Month: February 2017

A letter from an outsider to bug

millet bugs:

the name makes many people uncomfortable, because there will be a lot of people. In fact, I want to add three words in the front. See here or there are so many people I have fried ecstasy, your poor heart. In this virtual world, it’s hard to imagine what you look like. In real life, you are just like everyone else. You may have a job, just like before, like buying a lottery ticket I hope someday to hit the jackpot. In fact, you are lucky! Because you don’t have to spend all of their energy and resources used in fried rice, if so, your chances of selling the domain name harder than 5 million awards! If you are a bug that your occupation of millet, life is miserable. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t comment on your "works", but there are too many domain names I see here or there. For example, you call the "three miscellaneous". Now the world is complaining about made China in, some biased, some I can not see. Because the quality of the Chinese people from the uneven in quality, you mixed domain made in China remarkable quality.

I want to ask you, you make is to what purpose? Is the dream of overnight hoarding and profiteering. Oh, wake up. If your ambition is not to enter the IT industry, I think you always stop. Maybe one day your baby will become garbage to be deleted, and then the East is your hard-earned money value? It is ridiculous that registered star name Michong, you have not heard a word called "heartless bitch, the actor has no meaning? These so-called stars, big brand early your own web site, a small do not have this ability. Fan Bingbing.Com of Fan Bingbing just refuse to Maggie Cheung, she spent a penny to buy your domain name not! That Nicholas Tse son of domain name cybersquatting is more ridiculous, speculation about the play, do not take it seriously.

your domain name if not into the site, even if there won’t be any traffic, you can call it a pearl in the palm is rubbish, One loves what is his own. Of course, many become the domain name of the website also has a lot of dead, the Internet is not so good to earn money.

finally advise millet worms, if there is no money, if only fried rice do not stand, if you have a strong psychological speculation, I advise you to stop it as early as possible. Don’t for those strange and eccentric domain name renewals, they appear in the table to delete the expired domain name is just a matter of time…

The German workers rival Amazon does not give you the money we don’t do

is reported that Amazon’s German workers strike again, has been held in six cargo center strikes. The union said on behalf of these workers, Amazon operates eight major logistics locations in Germany, and said workers plan to continue the strike in September 26th.

Verdi German trade unions said on Monday morning, the staff in the Amazon Amazon Germany is located in Hess, the Bard feld strike logistics center in Leipzig, leinberg, Wei Erne, and F Faure F Haim graben.


the incident is still the labor dispute, labor dispute has lasted more than two years, Verdi Union believes that Amazon logistics center staff should be attributed to the postal staff, should get a higher salary. However, Amazon believes that the company’s logistics center staff should be classified as the category of warehouse workers, they pay $13 per hour is entirely reasonable. Verdi asked Amazon’s 10000 German employees to work in a labor agreement with those in the German retail sector labor agreement similar.

in 2013, Amazon’s German workers held the first months of the strike, carried out a series of strikes, the cause of the strike has been around the wage issue, but there is news that until now Amazon declined to discuss a legally binding agreement with Verdi, and a spokesman for Amazon said that the strike will not affect the company’s delivery plan.


has recently announced a two point five percent wage increase, but that in the Verdi Union and retail and mail order business staff of the agreement there are still significant gaps compared. In addition to the improvement in income, the unions have agreed on working hours, holidays, extra expenses and special payments.

Mobile phone domain name speculation heating up

      COM and CN domains become network soft wealth investment like stocks, not for the upstart network spawned a number of people know, the more commonly used name quality resources are relatively depleted, last year launched a special domain name mobile phone Mobi, once again form a berserk phenomenon, with 3G strategy surfaced. The user of the mobile phone instantly push up the tremendous business opportunities of Mobi international value, represented by the United States domain black market auction price all the way up to the price, $200000 $129800 $100000 $95000 $40000 $33000 $27000 $23606 $23600 $19500

      China Shenzhen network is unwilling to remain out of the limelight, ewebs investors first international transactions registered 450 yuan in the first, the domain name for the $22500 price of successful trading, record the highest return rate and the amount of domestic investors, more interestingly, the registered astonishing speed, Shi Yuzhu has just launched the second online games "giant", and was 30 minutes into the pocket, buyers bid 30000 yuan acquisition declined by ewebs, the investment cost of only 130 yuan, so the value-added rate comparable to the most crazy stock also make money.

      with the launch of Google, Baidu and and and push some practical website (mobile phone wallpaper), the international and domestic giants have to start early wireless use mobile phone Mobi mobile phone without relying on domain name, the line of business has been quietly in the market (domain name trading market rises sharply, professional title) a large number of well-known enterprises IT triggered name cybersquatting, according to informed sources, Mobi registered in the country of about 300 thousand, almost all the development of good company all robbed, IT enterprises registered scanty protection.

      another part is not a case of investment, such as

Sun Zhenyao inverse growth entrepreneurship is to do a no problem to find the title of the people

Sun Zhenyao

    Sun Zhenyao, who won’t sleep because of work, clearly remembers that he had a sleepless night in September 24, 2012. A few hours later, his start-up company will soon launch educational technology, and he has not yet decided what the company is going to do.

