My opinion on the content construction of home website

speak the same language.

a lot of time, we talked about for a long time, in fact, talking about is not a thing, the premise and assumptions are different. More often, or choose silent good, do a silent fish, swim happily in the water, pay attention to, is silent shark. Lovely brother Chuang-tzu said, is inexcusable, is really marvelous figure.

doesn’t even have what you want here. You can’t see it. This article is going to be written and I have decided. But how to analyze and analyze which level, how wide, how deep, and how wide it is, is with me. No way, because it’s not a paid analysis report.

, let’s get started. The premise here is that we’re only talking about content building, and the assumption here is that the site has traffic to make money.

good luck,

when I came out in April 2007, the Internet remained a metaphysical stage for my dear internet. Began to work in other Internet companies, into one of the best local revenue sites in Hefei, the feeling of the site, to implement the shape down, began to pay attention to the home site. Later I had the chance, I want to write a preliminary Home Furnishing news, immediately leave this one, and when out of this article, calculate for half a year.

Meet one of the chief of Anhui’s most profitable

during this period, it will do encounter one of the CEOs of content, have very good boss, even encountered very will deceive exploit staff manager. The most direct contact, as well as Anhui’s top home journalist and editor. Maybe luck?.

home website content how to build


websites are worth seeing. The hypothesis of this article tells us to catch traffic. Here, traffic can be divided into two kinds, one is the flow of merchants, the other is the flow of Internet users. Which is important?. Which one is the first? I don’t think that’s the answer. We seize the Internet traffic, businesses own Pidianpidian ran over and said, dear master, I can in your site cast advertisement cost with


in this logic, the content of the website how to build, very simple, do Internet users need and like content.

near not say, say far, take focus, search room, house365, Nanjing three in the industry in the leading position of the website to say. It’s April 29, 2008 21:29:34, and we’re intercepting the home page of these three websites:







which attracts the attention of Internet users more than I say?

The innovation of station navigation station is the guarantee that attracts stationmaster to stop

ShangZhan.NET domain name registration, there are people who want to spend 3000 yuan to buy the station to do business, we rejected them, not because the price is not reasonable, in fact, we had useful this domain do webmaster class web site navigation ideas, want a good slogan: long station website navigation, webmaster have this website! Is an old corn, according to the search engine ", the domain name was registered as early as a few years ago.

through simple planning, site navigation station on the line. Next is a very important part — publicity and promotion. Of course, there are many ways. In addition to using existing resources, we also use the most basic way of promotion.

in we have also made a few promotional website articles, these articles really brought us a lot of traffic, but in the article has been "flooded" and after the flow has a lot less to lose promotion effect. Through our analysis found that through an article of publicity to the site traffic. Only 40% of visitors will re visit the station network – Webmaster site navigation. This shows that the site of the jumping out of the station is very high, at least for us such a new station is like this.

we write daohangzhan promotion articles, indeed attracted many owners to stop browsing, and click into the site navigation station, this shows that the webmaster is to this website, he held a welcoming attitude of curiosity. However, the high jump rate is probably the reason: the web is new and the user experience isn’t good enough.

here, I have to mention it more. In fact, not only our navigation station has not done well, this question is widespread in many websites, is also the bottleneck which many small and medium-sized websites develop and expand. For example, web site, hao123 and 265 divided up almost half of the world; website information, by the webmaster favorite is ChinaZ, Admin5 and a few other people; white-collar community of SNS Kaixin001 alone; in the campus network in almost all of the students… To see a successful example of life, can not help but draw numerous imitators, cottage version. Of the many copycat shows, there are few real successes. Imitate the success of others do, lose a live user’s favor, but imitators not without advantage: they can make full use of the successful experience of others, and to avoid the risk of the development of the market first. If you want to "later in life", you must have ideological innovation, service innovation, user experience innovation!


to take advantage of this opportunity to our webmaster web site navigation address – said, we hope more valuable advice, let our navigation station more features, provide better navigation service for everyone. We expect you to leave your footprints here,


