Write a year pseudo original content on the site to update the sentiment

is currently Shanghai Longfeng optimization, website content plays an important role. The efficient external links, Links can effectively attract users, if the website does not have content, conversion of the chain rate will be low. In the web site update, mostly false original article website will update as a key, relative original, pseudo original embezzle the central idea of the original, another way to the original "copy" pseudo original, the biggest benefit is generally not beside the point, two will be included in the search engine is very good the. This year to the 6-7 website wrote pseudo original, more or less accumulated some experience. Now on the website of the pseudo original update to talk about a few understanding.

pseudo original effect can be better than the original

website content included in the love of Shanghai, some owners to pay someone to write some original articles, royalties from one yuan to ten yuan, the quality does not matter, as long as the sentence can be included in search engines can. The original article although the original degree is high, most of the search engines can. But standing in the user experience.

In order to improve the

pseudo original core in content, but in the title

pseudo original fee is generally low

is a pseudo original article, the price is not too high, for several websites to write pseudo original, the highest paid only 8 yuan a, first write up more exciting, at a later stage, more and more perfunctory himself, a pseudo original article is generally in about 500 words, a short wonderful stories are generally in about 800 words, so 500 words in addition to pseudo original included in the search engine, for users, almost no sense of what. Love chess friends all know such a sentence: and chess, more and more smelly chess baskets! Long write false original article, will be more and more "eight", in addition to words, what cannot bring something useful to the user.

said, a pseudo original article with about 500 words, read the article quickly may less than half a minute to read, the biggest magic weapon to attract users to click on the title of the article, an article in the title under the foot, is half done. In the original writing, the title of the master may wish to look at the local newspaper reporter, news reports on the title grasp more refined. The title is not the title of the party, but with the refined words will summed up the core of the whole article, a short duration of time can make non Kung fu. An article how to make love in Shanghai included, do a lot of garbage station already proficient in a way, this way is very simple, "the title of the party and mumbo-jumbo", the title is very attractive, mumbo-jumbo is no one can understand, in this way the pseudo original, almost a few minutes fix, pseudo original way this does not need to ask people to write, "the title of the party and mumbo-jumbo", is the lowest level of pseudo original. Recently, Google love Shanghai changed the rules, like this article sooner or later will be K off! This kind of pseudo original is already out of the edge.

Novice 360 dotting promotion practice low price simple background

the active call 360 after waiting for nearly 4 days, finally received a call, ready to recharge, opening, recharge 4600 yuan, is a long review period, it is nearly a week’s time, the account was finally approved, you can ask the customer service line, why so long, the the answer is waiting for accounts opened too much.

evaluation of




loves Shanghai very rich

began to promote





, what is the 360 point

marketing platform? On the management of Three,


four, click price


may be a cause of trade restrictions and audit more complex, open number 360 dotting the promotion are not many users, the traditional industry promotion love Shanghai more fierce competition and to promote a dozen, while the 360 is a total of only 3, that is to say all the low bid (the lowest bid 0.3 yuan) also can row to the left side of the three. 360 promotion ranking rule is left three and right eight, left by the Ming > promotion area

promotion backgroundLet

two, opening an account

360 dotting background can be said to be abnormal, let used Baidu promotion I started to have some does not adapt, as shown below, the background contains delivery management, utility and evaluation, and account information of four parts:

360 search on-line since mid August last year, to clean and free of advertising as its biggest selling point, the end can’t resist the temptation of money online promotion platform, of course, this is no ground for blame is the only way to make money, after all, at least to promote region is clearly marked, since August last year on the line a few months 360 search market share all the way up, in April 2013 more than 14%, I finally could not help but feel curious, recharge 4600 oceans (and Baidu as 600 service charge), opened 360 extension services, a look.

360 marketing platform is the integration of the 360 point navigation, 360 search platform to show the location of rich, covering the mass of Internet users, with integrated marketing platform for more than 90% market penetration. 360 point marketing platform has a variety of characteristics of marketing products, including "guess you love", "search" brand promotion ", to" meet the different needs of different enterprises, promote the. With abundant resources, accurate positioning, simple operation, high intelligence etc.. Below is the 360 dotting the background page marketing platform:

In the face of the web site is down right about my way

website right down, believe that every one of the friends I have met, the situation appears is not from the site is not right down here, and then slowly boil, boil out finally, then you will have ranking, and some sites do not rank, the face of love Shanghai right down to freezing is the last love Shanghai defeated, so here, according to my own experience of the site right down to the problem, must face and solve the way things.