Beijing Hotel VIP Building toast each other but Sun Zhenyao was not happy, can be said to a bad state. A perfect performance from ready – the Sun Zhenyao in years and strictly practice gold seems to be failure, he found himself unable to see ahead. 56 is not a suitable age for failure, and he can not turn back.


in the past thirty years, Sun Zhenyao won the mission will be a good reputation. Such a strict discipline from his two-year career in the artillery. In 1977, just graduated from University, he was pulled Kinmen military service. There, for the first time, he was able to see the Milky way in a completely dark night for a curfew and for the first time.

in the context of war, any tiny mistake could hurt life. "Under the bed are grenades, rifles and gas masks, ready to be ready at any time. There are soldiers and deputy commander bickering, night shot and killed a man." Sun Zhenyao told global entrepreneur. Two years later, he was glad he finally retired, can live back home in Kaohsiung.

in the same year, the United States formally severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan. At that time, Sun Zhenyao didn’t spend much time students has joined the Bangong half read HP, ultimate way to achieve HP global vice president. "You can’t miss any opportunity to be promoted, and I’ll be lucky if I miss someone else, and I don’t miss a chance."." Sun attributed its success to luck, catch up with the first wave of global IT development, and China in this important market, everything seems logical.

in the center of the storm Sun Zhenyao in HP as a total of 10 jobs for the 18 bosses, experienced 7 major organizational change, every time he can be an ruotai. Sun seems to have a supernatural power, he can always determine the wind direction and protect themselves. I have been in China for some time in HP, the boss to do something, I am very clear that the new boss took the company also know what to do."

boss is most heavily on his execution – early assignment, he always complete at the end of the year. As a professional manager, he is best at all uncertainty into a certainty. More than and 20 years of training as sun month after month and year after year, watch a precise time.

his philosophy of management is to believe that subordinates are convinced that as long as the enterprise to create the appropriate environment, employees must go all out. In 2000, he took office in HP China president of the first thing is to set up the HP business school. He hoped that his team in the course of teaching and teaching can be summed up, and ultimately enhance the management ability.


China domain name and.Cn which is more suitable for the development of Chinese e-commerce

has recently been fired the Chinese results will raise a Babel of criticism of the domain name, officially opened in July. The number of customer access to Chinese domain names will not be less than the current CN domain name. This is what the Chinese decide for themselves.

China population, import and export trade, although many domestic brands, but also beyond count, in the next few years Chinese brand will be a certain amount of market share, and China domain will have been paid more and more attention. Chinese people are accustomed to using Chinese input method in the English state of the input method, the Chinese domain name will occupy the market in the next few years. It is very likely that Chinese domain names will be widely used in china. Chinese domain name is convenient and effective, saving the search engine to find their own brand. And save the cost of advertising companies. Famous brands in the IE browser direct input will be directly to the site address. So the company brand is very important.

domain name domain name Chinese China universal compared with CN domain and CN domain name, although the price a lot cheaper but registered very troublesome, for personal website is not very easy, but personal website can be registered in the Chinese domain, with the future of the Internet domain name system of continuous improvement, Chinese may have on the individual registration restrictions, but Chinese domain name and com net suffix. Relative to the English domain name cn is relatively simple and does not need to provide a series of enterprise documents.

Chinese domain will provide convenience for most beginners, in the next few years e-commerce network will be overwhelming, affect all aspects of people, and those who have blind network must adapt to the development of the times, and Chinese domain just as they provide convenient Internet search. Although they do not know the address of some brands, but enter the name of the brand. Especially some of the more practical Chinese domain name, such as: the franchisee. Chinese Netcom. Ltd. Liaoning information network.Com Ji’nan information network. China Ji’nan information network.Com Cassidy.Com this domain name is widely used, especially to marry a wife. China is most convenient for the wedding business query

CN domain name will in the future become the treasure domain type rules of the Internet more and more mature, CN international domain name registration will be more complicated, the registered domain name minon to protect their own domain name, as a souvenir. After the estimated individuals can not register CN domain name.

in short, the domain name of the new era has come, we must grasp the domain name to e-commerce business opportunities. Make a small contribution to our country’s own domain name.

