Month: March 2017

Xining drainage company customer service center set up the problem of poor drainage gate

In August 8th, Xining city water company customer service center was formally established, the establishment of the center will break the residential areas, hotels, office buildings and other poor drainage unattended situation, people only need a phone will get professional service team and drainage company.

and measures for the full implementation of city planning and construction management of fine service, Huangshui River (Xining section) comprehensive management committee was established, around the city, service to the public, especially in city drainage and improve the level of service, change the style, improve the system. The establishment of the city drainage company customer service center is bound to further enhance the drainage company’s fine management level.

It is reported that

, the city water company customer service center is dedicated to my city drainage facilities, drainage permit inspection, inspection and design, all kinds of outdoor drainage pipeline construction, dredging, cleaning, maintenance and septic tank cleaning, pumping and other services. The service center will be extended from the municipal drainage pipe network to all enterprises and institutions, factories, residential areas, hotels, office buildings, etc., the formation of Xining as the center, the surrounding areas of radiation service system. And "unlimited access to the customer’s home" for the purpose, to solve the problem caused by the drainage of customers because of the trouble, but also the customer a clean, comfortable working and living environment. (author: Tang Rong)


Xining will focus on the construction of coal trading market

in order to consolidate the "news" results, to promote the "year" "creative city" work, effectively solve outstanding environmental problems existing in the coal yard, coal trading market to promote the orderly development, continuous improvement of environmental quality and the image of the city, the city will in three counties and four districts of all coal and coal products processing establishments the unit of coal heap places 8 months to carry out a special rectification work, then I will standardize the construction of coal centralized trading market.

It is reported that

, through the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau survey, the city has a total of 92 coal heap places, mainly for sale and processing of coal, a long time, the coal yard produced sewage, dust pollution is more serious, to effectively curb illegal coal operation, eliminate coal dust pollution in the city two County four, three according to the demand of coal in the area area and usage, to consider appropriate planning and construction of centralized coal trading market, the market should be on site, road hardening, surrounding with pile high (higher than the design or stockpiling of coal) at least 4 meters wind dust network and Weidang facilities, and take the corresponding coverage, spray etc. wind dust measures; coal storage yard sewage treatment facilities shall be the configuration of the vehicle for cleaning and supporting facilities; opencast coal loading area should set the sprinkler, spray dust suppression measures. Centralized coal trading market is completed, the district will actively guide the coal business households moved into the market concentration of the coal storage and trading, and standardize and improve the centralized trading market in all coal business management system operating procedures and internal management. (author: 1)


Sanjiang source livelihood energy storage base to start building

recently, with the second batch of key construction projects in Golmud focus on open (complex) workers, the largest clean energy in China’s western livelihood – Sanjiang source livelihood energy storage and distribution base project is scheduled to start.

Sanjiang people’s livelihood energy storage and distribution base project is located in Golmud Economic Development Zone, Kunlun, with a total investment of 380 million yuan, covers an area of 15.32 hectares, construction period of two years. Base will be built 14 thousand cubic meters of liquefied petroleum gas storage tanks, the annual design throughput of 200 thousand tons, and will be supporting the construction of special railway lines, road tankers distribution center and special pressure equipment inspection center.

it is reported that the base will be built to fill the gaps in our province no large-scale liquefied petroleum gas reserves and special railway unloading line, and become China’s largest area of ecological protection of Sanjiang natural reserve energy supply base support platform; at the same time, but also in Western China in Asian countries through energy channels, supply chain project delivery of liquefied petroleum gas as a chemical feedstock. In accordance with the vision, the final base will be built into an international regional large-scale clean energy logistics hub of people’s livelihood.

The general manager of

Investment Co. Ltd. is the Green Party seashells career Ma Xiaowen said: "relying on the Silk Road Economic Belt and support to improve national strategic bulk ethylene raw material of the industry, due to the unique geographical advantages of Golmud city through the East and West, North and South China Unicom, and the broad prospects of the Qaidam circular economy pilot area, on the base of the us the development is very good. We will do a good job of the project, help local social and economic development."


The 5A road of Kumbum Monastery

November 28th, the winter of Huangzhong has long been shrouded in cold weather, not far from the roadside, faintly visible mountain spread, enjoy running away. The mountain is not high, dense vegetation, occasionally shaking tiny spots trees, forming a landscape. In winter, in the clouds of the sun, everything is like a beautiful painting.

