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Should pay attention to three points 404 error page design of the website internal optimization

should pay attention to the following three points in the design of the 404 error page:

web site operators do friends all know, because the website upgrade, system change, virtual host replacement and other reasons will lead to some pages can not be accessed, many friends does not seem to attach great importance to this one, always feel that even if it cannot access. But this website for Shanghai dragon internal optimization is taboo, especially search engines and included page, if cannot access the situation, in the course of time, the spider will think you this site is not stable, and unstable, also can’t tell why he lost this page, the next crawl where she.

more than two tips, best not to use text, pictures, this is to clear the way to tell the search engine specific error information. It is necessary to take into account the user experience, but also take into account the friendly search engine.

short, must be unified with the whole station phase in the design style, don’t let users into the 404 page, do not know where. The search engine more and more intelligent, more and more love the user experience good site;

(2) in the 404 page where the most eye-catching display detailed error information.

when the user enters the 404 page, the first time to see the detailed error information, clear up to prompt the user, you visit the page no longer exists.

so, personally feel that the website page does not exist, or can not access, you should find out the reasons, the existence of "recovery", can not be restored, it should set up 404 error pages to the site, tell the search engine spiders: the page does not exist, you can go to the next, friendly guide the spider to other pages of the site.

If there is a page header file

at the 404 error page design, design a not a simple page, or jump directly to the home page. This is just like the original to a good page to the spider, now you can just give a page to deal with, or simply directly to the home page. Who can not stand for this. We should always remember: always put the search engine as a human being, but also the guests, guests.

(1) 404 page pattern should be unified with the website.

also lists several possible causes of the problem on the page, for example, the page has been deleted, you entered the wrong address, the page has to jump to a new URL address.

(3) page error message provided below several internal links for users. >

website unified and page bottom file, then 404 pages also have the same header file and the bottom file; if the site does not have a unified head and tail, then it should be in the 404 page head plus the website logo and the name of the site.

To get a good ranking secret website construction and website optimization with the tacit understand

second, website construction should grasp the law of every kind of step by step,


first, website construction should be based on the user experience, in line with the search engine of

but often, we give the website optimization when doing a lot of the chain, there is no one will stay down and think about exactly what kind of chain is useful, in the face of complex and orderly connection construction, unified only a good grasp of the website construction and optimization of the two, to each other with the tacit understanding, will be transformed into the weight and ranking above the natural increase. In order to obtain the favor of search engine. Why do you say that? According to the author concluded some suggestions on attracting network years of work to share.

according to the author’s experience, the same type of website links more help to enhance weight. But not every kind of, therefore, the diversification of the link, will be more real and natural. First, if you are good at writing soft, then you can go for a long time to write text, therefore, can accumulate a number of the same type of Web site links, can also link the establishment of different types or even related websites. The reverse link website can be ordinary enterprise station, personal website, blog, forum community website, inquiry platform, information portal etc.. These are helpful to our website ranking and. Second, "

link building should be every kind of

first, in the construction site, we do not blindly follow their own ideas to do. Why? Website end to Internet users of different countries and regions to see, they are the final group website. So, station under construction, we should listen more to their cooperation in the establishment of the company has. Why do you say that? Of course, the premise is because of trust, cooperation will. So listen to their advice. After all, people in this industry for many years, contact and done site has too many to count. Listen to the advice, then you want to do a what kind of website to tell the site, then, as you mentioned, they will be based on your ideas and requirements, design a solution for you. Because as long as you find the site is not personal, will be in accordance with the user experience and search engine rules for Yin you build a really useful website. Included in the site structure and layout optimization will follow the requirements.


has recently been watching on the construction site and the site optimization, it is not difficult to find that repeatedly after all is said and done, several problems. No more in the new topic. But in my opinion, it is not all that, in the rapid development of the Internet today, the webmaster and Shanghai Er often linked to the mouth of the Dragon: content is king, the chain for the emperor. It seems not so important. We had to buy links that the PR value too high to be reached, crazy, can not afford to buy the chain, is to go all the way around the hair of the chain, is in order to rapidly increase the number of links.