Shandong perfect wedding network

In 2015 a large number of micro business secret die also pits than Taobao’s micro business trick

the whole 14 years, the number of derivative light will not hoard goods, micro business sellers? How to do, how many brands will not light investment counseling? How much training will teach method can’t light practice? 2015, micro business really dead? Is more and more difficult to do? I found a lot of methods the former are useless! What should I do?

yesterday, I had a meal with a brand on behalf of the total, chatted about her 14 years of experience. Said he was from the primary agent, do micro marketing to the total generation, resigned from the high salaries of beauty trainers, full-time to do the whole generation. Back to the company introduced the four generation, the company also invested in the speech, but also on the Mister wrote the book. But the crazy down throughout the company, to a monthly income of over one hundred thousand, in addition to several store owner, other people less and less. I can earn thirty thousand or forty thousand a month. This year, the two consecutive month of a product can not move. Not only that, but also their own team.

15 years is a turning point for micro business! Either dead or dead!

I think such a problem, there must be a lot of people met. 15 years micro business in the end what will happen in the micro chamber of Commerce? How can you die!

14 years, what are some of the types of micro fraud? You have been fooled before we start, we first list some deceptive means:

(a) to promote liar

13 years, the micro business has just arisen. Many of the individual through the exchange of WeChat group will be able to. But 14 years have passed. Get fit and buddy becomes a scarce resource. So a lot of crooks hit these ideas. Method is nothing more than the following:

, the first blasting machine extend this method in derivative weakness. A lot of people the problem appears in no friends. So the crooks came up with such a business. Look for a group of people to do a part-time job, everyone has a micro signal, but also to send some circle of friends. Then these people gathered in the QQ group inside. After the start of business, told her fans are taking micro precision fit, are distributed in the mall mask, sweep the two-dimensional code to the people, as long as you provide the micro signal can help you to do, and then give you an attractive package, 500 yuan to give you 500 fans. Such temptation, there is no micro business can resist. After receiving a single, she began to publish the task in the QQ group, so that all the people to add, add the future to say hello, consult. Add one to a few cents. You were so excited to see so many people with you. And every one of you to consult, awfully busy. The last one has no news. So now you know why,


second, advertising powder machine this method, more stupid. A lot of micro business, with no good method, only through a shake, the people nearby. You tell him, I have this software, through the large shopping malls near the street address in disguise, to attract people with you. And the photos are very cattle, hundreds of mobile phones at the same time, a mobile phone more than a dozen WeChat. More cattle businesses, but also the development of a dedicated phone >

Baidu wholly acquired glutinous rice network force to promote local life services

today, Baidu and all the company announced the signing of the agreement, according to the agreement, Baidu will acquire all the sticky web of shares held by everyone, the transaction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2014 after the completion of the transaction, Baidu will become the single largest shareholder owned glutinous rice nets.

vice president of Baidu, glutinous rice network CEO Liu Jun said, Baidu in October last year, after the formal completion of the strategic investment in glutinous rice, buy business integration smooth, rapid growth. Baidu is optimistic about the huge market potential of local life service to the group purchase as the core, and this time we all reach an agreement, a wholly owned acquisition of glutinous rice, will lay a solid foundation for further deep integration with Baidu glutinous rice."

glutinous rice network in June 23, 2010 on the line, located in the local life guide. In August 2013, Baidu announced to the sticky web of strategic investment of $160 million, about 59% of the shares, becoming the first major shareholder of glutinous rice network, the transaction is completed by the end of October 2013.

industry insiders said that after the acquisition of glutinous rice Baidu strategic investment in a wholly-owned acquisition, indicating that the glutinous rice group business and Baidu’s core business has a significant synergistic effect. After the acquisition of the acquisition of glutinous rice and Baidu business will be included in the search, maps and other star products and offline sales channels for more depth of integration, will certainly have a huge impact on the Chinese market in 2014 to buy patterns.

Ctrip push the first shopping tour business platform Tesco three spell domain name protection

renamed Chinese ( February 6th – the day before, Ctrip tourism officially launched its first shopping business platform Tesco Tour "(, provide a convenient to buy souvenirs, local products and shopping platform souvenir for tourists," tour Tesco "domain of concern.


: Tesco

TourIt is reported that the launch of

, Ctrip Travel "travel shopping business platform, a collection of global high-quality suppliers, complete category, and the destination of travel and shopping integration, launched online orders, convenient mode, pick up the line", the user can also choose the airport or hotel delivery delivery, saving time and effort.

query Chinese renamed whois information, "travel Tesco three spell domain name has registered a space, but the holder of information are not displayed as ctrip.

currently, Ctrip Travel Tesco has covered 20 sites worldwide, including South Korea, Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, as well as Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou and other popular tourist destinations in china.

