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Xinjiang four small business selling red dates

entrepreneurship is never a simple thing, especially for young people who have no entrepreneurial experience is even more so. Tian Feng is a member, for Tian Feng and his partner, entrepreneurship is easy to say, do not have the Everything is going smoothly., with jujube as sweet memories, there is a lot of frustration beat a retreat. Here’s their story.

business opportunities

rarely seen in Guangzhou Xinjiang jujube

3 22, speaking of a short but memorable entrepreneurial experience, Tian Feng a sunny smile, calm revealed confidence. In 2008, after graduating from the University of Feng Tian, regardless of family opposition, to give up the civil service, to a prospecting company in Kashi, prospecting, moving stones, buy raw materials, all the work on the mine he almost did. Tian Feng recalled: "at that time, I do not have any work experience, everything is zero start, I just want to start from the grassroots exercise, want to prove that I can stand on their own to feed themselves."

after more than a year, due to the introduction of local efforts to cultivate young talent policy, while the peak field back to Beijing – a monthly focus on learning a week, two years later, he won the Tsinghua University graduate EMBA.

in all started on the right track, Tian Feng was on a business trip in a car accident, even a coma for a few days, the head and face were sewn more than and 50 needles." It is this accident, let him have a different perception of life, he felt that life can not be so simple to go on, to do something, but exactly how to do, what to do, he did not target.

Tian Feng said that for a long time, he often see Ma Yun, Shi Yuzhu and other entrepreneurial elite inspirational books, often watching, while secretly cheer yourself, must not be wasted time, to live a wonderful life!

after six months time, in order to relax, Tian Feng to Qingdao, Chongqing, Lijiang, Guangzhou, Hongkong and other places to travel. On the road, he did not idle, while turning some of the local supermarket and dried fruit market, this turn out the business opportunity, he found that the dried fruit in Xinjiang is not low in the mainland, but very popular. To Guangzhou, he discovered that this is a focus on the health of the city, was rarely seen in Xinjiang and red dates, mellow and rich in amino acids and calcium, iron, zinc and other mineral elements of Ruoqiang jujube is few, this let him see the market potential.


found a registered trademark of

small company cooperation

a want to do something about the cause of the heart! After returning to Xinjiang, Tian Feng immediately went to see his small Chen Dunlei, was recommended

What are the children’s paradise strategy


is service for the children, parents are willing to pay, this market wealth is very much, but if the business people, business will be affected, want to make money is no longer easy. But if you can master the relevant small strategy, make money minutes will become a lot easier. So, what are the children’s paradise strategy?

1. in the children’s paradise just opened to allow customers to enter the store free play, and presented with children’s playground features small gifts, increase the visibility of the store in the region, the equivalent of advertising.

2. children’s paradise in the process of management can retain old customers, the establishment of membership card system, increase the degree of membership, in order to cultivate customer loyalty and trust.

3. to strengthen the internal management of children’s playground, the service should be thoughtful, the clerk must have affinity to speak, be good at communicating with their children, and children to establish a friendly relationship is the key to customer spending again.

4. children’s park with the surrounding kindergarten cooperation planning activities, one is to increase the popularity of paradise, two is to bring stable income for the early days of paradise.

5. children’s paradise also need to do a good job of security and clean and tidy measures, let the children have fun and let parents rest assured.

6. if conditions permit, children’s recreation facilities should be updated from time to time, increase the novelty, let the children have curiosity, and not held theme activities, let the children interact, make friends, repeat the natural increase.

7. recruitment of suitable children’s park staff, staff training, strengthen the sense of responsibility, it is recommended to recruit teachers with early childhood experience, the correct guidance of children play.

is now the brand of the market more services, business is no longer so easy, therefore, to master the relevant business strategy for the long-term development of the store will be very favorable. So, if you run a children’s paradise, but also want to business booming, the small group introduced these small business strategy will help your career development?

What are the nine points that entrepreneurs have to remember

in such a way of entrepreneurship, if we can hold more content, will have a greater help for the development of their own later. So, if you want to venture capital, may wish to remember the following nine points introduced by small. So, entrepreneurs have to remember the nine points?

before this, Xiao Bian also shared many about the entrepreneurial success cheats or something, some might say, just empty talk more of these so-called cheats, but today I would like to share these 9 points, can be said that as long as you must do it, it will help you to start. Remember these 9 points, entrepreneurship must be.

1, set specific goals. Note that the key point here is the "specific" target, the more specific the better, for example, I want to lose 10 pounds a month, or must go to bed before 10 at night than I, I want to lose weight, or I will form the habit of going to bed early and more specific, which is called the aim to have a clear concept, it will not let you hesitate, but will not let you give up halfway.

2, seize the opportunity to achieve the goal. Entrepreneurs are very busy, every day to deal with a lot of work tasks, and eventually when the opportunity comes often miss, did not notice. To seize the opportunity, we must advance the deployment, the implementation of the scheme of how to determine when, again, the more specific the better, in fact, when you plan to work every day, will let your mind be vigilant, but also more conducive to you to seize the opportunity, rather than a busy day, but eventually find out what things are not ready.