My opinion on the construction of e-commerce Insurance Website

as we all know, the Internet is developing and e-commerce websites are emerging one after another. In view of the website construction of insurance website, I also talk about my experience and experience. Maybe it’s helpful for beginners. In fact, regardless of SEO, many large-scale e-commerce website construction, as long as the good part of it. Especially insurance website, web content distribution, website architecture settings, is the essence of the real construction site!

understands the distribution of insurance sites and builds targeted channel pages

online insurance shops, some specializing in the sale of accident insurance, personal insurance, and some sites are responsible for auto insurance, ship cargo insurance. So the first goal is to sort out and sort out the product distribution of the site. Whether or not the site involves SEM. This is the first step in e-commerce. Will then establish targeted channel page, if I do not know SEO, strong search engine, but at least you know a website theme must be clear, and the branches of insurance products, and to highlight the good is the key. Do pay search when, also not so come over.

makes landing pages for popular insurance products in order to conform to the electronic commerce rules

I think of the rules of e-commerce as the exact timing of the purchase of the website and the simplicity of the purchase process. Just imagine that when you buy books, you want to do it overnight, so as not to trouble you. Thus, in general, at least for the insurance platform, will be a number of hot products targeted construction. That is, assemble some products and make landing pages. As a result, these pages on the home page can increase the chance to buy new visitors and buyers have a familiar channel, Wednesday, said SEM, will not create such practices. Do not know SEO, I also know that Baidu, Google like topic page, do not understand PPC, I also know that bidding will need it.

landing page after a key finalized, but also on the industry market research,

so-called e-commerce, online platform, there is no line of market research, online analysis, it is difficult to reach consensus with the masses. Now that the insurance website, cut into the insurance product planning in this regard. The landing page is only the first step, the next to be classified effectively, the corresponding insurance products, for example, for travel insurance this insurance, can be divided into outdoor, abroad, study abroad, Schengen visa, short-term group and so on many categories, after all this is the electronic commerce, active buy to let consumers have to persuade force. This is especially true for insurance websites. Of course, this can not avoid a market investigation!


, an e-commerce insurance website, must add massive content pages and information to

insurance is not everyone can understand, in addition to clear product introduction and planning, also should provide knowledge of insurance, insurance information, this is a scene of the insured to the insurance online platform most want to see. This is also the gateway to many e-commerce networks

SEO related books and video recommendations

recently received a English station, the key is countertop, then began a SEO knowledge review. Finally the SEO books and read the video, now introduce, we can refer to in the choice of:

"search engine optimization" English Name: "search Engine optimization:an hour a day"

, an American two SEO experts to write the book, the book in the face of readers is all dealing with the website, and assume that the reader is working hours and the other to learn SEO, easy to understand, and most importantly, the Book SEO standardization is. Strong, so here’s the key recommendation.

second book is in English, the title is "seo_made_easy",

is the author of Brad Callen, one of his SEO tools, I believe we are no stranger: SEO Elite 4, there are many cracked version, but does not support Chinese analysis. An obvious feature of this book is: relatively simple analysis of the system SEO, and explain the optimization of a website promotion case, unfortunately, only the English version, afraid we read hard.

third book is also in English: seobook,

China has a Chinese translation version, I read English original, this is a very good SEO Book, a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the seo-sem. The information is very much, I read SEO books in the thick of the author, a more detailed explanation of each part, if you have time, you can study this book, official website information update is also very good, you can subscribe via email.

This is the fourth

Wang Tong wrote, "search engine ranking secret"

better Chinese tutorials, but also worth studying.

fifth books: SEO from entry to mastery.

now found practice while reading can better find the real wrong and then change it, SEO exciting place is SEO because the search engines are constantly changing world without end, SEO technology continues to progress. Now introduce the better SEO video tutorial, read three sets of SEO video tutorials, although a lot of similarities, but each has its own advantages, there are places worth learning.