, I heard that our Kumbum Monastery and Qinghai Lake, as the national 5A class tourist attractions." Early in the morning, the streets and lanes of Huangzhong county have discussed this topic. "Great beauty Qinghai" tourism brand effect can be improved, which is not only the pride of Huangzhong, but also the pride of every Qinghai people.

driver Yang proud

ten years ago, Yang is a bus driver, a day behind the wheel back and forth in Xining to Huangzhong on the road. "At that time, I think that tourism is the ‘wave’ chant, it will, the wave of Kumbum Monastery people do not have so much now, I want to open the car is good, the guests safe to." Ten years later, Yang retired, Qinghai’s tourism industry from a simple "wave" in tourism, catering, accommodation, shopping, leisure, transportation as one of the tourism industry system. Huangzhong county also relies on the unique ethnic folk cultural resources, vigorously develop the cultural tourism industry, a place in the tourism market in Qinghai.

"in recent years, the development of Huangzhong county tourism rapidly, more and more people travel to Kumbum Monastery, I was restless, and dry from the old bank, bought a car to run tourism. Today, Kumbum Monastery has become a national 5A scenic spots, next year I have to give a good friend to the field publicity." Yang words reveal an indescribable pride.

commentator Zhang confidence

Zhang is a veteran of the Kumbum Monastery tourist attractions, for 5A road Zhang full of confidence. Do not say, and now visitors have not come to Qinghai, you can understand the official website through the scenic Kumbum Monastery. Today, the establishment of 5A scenic spot is a new starting point for Huangzhong tourism, a higher start."

"a few years ago, tourists to Kumbum Monastery is not a lot of. There are visitors, I went to explain, to the off-season, find a job to do, the clerk became an amateur career. This year, the instructors getting strong, all the year round Kumbum Monastery tourism, summer commentary summer, winter winter to introduce." Zhang said he sang a small tour of the songs. "The family said," I’m getting overseas." Zhang confident.

to further enhance the quality of tourism scenic spots of Kumbum Monastery, the growth of the cultural tourism industry, the county this year, Huangzhong county invested more than 8500 yuan, completed the main road, Kumbum Monastery scenic area sewage pipe network transformation, tourist service center, Lotus Lake viewing platform and tourism infrastructure projects; investment 180 million yuan for the expansion and construction of suyouhua Museum. The Tibetan culture and creative industry park project phase two Auditorium Building and outdoor camp plateau.

Striving for national civilized city is our responsibility to enter the ranks of the students

Uncle aunt, please take a piece of information…… Sister, brother please take care of our city……" In September 2nd, Datong Street Primary School Students in Xining city streets, side to the public dissemination of civilized city publicity, while using the kind words to tell the public, in order to win the national civilized city we work together.

the same day, Datong Street primary school grade five or six students braved the hot sun, standing on the street to passers-by distributed leaflets. They each see a passer-by will take the initiative forward, with both hands of the school printed "big hand little hand to build a civilization city — to the public a letter", and said with a smile, "living in Xining, we are a member of Xining people’s happiness; to create a civilized city, every one of us Xining people’s responsibility."

although, they are just a group of primary school students, but the love of hometown is not inferior. One of the sixth grade students told reporters: "the construction of a beautiful environment, civilized and harmonious Xining city is our common aspiration, we must start from the minor matter, starts from the side, each of our efforts to make Xining further from civilization." These hopeful children called on all citizens to join hands to respond positively to the call of the Xining municipal government, with enthusiasm, practical action, to build Xining into a national civilized city to contribute their wisdom and strength!

at present, Xining is striving for "national civilized city", which is the municipal Party committee and government to make a better way to make our living environment a better decision. Mr Li said: "as a member of Xining City, we should actively respond to, and with the greatest enthusiasm to the civilization construction of the cause of Xining, Xining this is our responsibility as is our mission."