3, regularly review their own how far away from the target. Entrepreneurs are no one to monitor you, so many times you need to monitor their own, and you have to do is to check their work every week or even every day. If you do not, probably for a long time, found from the initially set the target as well as the long distance, will easily upset or give up, on the contrary, regular inspection, even if the target is not yet complete, but it is just a short, not too bad, in the next stage, you can make timely adjustments to catch up.

4, be a realistic optimist. This is both realistic and optimistic entrepreneurs, you can be very optimistic about their goals, believe they can succeed, it will enhance the power and maintain their own but also be of great advantage, should pay attention to the reality of the problem, namely, no matter what you do, the way to have a will is difficult, need to pay a lot hard work and persistence. So, entrepreneurship is a realistic view of the problem, optimistic to face, rather than blindly optimistic, lack of preparation, or simply to see the reality of the difficulties, so that they dare not move forward.

5, do excellence. Believe that you have the ability to achieve your goals

How to open a clothing store to buy a better

has always been the main direction of the clothing industry is a lot of entrepreneurs, business is certainly the need for timely purchase of clothing stores for friends, the first thing to consider is the purchase of the problem. In recent years, more and more people choose their own business, because the clothing industry, the huge business opportunities, making more and more entrepreneurs choose to open a clothing store. But open clothing store, quite a lot of problems to pay attention to. Here on how to open the business to buy the clothing store this problem, to introduce you.

take cargo color

this is a completely personal preferences, I believe we are holding their own love, then people boast beautiful your clothes Oh "began to believe their eyes, a little pleased with oneself, but still want to listen to the buyers Tastes differ all tastes., opinion oh. Chat, you can let the buyer disclose some, or make a small survey.

take goods time

Monday to Friday morning. This time is the best time to take goods. General wholesale market is open around 4 in the morning, if you can not get up so early, on the point of 7, to go, you can, but it is best not to go on Saturday, Sunday, many people, holiday prices will be high. Because the wholesale market is usually closed early, around three, noon is the most time. Carrying a big bag is inconvenient.

take cargo skills

as we all know to take a black bag, or ask how to get the goods. These do not say. Now there’s a better way. It is owned a small cart, can be folded two wheels, pulled up, like the trunk. People who have been to the wholesale market should have seen, in fact, MM to get their own goods, very tired, especially in winter clothes thick, heavy. For us, it is a difficult task, conditional, it is best to be a boyfriend when the backpack. Really not, to prepare their own car, very convenient. General sales will be 20, about 30.

In fact,

shop need to pay attention to doing business in details on the business are many, if not very understand, this is the subnet can help you, start to open clothing store, to successfully shop, there are many problems that should be paid attention to. Venture itself has a lot of risk, but also hope that you can be cautious, take every step, bringing the ultimate success of entrepreneurship. I hope the above on how to open a clothing store to buy the introduction, you can bring help.

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How to do a good job with the wedding marketing

in a variety of cigarette market demand, wedding consumption not only smoke, and people for the price is often not too seriously, therefore, for any one shop, do the wedding for cigarette marketing work, there will be a great help for the development of the business of the shop. With the wedding market is active, with the increase in demand for wedding cigarettes.

in the choice of wedding smoke, consumers in order to create a festive atmosphere, often prefer to buy festive packaging, affordable cigarettes. Currently in Jiyang local wedding market, wedding with cigarette brands is relatively concentrated, mainly the "Taishan" series of "luxury", "grand", "BAXI", "Wang Yue" and "movement" and "general" and other specifications.

wedding market as a feature of the market, in guiding the consumption will also affect the cigarette sales structure, so in the wedding with tobacco marketing should pay attention to a certain strategy, leave the sex service route.

establish a good reputation

do a good job in the wedding with tobacco breeding can not only promote the growth of cigarette sales, but also enhance brand awareness, brand effect.

the principle of small profits and quick turnover many people know. Sales of direct profits may not be more than a wedding, but a large one-time sales. Many retail customers like to get married with the smoke of the business, because it is relatively low profits, but the reputation can be quickly established in the short term. So, for some retail customers, with the wedding smoke to do word of mouth is the most appropriate.

go local characteristics route

wedding smoke will bring a lot of retail customers new business growth point, but should be based on the characteristics of local consumption and consumption oriented, according to the actual situation to promote the wedding smoke. You can try the following three strategies: one is to learn the way the promotion of large stores, to have the needs of consumers with the wedding smoke to carry out activities such as buy one get one, and so on, to provide customers with some small gifts.

two is to establish a trust relationship with customers. Timely understanding of the needs of customers around the stock in advance; for larger and reliable customers, you can take the first delivery of cigarettes, and then pay the way. Three is to provide customers with attentive service. To help customers calculate the cost of wedding smoke, given a different program of smoke, so that customers choose the right situation according to their own wedding smoke.

precise positioning service object

in the promotion of the wedding smoke, according to the local consumption capacity and customs of the precise positioning of the service object.

now has a lot of places to sell cigarettes, however, until consumers are really married

Open the hotel can refer to the management model

is now open to the hotel business is not a few, if you fancy a good business opportunities in this industry, then you are free to choose the right business model for investment. What are the models available for reference? Many franchisees are very interested in this issue. Xiao Bian finishing a few hope you have some inspiration.