How to push the field such as the battlefield find a way out in the Shanghai dragon competition

, a rival

analysis of competitors, then here is to choose keywords to the site, when in fact choose keywords, it is best not to choose those tough competitors choose keywords, finally choose some relevant keywords to target keywords and long tail keywords, skip, some friends may feel is the target keywords can bring a lot of traffic. Of course, this is correct, although the target keyword can bring a lot of traffic, but.

may have some friends to see me in the crowded competition we want talent shows itself is not difficult, there may be some friends started to think, how to find a way out in the Shanghai dragon circles such as the battlefield? It is actually very simple, here I have to share with my years of experience:

keywords and competitorsWhen we finished Analysis of

I just said that now do any products, are likely to encounter some more tough more powerful opponents, some owners may see this competition website is not confident, always think oneself is impossible beyond his, of course, the webmaster think so also youqingkeyuan, although we could not go to the short time beyond these tough competitors, but we in the search engine has a particularly good secret weapon used, slowly to catch up with tough competition, this secret weapon may we all already know, but the real use of the owners and small businesses from less, some owners may see some worry here in fact, this is a secret weapon and privilege analysis of competitors, one is the biggest advantage of information opening in the search engine, not The other side website what we can use the search engine to see and do the investigation and analysis, so the analysis of competitors is relatively simple in the search engine, so when we’re running a site, don’t be in a hurry to define key words, do not worry to modify the site layout, we must first have a thorough understanding of competitors’ war cloud: before being victorious, so we have to close the enemy, after a method.

now every webmaster, every enterprise slowly began to focus on the Shanghai dragon, the reason is very simple, Shanghai dragon can reach to bring traffic to find customers, and save money without what investment, so the Shanghai dragon has slowly become dominant means of network promotion, although Shanghai dragon has many benefits, but also has many disadvantages. For example, every webmaster of each enterprise’s product is different, we do in Shanghai dragon, will inevitably see competitors in the same industry, such as security products or business owners, looking at numerous competitors, sometimes will tremble with fear because feel no strength, website and competition enough ranking, so push the field such as the battlefield now, want to find a way to make a living in Shanghai Longfeng circle theory is very difficult, but It is talent shows itself is not impossible to actually in these dense competitors.


Talk about the powerful operation team behind the group buying website

China Internet

2010 the emergence of a new business model of group purchase, since March this year, group purchase network development everywhere, from the hundred regiments to thousands of war, more and more entrepreneurs to participate in the China network group purchase competition, then as a group purchase entrepreneurs ready to participate in the war, how to operate a network group purchase group purchase network, together with their head operation experience to introduce the operation team behind the group purchase website.

buy network technology, buy technology network threshold is low, it is true. There are a variety of network group purchase network program, such as phpwind launched the "Amoy link" as a community group purchase group purchase program module, DEDE5 drive vertical group purchase program, so to build a network of group purchase is not a very difficult thing, more important is the network group purchase program authorized by the cheap price but a few hundred low threshold can be copied to develop a technology promotion way to invest group purchase entrepreneurial force owners to choose a suitable for your safety is the head of the group purchase program easily. But I remind you, Adsense don’t think built a buy nets is in the enterprise, business need operation.

group buying, marketing, business marketing is not the sales department, this focus on technology owners may confuse the concept of marketing and sales. Business marketing is the main developer, the choice of a new product group purchase activities, products are mainly local restaurants and bars KTV, SPA beauty salon club, gym yoga and other characteristics of businesses to provide products or services. So how to select a your favorite businesses in many businesses, and is willing to cooperate with you in the business is a difficult thing, which requires business marketing MM and business talk, talk about how we are a group of registered members, a period of a business group purchase thousands of people. Finally, don’t forget to say through this group purchase businesses can not only get free publicity and cooperation can bring in huge profits. Choosing a good business is a good sign of success.