Network test Li Gui old electricity supplier of the road there is no way to contain


During the

day dragon boat dumplings wufangzhai Tmall mall sales are more than 10 thousand single, is the electronic commerce to wufangzhai sales bonus. In addition to Zhang Xiaoquan, wufangzhai, warrior, 100 birds gazelle, Fang Hui Chun Tang time-honored shop, also in the creation of good performance. With the help of e-commerce platform, the old brand is showing a new market vitality. However, the electricity supplier fake lvjinbujue, to the time-honored online business out of a problem.

years "was" on the line

recently, a time-honored years to expand business spread news network. The news, the beginning of 2013 years for the electricity supplier to decide within 1 months of on-line self Taobao store. Now the end of January, the reporter found that in addition to the fast bag featured in a convenience store to see some years, do not have any relevant years found that the actions of the layout of the network channels, large B2C platform Jingdong mall, Amazon, shop No. 1, and other mainstream no years in the sale of products, and domestic not many several pharmaceutical B2C vertical field pharmacy network, happy people online pharmacies etc. there is no product years.

years relevant responsible person said, years did not he any cooperation, as a history, has 600 main pharmaceutical enterprises, Hok Tong is not suitable for the development of business electricity supplier.

The reporter then login

kuaishubao website, found years Su Sydney cream, cream, Hok Tong Ren years health powder products found in the sale, Tu Vin Unionmaw and send discount. Faced with such a phenomenon, the person in charge told reporters, this is definitely not the company’s behavior, the company did not want to develop e-commerce, we will investigate this".


reporter linked to the fast bag shop founder Xu Zhiming, Xu Zhiming said that the fast bag is with years in the business sector, perhaps due to different division of labor, the person in charge of cooperation and knowledge of the issue. In addition, Xu Zhiming said that sina blue V certification is the person in charge of the business sector, specific details can be consulted to ID. And cooperation, why choose for years Xu Zhiming said, "Chinese love itself".

for such a response, the responsible person again, and not with the fast bag "years of cooperation, the Sina micro-blog is mentioned in the personal account, and not the company, the company is also not mentioned in the business sector". The whole thing is whirling, true or false.

old has been by e-commerce

today filed a time-honored business, many people will think of wufangzhai, Zhang Xiaoquan, Quanjude and other classic brands, but these time-honored electric bright today, some are forced out of step by step copycat business results. Many old brands in the new Taobao mall when they found that there are a lot of Taobao sellers are selling their products at low prices.


Ah, the sea – the wisdom of women find beautiful place

beauty is the nature of every woman, no woman is not beauty, but some women need guidance, some women need to urge, some women need to compare.

who does not love beautiful things, who does not love a taste of life, but some woman is conservative not brave to jump out of their own circle, once a day, she was brave to jump out of the circle, is guided by others or yourself or wake up, she found that the world is so big, so many beautiful clothes, so many good skin care products, so she could be so beautiful.


yet another woman, she knows all the wonderful things in the world, but she will not want to try, because she was lazy, this woman needs a friend to urge and encourage, once a day, she does not like before, do not wash wash bath, neck painted body lotion, do not go out without sunscreen cream, not a month to do a mask before going to bed without makeup, never health. So she took off all the time to start before the lazy, care of their own, she has a healthy pursuit of the perfect state of mind, she began to call himself, began to actively face the life, she developed all the good habits, her life also becomes more and more exciting.


there is a woman, is good at discovering and learning the woman, she will imperceptibly with people around, but she never envy others, but will be open-minded to learning from the people around, people figure why so good, I usually eat what, do what movement; people why the skin so good. What brand of skin care products, with what mask; why people are wearing what brand of clothing, how collocation and so on, she will earnestly learn from others, and then according to their own situation, to find suitable for their own route and style, this is a wise woman, this woman never be abandoned by the times.


wise woman, never to deny any new things, she will be a bold attempt, even if this try to make her pay, the wisdom of the woman know how to choose, they will never blindly, not others, they try to understand, they know, did not use no the right of discourse.



, Hangzhou, said: "to be a delicate woman is to know how to love yourself. I used to buy ah Hai, this shopping App, really good. I bought the Ian mask at the top, bought a series of Innisfree skin care products and a lot of other beauty products. Their own use, to ensure that all genuine, it is worth recommending to every beauty, love their women


the woman of wisdom

China Business News e-commerce era soft

now many companies have the soft as a necessary means of publicity, and even some small and medium enterprises can not invest a lot of money because of the operation of the hard wide, often with soft start. Soft Wen is not only a low cost, and large amount of information, for customers to understand the product itself plays a good role, but now the newspapers and magazines always put together a list of commercial soft, layout not ornamental, the readability of many products is poor, thus causing the soft effect is not good. In fact, the better use of soft text this means can achieve the desired goal.