Hotel entirely by investors to manage and operate, but by adding one or several Hotel Alliance to get some domestic hotel booking and marketing support in operation and management entirely by investors at the same time, choose to join the world first-class hotel organization (such as Leading Hotels of The World), Small (small luxury hotel organization Luxury Hotels of the World Ltd.) and other hotel alliance way to get marketing support.


After the selection of


Australia discovered 4 billion 500 million years meteorite from Mars outside the ancient meteorite

recently, some people found in Australia, a 4 billion 500 million year meteorite, this meteorite may come from Mars and Jupiter, entered the Earth last year, its age or even older than the earth.

it from beyond the orbit of Mars in November 27, 2015 entered the earth’s atmosphere. The meteorite weighed 80 kilograms when it entered the atmosphere, but was found to be only about 1.7 kilograms. Scientists say it is older than the earth, perhaps the oldest meteorite ever found on earth.


Phil · is responsible for

A large meteorite search

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What needs to pay attention to the car wash shop

car more, corresponding to the needs of the automotive service will be more, which is the largest car wash service market, because the owners may not need to repair the car, but it is impossible not to wash the car. Investment car wash should join the attention of what? Today, the car wash is now a lot of investors concerned about the project, the project is a good business situation and considerable income, if there is no investment in the shop to pay special attention to the matter? Xiaobian today to introduce you.

, the first open washing shop stores location, the location is very important, the surrounding circumstances, not necessarily in the downtown, traffic in general good place, open space on the line, the best near the parking lot or garage.

people usually stop for the night, or car repair will be finished, the gas station is best not to engage in, because a lot of gas stations on the belt and the price is very cheap, to engage in gas stations near the best prepared to fight a price war.

second, the brand, for example, said some car wash to engage in a very good, so that people can remember.

third, services, such as service cards, etc., so that the next time you come here is very important.

fourth, artificial, to find collocation to find practical recruitment staff, patience and competent staff, let guests see the car in a clean manner, such as cleaning, you need to work carefully. We must pay attention to clothing, professional clothing, professional training can protect the normal operation of the car wash shop. Try to avoid too old or too small, too small will make people unhappy, too large is not natural.

fifth, service attitude, the boss and employees of the craft, mainly nuanced, attitude and quality of service is an important basis for customers to choose the car wash shop again.

these five points is to open the car wash shop must pay attention to the place, you should also pay attention to the selection of the project headquarters in these areas to give you preferential support. Note on matters such as Xiaobian today to introduce you to here, the future with the development of China’s auto sales market, the automotive industry will be more prosperous business opportunities.

Ashamed to be able to make a million students in school

now college students are really getting worse, not out of the school gate can earn a lot of money, let us work hard every day, how to work. Today, I would like to say that a college student in their own business, such as this year’s income of up to one million inspirational stories.

sell proprietary website dig first bucket of gold

University by the entrepreneurial income to buy a car to buy a house

2010 years, Liu Xin in his hometown of Nantong when he began to read the Internet entrepreneurship. He was going to art at that time, but did not find a nice interface of art college entrance examination on the web site, so he decided to do their own. Completely rely on self-learning and creativity, the successful operation of Liu Xin’s website, and finally to 5000 yuan to sell, he also dug the first pot of gold.

into the Suzhou Industrial Park Service Outsourcing Career Academy, he is running their own large and small ten sites. The teachers also expressed their support after they learned of his business plan. The school’s entrepreneurial park became his first office, Liu Xin began to develop students to join his team. When the Internet boom is getting worse, he grabbed the opportunity of the mobile Internet, with team members play fun micro-blog, WeChat. During the University, Liu Xin team’s main profit model is to sell them to build the site, operating electricity supplier. When he was a sophomore, he bought a car, near graduation, he and his partners rely on entrepreneurial income to buy a house.

team known as the king of WeChat public number

currently the total number of millions of fans

2014 years after graduation, Liu Xin did not stop the pace of business, he and his classmates went to Beijing, the team through Baidu Post Bar, QQ group, with landing techniques for low-cost drainage, to attract fans, while the development of search tools, every day from the large number of public from the most popular articles, or copy or reprint ensure the retention rate, fans.

2015, Liu Xin was founded in Zhongguancun Xin Xin Network Technology Co., Ltd., the same year in Shanghai set up a branch. Mention full Xin company, people may not be familiar with, but referred to shake a new year sign, look at the answer to the circle of friends and other WeChat applications, presumably we are not strangers. Liu Xin’s team is known as the king of WeChat public number, creating a number of classic examples of social networking services, WeChat’s latest interface myth.

now, Liu Xin aware of the flow of WeChat public number bonus period has ended, the content becomes more and more important. This year, he focused on the original new media coverage, for the breakdown of professional customer base, providing quality information services. At present, the Liu Xin team operates more than and 40 WeChat public number, the total number of millions of fans, has been in a profit oriented recommendation