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Shanghai dragon art is like cooking a meal

space and site procedures such as food raw materials

in our Shanghai dragon industry indeed on the contrary, there is no grasp of the heat, just blindly pursue the ranking. That has ranked what has been, in fact this is a

site outside the chain as materials and grams of

seasoning in cooking. When

will be likened to a Shanghai dragon art, is not too much, but we will distort reality, just think to write articles and send the chain. Why would Shanghai dragon and cooking together, that they have in common: for our customers. Shanghai dragon as art to look at, we will not stay in the realm of the initial stage, we will create a "art", let the user get the enjoyment of beauty.

web content as


is cooking the raw materials, we need seasoning, seasoning to taste a dish to perfection. Our website content as "seasoning", can we mobilize the largest user’s appetite, according to different users, different writing articles, we can attract users. When in cooking, seasoning appropriate only a good cook can master, we are in the website optimization. What kind of articles written, what tips, you need a good editor.

chef cooking a delicacy, will spend a lot of time, from the selection of raw materials, to the ingredients, and then eventually presented to the diners eat. This process as we optimize the website, as long as the heart, our website will be our customers. Optimize the site every means such as cooking in the fuel, the use of appropriate benefits, in order to make the site.

everything is ready, are known, it would need to be a good cook". Hard to do, only days and months multiplying, sincere love to do such a thing to be a good cook". We optimize the site is not so? Will your site to each dish, we are not in your "food" by the user to eat a feel good, but also to the next.

stable space, good site procedures, as in cooking in the raw material, only the good choice of material is to do a dish based. We optimize the space and site program website is the foundation to ensure the stability, only after the site will not be a problem, the user will not have access to. Most diners love is according to their own preferences to choose their own things to eat, but also in the internet.

do a delicacy, with raw materials and ingredients, but they don’t know what is on how many grams of appropriate, that you can’t do delicacy. Our website optimization is also so, the chain is not in now is not the more the better, but the quality of master. Vote chain one can let us have a good website ranking, we only do the appropriate benefits, to make this dish "delicious cooking".

Zac related issues on Albert answered the Shanghai Dragon Pavilion

asked: the site came right or be K

A: first of all, the search engines do not owe you what. A site is K or drop right, there will be other websites or web page ranking. The search engine is about user experience, rather than the Shanghai dragon.

two, Zac teacher to Shanghai Longfeng and other issues related to the view of

Zac teacher in a television editor, came into contact with the search engine rankings, time is 2002. Compared with the national level teacher began in 2000 ranked in the Alibaba website, Zac teacher or slightly later. I have to admire these two predecessors attitude. A Chinese Shanghai Longfeng knowledge popularization has made outstanding contributions, the other one makes system, all from the common sense with rigorous data speak.

second, the future of Shanghai Longfeng spent in skill or the technical level of the energy proportion will be less and less, Shanghai dragon is more flowers on top of the user experience. Zac teacher for many Links exchange, operation method of repeat keywords past effect, now mostly counterproductive.

asked, several major domestic search engine optimization

. The site is K or drop right is not what to complain about. Shanghai dragon ER in optimizing a website, you should pay for the grey hat or black hat tactics. If a site is K Zac, the teacher’s advice is to do a new.


Zac the teacher first modest share professional reading his university, knowledge, engaged in the occupation after graduation, and how to contact the Shanghai dragon industry. Zac teacher is sincere, his original intention is to do a website from the Internet gold rush. Each point of early advertising, also did some garbage station.


asked: how to adapt to the Shanghai dragon ER change the search engine algorithm. What is the optimal point in the future focus of Shanghai dragon


and Zac share


Chinese in Shanghai Longfeng field, the name of the Zac is so bright, I do not want more ink to do this. I believe that Zac’s "Shanghai dragon combat code" moistens many Chinese Shanghai dragon er. I originally bought this book, treasure, within three days of this book will be very hard to read two times, and made a lot of notes, like back to the student. Nonsense not say, below to record and share the core content of the interview.

is the theme of this interview: "Shanghai dragon you old? We are old!". But the topic of the interview is not limited to this. Time back to October 22, 2012 7 points Monday night, Albert Ge Ya Ya channel of fewer than 70 people, but by 9, the number of instantly soared to 1200, the peak even reached 1500. The last time the speed transit network held: "only Wang Tong mountain" the number of 800 people, almost doubled, which shows the influence of extraordinary.