group purchase network editorial department in each working day, group purchase website to recommend a selection of group purchase goods, so it needs to carry on the description to the editorial department for the group purchase information, group purchase information description must take businesses, to recommend products affordable description, the items group purchase activities that have conditions the image and image of the products group purchase business better go to a real scene, the picture must be coupled with your group purchase website watermark, do not underestimate the role of group purchase network editors, but she is responsible for the group purchase content editing and content planning and create a web page editor, can make a person enchanted more is the network marketing group purchase information promotion of the advance team.

group purchase network marketing network marketing promotion department marketing department should be the core group purchase website department, know the network business is difficult, difficult to attract popularity in the network group purchase flow! Network marketing to attract users to the network group purchase through a variety of methods, to allow users to become a registered group members, gathered the strength of the formation of group purchase the consumer group purchase. The author is in a few months

Mecca Hamburg to support the introduction

many of the burger franchise brand what kind of comparison by consumers? What kind of brand earnings higher? Small series for you to recommend the United States and the United States, Hamburg, Hamburg Mecca not only to make money, there are a lot of support to join, let you open shop easily. The hamburger is Mecca from Mecca beauty Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd. is a western style fast food franchise business, the well-known brands, "customer loyalty" as the highest standards, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, adhere to the steady development and continuously develop and improve the franchise system, to establish a "simple, comfortable, dynamic culture" restaurant constantly hard.

Mecca Hamburg is specializing in Western food research and development of well-known brands, founded in 2001. Mainly engaged in hamburger, crispy fried chicken, French fries and pearl milk tea, ice cream and fruit juice, ice porridge and other drinks, development, production and sales. Mecca has successfully passed the national trademark registration Industrial and Commercial Bureau, beauty of Mecca after years of unremitting efforts, has become the industry leader, we in line with the principles of honesty, QSCVL catering management experience and efficient logistics system, brand new, to provide comprehensive guidance for technical training, management, shop decoration design, post supervision and service of New Mecca! The United States dedicated, professional, is worthy of your trust in the Western fast-food brands! What beautiful hamburger Mecca to join


Mecca Hamburg join support as follows:

unified action plan

beauty Mecca own strong management and operation system, provide first-class brand image for all stores. Specifically: a unified image of the store, unified clothing, unified storefront design, with a unified goods, management mode, unified advertising, unified technology formula. Compared with the individual shop alone, greatly reducing the risk of venture capital and business exploration period.

strong training program

we will be in accordance with the usual practice of the United States and Germany, the franchisee training system, including proprietary technology, store decoration and planning, equipment use, operating rules, marketing strategy, staff management, etc..

linear supply plan

by senior management consultant Chinese according to the fast food market and consumer real taste especially set up a full set of professional equipment and seasoning products supply direct optimization scheme, specified by the manufacturer, no intermediate links, to ensure that the price is low, at the same time, a large number of centralized procurement, manufacturers must make the price fall, compared with sporadic shops procurement, cost is lower much.

public promotion plan

do a good job in public and community relations, and plan to implement and carry out a wide range of public welfare activities

There are different ways to treat different customers

customer character is different, the nature of the service will be different, if the owner treats every customer is the same way, I’m afraid not to attract customers, let the business do long. In short, do business, whether it is warm service, or the price tag…… In a word, let the customer happy and come, after shopping satisfaction is our hard truth. As the saying goes: hundreds of people, how to make customers of different character to buy our goods, as our sales staff, to master a variety of reception skills.

for the target clear, want to pick their own customers, do not want others to say hello. This kind of customer shopping experience is rich, strong self-confidence, easy to accept other people’s views and opinions, do not want to communicate with us too much. For this type of customer, we should let the salesperson choose their own, do not have too much to promote products, as long as the proper attention on the line, too much, it will be self defeating, let customers off and leave.

