Month: June 2017

Good way to make money

computer is the greatest invention of this century, the emergence of the computer, for our life has brought about many aspects of the revolution! So, how to use the computer to make money? How to use the computer to get rich? May wish to take a look at!

website to earn extra money

free register, create a project to offer your services and get paid by PayPal. On the $five service area ( website, everything is $5. People   can be provided from the software installation to produce funny video and other services. It is very simple to use, very easy to use. What kind of projects? Record video recommendation, write poetry, install WordPress, make logo, what  .

software development

apply for moderators, earn pocket money

apply for moderators, to some forums such as apply to do Sohu forum moderator. What can you do at home? Do the moderator of the treatment is stable but not high, and different sites to the moderator of the   treatment is not the same. Be the first to be interested, and must have a fixed time every day to manage the forum. For a large number of friends, may wish to apply to do the moderator, not only to meet the moderators do vanity, you can also get a little material gains.

apply for moderators, earn pocket money

apply for moderators, to some forums such as apply to do Sohu forum moderator. What can you do at home? Do the moderator of the treatment is stable but not high, and different sites to the moderator of the   treatment is not the same. Be the first to be interested, and must have a fixed time every day to manage the forum. For a large number of friends, may wish to apply to do the moderator, not only to meet the moderators do vanity, you can also get a little material gains.

designed to do the investigation for


Internet to fill out the questionnaire in a foreign country, many years ago has designed to do the investigation for the industry people. What can we do at home part-time but we do a survey on the Internet in China is the recent rise of a simple, free to work at home  . Do make money transferred off need to fill out the questionnaire, accumulation. Fill in the questionnaire to make money on the Chinese before the rise, so I suggest that you decide to do before the air traveler must be careful to understand, only to do the site. Not only depends on the site’s hardware, but also take the initiative to the front of the members of the advisory. < >

Self preservation in the process of entrepreneurship

entrepreneurial process, it is inevitable that some people will be quick success, how can we protect themselves? Now to teach you some self preservation technique, I hope we can be less bumpy on the entrepreneurial road.

money in whose hands who take the initiative, according to this principle, those who say what sign millions of orders with you, did not pay the deposit, to a rebate, which is often deceived, even if you have no such experience now, but must see the experience of others, for your business is very helpful.

if you have big partners, they do not bargain, or large orders are not required to local investigation to signing a contract, but also all the way you run in the past, here is not good, it is tricky, you passive as can be imagined, the discerning eye can see, so we must insist on the local sign of all the contract, which is the first step of the shoo.

This paper from the


Business opportunities can not be missed, 15 small entrepreneurial projects recommended!

we have set up an ideal since childhood, what do you want to be when you grow up? When what? What to do? Can grow up, in the face of the pressure of life we have to choose to start a business, but who do not want to get rich overnight? But most people are still worried about the lack of good projects, the lack of venture capital. In fact, small business can also make money, the key is that you can grasp the opportunity, as long as that heart, there are still many small projects can reach 15 small entrepreneurial desire, the investment project with the view.

electronic sounding chart

currently on the market the chart is mostly silent. The parents in the process of teaching Pinyin, English, easy to be affected by the regional dialect, the level of teachers in the school is also uneven, easy to let the child to varying degrees by teaching misleading. Small investment venture project this product to solve the problem of standard pronunciation, and entertaining, more conducive to children’s acceptance.

automatic high pressure sprayer

the product is the original handle carried sprayer product upgrading products, prices, work efficiency is greatly improved. The current can be widely used in plain, hilly and mountainous areas of grain, cotton, oil, tea trees, orchard, water, vegetables and other Dryland Crop Pests Prevention and control, is also suitable for family courtyard disinfection, pest control, storage of health and epidemic prevention, the market prospect is very broad.

evaporative cooling air-conditioning energy saving and environmental protection

in the market at present the energy-saving air conditioner can be used in open and semi open environment is not much. This product can not only be used in such an environment, and cooling effect is very good. Small investment venture this product at the same time take into account ventilation, cooling and crowded places. This product has been sold well in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hunan, Xinjiang and so on. Users reflect, cooling cooling speed, the effect is significant. Has a broad market space.

Magic, as a kind of interactive performance, outstanding characteristics of the art form, can not only satisfy people’s curiosity, the magic effect in some places can play. For example, in social networking, a small magic will make you close to the people around you. Small venture capital project

Jiangsu and Alibaba have begun to cooperate

in terms of the current strength of the enterprise, Alibaba as the Hurun wealth list this year, second, its economic strength is obvious. October 16th, Jiangsu province and the Alibaba group, ant Gold Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Nanjing. Jiangsu provincial Party Secretary Li Qiang, governor Shi Taifeng, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Ma attended the signing ceremony. Jiangsu and Alibaba have begun to cooperate, is a win-win strategy for both the future will have a better development.