find the reason; secondly, what is the reason here, on the one hand may be this time to link more, love Shanghai stand, so to your site by reducing the power, as it is a link the reason for it, then you have the maintenance of links, then as far as possible according to the number of half ago to send, remember, must keep your hair off the link, if there is a problem, then the first hurt is yourself, impact on your station is huge and stable for the chain, if you love Shanghai station had a preliminary right down, so be sure to check your previous work, not problems, this time the love of Shanghai is sensitive, must be cautious.

first of all, the site is down right, remember, you must maintain a good Links, if a site drop right, Links squelch all out of a large, then love Shanghai will surely say, sorry, you will be out, K, so, so, we must maintain the friendship link, so it has extended to one thing, that is the practice of Links, we must first love, and then connect the nature of this connection is not friends casually put your link on the next, this is love, have a difficult time, a face together. Without being involved, this is love. A party is right down, the other party does not give up, do not abandon, this is friendship; this is what I say must find love in the nature of the link in Shanghai love more and more unstable today, love Shanghai instability can, but their links must be stable. This is the first step of the face right down what you need to do, it is a stable friendship link, don’t fall.

can also be content right down, content distribution instability is likely to let you stand to lose the original weight, repetitive content is too high, so their station is a kind of great harm, is a risk factor in the right down my eyes, in the face of content words. Let’s say you send the chain, the network has a large number of content, love Shanghai would later place weight brought these duplicate data, just to give you a number, this is why I don’t love this content, the quality of the chain is done after all. The other, not a lot of repetition, so, my advice is for you, your website is not a simple modification of the title, at least to get rid of, and to get rid of more than 50%, so it has a say eng Point.

again, right down to the problem may be a love study in Shanghai, you have to.

How to shorten the time of love Shanghai

four, let friends to share their own website. Here you may not understand, I mean let your friends to your site collection, can be used as a QQ signature, then every three days update, so he QQ friends will see this website to advertise in the same way, there will be more people to visit your site the.

the best way to lose weight (www.qiantu123贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please keep this link, please respect the original

love Shanghai faster, you can quickly browse through the "snapshot" page content. It is a snapshot of the love of Shanghai. The snapshot has a specific time, some sites are not a snapshot of a few months, some of the station a few minutes have a snapshot. I like the new station is currently a minute or even shorter time snapshot, I did not test the specific time. Give me the feeling of love, I love Shanghai more and more websites. Not much to say, here I love Shanghai to shorten the time the snapshot method, hope to help novice.

? , thank you for your cooperation!

above is my four love Shanghai shorten the time snapshot, we hope that the newcomers have to understand, write not good place Please add my QQ:1021360269 exchange. Thank you for reading.


three, the regularity of the chain. Find some weight higher forums or sites like text can publish the article, with the chain. I am a day can be a. As a part-time, not so much time.

in yesterday’s article " discussion about how to shorten the gap between the " web site keywords ranking first in Shanghai talked about love; then new snapshot, how to shorten the time to love Shanghai, love Shanghai more spiders love your website, this article will tell you the specific practical methods. As long as you step by step stick, can achieve the desired effect.

, a website page structure is clear, concise and neat. There are a lot of guest single page website, looks very simple, in fact is with the program set, feeling a bit messy, inside the code I don’t know how much junk code. Imagine a web site if there are a lot of garbage on the inside, Shanghai will love love to see

two, the website should have regular updates. I was updated daily for variable periods of time, then the provisions of their daily write the number of original articles, false original number of articles in a regular, orderly see into. This new proposal, the best do 90% original, so love Shanghai will soon love your station.

We all know that

What skills do you need to make money onlineForum with what to retain popularity

on the Internet to see a post, the content of the post is to seek to the whole world, can work part-time on the Internet, and I have personal computer, the configuration is very good, personal computer application ability, strong, thank you, contact telephone number……… I want to ask you what you can do. Personal computer has a strong application ability Specifically want to ask you: PHTOSHOP, CORLDRAW, AUTOCAD and other graphic design software will do? Are you proficient? Do you have original creative ability? Will C++, VISAC, or any other programming language be one of them? Can I program independently? If you just go to the Internet, you can do the system, OFFICE office software, general network applications and other routine work, then you do not want to work online.

brand promotion with the old, in July made by factors of 500-1000 yuan

is also something of a technical type, the most important of which is the website. We need to understand how a website works and how to make money. In the Internet enterprise, the big difference is relies on the website to make money. Even if you don’t make money on the web, it needs a website as a tool. So, the website is a knowledge point that we need to master.