How to raise Baidu spider, my several experience summary

Hello I’m

VIP network, and to meet with you today, tell us about the spider, I believe many new owners include some teachers old webmaster, is a priority among priorities of the problems concerned,

below, let’s begin.

first of all, let me put my point of view. SEO is not only a technology, but also an idea. Combined with my personal experience in building, we talk about how to keep a good Baidu spider. You know, Baidu spiders regularly come to your website. We must bring the spider to your site, how to lead it? The most direct way is to create your own words, must remember to ensure the uniqueness of key word (such as: triumph) Baidu search results with low correlation, keyword must appear in your home, but also have the related interpretation and the main purpose is to do the content around the keywords you, then go to Baidu updated quickly place, publish relevant information and promotion of your.

                you send articles to around the keywords you write, it is best to use bold color keywords underline once or two times, and some other way, keywords directly connected to your home address, the content also add one or two times you the home address, which is the legendary soft. Key words and good, also sent information about, the key to the place, that is to trigger Baidu detection database, let Baidu spider down these new content you climb up to your home page, but how to trigger it? Just do a keyword, has uniqueness, the correlation is relatively low, if some people search the key words, Baidu spider search will be preferred the most appropriate page, it is also possible that Baidu temporarily didn’t show you included the site. But the Baidu spider must have done something.

in brief, the summary is as follows:

The first point:

increase in the original text around the appropriate keyword optimization, is suggested in the title Riga, the original is not to say that you write it, you have to search the others did not write to you about the article, if any, forget it, or change the subject.

second: inside the Baidu high weight updating fast release place around your keyword content related information and your site is connected, so that Baidu spiders from multiple locations to your website, I often use Baidu know Post Bar has ADMIN5 or the network these places are good, especially ADMIN5, since you are a webmaster you must go to this place Study hard learning, this is a good learning platform.

third: extend the keyword around your uniqueness, and publish a large number of external links to locate the results on your site.

if you can master the above points, >

Sharing Chutian station dead and resurrection experience

Chutian station has been established so far, and has gone through 2 seasons of rain and wind. There are laughter, there are also pay. Understand Chutian Adsense station webmaster friends may know, Chutian Adsense station in May last year was Baidu K lost. Web site has not included, the most included when the article is not more than 3000 articles. Among them, I have my own original article, there are also collected articles. From May to May this year, the collection fell to hundreds of pages, leaving only the front page at last.

, all the links on my website have been removed. Many webmaster who exchanged links with me just told me. Said my station was K, want to drop my link. I have to explain that I will not cooperate any more. No way, now many webmaster is such, do not see people see the Links website, where friendship? Fortunately, rookie Webmaster Station to my site is never abandon, never blame Chutian Webmaster Station on his website, in fact also proved and a K site for any link not, express thanks to Yang Zi. Thank you also to have the old stationmaster net to my support and encouragement repeatedly.

website has been K, a webmaster can persist for more than 1 years, very few. But I do hold on. I always think that day will be Baidu, will release all my collection. Every day I update my articles and observe the data. But every day only included home page. I went to the outer chain. I changed the title, in short, rescue methods have tried, without any effect and effect. It was not until October 20th of this year that I decided to re – edit my website to change the fate of my web site.

actually, I didn’t do it for the website to live. But because many people say my website template is not good, does not conform to the user experience. So it took me 2 days to change the website template to a template world style. In the template world style on the basis of significant changes, I added the home page 16 independent calls. Home member horizontal no refresh landing. Add TAG page template. Add search page templates, add single page templates, etc.. Because of my previous touch plate export too much, lead to every update articles have no big change. Causes the website snapshot to be slow, the Baidu spider crawls difficult.

replaced the template 1 weeks later, found no changes in the collection, or a home page. And I found a new template exists consumption of server resources, so I changed the server again and again. Finally changed to Henan Jing An four line computer room. And decided to discard the new template world, continue to use the old template. After more than 2 weeks of extensive changes. In November 5th, a miracle happened. Chutian station was suddenly run out. It was as many as 155, which made me see what I wanted. I hasten to update my pace. Keep it updated every day, so thousands of articles have been released before,