Li Qiang on behalf of the provincial government welcomed the arrival of Ma and his party. He said, over the years, Mr. Ma in highly forward-looking leadership "Ali" struggle, the Alibaba build on the "Internet plus" top leader in the industry. Alibaba to attach great importance to technology and the pursuit of innovation, in the field of big data, e-commerce, cloud computing, Internet banking and other areas to create a global leader.

The current

, the Alibaba is beyond the self, to participate in the process of time in their own way, to promote economic and social development, and we hope that Alibaba has advanced core technology capability and social responsibility of the enterprise to join together, Jiangsu boost all-round integration of new technology revolution. I hope the two sides signed an agreement as an opportunity to fully cooperate and develop together to accelerate the implementation of the agreement landing, to do the real cooperation, real cooperation.

highlight the focus, to build the brand, to study how to focus on new technologies, new ideas to promote intelligent manufacturing, new finance, future urban management and other aspects of a new breakthrough. Focus on the future, explore tomorrow, strengthen the forward-looking layout of the key areas of Internet in Jiangsu, both in the background of the new technology to break a new path, to become a model for large enterprises and local government cooperation.

stone to Alibaba for a long time thanks to the support of Jiangsu’s economic and social development. He said that the current Internet and cloud computing, big data and other information technology is unprecedented efforts to reshape the traditional industries, the birth of new industries, the right time for cooperation, significant. Alibaba is a global Internet industry leader, to carry out strategic cooperation with Jiangsu, is conducive to the Alibaba constantly expand their practice space and innovation platform, but also conducive to our province’s economic transformation and upgrading, broad prospects for bilateral cooperation, have a brilliant future.

hopes the two sides based on the previous communication, in-depth implementation of 51 specific cooperation projects, and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of industry, jointly build a financial services platform, to jointly promote cooperation in the development of e-commerce, to jointly promote Internet e-government services to enhance the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, and jointly create a good environment, and jointly promote the field of Internet innovation and application, and make greater contributions to the common for the new development of the Internet industry.

Ma said that Alibaba is to become the world’s fifth largest economy

List of the top ten brands

said the watch, a lot of people may think of is Rolex, indeed, this brand can be said to be a representative of the watch market. However, this market is not only the brand, the following, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the list of the top ten brands, so that everyone has a better understanding of the watch market.

list of the top ten brands NO.1, Rolex


in Chinese visibility is not a lot of other brands can be compared, whether because of Hongkong film rendering, or influence, a variety of topics about Rolex, people tend to speak a few words, whether it is love or not love. Which does not love people the main view is a conservative style not fashion, soil pride too strong and so on. People love the main value is its advantage is durable, and relatively value, and even watch masters blessings, such as master said similar if only a piece of table, it must be the words of Rolex.


series 116233 disc log Champagne Diamond Watch, automatic mechanical movement, a date function, stainless steel and 18K yellow gold, champagne dial, scale diamond, waterproof 100m, nd 36mm.

list of the top ten brands NO.2, Patek Philippe

Take the lead in big brother

today altar table, a contemporary table called "king of many luxury boutique in the market of the two auction prices are often topped, called Chizha watch auction market. At the same time the production of its limited edition, nor is it possible to buy a lot of people, many of which are booked in advance of the brand VVIP.

if there is a piece of Patek Philippe words, access to a variety of tall, high force grid occasions can basically live hold. This is mainly due to the Patek Philippe brand positioning on the inheritance of the theme, so whether it is propaganda content, or product design, around the theme of inheritance for Patek Philippe’s popular image.

Patek Philippe

5146 series 5146R rose gold watch, automatic mechanical movement, with date, week display, calendar display, phase, power reserve display function, through the back table, 39 mm in diameter, 30 meters waterproof.

list of the top ten brands NO.3, OMEGA

OMEGA is entering the Chinese market as early as the brand, and early into the upper class of China, especially in the Republic of China, many military and civilian people are wearing OMEGA. In addition, with the continued sponsorship of the Olympic Games, OMEGA and other Chinese people are more concerned about the large-scale events, OMEGA’s popularity in China has been high. Although the professional point of view, the overall performance of the OMEGA watch is not as good as

How to manage the small children’s clothing store

now society, along with the relaxation of the state family planning policy, so there are a lot of people are beginning to pay attention to children’s clothing industry market opportunities, especially some personalized children’s products, in the market is very popular.


finally store layout: Children’s clothing store and window can display the best price of goods or services. It should be noted that there is a gap between the physical display of the error will usually lead to customer dissatisfaction, so that visitors reduce. Can also try to change the way the display of goods, so that people have a new look.