A few days before the

a forum, a place to keep the members are many, but one very important point is that the section of the business concept, there are some moderators that want to keep the members have to send some attractive post it. So the early construction of some of the moderator in the forum to writing, racking his brains to code out some good article, or to other website, forum for some wonderful post here, that section of the posts a lot of popularity of the promotion effect is not obvious, why is it?

the members came to the purpose of the forum is nothing more than three: 1. to express their views on life, society, to work, eager to communicate with others. 2. to talk to our emotional loss, anger in real life, to express their feelings in life. 3. show your ability, seek out sympathy and empathy, and experience the thrill of success in the virtual world.

three from the above point of view the members to the forum is not passive appreciation, but to the initiative of communication and interaction. To put it plainly, the main idea of the establishment of the edition is not that you appreciate me, but that I want to appreciate you.

if the member to enjoy good article need not to the forum, each big website, the famous online bookstore, literary website on hot news, good post, innumerable classic masterpiece. The excellence of the article on the forum can not compare with it at any rate.

most people poured cold water on him, but in fact their answers were not correct. Working online or earning money on the Internet does not require very professional knowledge, and they are obviously too extreme. Knowledge must be needed, for on this earth, the rich are not the rich; "the rich are actually" knowledgeable people". The basic reason why they are rich is that they know more.

, there’s nothing else that you need to learn, and see more and sum up some experience…..

also need our business observation ability. There is a project that we can see how it works, who earns money, what products and services are offered. There is no essential difference between the network economy and the vegetable market. If we don’t know how this project works, how can we get a slice of it?

wrote this article, hoping to help people who want to make money on the Internet, :>

to be a happy and free Internet worker, keep learning, not much experience, and believe that we will become a successful Internet worker.

said here, we would like to be a free Internet worker, to earn money on the Internet to feed themselves, what knowledge do you need? The minimum requirement is access to the Internet. Is it easy to access the Internet? I think the Internet is not so simple. The difference between the Internet and the Internet is great. Some people in the decoration of space for glory, some people in the fight for the gallant Rong, the real network master to use a computer to feed the whole family proud, so look at the Internet network technology, know more about the Internet economy, electronic commerce, the network basic skills and it economic consciousness is that you become a prerequisite online workers.

Using million station group increase included, improve weight

on Peng Jinjie to talk about today, actually my previous article mentioned (specific site and case this is not convenient to disclose, can only say that this is a real case). Just at that time I just mentioned, and did not explain the specific operation, this article is to share it.

million guest?

3. chain. Daily recommendations can keep the chain update, speed up the collection rate and increase the record included and the number of the chain can be released to the home page and site map URL.

The benefits of

1. filler content (keywords filling). The online sale program is attached to the about 2000000 keywords, but obviously, this guest can do Taobao keywords (in fact, I do not recommend the use of these keywords do Taobao customers, after all, using too many people), because the theme of the site was not consistent, and the number is too much, too little for us it is no use. So the key words collection is the key, here Xiaobian to recommend a tool: Taobao data cube. A large number of keywords can be screened from it, but because it is Taobao tools, including 95% keywords screening are able to successfully call the Taobao product.

What is the

1. upgrade included, increase your overall weight;

many people use this program to do is Taobao – 200>



Taobao guest friends should have heard of a guest of this program, or to operate, it is a railway station in Taobao group procedures, mainly the use of Taobao alliance gold Amoy component taobao贵族宝贝 data, thus forming different pages. (the specific approach is to collect different keywords, and then call in the Taobao alliance to promote the taobao贵族宝贝 goods, through a large number of different commodity information polymerization to form a separate page), forming a different page through a large number of keywords, the love and the formation of Shanghai included the ranking, users can click on the website to show the goods to buy Taobao, achieve the purpose of promotion and formation of income.

website contains the principle of increasing

is the use of the characteristics of millions of guest, called taobao贵族宝贝 data to form a large number of pages, to love Shanghai included, improve the site included quantity. The principle can also see my A5 in an article "business website commodity attribute selection page optimization way"

2. through a large collection of pages and keywords collection, formed a lot of long tail keywords, and thus form a position to bring a lot of traffic.

2. uses SitemapX to make the site map is updated regularly and submit love Shanghai webmaster tools.


4. home page updated daily to keep (the background cache), so the search engine spiders to crawl more pages, can also increase the spider crawling frequency.