advertising is the most important to attract people’s attention, considering that not everyone can become your target consumers, advertising will need to let more people read, there is hope in a certain probability to hit some target. Today, there are thousands of people in the media costs, meaning that one thousand people see your ad, only one person will be your customers. In this era of information flooding, there is no way to avoid this phenomenon, we only have to carefully check whether the ads put in place to allow more people to pay attention to the characteristics of. Therefore, here to sum up the operation of a number of clever means of soft Wen, I hope you can stand out from the same page.

is the first kind of soft news into the nature, and put in the news layout, such as urban life, the front page is generally not allowed to do so. How do you do? First of all, you have to make your subject like news, such as: OKLEE.CN! Challenge Then you should try to write the text to news reports that the tone of station described in a more objective stance, with the best industry comments, and the other competitors, making readers interested in such a large space has been promotion is not possible, it is hard to release by advertising in release. Just to confuse the visual form, only a black box made from genuine news, if not careful will think this is a newspaper news interview. Of course there are some newspapers began at the end of this is marked with the small print ads, but I believe that as long as the title and text enough to attract people, even by the readers to see the advertisement, he is willing to read. Some people may think that this form should not be classified as soft, and should be specially planned hard wide, such understanding is not excessive, just because it is the starting point itself with a soft way of detailed product or enterprise, using hard wide release form only, so I think a kind of operation skill as the soft is also on the.

below to talk about is how to make your article in the special layout of the commercial soft text to jump out of the publicity effect. We first want to examine the commercial soft page layout of the reader is divided into several categories. Of course, the most important is the real customer, but at the same time we have to think, as well as dealers and peers, as well as the company’s leadership and staff. The customer is unknowable, and we can’t predict the effect accurately, but we can expect the latter. Although the customer is our ultimate target, but also we strive to attract buyers, but in the peer, distributors and employees of the company, the leader in the eyes of the good scores, also

6 ~ 1 on the sale of rice dumplings Youku electricity supplier enabled the domain name on the line o

renamed Chinese ( June 1st – the day before, Youku potatoes enable two domain, low-key on-line electronic business platform Youku mall, selling dumplings, wireless router and mask.


figure: Youku mall

access to the domain name, you can see the Youku mall is currently on sale of commodities is very limited, in addition to their own products Youku Youku, Youku treasure box "routing", there are dumplings and mask etc..

In fact,

, Youku potatoes last year when the joint Alibaba has water and electricity provider platform, enable two domain launched video product "playing goods", said let users watching a video while shopping.

CHANet new advertising campaign notice

    here is the CHANet management department. Thank you very much for your support to CHANet.

today CHANet launched a new advertising campaign. Please pay attention!



* advertising popups activities

to Advertiser Name: Beijing Hongxin Source Consulting Co. Ltd.

, activity description:

pop-up window, 4 yuan / 1000IP

Name: Default_Click_Thanks /


The weight of 7KG King LETV Electric Scooter – Jingdong to raise early sale!

nowadays, electric scooter has become a new fashion, whether on campus or in the park, there is no lack of fashion people pedal scooter, handsome figure over. Conform to the current latest leisure needs of the younger generation, music as sports following the super bike again after the new intelligent hardware – Jingdong GENE series chips electric scooter will be on December 6th at 10:00 on the morning of the Jingdong to raise public projectId=70983 punctuality open grab?.


is the newest member of music as sports brands, LETV electric scooter has launched a new version of aerospace aluminum body, weight 7 kg level, high energy technology motor, the appearance of fashion outside the intelligent gene. Custom version of the congregation to raise the price of 1599 yuan, the retail price of $1999.

as the campus and park the best means of transport, LETV GENE electric scooter using aircraft grade aluminum, with the opening of simple structure strong, high strength and light weight, weight is only 7 kg level, if not the female man, can easily put away. In addition to the patented folding structure, just gently with the foot wave, you can achieve a second opening and closing, after folding the front wheel as a supporting wheel, convenient towing, simple operation, easy to take the bus, subway.

in power, mileage and other key indicators, LETV GENE also has a very brisk data. By changing the number of motor winding and stator structure, as the motor efficiency extremum reached 90%, compared with similar products can increase 29-38% power, reduce power consumption by 22-28%. This also allows him to have excellent endurance, mileage significantly higher than before the product. It is worth mentioning that LETV GENE also supports non electric slide, you can also use the same as ordinary scooter in the power exhausted or not to help the case.

security, in addition to the selection of aircraft grade aluminum, the safety explosion-proof solid tire, solid and durable, grasp better performance, help users to easily cope with various complicated road conditions; at the same time, brakes, both electronic brake and rear foot brake, reduce the braking distance, can be used in the process of emergency response; the lighting, the series of 5 Watt High light efficiency LED array, both the road lighting and the front warning function, especially at night, can effectively prevent accidents.

users can be realized through the APP scooter, self named switch lights, and you can set a password lock switch through APP, intelligent anti-theft. At the same time equipped with riding special navigation system, through the high moral map, to achieve precise positioning; and the body of the LED dot matrix screen can display speed, gear, power and other key information. In addition, the user’s data and route track will be synchronized to store in the cloud server, easy to view at any time to share.