, I changed the template this time, and did not change the column and theme, but did not change the title, change the template structure. So it doesn’t make much difference to search engines. – >

My opinion on the content construction of home website

speak the same language.

a lot of time, we talked about for a long time, in fact, talking about is not a thing, the premise and assumptions are different. More often, or choose silent good, do a silent fish, swim happily in the water, pay attention to, is silent shark. Lovely brother Chuang-tzu said, is inexcusable, is really marvelous figure.

doesn’t even have what you want here. You can’t see it. This article is going to be written and I have decided. But how to analyze and analyze which level, how wide, how deep, and how wide it is, is with me. No way, because it’s not a paid analysis report.

, let’s get started. The premise here is that we’re only talking about content building, and the assumption here is that the site has traffic to make money.

good luck,

when I came out in April 2007, the Internet remained a metaphysical stage for my dear internet. Began to work in other Internet companies, into one of the best local revenue sites in Hefei, the feeling of the site, to implement the shape down, began to pay attention to the home site. Later I had the chance, I want to write a preliminary Home Furnishing news, immediately leave this one, and when out of this article, calculate for half a year.

Meet one of the chief of Anhui’s most profitable

during this period, it will do encounter one of the CEOs of content, have very good boss, even encountered very will deceive exploit staff manager. The most direct contact, as well as Anhui’s top home journalist and editor. Maybe luck?.

home website content how to build


websites are worth seeing. The hypothesis of this article tells us to catch traffic. Here, traffic can be divided into two kinds, one is the flow of merchants, the other is the flow of Internet users. Which is important?. Which one is the first? I don’t think that’s the answer. We seize the Internet traffic, businesses own Pidianpidian ran over and said, dear master, I can in your site cast advertisement cost with


in this logic, the content of the website how to build, very simple, do Internet users need and like content.

near not say, say far, take focus, search room, house365, Nanjing three in the industry in the leading position of the website to say. It’s April 29, 2008 21:29:34, and we’re intercepting the home page of these three websites:







which attracts the attention of Internet users more than I say?

My opinion on the construction of e-commerce Insurance Website

as we all know, the Internet is developing and e-commerce websites are emerging one after another. In view of the website construction of insurance website, I also talk about my experience and experience. Maybe it’s helpful for beginners. In fact, regardless of SEO, many large-scale e-commerce website construction, as long as the good part of it. Especially insurance website, web content distribution, website architecture settings, is the essence of the real construction site!

understands the distribution of insurance sites and builds targeted channel pages

online insurance shops, some specializing in the sale of accident insurance, personal insurance, and some sites are responsible for auto insurance, ship cargo insurance. So the first goal is to sort out and sort out the product distribution of the site. Whether or not the site involves SEM. This is the first step in e-commerce. Will then establish targeted channel page, if I do not know SEO, strong search engine, but at least you know a website theme must be clear, and the branches of insurance products, and to highlight the good is the key. Do pay search when, also not so come over.

makes landing pages for popular insurance products in order to conform to the electronic commerce rules

I think of the rules of e-commerce as the exact timing of the purchase of the website and the simplicity of the purchase process. Just imagine that when you buy books, you want to do it overnight, so as not to trouble you. Thus, in general, at least for the insurance platform, will be a number of hot products targeted construction. That is, assemble some products and make landing pages. As a result, these pages on the home page can increase the chance to buy new visitors and buyers have a familiar channel, Wednesday, said SEM, will not create such practices. Do not know SEO, I also know that Baidu, Google like topic page, do not understand PPC, I also know that bidding will need it.

landing page after a key finalized, but also on the industry market research,

so-called e-commerce, online platform, there is no line of market research, online analysis, it is difficult to reach consensus with the masses. Now that the insurance website, cut into the insurance product planning in this regard. The landing page is only the first step, the next to be classified effectively, the corresponding insurance products, for example, for travel insurance this insurance, can be divided into outdoor, abroad, study abroad, Schengen visa, short-term group and so on many categories, after all this is the electronic commerce, active buy to let consumers have to persuade force. This is especially true for insurance websites. Of course, this can not avoid a market investigation!