Novice webmaster should pay attention to several problems in the station

two, the execution of the

learn to innovate.The

today illustrates some problems in some novice Webmaster Station early to touch the hope on the back of the novice and now the establishment of the novice some help and inspiration, hope you can advance from rookie webmaster ranks, just remember a word "do not abandon, do not give up" your trip will station >

site is a great need for innovative things on the network, similar to the website innumerable website is also very much, then for our new site we should think that if many websites in talent shows itself, so we should learn to innovate, only different your website and most websites, have their own characteristics and culture so your site will be very welcome by visitors.


I think most of the webmaster will experience the failure process in general should not be called failure, can only say that he is falling in the way of success, then we see the webmaster can muster the courage to move forward, if you fall to give up, then you are doomed to fail and if you can continue to go up, then the end point is in the front, success will hold in your hand.

five, learn to ask more practice

people are inert, but the industry in the most taboo is lazy, because we need to spend a lot of time to practice and thought the execution is very high, if the owners are on the head and think of what do not go to practice, will also end up with your laziness and failure, so the implementation of the force for the webmaster is one of the key should not be abandoned.

four, fall, climb up

just started the establishment of the novice will encounter many problems, will also develop some bad habits in the station, today take me the example to summarize, some bad habits are easily formed in the site during the novice webmaster, hope to help and inspire some new adsense.

knowledge is very much, including all aspects need to know, so we have to learn novice with endless attitude to learn, do not know where you can ask some of the old owners, not have their own knowledge and methods of the study to be seen here, I recommend you go to the A5 station net, novice recommendations to the webmaster network forum to ask questions, there are a lot of old webmaster and some experienced webmaster webmaster will give you the answer.

, a website positioning to clear


, a web site is the soul of a central idea and a major site location, we want to consider our station early to do what the website development content of the network in which direction the direction is correct, if the direction of deviation and error if there are methods and methods to repair and restore. So we must take the site to start positioning clear, not blindly follow the trend to the station.

The establishment of the

You can’t even start a business, but you still want to start a businessPulse Stott investigation act

details please pay attention to the station announcement.

"Stott investigation activity" CPA ad on-line, 8 yuan / success.

The reason why

more League information is available: http://top.admin5/u

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

, one of my classmates at Youku potatoes said that the Internet industry is essentially the ultimate form of advertising industry. Although this viewpoint somewhat extreme, but also reveal some business rules. Companies are the ones who want to make money, and advertising is the money to make money.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

is so confident is simple. Review of Chinese for thousands of years of traditional culture and social values, Han is never a mercantile nation. Each book huangjinwanliang like the concept of people, but not handed down to do business gene. There is nothing wrong with reading, of course, but few people realize that the ability to make money, like knowledge and technology, can also be learned, trained and passed on. Until our parents this generation, subconsciously think to find a stable state-owned enterprises, institutions, or take a civil service, and live a lifetime, it is business. Dad once said to me, "there is no businessman on our family ancestors. If you really can do something, you can fill the gap.". Very ashamed, a few years down, I also dare to say that he is the first doorway, for the money to make this technology, there must be awe. The results saw the rise of plenty of entrepreneurs, did not want to know how to make money, they picked up the sleeves blind, burned investors money, burning the family money, but also waste a lot of time, it is a pity.

welcomes members to get code from the boot area.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

, when I introduced myself, I used the word "entrepreneurship" very carefully. In my mind, the word is sacred. I think all business starts from business. A profitable business is big enough to make a sustainable project; one or a series of projects will have a chance to make a career. I can’t take admission qualification mediocre, entrepreneurs, usually by products of self-employed status walk. Although the past few years did not catch any outlet, and did not get the investment, but fortunately self – sufficient to earn their own and daily expenses of enterprises. From this point, properly surpassed Chaoyang District 99% entrepreneurs.

, in recent years, "everyone is a product manager", has advanced to become "everyone is the boss."". You do not create a business, walk in Beijing, Haidian, Chaoyang are embarrassed to say hello to people. Just out of school or even not out of school young people, or just entering the enterprise working near the workplace rookie, all rolled up trouser legs into the entrepreneurial tide; some second tier Internet Co, owner of passion of recruit young people, these people in the company for a year, which also said that he is a famous Internet Co out, but investors face laughing. A famous Internet veteran, often recruit airborne cross industry prompted by a sudden impulse to give positions, a few months down do not score a word not just fired, that the company is rich in water crabs, it has become the Internet industry in Yangcheng lake.

when I was a product assistant more than 10 years ago, a senior executive of the company said to me, "the product manager is the most likely to be the boss, because the business is planning, operating, and even in all aspects of the enterprise."