Suning involved in the fund’s financial products push easy to pay the balance of treasure Po challen

according to the information provided by the Su ningyun, easy to pay treasure number of registered members of more than 30 million (with TechWeb


after Ali balance treasure, will be forced to pay treasure to the financial market. Yesterday evening, the first Financial Daily reporters exclusively learned: Suning will soon officially entered the field of funds, began to get involved in the IMF and other financial products, the latter, easy to pay treasure will apply for an independent domain name.

in an interview with this reporter, Su ningyun responsible person admitted that easy to pay treasure will launch a new business, but said nothing about whether involved in micro finance topics.

although the third party payment market now accounts for a smaller proportion, but its catfish effect can not be ignored." IBM Senior Strategic analyst Wang Qi believes that in spite of this, the United States PayPal company launched a U.S. version of "balance of treasure" in early 1999, but after a dozen years have been from the historical stage curtain call. It is too early to determine the prospects of the balance of treasure.

fund allies over 10

Su Ningyi Nanjing Fu Bao Network Technology Co. Ltd., is an independent third party Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd’s payment company. Newspaper reporter access found that it was established in 2011, the registered capital of 100 million yuan, and in June 2012 the people’s Bank of China issued the payment of the business license of the third party.

according to the information provided by the Su ningyun, easy to pay treasure number of registered members of more than 30 million, the effective membership reached 25 million, the annual trading volume exceeded 10 billion yuan; at present, more than and 100 major banks have established a deep strategic partnership.

previously, easy to pay treasure has support for credit card payments, bank card transfer, mobile phone recharge, utilities, fixed broadband pay etc.. According to a cooperation fund responsible person said to the reporter, the first half of the year, Suning financial department has set up a special fund products group, and has performed with more than and 10 domestic well-known fund companies in close contact, ready to launch for easy to pay the balance of financial value-added services; and after the balance of treasure only announced the cooperation with the day hongzeng monetary fund.

in addition to the number of cooperative fund companies, the balance of the business and the biggest difference lies in the treasure two points: first, not only To C To B, that is: for individuals and businesses. "These people said, the second difference is that Su ningyun owns more than 1 thousand and 600 stores of resources, the future is likely to set up online stores under the" financial counter "," double "promotion of Internet banking financial products.

although there are some differences in the details, but the balance of treasure, easy to pay treasure "in essence is the same type of products, to achieve the same function, namely financial fragmentation, the only difference is to buy different types by different platform Monetary Fund for maintenance. For the scope of the fund involved in the company, has yet to get the exact message. However, the above confirmed that the current market can provide such financial listing and financing of $430 million market capitalization has reached 3 billion 500 mill

May 16th, listed on the NYSE, the issue price of $22, total financing of approximately $430 million. On the first day closing price of 24.18 dollars, has a market value of $3 billion 433 million.

following the cheetah moves, the way cattle Network has been listed, Wall Street ushered in May third shares of the company. In May 16th, listed on the NYSE, the issue price of $22. It is worth mentioning that the price is higher than the issue price range of the upper limit of $0.5 (issue price range of $19.5 -21.5 dollars). Thus, has become in 2011 April, the first issue price is higher than the issue price range, ultra raise shares of the company. Recently listed cheetah mobile networks and the way cattle, have lowered the issue price range.

raised the issue price to a large extent indicates the degree of market sought after. listed on the first day of the opening price of $27.18, up 23.5% over the issue price, eventually closing at $24.18, or 9.91%. was founded in 2010 March, is currently the largest Chinese cosmetics electricity provider, with 22.1% market share. From the establishment of the company to market only four years.

Before the United States

CEO Chen ou MBA degree in Stanford University, Chen Ou at the University during the successful establishment of Garena the world’s leading online gaming platform (more than 24 million users with global GG platform,.2010) years, Chen Europe began a two venture, a predecessor of group beauty network, become the first Chinese cosmetics group purchase station. A month later, the first to launch 30 days unconditional return, full protection, the real estate of the three major policies, set the industry benchmark.

September 2010, the opening of a new brand of, and also released a new domain name JUMEI. A year later, total sales exceeded 150 million yuan. In 2013, annual sales exceeded 6 billion yuan, in the electricity supplier in the field of cosmetics occupied the initiative, and laid the foundation for the United states.

at the beginning of 2014, in the line shop advertising a year after its first landing in Beijing Qianmen line shop. The newly opened stores in the layout of close to the female, female consumers, line shop more down to earth, but also more in line with the "shopping" fun shop by the first floor of the two floor area and perfume skin care cosmetics area, to provide free drinks and cookies Rest Area shop, the waiter were male.