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People need to maintain calm and rational entrepreneurial Carnival

when the public entrepreneurship becomes a carnival of the people, it is particularly important to maintain rational entrepreneurship. No technology and experience of entrepreneurs in order to rush into the market, it is easy to fall into the scam, not only a waste of money, entrepreneurial enthusiasm will be a serious blow.

"$6 children’s clothing stores", "working as joining × × yuan can have a Hot pot shop", "a brand to join Hotline for Business Promotion, early investment, make money early"…… Enter in Baidu join scam, there will be a series of clothing brand to join, food and beverage to join, ball point pen and other information. There is a little money on hand, but also suffer from the investment of the friends who want to start the most likely to be fooled, signed a contract to join, cheated.

in many stores merchants in advertising, clothing accessories such as the deceptive means many people impossible to guard against. They have only one purpose: to pay. Under normal circumstances, to find these stores are some want to start, but there is no social experience of young people. Young people in order to become a dream of wealth, even if things have doubts, it is easy to be the other side of the rhetoric to dispel doubts. And usually young people always think that their business is to have a different vision.

The Swindlers Company issued

all investors need to keep rational business, not credulous advertising, not cheap. Now all over the entrepreneurial support base

The original alley fishballs

China authentic snack items in "fish" is a good taste also received snack items. In the Hong Kong style snacks in fish is a common snack varieties. If you want to invest in a fish snack for you recommend " original alley fishballs ". " original alley fishballs " join?

" original alley fishballs " Siwon in 1821, its predecessor is the ancestral " alley fishballs Pu ".


"original alley fishballs" Siwon in 1821, its predecessor is the ancestral "alley fishballs shop". The seventh generation, is now the "Gulangyu Islet original alley fishballs chain organization general manager Mr. Chen Yiwei, adhering to the ancestral craft, in secret, wrought" original alley "card shark pill, with its skin Q strong enough, fresh, crisp and delicious, sweet and juicy stuffing, soup and Wen Minghai.

both inside and outside the tunnel


as a true representative of the Gulangyu Islet local snacks a hundred years old "original alley" fish shop, not only to ensure the pure taste, but also promote the long fish culture, and with the ancient history of Gulangyu Islet culture, cleverly combined together, to enrich the cultural connotation of Gulangyu Islet. The major domestic and foreign media have repeatedly reported the alley fishballs classic delicacy and promote Gulangyu Islet culture, carry forward the spirit of the original alley fish.

in order to further continue to carry forward the century old Gulangyu Islet, out of a combination of history and modern way to further promote, promote the development of tourism industry in Gulangyu Islet… Look interested in food and beverage industry, men and women with high ideals calls come to negotiate, seek new development characteristics of delicacy industry, create new brilliance! If you love, please leave a message in the first step of our website below.

Six ways to make money on the Internet

in the Internet era, the use of the Internet to make money is to conform to the trend of practice. Do not need to invest too much money on the Internet, just a computer, easy to get ready for business. So, what do you make money online? The following small series to introduce you to several common ways to make money online!

1, the best way to make money online is to build a web site or blog to earn money by advertising and selling products or services. To know that there are many types of online blogging, you need to choose a blog style that matches your interests, plans, and technical level. A simple blog only through the use of paid blog sites, at least a month can earn hundreds of dollars.

2, learning online alliance marketing: online sales refers to the product or service network promotion, when the customer in your recommendation to buy goods, then you can get the commission. You can see this blog — how do make money online Amoy, depending on what you are selling, such as all the normal operation, marketing alliance will be the best way to make money online.

3, create an online career: build your own online business or company to make a profit by selling your special services or products. Popular online trade, including: web design, advertising copy writing, online marketing, such as the beginning of the business is very difficult to recruit suitable candidates, but also have sufficient knowledge and relationships in the industry.

4, domain name trading and online real estate transaction: This is to make money by buying and selling, the development of domain name, a domain name owner to buy a lot of domain name, the domain name and then sold to other interested buyers, and this line is similar to the real estate transaction. Domain owners also rely on the development of the site, and then sold online to buyers to make money. This is known as " reselling site " if you know how to create a web site that is both attractive and profitable, it’s a way to make money online.

5, to join the ranks of paid sites: there are a lot of paid web site, is the site to pay for you to receive mail, do research, try to register and browse the web. Websites that pay you to complete your registration are usually paid for. The advantage is that you do not need to have their own website or any personal technology, the drawback is that there are many online fraud in this area, to find a legitimate website may be difficult to pay.

6, looking for an online virtual Occupation: Online occupation is not limited to data entry, said virtual assistant, McKinnon, virtual life coach and open source software work in the new economy blog, Bitwine and Ether in such a small consulting website to help, you will be able to easily shop, and then through the network to provide suggestions some special problems. Most virtual work is through direct communication as the electronic media network phone, instant messaging and email like this, it means you only need one can access the home computer can engage in online virtual work to make money.

If you are a

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