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: myad.cn


Opened the eyes of Shanghai Longfeng station good luck mystery optimization

What is the brand influence

three, website construction

Four, understand the The structure of the construction site of

will not only affect the optimization of the site, but also affect the user experience of the website, improve website construction site, can let the spider grab convenient, convenient user experience is high. Construction site can use tree structure, design of the site navigation to clear, the use of home – channel page – product content page. The site within the chain construction needs to be netted structure, each page on the website should be pointing to the upper and lower "and related content links: home page link to the channel, the channel to the home page and the content page links, ordinary common content page to the channel and the home page links, content of the web page there is a link between each other.

search algorithm

optimization of Shanghai Longfeng luck? Industry resources + brand influence construction + know + website search algorithm + unremittingly efforts.

, industry resourcesNo matter

enterprises can have a brand to have the ranking, many potential customers will be directed to the product brand, even if the site shielding search engines crawl, enterprises can have a powerful user group. Shanghai dragon must take the brand as the core, to understand all the brand culture of the company, from the beginning of the brand positioning, to expand the Shanghai dragon brand marketing ideas, do the preparation, when the time is ripe will naturally achieve marketing results. Such as taobao贵族宝贝 shielding love Shanghai, the search engine will crawl the page snapshot, at the same time, potential users of Taobao is obtained through the brand, not just rely on search engines.

website operation according to the algorithm, the webmaster to understand enough to better optimization algorithm. Love the sea new Scindapsus aureus algorithm, owners need to have an adequate understanding of the new algorithm, love Shanghai severely "

webmaster want to do that, the industry demand for resources is an indispensable resource, the webmaster can make new online, there are many high weight site with a chain, enhance the weight of new sites to quickly also point the day and await for it. Do the chain construction if there is a multi platform chain source, much more than the construction of the chain website novice, and not only is the amount, the quality will be much higher. The station will have industry resources to win the starting line in the industry. Really want to say Shanghai Longfeng optimization of luck, can only say that the industry resources for web site traffic has laid a foundation for new optimization with luck said.

IT industry is Shanghai dragon optimization webmaster do the most bitter, frightened to face traffic every day, sometimes I really want to do is Shanghai dragon and other luck that maybe good luck today, ranking will go up, bad luck ranking fell. The webmaster feel that optimization is established? Luck Shanghai Longfeng discuss stationmaster eye with you.


Xiao Han Shanghai to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the application of Dragon


two, noise removal

, FLASH use

we know, the first step is to search engine noise removal in HTML format, so the first step to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the web page is to optimize the HTML code. Why do we often say, "the code must conform to the W3C standard, the code should be simple, by DIV+CSS, is based on this principle. In fact, a lot of friends only to see the online article to write code to this, but they do not know what to do so, that is why I suggest that you first learn Shanghai dragon principle (I know, practice more than theory, but if the theory is not how to practice, not a starting point). Remove the noise code includes the following aspects:

, a noise removal

reduce the JS use, package must use the JS code.

, which is also what we must understand the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon. From the principle of search engine, the first is the whole web crawling system download, then the text inside the extracted, through the analysis of the removal of HTML format, and then remove the noise, segmentation, and finally into the index library. In this process, the process of search engine will after denoising, we can clearly know that "the SNR is high, search engine spiders crawl efficiency is high, the spider every day to deal with the document very much, how can the subject information extraction" is an important task of fast.


not only refers to the ratio of all the code, including the ratio of the current page text content of useful information and useless information. What is useful information, such as the subject of this article is "the signal-to-noise ratio, the whole article is 1000 words, while the current page all the text is 2000 words, while other words are independent and SNR, the irrelevant information is noise. So, to improve the SNR of "into two aspects: including the optimization code and content optimization.

we are very common is some electronic commerce website product detail page, may be part of the staff to do e-commerce site of Shanghai dragon had not noticed, in some of the following product content delivery mode or >

search engine, Web text extraction, but also for the analysis of the two denoising, which is to determine the current web page theme. So in this process, how do we make the search engine more accurate judgment of our "theme (which is also the problem of correlation, how to improve the relevance of web pages) that is to reduce the noise page content?.

In fact,

The same

reduced DIV nested layers (many of my friends do not understand the principle of words, the blind pursuit of DIV+CSS, but also produce a large number of redundant code.

to reduce the image

encapsulate CSS code.

Refers to the ratio of the text content of a web page with all the HTML code page signal-to-noise ratio is