IPO scale record nearly 3 years

in the context of price increases, as part of the over allotment is included, total financing of approximately $430 million. The figure also hit in 2011 since the stock financing record IPO. On the first day closing price of 24.18 dollars, market capitalization of $3 billion 433 million, the electricity supplier counterparts, is second only to ranked second, third.

WeChat mall prospects (below) what are the models

in the micro Mall (on) about the prospect of the third party micro mall platform such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like bar push, WeChat electricity providers represent the future mobile providers based on the trend, has led to subvert the traditional electricity supplier Ali trend, businesses placed great expectations, coupled with the third party service platform, hype touted flicker a large number of businesses do not preempt whatever rush on like a swarm of hornets, a hole again, in the mobile Internet era, this idea is right, but not blindly sought to combine their own clear understanding of the situation and then start, for small businesses, how to avoid the risk is the primary consideration, then, to optimize the existing mode of micro mall the author, in order to minimize the risk of business operations.

, give up the self closed loop payment, although payment fast, but to consider the micro mall is actually running in the third party platform server, any transaction generated in this is completely transparent to the third party platform, does not rule out someone will profit, use the user data in this regard, business is very difficult to protect the user’s information security and financial security. The future will also combat the Tencent irregularities.

two, to solve the credit system, an independent store in order to establish a good credit system how difficult as can be imagined, the best way is to be introduced into the flow of Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon and other sophisticated online shopping platform (as for how to import traffic technical field, this article will not discuss, of course, the premise of this play) is to first settled in other electronic business platform, if you have never played the electricity supplier, the first settled in the Amazon, the world’s largest electricity supplier B2C, absolute beer, more important is the current enterprises is completely free, if Tmall, the Jingdong will need a lot of settled charges.

three, avoid duplication of work, if you are a business, so micro mall will bring you a lot of repeated work, including the product shelves shelves, information maintenance, inventory management, logistics management, financial management, technology and so on the enterprise docking, manpower and time cost caused great waste, efficiency low, if the product display page after the user clicks on the jump to businesses have been stationed in the business platform, can reduce 90% of the workload, but also improve the sales platform, in order to obtain a higher ranking.

or above, the choice of Jun.

original link: Kangaroo store buy business 61 surge direction action is very important since the opening of the group buying business, the majority of Internet users love, business has been steadily rising. Near Children’s Day, business is usually rose more than 3 times, in addition to the domain of the king’s natural advantage, whether there are other ways to do so, the relevant responsible person to talk about doing group purchase experience, for the webmaster friends a few "dry cargo" share:

a, seize the holidays, targeted early preparation (carefully prepared for the children’s day in advance stocking). is started from the children’s group purchase business, many businesses and children have a good relationship, for the coming Children’s Day this opportunity to have one month in advance to do a careful preparation, positive for children Beizu more than and 20 classic gifts, including famous books and audio-visual products puzzle toys, such as "one hundred thousand why", "children’s Encyclopedia", "Disney", "classic", "Duo A dream children Almighty great wisdom" and many other famous full set of audio books, the price is not expensive, only 40 yuan. Now when it comes to the holidays, especially the children’s day, parents send what to give the child, is a headache, hit "61" gifts concept: the care of children, gave TA knowledge and power! "61" children, the parents of Qi Huanxin, took the minds of their parents, have to buy children! Close to the "61" sales soared


two, good service, enhance the reputation, let users trust

!Compared with the traditional

group purchase online shopping, more cheap, good service, high reputation of the group purchase website also is more reliable, therefore, good service, improve visibility and reputation, is the key. To be like others to serve as the standard to serve their users, intentions to do, choose the product, so that users more trust and love, to discuss the user likes!

three, choose the right direction, focus on a little, and gradually become bigger (do local, vertical market segments, more opportunities).

in the current number of large group purchase website bombarded publicity situation, if do portal integrated, group purchase website, history tells us that the market will only last for a few, but local, sub vertical market opportunities in many provinces and cities, China vast territory, many hundreds of segments, each region, each field can accommodate many websites, and these areas and regions, is a comprehensive portal website can’t be taken into account, which is beyond the reach of your chance. is the choice of children’s products as a starting point to expand gradually do.

four, the use of all opportunities and platforms to expand publicity.

group purchase sites have appeared in the now well-known traditional media such as newspaper and television, expand the exposure, it is helpful to enhance the visibility is, but the grassroots new website, is not the economic strength to do. That how to do it, since it is the site, of course, or the use of network media publicity to direct, conversion >