, an e-commerce insurance website, must add massive content pages and information to

insurance is not everyone can understand, in addition to clear product introduction and planning, also should provide knowledge of insurance, insurance information, this is a scene of the insured to the insurance online platform most want to see. This is also the gateway to many e-commerce networks

The eve of the 70 billion catering chain catering industry how to seize the opportunity

according to the survey, the Spring Festival this year, up to 70 billion, in the face of such a promising food and beverage projects, how do you choose, how to grasp it? Let us further analysis of the next three new year’s Eve trend is what.

2016 Spring Festival is approaching, the new year’s Eve dinner booking began to hot. Hot line is not only a chain of restaurants, online booking sites are also a large number of promotional campaigns, because the price is more affordable, a lot of chain restaurants began a table hard to find. Commodity business review found that this year’s food choices for consumers to eat and eat in the form of the more diverse demand. So, for the next line of many catering practitioners, whether it can be seen from the new year’s dinner market smell a chance in 2016.

The first is the price decreased

. In recent years, the average price of new year’s Eve dinner is often seen in the major media, thousands of thousands of dollars on a meal to let the general public prohibitive. This year since the introduction of the provisions of the central eight, many high-end chain restaurants are experiencing new year’s Eve cold, so, some high-end hotels have begun to lower the figure, to reduce the price of the civilian route. I learned in the interview, most of the hotel the dinner on New Year’s Eve price is not high, the dinner on New Year’s Eve package prices are mostly concentrated in the 1 thousand yuan to 3 thousand yuan, the per capita consumption of 100 yuan in general, and even there are many restaurants choose free drinks for the dinner on New Year’s Eve promotion. In recent years, the frequent appearance of the new year’s dinner has been difficult to trace, we can see the popularity of food and beverage consumption is still the mainstream.

Children’s clothing chain management skills of the 7

clothing market is also a never saturated industry, has a broad market and opportunities, is the choice of many franchisees. Open a chain of children’s clothing, to create a better future for themselves. Now we look at the children’s clothing store chain management skills 7.

How to manage

One of the

how to judge the store business is good, do not enter the store, at the door for a few seconds to see it! See what? See signs, see the lights, see the display, see health…… buy clothes is to buy beautiful clothes, is to sell the image, so we must be good at creating image.

How to manage


Guangzhou City Museum – a of state legislation

many people love to go to the museum, because a city museum can well show the local customs, to bring more people to know. Yesterday afternoon, the fifteen session of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress, the "Guangzhou Museum regulations (Draft)" submitted to the first instance. This is the first national regulations after the introduction of the National Museum Ordinance, which intends to set up the city, the District People’s government should set up a museum free of charge.

Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress Working Committee esch researcher Li Bin introduced in recent years, the rapid development of the Guangzhou City Museum, showing a thriving situation. Currently the city has a total of 61 museums, including the government’s financial support for the state-owned Museum of 32, non state owned 29.

The most important content of the draft provisions of the

museum is charging management. Bill is intended to provide "the municipal and District People’s Government shall set up the museum free of charge; for construction, protect cultural relics sites not open free of charge, shall be free of charge or other incentives for special groups in accordance with relevant state regulations." There are 32 state-owned museums in Guangzhou, that is, more than half of the museum in Guangzhou can be free or free of charge.

some of the supporting services such as State Museum, free of charge? Li Bin said that the service involved in the museum, including the interpretation of the service charges are currently inconsistent provisions of each museum, then the need for unity, in the direction of free."

collections can borrow


bill also provides minimum requirements for the opening hours of the museum and the weekly opening hours. Clear state-owned museum open to the public throughout the year not less than three hundred days, and the opening time of less than forty-eight hours a week; non state-owned museum open to the public throughout the year not less than two hundred and forty days, and the opening time of less than twenty-four hours a week."

people have always been able to learn more about the museum and learn more about a city. In view of the current Guangzhou City Museum, Museum of individual or even a "exhibition hall is large enough but no collections can be displayed", the bill also has the corresponding countermeasures: one is the requirements of the museum shall prepare a collection plan and annual plans, to ensure the orderly development of collection.

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