I remember once a customer into the store did not find Jin Mai Lang sauerkraut barrel instant noodles, the wife is busy enthusiastic introduction Kangshifu oil spicy acid and pointed out that surface wave, surface wave Kangshifu oil spicy acid to sell fast, good quality, who knows the customer turned left, at a nearby store to buy a master braised beef noodles.

what the customers, they buy things directly pointed to what, not dragging its feet, very simply. For this type of customer, our staff should always take a cordial smile with each other, with goods in the shortest possible time, need to immediately bagging installed, Bahrain immediately reported a total, speaking speed can be faster, to complete the transaction as soon as possible.

my shop is on the street, the driver and the rush of pedestrians on the road, the general time is tight, buy a pack of cigarettes, buy a bottle of wine or drink, I will complete the transaction within a minute, do not take up customer time.

some customers hesitate, always can not buy the determination, feel that you can buy, but I thought maybe there will be a better product. For such customers, we should actively recommend the retail side, the introduction of the details of the goods, constantly sending out signals to make it determined to buy. Some customers in our repeated explanation, still indecisive, can not make the decision to buy products, after making a purchase decision is still in doubt. For such customers, we have to take the trouble, very patient and repeatedly explain the characteristics of the product.

in that process should pay attention to reasonable, persuasive, avoid talk, lack of patience, and make the customer feel we are impatient.

some shopkeepers treat all customers in the same way, naturally will let a part of the customer lost. In short, the treatment of different customers, to find the right way, take the trouble, patience, the use of circuitous tactful techniques, combined with the silent pressure to stay >

The management of the store attack scheming – the

to a shop business fire up, do not use some of the attack in the current highly competitive market, such a goal is difficult to achieve. However, there are a lot of shops in fact aware of the importance of the operation, but also the use of a lot of strategies, but does not seem to use the idea, resulting in no help for business. In fact, we also need to grasp the shop operators to better psychological strategy.

phenomenon 1: a lot of bars in order to promote wine, free supply of peanuts, but a cup of water but to close a few dollars. This is a typical complementary product promotion: peanuts and wine are complementary goods, eat peanuts, naturally more alcohol, but drink plenty of water will only drink less.

2: in recent years, there have been many a few yuan street shop, from the early two yuan shop, shop, shop five yuan to ten yuan, then the shop, selling some small commodities, cheap showmanship, business is hot. This pattern even affects many supermarkets, RT mart, Carrefour, Hualian, Tesco have broken by category display routines, launched "a commodity", Pichu zones, the different categories of the same price low value commodity focus on display.

attack 1: complementary promotion

do promotion to integration, take the amount of products, advertising products, products of their profits in what way to promotion, complementary products to match, how joint sales need to be figured out from the consumer psychology.

from the complementary point of view, consumers in the purchase of a commodity at the same time, often may need its extension.

, for example, to buy a red wine, the need for a bottle opener; buy cosmetics, the need for cleaning, care and a series of products. Select some low-cost extension as promotional items, not only can reduce inventory, but also to attract potential consumers.

attack 2: anchoring effect

called the "anchoring effect", also known as the anchoring effect, means that people make judgments on sb, vulnerable to the first impression or the first information disposal, they like to sink into the sea anchor as the people’s minds fixed somewhere.

ships moored to anchor to fix the position, people will unconsciously make the initial information as an anchor, as their basis for judgment.

visited a few yuan shop, after most have a common feeling: the purchase of goods in the total number of useless, but I do not know why to buy down the doings of ghosts and gods.

The anchoring effect of

is that the price is very low, and the price is very low. In fact, it gives a basic point positioning, like an anchor, implying that the customer

Anhui, the four finalists in the world to raise public projects to raise the top 500

for every entrepreneur, entrepreneurial project selection is a critical factor, at the same time around also continue to hold some business conference, in order to inspire people to stimulate entrepreneurship, good business projects, the first World Conference in Anhui province has raised four entrepreneurial projects selected.