100 home appliance business survival status alive is the most happy thing

text / print reporter Wang Ji, Xu Lijun, and his wife, (published in the entrepreneur seventh)


alive, electricity supplier is the most happy thing.

bubble when the most ferocious, an average manager dared to ask for a monthly salary of 60 thousand, this money game who can afford to play?

when the flashy fade, the conversion rate of flow, what are the clouds, your cash is god.

in the past six months, which electricity supplier to get the money?. "Now the money difficult, investment manager of a VC of" entrepreneurs "said," even if it is to get the money, the electricity supplier can not easily hit."

in order to survive, the electricity supplier first compression costs. No money, live to reduce advertising, layoffs, very careful in reckoning, cut off SKU, what can not be cut? But "shrinkage" is not a good feeling. Reduce advertising is to save money, while China’s online shopping users transfer costs are very low, if there is not enough strong brand marketing support, users will quickly drain. Thus, the electricity providers who pay more attention to viral marketing, precision operations to enhance the conversion rate.

in addition to throttle, electricity providers are also trying to find ways to increase profit, such as open source, many group purchase site increases physical mail order business, some electricity providers pay more attention through the line to pull the online sales.

hard to live at the same time, the electricity supplier in the hope of next year. Estimated to the first quarter of next year, the industry will pick up, a founder of the electricity supplier so judgment. But the spring will really come on time after the madness of the group and the bursting of the bubble, investors have a lot of calm, the capital has begun to return to traditional projects.

"if the electricity supplier compared to running, so it is not a sprint, do not run, but in long distance", an industry believes that the electricity supplier is best "steady development", rather than as, handle, Wo Wo Group as the "great leap forward".

electricity the main problem is not to make money, before we burn, desperately smashing advertising, do large-scale, the logic behind the left is king, go the other way, let others have no way out.

make up to that day, the survival logic would be still

?100 commercial

below, both in the past two years the financing records were selected as the survey sample, through a comprehensive review of the business scale, financial data, capital chain, and the team’s status, to describe the state of existence.

The number of

"*" represents a different health status, the specific meaning is as follows:

assumes that the state is still good, the normal operation of

* * *: careless, there are certain characteristics, but also obvious short board, can still survive

* *: dangerous operating difficulties, there is greater uncertainty.

The store to avoid edge shuangshier robbed the old lady


"shuangshier" comes, the store, the supermarket around the active efforts significantly increased a lot, some supermarkets also played mobile payment cards, can play half off fold, etc.. But the middle-aged customer enthusiasm is very high, and even some supermarket on sale after a settlement gave Chinese cabbage.

we have seen in the supermarket, many people are buying daily necessities, consumables and so on, settlement and widespread use of mobile payment methods, some people are still at the scene to download some mobile payment application, and then check again, enjoy discount discount.

in fact, this is also a mobile payment service providers to jointly promote the sale of some of the tools, the purpose is also hoping to attract more mobile payment users, the depth of the market. So, we see, in addition to supermarkets, convenience stores, more increase of catering, beauty salons, farms and many other scenes. However, we are concerned that the user in the super store and restaurant mobile payment scenarios and higher enthusiasm.

In addition,

is the O2O application, O2O market this year again reshuffle, with the U.S. group and the public comment, Ali after the withdrawal of the full layout of their reputation, now the O2O market are the new group, Baidu Nuomi, word-of-mouth re formed a situation of tripartite confrontation trend, but not all, or can form a chance of breaking also need to continue to observe a period of time.

we saw this year, "shuangshier", Baidu Nuomi is another way to borrow big data precision made festival dedicated to creating "shuangshier Hot pot Festival" started off, "shuangshier" melee enclosure. Moreover, before Baidu Nuomi released a group of hot pot Festival big data, relying on big data statistics and analysis, to provide data basis and decision-making basis for Baidu Nuomi Festival marketing. Baidu big data show that during the festival is the second only to the second hot pot catering consumer categories. In fact, in the north of the friends all know, the weather is cold, eat Hot pot will be more and more people, in fact, people are so Hot pot group purchase.

in addition, there are some interesting trends, some electricity began to reexamine the relationship between online and offline, and even some electricity began to re open the store mode, of course, at this time the inherent store and the original market store is different, more O2O, hope that through some of the electricity supplier fans of communication and marketing methods to create a new O2O business model. This may also be a development trend in the future.

electricity supplier said that "we found online customer increase has been the bottleneck, and the homogenization of the product line more and more also led to increasing competition, online shop to enhance the customer experience, improve the conversion rate is a good step." In fact, if the line two can combine better, can greatly enhance customer conversion, some businesses also in online and offline conversion rate, on the contrary sometimes under the line but has more advantages, this is also the time we see including Amazon, Dangdang began to try to open the next line store mode of the traditional >