Xining Federation of trade unions to create a staff culture

did not expect that we can actually build a small house in the construction of corporate culture plays such a big role, so welcomed by workers". Recently, Bai Jingang, chairman of the Federation of trade unions from the city of vertical and horizontal industrial and Commercial Co., Ltd. visited the staff room to observe the scene repeatedly.

it is understood that the tour will promote the Xining City Federation of trade unions in accordance with the municipal Party committee to promote cultural development and prosperity of a city and tackling "requirements, combined with their own advantages and characteristics in the city to carry out extensive" reading staff years "theme one of the series of activities. In recent years, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions carefully build cultural workers union House Inn, the cultural connotation and extension of vector function in practice, become a "University" role of trade unions play an important base and enhance the quality of workers; become the important carrier of corporate culture and employee culture construction. Up to now, the city has built a staff room model 98, plans this year, the new municipal workers bookstore 20. (author: Ye Wenjuan Bao Minwen)

What should be paid attention to the display of large store

is different from some brand stores, how to display goods, in fact, have the relevant principles and techniques. For a large sale field, because the time is very short, and the goods and, in such circumstances, we also need to pay attention to more natural display items. So, what should be paid attention to the display of large stores?

a brand has been known for not discounted, even shopping activities, it has never seen it played off, but the stock is increasing every month, how do they do it?

they will annually in January and July, in some city in the selection of a larger traffic shopping malls stocked with a large area, a good entrance, exit, ticket desk, cashier, packaging, temporary warehouse and storage service and other related facilities, shopping malls or provide built-in shelves mobile Nakajima aircraft (also called Longmen), and then make a big sale for 9 days will be. The goods are two years ago over the years when the goods sale discount season, generally around 70 percent off, from the beginning of a Saturday, by the end of next Sunday, general sales is considerable.


brand of a sale will be selected in a shopping mall in a corner of the 5 floor, the sale market is relatively large, the mall traffic is quite large, but the first two days (Saturday and Sunday) sales performance compared to other similar city is not satisfactory, only the equivalent of the other half of the city. The person in charge of after understanding of the situation, found in this special field are much less than another city of the sale, and the person in charge to the customer’s identity from the first floor to look around, traffic, reach the four floor from a special store, found a very important question: the store instruction signs is not obvious, easy to overlook the customer, do not look carefully to see.

so they do a series of work:

1, to do a series of colorful hanging signs, from the store has been extended to the elevator.

2, at the entrance of the XX brand audience 70 percent off signs do exceptionally conspicuous.

3, to communicate with the mall, to increase the propaganda of the mall broadcast.

4, increase the number of employees, creating a crowded atmosphere.

Traffic plays a few days together behind

, sales is higher than another city, later, someone asked: "this one or two times a year, large sale, store layout and display how to do?"

The big sale

similar to the situation, there are 3 reasons, sales are not ideal are:

momentum is not enough to lead to low traffic

< >

Use other people’s technology to save their own goods

the following, now want to start blockbuster, must be unique, creative, such ability in many brands in the market, to win wealth. Hanging on the wall to hear the music will follow the rhythm of the flashing pattern of the "music T-shirt"; the cabinet will be sounded on the ring will run everywhere, so that you can not catch catch small alarm clock……

2006, he served as secretary of the Communist Youth League’s resignation hole 3 years set up information technology company. At that time the company has just started, only 100 thousand yuan on the development of funds. In order to save, I set up a company with the company ‘s profit of less than 1 million yuan, we can only get a salary of $1000 agreement." Small jokes, I am afraid that the general manager for the number of monthly salary of 1000 yuan "".

"recently the Huayi Brothers, the global.

Xining garden greening rate needs to be improved only 20% of the total garden area

Reporters learned from the Municipal Gardens Bureau, as of now, Xining has been named garden style residential area accounted for only 20% of the total number of small, garden unit is only more than 5.2%. This means that, in the upcoming spring greening work, increase the intensity of garden greening, has become the urgent task of urban greening construction.

reporter learned that, in recent years, the city continue to promote the construction of urban greening work, greatly improve the city’s ecological environment and natural environment, and put forward the grand goal of striving for national forest city circle ". This is the key to achieve this goal in our city, the relevant departments of the state of the city greening work will review the corresponding verification, but the restrictions for a variety of reasons, at present our city greening situation and the requirements of the country still has certain gap.

according to the Municipal Gardens Bureau concerned parties, in accordance with national standards, a city to be shortlisted for the National Forest City Circle list, from the organization leadership, management system, landscape protection, greening and landscape construction in 8 aspects one by one "conquer", which only "green building" sub project of "green residential area" a study on the clear requirements, "City Garden" (Garden District) and "garden unit" accounted for respectively 60%. But as of the end of last year, the city has been named garden style community accounted for only 20% of the total area of the city, garden units accounted for only 5.2%, far less than the national standard. (