: the first set of the earth, now seems out of the ninth class, this tutorial gives people the feeling is not too, said widely, think of there said there, but after reading it very rewarding, something the author mentioned is very important.

second tutorial is Cao Peng lectures, good at English, basically speaking only for English, SEO, relatively basic, suitable for beginners.


Yu Yongfu’s Narrative How did UC evolve from 6 small workshops to $4 billion in ten years

I dark horse note: success is not overnight, UC spent ten years, from 6 small companies, grew into the mobile terminal browser King (500 million active users), and began expanding search business. On the morning of June 11, 2014, Ali UC announced full integration. Chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu said in an interview, the amount of Alibaba acquisition of UC is equivalent to about two 91, that is, $3 billion 800 million, which is likely to be the highest valuation of UC.

what did Yu Yongfu do right? What trends should be allowed? Let UC evolve from Symbian time to become king of mobile terminal?

below is the I dark horse & entrepreneur dialogue Yu Yongfu, his summary of the development of UC thinking:

to do "cloud + end" platform UC go today, split into two clues to speak, one thing, one is human.


‘s business, we are internally calling the three startup:

for the first time from 2004 to 2006, the goal is to survive;

second times from 2007 to 2010, developed and expanded;

third times since 2011, realize the dream.

The core of the first phase of

is finding the right user requirements and identifying the right direction of development, namely, the "cloud + end" architecture of mobile browsers. I was also investing in Lenovo, raising two questions:

is a stand-alone software, from the investment point of view does not make sense, the future belongs to the "cloud + end" platform type company;

two is day and night, can only be bombed. If you want to capture the market, you must rely on the "army", that is, active push.

on the second question, I cite the most examples are Sina and Tencent. Sina is the first generation of portal, Tencent by QQ push Pop News catch up from behind. On active access, Sina traffic is high, but the total traffic has been lost to the Tencent. This raises the question of whether the user is pulling or pushing it,


rely on pull, you need to marketing every day, by pushing, you can maintain low cost operation. Therefore, from the viewpoint of platform must push and drag the platform, to avoid not days. Start-up companies in the initial stage, to identify your products, to find that "1."". Did not find, always painting "0"; found, the "1" adhere to, and constantly painted behind "0", you can become 100, 1000. UC started with the UCmail (mobile mail client), and when embedded in an analytic module of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), it found that the percentage of users using this module and using UCmail was 10:1.

He Xiaopeng (co-founder of UC, the product owner) adhere to the data speak, then go to do the browser.

by the end of 2006, when I joined, U>

Strange creative entrepreneurship project Kam set

entrepreneurship, even if you want to continue to grasp the business opportunities on the market, who can be the first to hold, who will be able to monopolize the wealth, then come to the perfect look at these strange creative entrepreneurship projects.

retro Restaurant

in some monuments or resort to open a retro restaurant. The waiters all changed into small ones. Then sell some homely fare, the staff are wearing the costume. With some of those previously heard what play ah, what Sichuan Opera (live performance).

marriage "treatment" shop

modern marriage is becoming more and more fragile, such problems often appear in marriage. Instead I think all cannot but, do not want to go on the road of divorce.

if we open a marriage and responsible for the diagnosis of symptoms, can be effective in the treatment of the place. Ha ha! It should be a matter of self-interest.

quit bar

modern people increasingly advocate healthy life, warm and open a bar if the theme of the smoking cessation effect should be good. Requirements: style warm, personalized strong. Personally think that the family environment is better. Bright signs, emphasizing warmth, such as the word can be added before the red heart. Do a good job in favor of smoking cessation packaging sales, the effect is good, then to the market. Location problem, commercial street or large gathering place.


retro Restaurant

in some monuments or resort to open a retro restaurant. The waiters all changed into small ones. Then sell some homely fare, the staff are wearing the costume. With some of those previously heard what ah, what Flower Drum Opera Sichuan Opera (live performance).

recommended: green clean source of car wash to join what program?

