, the webmaster said his web site keywords overnight removed from Baidu, and now there is no ranking, this let the webmaster are very tangled. This shows that the Baidu switch engine is changing, and here to discuss the importance of BBS signature for the site.

first: the forum can not be too single, must not focus on one day of their own energy chain to a certain forum, so doing is undoubtedly buried a time bomb. If this forum is k off, all of your prior work will affect the chain cast to the wind, thus building a web site. Therefore, the chain must be dispersed, even if a certain affected by the site will not have a huge shock, the proportion of each forum’s share of the chain must be low, which is the universality of the platform.

: the second forum weights, Baidu now has a new change, forum signature for Baidu’s influence is more and more not worth mentioning, if you want to find a forum signature, you have to find some high weight site, so the effect will be better. But the need for high quality links will allow you to change Links. After all, this is the most real Links links, but also for their best outside the chain, but also in the forum signature increasingly unstable today, websites need long-term development, it is recommended that only few outside the chain to a large number of forums. The recommendations or blog or Links, to improve the chain site.

Forum: final correlation, correlation is after the SEO will be more and more attention, also will be more and more attention, after all, if you want to take into account the user experience degrees, the correlation is a good test range, but also for each user. For example, the Hongkong children and baby related information to the forum, or is there a parental knowledge section, the face of such a customer groups are some new mothers or just pregnant mothers, so the user is looking for the customer site. But now the forum more and more unstable, Baidu and Google more love forum signature form, if you want to do, or send relevant information, or to some very good correlation between the forum, this is a must.

regardless of the current BBS signature for the weight of the site, as long as good at using BBS signature, for the website is still very good. So the forum signature, the military will, but also outside the chain of a hotly contested spot, a forum where basically, we generally go to the value of the forum has become an indispensable part of our SEO. If you need to reprint this article, please leave the link (