West five projects to build a happy home

allows the development of more and more equitable benefit to all the people, in the blue sky and white clouds, so that more of the face filled with happiness. Ben to improve people’s livelihood "upgrade", this year will be the West from five aspects, the practical arrangements for a number of livelihood projects, and effectively improve the people’s quality of life, making it a westsider pride, investors yearning happiness family circle.

this year will be more emphasis on people-oriented West District, efforts to improve people’s well-being. Focus on the following tasks:

– do everything possible to expand employment. To strengthen the construction of public employment service and market system, play the leading role of radiation of college students incubation service center, the implementation of large-scale employment and entrepreneurship training project, to solve the employment problem of college graduates, new urban farmers and landless, strive to achieve the annual 5000 new urban jobs, the transfer of rural labor employment 1000 people, the registered urban unemployment rate control in less than 3.1%. Let more people through hard work, to create a better life!

* 85 million yuan to raise funds for the full implementation of land lost farmers endowment insurance policy. Further improve the social security system. Pay close attention to the problem of landless peasants social security, improve the urban and rural poor people serious illness medical assistance policy, effectively reduce the burden of medical treatment. The insurance for price stability as a key livelihood of government responsibility, continue to take government subsidies, price control, zero slip rectification measures, to ensure market supply, the price level basically stable.

– try to run the people more satisfied with the education. Integration of 133 million yuan of funds, the implementation of land consolidation, belonged to the primary school education, primary school education informatization construction in Hehuang land, safe campus and student drinking water projects, completed primary school and Xichuan Zhangjiawan Road Kindergarten, primary school officially opened to Wenhui road.

actively promote the healthy western construction, the development of public health undertakings. Strengthen the construction of medical service facilities, the implementation of a good residential health hut, rural clinics, fitness Plaza and other projects. Carry out the harmonious doctor-patient relationship demonstration area to create activities, properly handle and resolve conflicts between doctors and patients, so that the masses enjoy a comfortable medical treatment and warm service.

– start to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area. To promote cultural projects that benefit, increase investment, focus on the district cultural centers, libraries, cultural stations and grassroots public cultural facilities such as reading room, give full play to the role of district culture and Arts Center, encourage social prosperity and create outstanding cultural works, promote film planning, performing arts training, cultural exchanges and other industries to flourish, and strive to achieve the culture industry sales revenue increased 10%. Extensive mass cultural activities, the formation of distinctive urban and rural cultural brand.


The municipal government held a party (enlarged) meeting to study and implement the spirit of the ce

1 12 in the morning, the municipal government party secretary, mayor Zhang Xiaorong chaired the municipal government party (enlarged) meeting to convey the central economic work conference, the central city work conference and the enlarged meeting of the Provincial Standing Committee of municipal Party committee, the 112nd meeting of the Standing Committee of the spirit of learning to convey the "Qinghai province implementation of the" Party (party) ideological work responsibility system implementation measures in accordance with the "rules for the implementation of party spirit, the municipal government to implement the views, arrangements for the deployment of related work. Members of the municipal government, the secretary general, the Deputy Secretary General attended the meeting.

meeting pointed out that the central economic work conference to accurately determine the international and domestic macroeconomic situation, both the full deployment of the economic work in 2016, but also to promote structural reforms focus on deployment. After a lapse of 37 years, the central city working conference held again, the city has made a strategic deployment of work in the history of China’s urban development milestone.

the meeting stressed that the vice mayor should seriously study and deeply understand the central economic work conference and the central city work conference spirit, resolutely thinking and action with the central policies and arrangements, unified to the provincial government and the municipal work requirements, and continuously improve the ability and level of the new normal under the promotion of economic and social development.