This paper from the whole network (

The advantages and disadvantages of the new system for the generation of Changli station bitter reco

Speaking of

ICP for the record, a lot of headaches, large companies provide complete documents filing fine a few days to record, bitter is the personal webmaster, many webmaster for several months down, until the last site was the Ministry to stop, causing some damage, but in the new filing requirements before they can someone to record these individual grassroots webmaster, just a few days before, but now the record out of the new regulations, to take pictures, but the new regulations out of the record or a way to deal with, since there is a solution, then the price for the record is still as ever? Before it and I made a world of difference. Remember the two station for me in May when only spent 25 yuan, now for a website to be 100, 70 of the price of an acquaintance, or random ordinary record, if a little hard to price not much Say.

new filing system Li:

1, can be a good fight against fishing stations.

2, crackdown on pornographic websites in china.

3, hitting individual illegal sites.

4, the website has a problem, can better find the holder of this website.

new filing system disadvantages:

1, filing difficult, many people’s Web site is not in the local, if you want to go to the field to take pictures, how much trouble?.

2, the original record system for personal Adsense audit time is very long, after the new system comes out, many webmaster may not put down the record.

3, on behalf of the filing personnel and a huge profits began.

new filing system rules introduced, prompting many webmasters forced to emigrate, prompting many generations of record personnel to raise prices, making many grassroots personal Adsense is difficult to accept. Although it is beneficial to many aspects of management, but it also suffered a lot of people.

finally exclamation statement, I do not know when China can truly realize the Internet freedom.

this article is provided by webmaster. Please keep the


Xie Renjun there are good domain name, good service, not afraid of doing good results

low-key, when the hand must not be vague, this is not only the director of operations Xie Renjun Billiton Billiton style, but also Billiton Sheng company business development style. From the mining rights business, to buy a house together, to the mining network to the present happy spot. Every time in the industry can arouse no small ripples. In 2008, Xie Renjun shot happy happy auction site (, only three days the amount of users has exceeded 5000, breaking the previous e-commerce website user development.

Tuosheng to enter the auction site in the world happy pace although late, but accumulate steadily attitude. This is the management style of steadily and is aimed at once to attack, whether early mining right online line, or to get involved in the auction industry, thanks in advance Renjun always slow, but later as violent storms, this may be related to his family business character, and then think things.

in the resources industry Tuosheng group, enter the auction website because e-commerce website can achieve rapid profit target, compared to many service business website, happy point of the auction model, profit channel is very clear, according to Xie Renjun plan, bidding projects can be accumulated the largest number of users in the shortest time of course, can also be profitable — Xie Renjun’s move in the shortest period of time, can be seen as the future direction of the auction site for his identity, can be seen as he will enter the auction site has a relatively clear road.

in the face of the traditional e-commerce website pincer attack, happy place during the beta test on the implementation of a large area of promotion. Use the traditional marketing model to promote. In the short term, the site traffic is in a "blowout" style, rapidly spreading among white-collar workers. In addition, technology and services are also increasing efforts to promote. Just as happy director Xie Renjun said, "immediately, does not mean that not ready, who first is not important."

as the successor of e-commerce industry, special auction mode of happy point was actually in the industry a firm stand, at least to the user site is very novel and fun, and everyone in the electronic commerce website on what can make money, Xie Renjun have started thinking, to enter the auction site should be how to further expand the influence of industry.

now, Tuo Sheng’s happy spot 2008, has relaxed and perfectly adapted the electronic commerce website to be difficult to hibernate. 2009, Tuosheng happy and how to find a suitable way to profit moves, how their own, all the questions, probably already in the hearts of Xie Renjun brewing, before he did not bluff, all speculation can only imagine.

happy, 2009 really happy?