10 9, the first World Conference of 500 projects in Anhui to raise the public election race held in Lu’an City, for the participation of 14 entrepreneurial projects in our province, Anhui Province, Lu’an Guapian tea Limited by Share Ltd and other 4 entrepreneurial projects to raise the public world talent shows itself, its 500 strong project qualification, they will have the opportunity to get the world to raise public billion yuan investment and a new conference board five chance.

the election race by everyone voted Lu’an station host. 500 projects will be in the General Assembly roadshow site, the final finalists in the top 100, the top 10 and the top of the project, will be able to get the public to raise funds to invest, and the opportunity to raise the public on the Guiyang Stock Exchange listed on the issue of trading. Everyone voted Lu’an station of Ma Xiangbing said that the current national advocacy of "public entrepreneurship, innovation", to raise the public Internet era to promote an important means of financing, business innovation, for the development of small and micro finance as well as the construction of multi-level capital market, has important significance.

under a background like this, but also can see the whole Anhui province business strength is still there, at the same time, this kind of entrepreneurial success, for the development of the whole society is a remarkable thing.


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College Students’ entrepreneurial real well-off society led the villagers for Agaricus brasiliensis

the difficult employment of college students has become the norm, many college students choose home business, and make full use of rural resources to entrepreneurs, led the development of home economy, obtain the public affirmation, this does not, the boy had to choose to return home after graduation entrepreneurship planting agaricus.

guide workers cleaning bacteria

nostalgia files: Li Fuping, 1979 born in Anlong county anzhen small dragon Chang Ba Cun; 2003 graduated from Guizhou University in agronomy, Xingyi city orange Hill Working Committee, 2010, founder of the leading home at Anlong county agricultural farmer cooperatives.

7 7, just before dawn, Anlong county anzhen small dragon Chang Ba Cun of Yilong mushroom Park bacteria farmers began a busy day.

side of accounting accountant Zhao Tingyan said: "since mid June has been closed since the mining of fruit, fresh mushrooms more than and 50 tons."

Not far from

, a new edible fungus cleaning machine is flow. The villagers Tan Zhixian smile: "on duty at 7 in the morning every day to work, work at 6 in the afternoon, the higher monthly income of 3000 yuan, and the city people to work no two


4 years short, Anlong county anzhen small dragon Chang Ba Cun from impoverished village move a well-off village, led the county wide dragon, rain, Pingle, Ping Pu Township more than 180 households, radiation driven employment of more than 2000 people, the development of greenhouse 615, the average net income of 42 thousand yuan.

[leader] with folks off

12 years ago, Li Fuping graduated from the College of agriculture, Guizhou University, to the work of the Xingyi orange hill work, soon became a member of the work of the orange hill, deputy director of production technology, research and development center director.

2005 years, Li Fuping, a contract for the edible fungus factory. "I think, in addition to second years to pay off the credit rent, actually also earned two million."

2008 years, Li Fuping learned that the young people are out of the home to work, leaving the elderly, children at home, on the initiation of the village to start a business recommendation

Lovers pajamas brand rankings

Now many

lovers love to buy the same product, which is a development of pajamas, pajamas lovers, a lot of people do not know how to choose the things we buy things, mainly is to ensure that the purchase of a couple of pajamas to wear on the body is comfortable, and also has a certain aesthetic feeling, so lovers what brand of pajamas? What brand of good things? Let’s make a couple understand brand pajamas.

send Home Furnishing Buongiorno dress is one of the brands of Guangdong Katie Clothing Co. Ltd. the main business, as a pioneer of home fashion brand, fashion, will live, send Buongiorno passion lifestyle home fashion the essence of interpretation


At present the

"kabeixian" pajamas, Home Furnishing clothing y embodies the taste of life, enjoy the warm thoughts. What brand of pajamas? Since the promotion of fashion, comfortable, classic brand image and fashionable, good texture, bright color, rich cultural connotation of the product.