meeting requirements, to seriously implement the spirit of the central two meeting, according to the Provincial Standing Committee meeting, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Standing Committee of the 112nd arrangements, earnestly carry out the work. is a comprehensive implementation of the central economic work conference, the central city work conference and the Provincial Committee of the twelve plenary meeting of the eleven session of the party spirit, careful control of "13th Five-Year" planning "proposal", pay close attention to the organization to revise and improve the "13th Five-Year" plan "outline". two is to the central city work conference, the central economic work conference, the municipal Party committee and the provincial government to implement the work requirements of the work in 2016, scientifically determine the economic development goals, and seek real deep development of key tasks, to ensure that the annual goals and tasks with superior spirit, Fu Hexin requirements, in line with the actual Xining normal. three is to unify the thinking and action to the central deployment requirements on the city work to further enhance the city’s urban planning, construction, management level. To combine the spirit of the central city work conference, as soon as possible to amend and improve the city’s comprehensive management system reform program. Conscientiously sum up the development of Xining City, in view of the existing problems, study and formulate countermeasures. four is a major historical opportunity to seize the structural reform of the state of , one by one analysis of overcapacity in the industry enterprises, pay close attention to the organization of the zombie enterprise investigation thoroughly, to study the development of disposal programs.

meeting to convey the spirit of the implementation details of the implementation of the Qinghai provincial Party committee (party) ideological work responsibility system, the main idea of the implementation of the views of the municipal Party committee. The meeting pointed out that the Central Party committee (party) issued the "implementation measures" ideological work responsibility system, is the first time in the history of our party to the party in the form of regulations, clear party committees (party) the main responsibility of leadership grasp ideological work;

The new tax law for more than a year to implement the Xining people pay less than about forty millio

September 1, 2011, the new "People’s Republic of China personal income tax law" began to implement. Recently, reporters from Xining to the Inland Revenue Department was informed that as of the end of September this year, Xining City Bureau of total storage levy personal income tax 311 million 320 thousand yuan, year-on-year reduction of 47 million 330 thousand yuan.

The new

policy over the past year, the personal income tax structural tax effect, fully reflects the positive role in the redistribution of income tax, personal income tax cut high – low "role gradually.

it is reported that, according to the new tax law, wages, salaries income deduction standard from 2000 yuan per month to raise to $3500, the level of the progressive tax rate of the structure was modified to level 7, the corresponding distance has also been adjusted to the level of 9. In order to reduce the tax burden low-income people in our province, the tax department since September 1, 2011, the province of individual industrial and commercial households personal income tax levies rate from 1% adjusted to 0.5%, reduce the tax burden low-income people to a certain extent, and increase of the high-income tax collection efforts, reduce income distribution gap. (author: Yang Jian)




Xining’s first township level mediation center to resolve disputes in a timely manner to resolve the

In August 21st, twenty in the north area of Xining city town disputes mediation service center was officially opened, which is the first township of Xining city established specialized villagers contradiction mechanism, will be responsible for resolving conflicts and disputes between the various villagers.

and administrative management problems, such as involving business, land and other departments, some villagers on the policy is not clear cause conflicts, or minor injury cases. The mediation will be carried out by their respective functional departments, including the public, prosecutors, law and other units, that is, administrative mediation". Finally, the criminal problem, which is more professional, will be handled by the public security organs. For the investigation out of the conflict, the mediation center will use different methods of mediation, as far as possible to resolve the conflict, so that people can get rid of the conflict as soon as possible.  

West District, Xining City, efforts to promote the education and training of cadres

in recent years, Xining City West District in accordance with the large-scale training of cadres "and" greatly enhance the quality of the cadres "requirements, continuous integration of training resources, training content according to the actual needs of cadres, adhere to multi-channel, many forms of training mode, and promote the education and training of cadres, improve cadre ability quality, provide a good human resources and intellectual support for the region’s economic and social development.

one is to adhere to the cadre education and training as the basic work of Party building. First, improve the planning of training. Seriously develop the "2009-2012 City West District 2009 – 2012 large-scale training of cadres to implement the opinions", clear the guiding ideology, objectives, tasks, implementation steps and safeguards. Two is to strengthen management, enhance the standardization of training. In strict accordance with the cadre management authority, the implementation of the class declaration system, standardize the education and training of cadres in order to avoid repeated long training and training. Three is to increase capital investment, provide adequate funding. At the beginning of the cadre education funds included in the budget, to ensure that the annual input of training funds of not less than 100 thousand yuan. Over the past five years, a total of more than $10 million in training funds for the region’s cadre education and training work has laid a good foundation.