What exactly does online shopping bring to you

said the mood of the webmaster (mainly money), I long time in considering this issue, I do a good long time (Web site did not say, from people thought it was promoting his suspicion, money is earned), but not many, the main reason of my income is not on the site, so the site for a long time I did not add any form of advertising, sometimes feel that their website is not creative, this is the individual technical problems caused by (I was ready to build a multi point containing technical website, recently to talk about with you, ha ha. ) what, SEO, ASP, PHP, and so on, that’s a preliminary idea,.

this time often went to see the ADMIN5, really learned a lot, but he never wrote an article, why? Don’t know, he didn’t want to do it, could see so many master webmaster, afraid, I do not know what to write. A few days ago, two of netizens said that my email the goods sold well, why not a web site with a similar Links, I do not know what to say,

I just replied, "do stand like a man.".

In fact, the

website has a lot of friends not to make money and do a website, but a considerable part of the master is to make money on the Internet go hard, indeed it is hard, but as long as the money is to rely on their own hard work and honesty earned, even if it is a little, the heart always have a harvest of joy.

makes money in order to make money. There are many ways to make money. Some people do not need to make money, and what kind of means, even despicable means, can be used.

in November last year, my friend wanted to buy a notebook computer, see a lot of brands, everyone said that Lenovo is good, just a fancy K42AT7300, but the price is very high, and then find a low price on eBay, soon found this model, but the price is very low 720 yuan, incredible, their website is, the address is: Guangzhou City, Tianhe District Tianhe North Road, No. 233 Citic Tower, 8 floor, CITIC Digital City, but not 7300 but 7100, and the other (mobile phone 1354895255113272238777) to discuss not 7300, some say, they say you are first in line to take. Money to open their designated account (622200400010670773 Wang Yuefu), give my friend delivery, so my friend hit the money, plus 30 yuan freight totaling 750 yuan, in the afternoon when the other call my friend said he A manager who want to pass our way to this place, with friends, thought also, three days after the call that the goods arrived, and said that their goods are smuggled or price is not so low, in order to prevent the public security investigation, to friends prepaid 3000 yuan deposit, after the meeting see the bank remittance bill refunded, the friend said you do not how late say ah, how could this be, said no money, you.

The old man read 33 things a China webmaster should know

, this is an old article, because it’s classic, so give it to the beginner and old hand to learn again.

              to do a Chinese webmaster; if you do not know the following questions, you will suffer a lot, or you may be a hapless webmaster.

1. webmaster can not know ASP, PHP, c++, net, but can not help but know HTML language. If you don’t know, fix him in a week. Even HTML do not know, how to do the link later, technology secretly fool you, a few do not know.

2. do webmaster, must know the small letter home but, if your domain name is registered in the small agency, estimates you bigger, want to transfer to many websites do half that agency has run away.

3. must know that the top registrar must know the ownership of the domain name and must use the whois to check the domain name itself.

4. must know that it’s no use just registering.Net.Cn, and you have to get.Com, or else the pain will last you a lifetime.

5. must know that the virtual host does not restrict IIS, and says IIS is cheating.

6. must know 100 webmaster, must have the heart of 5 adsense.

7. must join 5 webmaster groups, you must know your counterparts in the field of 10 websites of the latest developments.

There must be 2

8. QQ, a QQ can do the assassin or flash at any time. Spying on other people’s intelligence for their own use.

9. must know how to make money online, must be familiar with 5 alliance products, at any time put union advertising.

10. must know SEO, must know how to cheat search, this is the webmaster minimum requirements.

11. must have at least 3 domain names, 2 spaces, or not a webmaster.

12. must learn to respect, everyone on the Internet is a cow, each can access the Internet is cattle, may your arrogance lost a great opportunity,

13. must learn to steal, others have good, you must be able to quickly take, take possession of, so as to have beyond.

14. must have 2 proficient in ASP, PHP and other network technology friends, ready to help you

15. must have 2 hacker friends in different fields, and if you’re done, someone can help you.

16. must have 2 friends from the domain name, who have good things, and someone to help you buy and sell.

17. must learn soft text, a webmaster can’t write soft Wen, >