two is to take the inline outside cited a variety of ways to continue to broaden the training channels for cadres. Please come in". During the training sessions, invited the provincial, municipal Party school professors, experts and scholars to lecture in the west, training cadres, guidance and service. Director of Party School of Economics Department of provincial Party committee Comrade Ma Hongbo during the west area of attachment, made 2 special counseling seminars for west district level cadres, the region more than 200 level cadres to listen to the lecture. Two is "going out". Taking advantage of the superiority of the teachers in the institutions of higher learning and the training of cadres outside the province, to carry out the "going out" training. Over the past five years, the region has a total of more than 300 cadres participated in Shanghai, Chongqing, Suzhou, Changsha and other places to enhance administrative capacity, new rural construction, public administration and economic management training courses. Three is to send". According to the characteristics of rural areas, combined with the three countryside activities, organizational personnel to send home, broaden the village cadres learning channels, improve the participation rate of village cadres, and enhance the effectiveness of learning.

three is a hierarchical classification teaching, highlighting the relevance and effectiveness of training. According to "what is missing, what" principle, according to the actual needs of cadres, in the design of training content, hosted a number of cadres, with level of reserve cadres, cadres, cadres for the agricultural community training object of special training, training in political theory as the focus, focus on economic development, performance the ability of the new rural construction and other training, at the same time take group discussion, writing learning experiences, consolidate the training effect, and effectively improve the pertinence and effectiveness of training.

four is taken to focus on training and training of cadres combined to ensure that training full coverage. Party cadres, professional and technical personnel training at the same time, the level of Party and government cadres, reserve cadres,;

Xining police come to yonehisa old ID card

is a community police, in order to give a 88 year old man do ID ran back, this is the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau a trifle in the "visit" comment on police activities, but the old man moved in and around the masses.

not long ago, the provincial capital of South Beach community police station Yue Yonghui visited that area of a 88 year old man with years of pulmonary heart disease, out of action inconvenience, his relatives hope that old homes will be able to take the ID photo, and apply for identity cards.

Yue Yonghui back to the police station, asked the City Public Security Bureau of household brigade, received a positive response. Then, he went to the old man’s home, collect ID card photos, photos…… 22, 2009, the police Yue Yonghui will be in the hands of the elderly. See the police station in order to give the elderly to do ID busy, the elderly and the surrounding masses deeply moved.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau in the "visit" comment on police activities, police requirements based on their own work, from the implementation of convenient measures, do little things to actively solve problems for the masses, and strive to put every little thing and do it.


Xining and Haibei pilot part of the county government to buy the social forces of food and Drug Safe

from the provincial food and drug administration, the provincial food and Drug Administration and the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the "government purchase food and Drug Safety Association service implementation measures to social forces" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") and "the government to buy the social forces of food and Drug Safety Association service pilot work plan", from the month in the city of Xining and Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, part of the county government to carry out the pilot, buy food and Drug Safety Association of services to the social forces.

It is reported that in 2015

, Xining City, East Sea city, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Golmud city and Delingha city community and urban high department as the focus of the pilot, and gradually open the government to buy food and Drug Safety Association of services to the social forces.

In addition, the

provides that the government to buy food and drug safety compliance services, mainly to social organizations or enterprises to buy food and drug safety assistant positions. The main duties of coordinators for jobs, to assist the food and drug regulatory department of the major food and drug safety accidents and illegal cases, carried out within the jurisdiction of the food and drug safety inspection, food and drug illegal information collection, distribution of food and drug safety knowledge publicity materials etc.. XieGuanYuan determined, by the food and drug regulatory authorities and to undertake the main food and drug safety association signed a service contract, coordinators perform their duties according to the contract obligations by the Department of finance to pay monthly basic pay, at the end of the performance appraisal of qualified coordinators, will be a one-time full payment of annual performance pay. According to standard of payment over the minimum wage calculation, and Xining City Haidong two XieGuanYuan subsidy per month not less than 1250 yuan, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and three state subsidy per month not less than 1260 yuan, the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Yushu Tibetan Autonomous three state subsidy per month not less than 1270 yuan.


Xining daily increase of 170 vehicles to maintain the amount of 266 thousand

In the first half of this year, a total of more than 24000 new vehicles in Xining City, the average daily increase of up to 170 vehicles. The morning of August 9th, in charge of public security traffic management work of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director Gao Keyu introduced, with the improvement of living standard, more and more people buy vehicles, road traffic supply and demand increasing contradiction. Relevant data show that in the first half of this year, Xining new motor vehicles 24816, the average daily increase of 170, higher than the average annual number of last year, the number of 30%. In addition to the number of new vehicles is also proportional to the first half of this year, Xining, a total of 20514 new drivers. Up to now, the number of motor vehicles in Xining has reached more than 26.6 vehicles, with a driver of 382 thousand people. A large increase in the number of motor vehicles, traffic safety management to increase a lot of pressure, but also led to frequent traffic accidents. Xining city traffic police detachment statistics show that in the first half of this year, a total of 210 road traffic accidents occurred in Xining, killing 54 people were killed and 290 injured, compared with the same period last year, the number of casualties increased by more than 37.  

Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee held the twelve meeting of the seventy-fourth

4 12, twelve National People’s Congress Standing Committee held the seventy-fourth meeting of the directors, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress, Deng Bentai expensive hair, Ma Wei, Cao Hong, Secretary General Jia Yingzhong attended the meeting. Deng Bentai presided over the meeting.

meeting discussed the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee on the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress of the twenty-sixth meeting of the proposed issues and the date of the meeting, listened to the relevant departments to report on the preparation of the proposed issue.

meeting listened to the provincial people’s Congress on the twelve Provincial People’s Congress on the arrangement of the views of the NPC Standing Committee of the seventeenth.

, deputy secretary of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, the provincial Commission for discipline inspection organs of the National People’s Congress in the province discipline inspection group, the special committee of the provincial people’s Congress, the office of the election committee, the provincial people’s Congress supervision personnel on behalf of the responsible person, director of the office hall to attend the meeting.


Xining City Health Bureau Youth League actively participate in the 54 theatrical performances

is the 93 anniversary of China to commemorate the 90 anniversary of the Communist Youth League was established and the "54" movement, singing "patriotism, progress, democracy and science" 54 volunteer spirit, carry forward the spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress and selfless dedication to the spirit of Lei Feng, to inspire young people who love the party, patriotism, love home enthusiasm, to create a" chuangxianzhengyou good atmosphere for example, exciting youth to promote harmony, Health Bureau of Xining city in May 4th the Communist Youth League organizations and units subordinate backbone members to watch the group municipal Party committee held by the youth – example – power "as the core of the art show. In the performance, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau Youth League selected six young literary backbone and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the city fire brigade Youth League, participated in the drama drama "backbone" of the show, and a complete success.
in the program before the formal performance, I selected the Youth League members in the daily work of the busy work, time in rehearsal. In the drama group under the guidance of the teacher, every action is a serious practice batted. And carry forward the spirit of group cooperation, not only with the Municipal Public Security Bureau Youth League, city fire brigade Youth League in the performance of the tacit understanding, but also forged a profound friendship.


The traditional moon cake festival blooming delicacy

"this mooncake is nice and delicious. Sell it to me!" In September 14th, Xining Township interest farming culture ecological park, organized by the city district government, Chengbei District Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism of Qinghai folk traditional culture on traditional delicacy moon cake, moon cake moon cake festival in rural villagers making excellent flavor and taste, tourists eager to buy.

it is understood that the rich mid autumn festival activities, North District government, North District Science and Technology Bureau of sports and tourism organized a "mid autumn feast": invite people into the township interest stage large-scale theatrical performances, the country Handmade traditional moon cake and special snack exhibition, photography exhibition, martial arts, paper cutting, embroidery exhibition, Flower Concert also, open-air cinema and bonfire party, let tourists with interest, linger. Qinghai folk traditional moon cake and Exhibition for farm use Handmade, Monascus, fenugreek and other edible pigment, moon cake surface and manually made the "flower", the big steamer a large opening Steamed Buns unique blooming moon cake festival.

reporter learned that the set of recognized species of adoption, planting area, picking area, acres of ornamental flowers, science and technology achievements exhibition area, the farmers performing arts training area, leisure tourism, rural culture exhibition area, dining area, self driving camp in more than and 10 functional areas in one of the Xining Township interest farming culture ecological park planning and construction is perfect, break a distinctive path of development of rural tourism in Qinghai. Since this year, attracted to Xining Township interest farming culture ecological park of domestic and foreign tourists continue to grow, the tourist season every day tourists reached thousands of people, including from the United States, South Korea, many foreign and foreign tourists. North of the city’s rural fun moon cake festival, so that tourists from both inside and outside the province ahead of a Qinghai with a special flavor of the mid autumn festival. (author: Wen Ling)